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30+ Crazy and Strange Rules Children In The Royal Family Have to Follow

Hizkiail June 27, 2021
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The (unofficial) Town Crier announces the birth of each and every royal baby. In doing so he lets the world know that a new member of Britain’s royal family has been ‘safely delivered’.


At Christmas lunch every year, while the adults sit down to enjoy their meals, the kids are at their own seperate Royal Kids table.


Holding the cup and saucer at waist height, unless taking a sip is expected of all guests and royals alike. From a young age princes and princesses are also taught to grasp the handle of the cup with their forefinger and thumb. Putting their forefinger through the handle instead is definitely a no no.


While eating meals, even as a child, they are taught not to stab their fork through their food. They must balance the food on the back side of the fork while using their knife for assistance.


If given a gift, a prince or princess must accept the gift. There is no turning the other cheek if they are unhappy with the gift that is given to them. If on official royal business, the kids have to accept the presents but the given gift actually belongs to the crown, so they may not be able to keep it, even if they want to.


William served seven and a half years and Harry served for an astonishing ten years. In 1945, even, Queen Elizabeth, served as the first woman in the Royal Family to take on service in the British Armed Services as a full-time active member. This, of course, was before she became Queen.

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Due to the aggresive and combative nature of the game, it is believed, by the monarchs, that playing Monopoly would create too much direct competition and animosity amongst its own.

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Even the royal children have to address the Queen by one of her titles. At least in public. In the privacy of the palace, she will always be Grandma Lilibet.


If there is an accident of any kind on one of the flights, there always needs to be a succesor to the crown. This is why no two heirs to the Royal Family are meant to fly together in the same airplane. There are, of course, always exceptions.

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All royals, from the time they are babies must have passports. It’s a must. Except the Queen of course. British passports are issued by order of the Queen, and well, she should haven’t to issue herself one.

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It is actually because English tradition demands that boys of the upper class never wear pants, only shorts. It is considered to be below their class to wear pants before the age of seven or eight.

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Known as, ‘The Royal Wave’ or ‘The Queen’s Wave’, the Windsor wave is not just used by The Queen. It is something that all royals learn from a young age, and is actually the wave of the British Royal Family.

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As a rule, all the kids of the British Royal Family must be part of the wedding party for any and all weddings that take place. If for no other reason than they just look adorable in those outfits.


Every member of the British Monarch, upon getting married, is to have at least two children. It’s simple, more children ensures a steadier line of succession for the Royal Bloodline.


Whether an adult or child, no member of the Royal family, nor the public, is meant to have their back towards The Queen. Her majesty will always leave a room first to ensure that no backs are ever turned. Only then, may even the toddlers, leave.

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When attending Royal events, every princess of the British Royal Family, must wear a dress or (when older) a skirt. When wearing a skirt, it must come down at least to the knees. Anything shorter, would just not meet the Royal standard.

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Wardrobe rules, are one of the most important ones for royal children. In public, they are not allowed to wear any graphic t-shirts, sports jerseys, or anything else that could tarnish their image.


All little princesses are taught how to curtsey. No matter how close of a relative one is to The Queen, they curtsey upon greeting her. It is not a must, but an expectation.

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Wrong. The Royal Rugrats must listen to their nannies. After all, they are around them almost 24/7 and have known them from birth. The nanny is just an extension of the parents…..who gets paid to be there.


This is one of those unwritten rules. It is expected that the children of royalty are dressed the same as their siblings. At least they will always have an extra set of the same clothes to grow into.


Another rule that the royal children follow, even through adulthood, is not to wear all black ensembles. All black outfits are reserved for funerals.

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Queen Elizabeth has final say over whom the royal children end up marrying. She has never used that authority, but each of the royal children have introduced their spouses to The Queen, and gained her approval.

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However, she must wait until the wedding, as only married women in The Royal Family are allowed to wear Tiaras. Until the nuptials, it’s only hats for them.


As a rule, the Queen picks out the tiara that each princess will wear at their wedding. It has been this way for every marriage since her coronation.


After coming of age, all royal princesses must wear a hat to all daytime, formal events. But, when the sun goes down, if they’ve been wed, they get to switch to their favourite tiara.


Royal children, much like many other children in the world, open their gifts on Christmas Eve instead of Christmas day. These pint-sized monarchs spend their Christmas Day partaking in church services.


When the Queen is finished eating, so is everyone else. It’s time for the kids to finish that last bite of foie gras that’s balancing on the back of their fork and back away from the food.

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Once they are old enough to enter the public eye, the spawn of the Royals are instructed not to give their ‘John Hancock’ to anyone. That means no Royal signatures for any fans. They are also told to say no to selfies.


It is mandatory for all of the royal children to go on holidays once a year with their family. Oh shucks, what a tough rule this one would be to follow…


Whenever The Royal Family are walking with any other member of the family, they must walk in the order of succession. Sadly, that means that little Mia Grace doesn’t get to walk with Charlotte very much when the whole family is going somewhere.


The Windsor family are not supposed to be known by any nicknames. We’ve seen Harry called ‘Spike’, WIlliam has gone by ‘Wombat’, and even the Queen of England herself has a few nicknames. Most notably, ‘Lilibet’


…they have none. The Royal Family is not to take any sides in politics, and they are not allowed to vote. As the Heads of State, the monarch must stay neutral in order for the elections to remain fair.

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The royals are actually not allowed to dye their hair bright colors, put on flashy make-up, or wear bright colored nail polish. As far as Harry’s hairdo, well, anything like is considered to be inappropriate for royalty.


Every time their gran enters a room, or stands up, all of the children must stand as well. And not just the kids. Everyone must stand when she does, after all, she is the Queen.


Aside from English, Prince William has supposedly learned four other languages, including French, Swahili, Gaelic, and Welsh. It’s no wonder his children are already bilingual. Along with their father, George and Charlotte are currently learning Spanish.


Aside from their wedding kiss, or the birth of their children, we would be hard pressed to see the mini-monarchs showing any overtly effectuate emotions towards each other, or anyone else for that matter, as public displays of affection are very much against the rules.

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Queen Elizabeth is not a fan of starchy foods. As a result, there are no potatoes, pasta, or rice served at the palace. And yes, even Charlotte needs to sacrifice a little and follow this rule.

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No, The Windsor children are not raised to keep kosher, they are just brought up not eating any shellfish. This is something that carries on through adulthood and is because of the possibility of contracting food borne illnesses. When traveling overseas, they are also advised not to drink tap water or eat specific rare meats.