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Millie Bobby Brown: The Best Photos That Led To Her Shocking Engagement

Darren Ryding April 14, 2023

Millie Bobby Brown is one of the most successful young actresses of her generation. The 20-year-old made her name in Stranger Things before a starring role in Enola Holmes. In 2023, she released the stunning news of her shocking engagement to Jake Bonjiovi, Jake is also just 20 and the son of rock n’ roll legend Jim Bon Jovi.

This news rocked Brown’s fanbase for a couple of reasons. First, they’re incredibly young, and not many people get married at their age. Meanwhile, Brown is a megastar and the world is watching her. Many fans are invested in her relationships and life so it’s exciting for them to see her take this next step.

Diamond Ring

Here’s the photo that sent the paparazzi into a feeding frenzy. They spotted Brown and her boyfriend out and about in New York City when photographers zoomed in closer. The paps spotted a diamond ring on the actress’s engagement finger and immediately the internet exploded. They couldn’t believe the news of their shocking engagement.

The Sun

Brown and Bonjiovi began dating in 2021 and have entered the third year of their relationship. Age doesn’t matter to them because they’ve already achieved a lot in their young lives. They’ve traveled the world and experienced things that most people will never see or do (via The Sun).

Jedi Mind Tricks

Brown and her future fiancee pose with a pair of stormtroopers in front of the Millennium Falcon in this picture. It looks like Bojiovi is happier than ever. Meanwhile, Brown is a style icon in her fashionable retro dress. A source close to the family said their shocking engagement actually wasn’t surprising.


They noted that Jake’s parents married at the same age as their son and Milly. Allegedly, the young couple has their respective parents’ full support ahead of this massive life decision. In this image, they’re in Disneyland but they could be making their fairytale soon. They’re a great young couple so good luck to them (via J-14).

Early Days

The picture below is from the early days of their relationship. Brown and Bongiovi met when they were very young at the tender age of 16. Somehow this blossomed into true love and then they stunned fans with their shocking engagement. It feels like they’ve grown up in front of the world because they look different now.


Bongiovi sent Instagram into a frenzy when he shared this selfie with Brown. He wrote “BFFs” as he set pulses racing. Brown has a rabid fanbase with a ludicrous 66 million Instagram followers. Many of them fantasize about being in a relationship with her and feel invested in her love life (via Metropoles).

Winter Wonderland

The young couple visited Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, London, in 2021. It’s easy to forget that celebrities are people too and enjoy doing the normal things that everybody else loves. However, the reality is that it’s difficult for them to do this because they can’t escape from media or fan attention.


We’re not sure what’s going on in this picture but it looks like Jake surprised Milly with something he said. She has a scandalized expression on her face but they appear to be having a good time. Meanwhile, there are little children in the background. Maybe this is a glimpse into their future when they have children too (via People).

Sardinia Adventure

Italy is one of the most incredible countries in the world. It has beautiful landscapes and architecture, rich history, and fabulous food. That’s why it’s one of Brown and Bonjiovi’s favorite haunts when they want to escape from their schedules. Here’s a glimpse into their 2022 vacation to Sardinia.

Page Six

Brown wears a floppy sunhat while tiny stars adorn her navy bikini. She also completes her look with a lime-green sarong as she enjoys boat life. Meanwhile, Jake wears a stylish blue shirt with a floral print and classic boardwalk shorts. This is a vacation that anybody would dream of (via Page Six).

Birthday Love

In 2021, Bongiovi offered this birthday post to his future bride. He shared a photo of them enjoying time near Lake Como in Italy. The pair pose in front of a sensational landscape with mountains and forests providing a romantic backdrop. Bongiovi kisses Brown in a cute display of PDA while the actress giggled.


He also wrote the following caption: “I love you more than words can describe. Everything about you is golden down to the core.” Some people might mime vomiting after reading this but the pair are so pure that it’s difficult to hate them. Yes, it’s fair to be jealous of their opportunities but they’re not doing wrong (via People).

Big Apple Adventure

The picture below came from the early days of their relationship during the global health crisis. Brown sent her fans into a frenzy when she walked around Manhattan with her new boyfriend. Rumors linked the pair before but this showed that they had a serious relationship. Bongiovi doesn’t have the biggest online profile compared to his wife-to-be.


Fans knew about his famous father and then they discovered that he studies at Syracuse University in upstate New York. Meanwhile, he is attempting to begin an acting career too with movies in production. The pair wear summer clothes as they enjoy a sunshine stroll around the city. This is one of the early moments that led to their shocking engagement (via Metro).

Barbie and Ken

It takes a confident young man to dress up as Ken from the Barbie franchise. But perhaps dating Brown made this easier for Bonjiovi because he has the last laugh. The pair rocked Barbie and Ken outfits for Brown’s 18th birthday in 2021. Then they swapped cute public messages on Instagram.


Many fans hoped that the pair would star as the iconic duo in the upcoming Barbie movie franchise. That won’t happen but they’ve done a great job of putting their spin on the pair. It’s a great idea for a couple’s costume and we bet many people copied them at fancy-dress parties that year (via Page Six).

Boat Kiss

Like most celebrity couples, Brown and Bonjiovi enjoy escaping from reality. Brown has an incredibly busy life because she stars in franchises like Stranger Things and Enola Holmes. Meanwhile, she’s also a successful model and works with Louis Vuitton amongst other luxury brands. It’s an exhausting lifestyle so it’s nice to get away from it all.

via The Sun

Here we can see the pair enjoying an Italian vacation together on a yacht. Bonjiovi leans in for a kiss as he shows his affection for his future wife. Perhaps their shocking engagement shouldn’t have been a surprise because they’re wise souls. Yes, they are young but they’ve experienced more than most people in their lives (via The Sun).

Bafta Walk

Here we can see the couple making a cute red carpet appearance. This time it’s their BAFTA Awards debut in London’s Royal Albert Hall. This is one of the most prestigious venues in the UK but the pair lit it up. The pair matched each other’s outfits because they both opted for black.

Teen Vogue

Bongiovi chose a Ukrainian flag pin as he showed his support for the nation during the illegal Russian invasion. Meanwhile, Brown donned a classic Louis Vuitton gown with lace detailing and a statement sapphire ring. It’s a simple but effective look that enhances her natural beauty (via Teen Vogue).

Beach Bodies

The loved-up duo set pulses racing with this stunning beach pic in 2022. They enjoyed a sunny vacation together as they shared their love with the world. It’s not the best quality image because it came from Instagram. But it offers a great insight into their life together and their shared values.

Brown dazzles in a white string bikini while Bonjiovi stands protectively behind her with his arms around her. The actress gives Ursula Andress vibes from the first James Bond movie, Dr. No. She famously loves vintage clothing and this is a classic look. The pair look fantastic and their fans enjoyed seeing them together (via Latestly).


One fan wrote that ‘soulmates do exist’ when they saw this photo on Instagram. Bongiovi shared some glimpses into their cute relationship on Brown’s 19th birthday in 2023. Her birthday is on February 19 and the couple enjoyed their time together. The picture below is very pure and reveals the innocence of youth (via National Today).


Bongiovi thinks that he’s one of the luckiest young men on the planet. He wrote a beautiful caption about his feelings for Brown. “Another year around the sun together happy 19th to the girl of my dreams,” he said. “I love you more than words can describe. Everything about you is golden down to the core.”

Engagement Rumors

A glance at this picture shows a young couple who appear to be completely in love. Brown and Bongiovi gaze into each other’s ideas with devotion on their faces. It’s beautiful but despite this, their shocking engagement came as a surprise. Nonetheless, fans are happy that the actress feels so positive about her romance.


She previously dated YouTuber Hunter Ecimovik but it ended badly. Brown explained how she recovered from this: “It was a year of healing,” she said. “When you get publicly humiliated this way, I felt so out of control and powerless. Walking away and knowing that I’m worth everything and this person didn’t take anything from me, it felt very empowering” (via Hola).


It’s not every day that somebody gets to drink tea with the queen. But that’s exactly what Bonjiovi is doing in this picture as he shares a hot cup with his girlfriend. The pair enjoyed a short winter vacation in London and drank the nation’s favorite beverage. It’s cold but Jake still wears a pair of sunglasses.


Milly wears a navy beanie with golden hoop earrings. Meanwhile, her future husband’s hair is noticeably longer in this photo than in recent pictures. This came from the early days of their relationship and nobody thought that it would last this long. They also live their life in the public eye but it doesn’t appear to damage their bond (via Glamour).

Pure Joy

One aspect that fans love about Brown’s relationship with Bongiovi is the purity of their relationship. Here they are at the premiere of Enola Holmes II in 2022. Brown starred as the Netflix franchise’s titular character and her boyfriend came to support her. We can see how happy she is because she’s openly laughing (via WWD).

Pop Sugar

Brown made a statement in a pink Louis Vuitton dress with silver appliqué flowers and diamond hoop earrings. Meanwhile, her stylist chose a soft lip and tied her hair back into a braided bun. Bongiovi wears all-black because he didn’t want to steal his girlfriend’s thunder. The two of them look great together but nobody expected their shocking engagement.

Friend Approval

It’s always helpful when friends like somebody’s partner. That’s because it’s difficult to maintain a relationship when the people we love most don’t like them. Luckily, Brown’s Stranger Things co-stars have a good dynamic with her fiancee. Noah Schnapp stars as Will in the hit sci-fi franchise and shared his congratulations on Bongiovi’s birthday.


The actor wished Jake a happy birthday and shared this picture of his friend loving life. It’s nice to see that he supports them on their journey after their shocking engagement. Brown’s fans love the way she doesn’t hide her emotions and isn’t afraid to express herself. We can see this from her face in this picture (via Buzzfeed).

Dancing Queen

It’s important to remember that the pair don’t always do everything together. They recognize that space is important in a healthy relationship. Furthermore, their work commitments mean that sometimes they are far away from each other. In this picture, we can see Brown enjoying her 18th birthday party in Los Angeles.


She wears a daring bedazzled crop top and miniskirt on the dance floor as she jives with her friends. Legally, she’s too young to drink liquor in the U.S. but she can still marry her partner. It’s nice that they trust each other enough to party alone. Some couples wouldn’t be able to do this because they’d feel paranoid (via Metro).

Beach Birthday

The happy duo share their feelings online and want everybody to know about their love. In 2022, Bongiovi turned 19 so Brown took to Instagram to congratulate him. She shared a picture of the pair jumping for joy on a white-sand beach in front of the ocean. Brown is stunning in a floral two-piece, while Bonjiovi wears a white shirt with blue trunks.


Happy birthday baby, can’t wait to fly to the moon and back with you! (Schroobie noobie),” Brown wrote in a cute caption. Then Jake replied: “Hey, I know that guy.” Their fans adore their cute interactions and think that they’re one of the best couples on the Internet. Nonetheless, their shocking engagement rocked them to the core (via Cosmopolitan).

Power Couple

It took a while for Brown and Bongiovi to commit to sharing red-carpet appearances. Eventually, the pair became synonymous with each other as we can see from the Stranger Things season five premiere. Brown smolders in a white Louis Vuitton gown with a thigh-high split. She also had dramatic makeup and newly blonde hair.

Hollywood Life

Meanwhile, Bongiovi also dyed his hair blonde and displayed his fashion credentials. He wore a black suit but stood out from the crowd with a white turtleneck underneath. They showed why they’re one of the most glamorous young couples of this era. Perhaps their shocking engagement shouldn’t have been a surprise because they’re perfect together (via Hollywood Life).

Italian Summer

This image offers another glimpse into Brown and Bonjiovi’s private world. The loving couple is in Italy again where they enjoy breakfast on a terrace. Brown is already wearing a bikini and is prepared to enter the water. She’s also very practical because she’s wearing a baseball cap to shield herself from the sun’s rays.


We don’t know what they’re talking about but it looks like a wholesome moment. Their fans got over their shocking engagement because they relate to them so well. Perhaps it’s wrong to idealize their relationship because everybody has problems. But it’s nice that somebody is living a fairytale (via The Sun).


Bongiovi shared the news of their shocking engagement on Instagram with a series of photographs. This is one of the most beautiful because it captures the happy couple in a candid moment. It’s very cute and natural because neither of them seems conscious that there’s a camera nearby.


This one came from a vacation in Italy and shows the intimate trust that exists between them. Bongiovi wrote the caption ‘Forever’ as he shares his feelings about life with his future bride. It’s lovely that this young love is blossoming in this dark world. Hopefully, everything goes smoothly for them because they have every opportunity (via Hello Magazine).


Like many young couples, Brown and Bongiovi can’t keep their hands off each other. Here’s another picture of the pair on the boat in a tight embrace. This is a beautiful moment that they’re sharing and they’re oblivious to the world around them. All they care about at this time is being with each other.

Page Six

They’re living a dream because they’re young, attractive, and have more money than they know what to do with. Let’s hope that the sun continues to shine on their fortunes because they seem like good people. Brown even advertises a rescue dog foundation in her Instagram stories so it’s difficult to hate her (via Page Six).

Shocking Engagement

Brown and Bongiovi stunned their fans when they broke the news of their shocking engagement. The actress shared this black-and-white picture on Instagram as they laughed together. She shared her hopes for the future with a beautiful caption. Brown wrote: “I’ve loved you for three summers already. Now I want them all!”


It’s beautiful to see young love flourish before our eyes. There was a mixed reaction online because many people think they will regret this decision and divorce by the time they’re 25. However, this could be a rare fairytale story and we wish them all the best. But let’s hope they sign a watertight prenup before they put a ring on it (via Manchester Evening News).