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These Totally Legal Things Should Definitely Be Illegal

Darren October 18, 2022

People act strangely and do dubious things all too often. Building upon that, we often think that something is illegal but it turns out that it’s acceptable. These range from minor inconveniences in our daily lives to more serious issues like child marriage.

Today we’ll look at some of the weirdest, wackiest, and most disturbing things that are legal in US states. Remember that the law changes in each jurisdiction, but there are some crazy allowances out there. Check out the list below.

Sneaky Airline Fees

Everybody hates when airlines add sneaky fees to the original ticket price. They lure customers into thinking the price is cheap but then they introduce a bunch of add-ons. Sometimes it’s impossible to avoid booking seats together for a family or paying for baggage (via Mental Floss).

Mental Floss

Then there are processing fees and other costs that came out of nowhere. Suddenly, the ticket is over $100 more than the buyer expected. This should be illegal because it’s false advertising and immoral.

Spam Mail

Anybody who opens their email right now will probably find dozens of unread emails. Most of them are from companies that they contacted once but are on a subscription list and receive many emails per week (via Hot Bot).

Panda Security

It’s possible to unsubscribe but sometimes the same company may have multiple mailing lists. This is frustrating and it should be illegal to bombard people in this way but it remains acceptable.

State College Fees

More people attend higher-level educational institutions than ever before in history. However, society doesn’t make it easy for students in the US because it is so expensive. Many people find themselves paying off student loans for their entire lives (via The Atlantic).


State universities usually have lower costs for residents but they remain high. This should be illegal because education should be available for everybody. After all, it’s people’s taxes that keep the doors of these schools open.

Drug Capitalism

Capitalism has a place in society because it stimulates innovation and growth. However, there is a dark side to this – the pharmaceutical industry. ‘Pharma Bro’ Martin Shkreli infamously hiked the price of an HIV drug because he saw the opportunity to make massive profits (via Contagion Live).

Verywell Health

In the end, Shkreli went to jail for an unrelated incident and the story dissipated. But this happens all of the time and is appalling because ordinary people wait for life-changing or even life-saving treatments before discovering they’re too expensive.


Bizarrely, flamethrowers are legal in most U.S. states without any regulations. Maryland is the only area with a blanket ban on these devices. Meanwhile, Californian citizens require a permit to acquire a flamethrower.


But it’s not illegal to own a flamethrower in other places because lawmakers class them as a firework. This is strange because these appliances emit searing jets of fire. Strangely, most places don’t think that a permit is necessary for them (via Mashable).


It’s crazy that society punishes homeless people. Law enforcement punishes them for vagrancy but this doesn’t make anything better. Imagine if people could register as homeless and participate in employment or rehab programs (via The Guardian).

NBC News

Throwing somebody in jail doesn’t mean that they won’t be homeless when they leave again. Furthermore, it’s not working because there are massive problems in California and other affluent states. Perhaps it’s time to change their approach and help the homeless instead of punishing them.

Driving Naked

It’s completely legal in most states to drive a vehicle naked. This may not be what most people want to see when they’re passing by. There’s a time and place to be naked, and most agree that isn’t during rush hour on the way to the office.

Tech Explorer

However, there are more regulations on public nudity. Naked drivers may attract unwanted attention entering or exiting their vehicles. If they want to strip off they must do so inside their car because law enforcement may target them. Perhaps they should stick to nudist beaches (via Above the Law).

Exotic Pets

Netflix’s ‘Tiger King’ was one of the most unexpected hits of the global health crisis. This show brought a crazy trend into public focus surrounding exotic pets. There are more tigers in captivity in the U.S. than in the wild in the rest of the world.


Meanwhile, many people have other exotic pets including monkeys, snakes, and bears. These animals don’t belong in private captivity. It should be illegal to have them because it’s cruel and they live stressful lives. Unfortunately, this remains acceptable for now (via Business Insider).

No Salary Description

These days, most job hunters seek opportunities online. However, there’s one infuriating trend that annoys them all and it should be illegal. Some companies fail to offer a salary description or describe it as ‘competitive.’


Then they offer applicants a low salary or ask them what they want. If somebody isn’t confident they may settle for less than they should. It should be mandatory to advertise the exact salary with the job (via HBR).

Child Beauty Pageants

France already banned child beauty pageants because they hypersexualize children. However, America is unlikely to follow the European nation’s lead. These beauty pageants remain popular despite being strange (via Smithsonian Magazine).

Smithsonian Magazine

Defenders claim that it’s an innocent hobby and that swimming competitions don’t receive the same condemnation. But they miss the reality that these pageants judge little girls on their appearance. This is extremely creepy but unlikely to be illegal any time soon.


Anybody that spends time online has encountered some kind of adware or malware. This may take the form of irritating pop-ups or more sinister viruses. There should be some kind of regulation that forces internet providers to deal with these, but there isn’t.

Anti Virus Guide

It’s not illegal despite being a massive inconvenience. They don’t offer any benefit to society except to frustrate people or scam them out of their money. This is ridiculous but the Internet isn’t going to change anytime soon (via Anti Virus Guide).


Many people reading this article may never have heard of olestra. This food additive is illegal in the E.U. and Canada but it remains present in American food. Often, potato chip producers include it in their recipes because it replaces unhealthy fats.

Savvy Health Advisor

This may seem like a good thing but olestra has a dark side. That’s because it prevents the body from absorbing essential vitamins with terrible side effects. People experience gastrointestinal problems and other issues after consuming the substance (via FOX News).

Clamshell Packaging

Clamshell packaging is the scourge of shoppers all over the world. Designers create it to make our lives as difficult as possible because it seems to take half a week trying to open them (via Today).


It has a security function because it’s difficult for shoplifters to open them subtly. But they’re an atrocious waste of plastic and not user-friendly. They could use another method to protect their products from would-be thieves.

Battery Farming

Many people claim to love animals but they don’t realize they contribute to cruelty every day. Battery farming is a horrible practice that endures around the world. Billions of chickens and cows can barely move as food producers squeeze the life out of them.


We’re not saying that everybody should be a vegan. But surely it’s better for the planet and these animals if this style of farming was illegal. Free-range eggs, milk, and meat taste better than the alternative and the animals live happier lives too (via The Guardian).

Lying In Public Office

Public representatives have an onus to lead the nation honestly and clearly. However, the reality is that many of them make false promises and even blatantly lie to the population. Sometimes scandals emerge and these force them to resign from their office.


But it’s not illegal to lie in public office despite representing the interests of their constituents. This is terrible because the law could act as a deterrent to make them more responsible. Instead, they take their payoffs and walk away (via The Conversation).

Gambling Enablers

It’s a cruel truth that gambling sites and offices will block customers if they’re too successful. However, they’ll do nothing to prevent a losing streak. They may advise customers to gamble responsibly but don’t take measures to stop them.

USA Today Sports

There are many horror stories about people throwing all of their money away in a desperate bid to win. Bookmakers should show more compassion and prevent this from happening. In the end, money talks (via Action Network).

Weekend Work Emails

Many people live for the weekend after spending the week working hard. They don’t want anybody to bother them during this time because they need a break. But some employers continue to send work-related emails and demand their staff reply.

USA Today Sports

There should be no obligation for employees to open their work email during the weekend. Some may say that making it illegal is excessive but businesses shouldn’t abuse their power. Usually, they can survive without annoying someone over a trivial subject (via Market Watch).

Unvaccinated Kids

It’s a sad reality that there is a lot of misinformation out there. Some parents want to protect their children but they do so in the wrong manner. They refuse to allow their offspring to receive vaccinations but this has serious consequences for the rest of society (via AA).

Lawrence Memorial Hospital

First, the child is more vulnerable to diseases and may suffer extreme illnesses. Another issue is that there’s a greater chance of them spreading viruses. The law should make it illegal for parents to deny approved vaccinations because society loses out.


There’s nothing quite like a firework during a festival like the New Year or Halloween. But private fireworks purchases should be illegal because they terrify animals. Dogs hate the loud noises while some horrible teenagers harm pets with them.


Meanwhile, many people suffered life-changing injuries because a firework exploded in their hands. They lost fingers or even went blind after the incident. State-approved fireworks displays are a better idea because they’re safer (via 8News Now).

Sperm Donation

There is an incredible lack of regulation around sperm donation. Many donators lie about their backgrounds and their family history. Sperm banks have no obligation to verify a candidate’s criminal, medical, or educational background (via The Conversation).

Sup China

Unfortunately, many horror stories emerge from this state of affairs. The children are innocent in this situation because they had no control over their birth. But disappointed parents deal with health issues and other complex scenarios.

Tax-Free Churches

Religion plays an important role in many people’s lives. But not every church plays a positive role in society yet still claim a lot of benefits. Many religious institutions enjoy tax-free status and their leaders enjoy a lot of profits (via AZ Central).


This is the dark side of many of the U.S.’s splinter churches. Their followers don’t want to hear about this but it’s true and should be illegal. These same churches continue to ask for donations from their constituents despite their massive wealth. It’s a shameful but common practice.


We elect our government officials to represent our interests and change society for the better. Unfortunately, many of them care more about staying in power and becoming rich. Gerrymandering is a very common practice around the world and should be illegal.

AP News

This is where political parties redraw constituencies so that they have favorable demographics. Usually, there’s nothing to stop them from doing this if they have a majority. An independent organization should be responsible for this, not the government (via The Guardian).

Corporal Punishment

It may come as a surprise but corporal punishment is legal in 19 U.S. states. Furthermore, 15 states actively practice this form of physical discipline. Usually, teachers paddle students by hitting them across the buttocks. This is often a lawsuit waiting to happen because most parents don’t appreciate this.

VN Express

It won’t come as a surprise to learn that Alabama has the most explicit guidelines about this barbaric punishment. But it should be illegal in the 21st century because most developed countries have banned it. The U.S. remains behind everybody else when it comes to this (via Youth Rights).


These days, many young women create OnlyFans profiles and post nude pictures for profit. The most successful content creators make millions of dollars from loyal subscribers. We’re not suggesting that this should be illegal because everybody should have control over their bodies.

Wall Street Journal

But it’s debatable whether an 18-year-old girl should be able to create a profile and upload nudes on the day of her birthday. This decision may haunt her for life and it shouldn’t be that simple. There should be more legislation and screening before they do this (via Wall Street Journal).

Owning A Tank

It’s completely legal to own a tank in most parts of the United States. We’re not sure that this is what the founding fathers had in mind when they introduced the second amendment but that’s a minefield. It does require a lot of paperwork but most importantly it’s not illegal.

Army Magazine

Imagine cruising down the freeway in a Sherman tank or driving the children to school. It would certainly be a talking point but it’s probably not good. To be fair there haven’t been many rogue tank incidents yet so maybe it’s not a big deal (via Drive Tanks).


Telemarketing is one of the most irritating practices on the planet. Companies cold-call regular people who are going about their daily business. Then they try to flog some useless products and take advantage of vulnerable citizens. It should be illegal because it’s a form of harassment.

Jobs Go

Another alarming aspect is that many have access to private online data. We don’t know where they store this or what they do with it. But they shouldn’t be able to use this without any consequences. It’s not right and legislation should deal with it (via National Law Review).

Free Water

Everybody knows that feeling of frustration when a restaurant refuses to serve tap water. They know that they can charge a markup on bottled water and make a big profit. If somebody is spending their hard-earned cash, they should free water (via Clickhole).


This would also help to save the environment because it would cut down on waste. The only acceptable time to deny free water is if it is contaminated. But most places don’t experience this situation.

Underage Tackle Football

Football is the most popular sport in the United States. But there’s no denying the dangers of the sport because many players suffered CTE and other trauma. One Harvard professor believes that there should be a ban on under-14s playing full-contact football.

New York Post

They may suffer severe side effects in the future. The worst aspect is that they’re not even playing for money so there is no benefit. They’re hurting themselves and their health is more important (via Scary Mommy).

Radar Detectors

Radar detectors are one of the most dubious inventions out there today. They inform drivers when there is a speed gun in the area. However, there’s another fantastic invention. This is called a speedometer and there’s one in every vehicle.

Vortex Radar

The reality is that there’s no need for a radar detector unless the driver is breaking the speed limit. But they remain acceptable in 49 U.S. states except for Virginia. Old Dominion made the devices illegal because there isn’t a good reason for them (via World Population Review).

Payday Loans

There’s a good reason why 16 U.S. states made payday loans illegal. These short-term loans demand massive interest and often cripple borrowers. Only the most desperate people engage in this form of money-lending.

Acquisition International

It’s easy to fall into a debt trap because it builds up quickly. But this is a binding agreement between two parties so there isn’t an easy way out. More states should ban payday loans because they’re unfair and exploit the vulnerable (via Business Review).


Hydraulic fracturing is one of the most controversial extraction methods on the planet. It’s a high-pressure method that allows workers to find trapped oil or gas. This makes it important for the economy but may have devastating consequences for the environment.


Critics claim that it releases toxic chemicals into the air that may harm nearby residents. Scientists discovered that some localities developed high cancer rates after living close to these sites. Furthermore, there are links between fracking and earthquakes (via Morning Side Center).

Backyard Burials

Only three U.S. states have explicit bans on backyard burials. California, Indiana, and Washington made this illegal but it’s acceptable in the rest of the country. However, some states demand that people follow zoning regulations before burying a body on their property.


Some people debate the practicality of backyard burials. Imagine buying a second-hand property and coming across a skeleton. This isn’t out of the question. Backyard burials belong in the past (via US Urns Online).

Bots Buying Tickets

There’s a lot of pressure waiting for a ticket sale to go live on the internet. They often sell out in minutes and leave people feeling disappointed. However, recent times have seen the rise of bots that snap up tickets in droves (via AllKPop).

The Video Ink

Then unscrupulous sellers make massive profits by selling them to desperate fans. Some ticket providers already ban resales because it’s a terrible practice, but it’s not illegal. This is something that demands more control.

Child Marriage

It may shock some readers to read that child marriage is legal in 44 U.S. states. Furthermore, 20 of those jurisdictions don’t even have a minimum age. This is disgraceful because child marriage should be illegal. It’s creepy and a form of abuse (via Equality Now).


The only requirement is that they have parental permission. It also comes as no surprise to learn that it’s mostly young girls who marry older men. This happens more often than people think, with almost half a million child marriages from 2000-2018.


Unfortunately, deliberate misinformation is a common feature of modern society. Many media outlets have an agenda and intentionally misrepresent stories to fuel a fire. Furthermore, politicians fail to tell the truth about important topics.

Vanderbilt University

It’s completely acceptable to be on one side of an argument but it’s wrong to lie. There’s an increasing demand to crack down on fake news. After all, it is irresponsible and potentially dangerous because it divides society (via Media Defence).

Urban Trucks

Americans love trucks. The Ford F-150 remains the most popular vehicle in the nation after 40 years of domination. But it’s ludicrous that an increasingly urbanized country loves gas-guzzling trucks so much.


This isn’t an outlier either because the Dodge Ram is the second-most popular vehicle. The world is becoming increasingly environmentally conscious, so it’s time to change this. It should be illegal to own a big truck in a city unless for commercial purposes (via Autoweek).

Medical Advertisements

The United States is currently in the midst of an opioid crisis but it creates problems for itself. It’s one of only two countries alongside New Zealand that allows direct-to-consumer pharmaceutical advertising. These include prescription drugs that patients must obtain from a doctor.

Ohio State News

Americans don’t think it’s strange when patients recommend medications to their physician. This would never happen in other countries but it’s acceptable in the U.S. In the end, it comes down to money because these companies make billions from advertising (via Thrillist).

Gun Fairs

Gun fairs are relatively common across the greater United States, but they invite controversy. That’s because it’s easy to buy firearms without stringent background checks. Many people consider this their right but it’s debatable whether it’s safe for society.

NBC News

A criminal background check and mental health certificate should be the minimum to buy a gun. But these fairs don’t discriminate and have become very divisive. It remains to be seen if politicians will ever clamp down on them (via Exponents).

Barefoot Driving

This may seem ridiculous, but it’s perfectly fine for people to drive barefoot. Most drivers don’t want to do this as it’s not comfortable. Furthermore, it’s arguably dangerous because the sole of a foot isn’t an even surface. Driving barefoot is stupid but not illegal.

Daily News Hungary

Drivers should exercise common sense because their decisions also affect other people. It’s not only their safety that they worry about, but that of other road users (via Bank Rate).

Puppy Mills

Everybody loves a puppy but it’s crucial to exercise care when buying from breeders. Many unlicensed puppy mills are operate across the U.S. They force female dogs to have as many litters as possible without giving them time to recover. Then they kill the dog when she’s incapable of delivering more babies.


Furthermore, many of the puppies develop health problems because of the conditions. Inbreeding is also a common issue and results in serious issues. Prospective owners have a responsibility to check that their puppy came from a reputable establishment (via Four Paws).

Predatory Lending

Predatory lending is very similar to payday loans, but less specific. They tie vulnerable people to massive loans with ridiculous levels of interest. In the end, they must pay back outrageous amounts of money. It’s no surprise that many of them struggle and find themselves in debt.

NBC News

This is immoral and should be illegal but there’s a surprising amount of this in society. Defenders say that borrowers know what they’re getting themselves into. However, only the most desperate people will take this type of loan. It’s a crazy system that hurts a lot of ordinary citizens (via Nerd Wallet).


There are few things more irritating than when somebody parks a car badly. Double-parking is the scourge of the community because it’s incredibly selfish. This isn’t illegal as long as they pay for two parking spaces. However, they’ll rarely do this because they don’t care.


Maybe they will receive a ticket because they didn’t park properly but often they get away with it. Double-parking and stopping in disabled spots without a good reason is wrong (via The Guardian).

Paternity Test Refusal

Sometimes doubts arise over the true parentage of a child. A paternity test may be the logical next step because it clears up the situation. But some potential fathers refuse to take this test because they don’t want to pay child support (via DNA Testing).

The DNA Lab

This is within their rights but they shouldn’t be surprised if the mother takes the case to court. Then a judge may order a paternity test and the man must oblige. Otherwise, the judge will find them in contempt of court and the situation will become very serious.


We idolize celebrities but the reality is that many of them don’t want to deal with the media all of the time. The most famous actors experience a lot of stress because the paparazzi constantly stalk them. Sometimes they even lash out because they lose patience.

Study Breaks Magazine

It should be illegal for the media to continue filming people when they’re going about their ordinary lives. This information doesn’t enhance anybody’s life at all (via Buzzfeed).

Underage Social Media

These days, many children unfortunately experience cyberbullying online. However, there’s a big question over whether they should have access to social media accounts. Online betting sites require ID verification before creating a profile. Socials could have a similar vetting system before signing up.

Daily Sabah

This would reduce the chance of exposing children to sexual predators online. Furthermore, they wouldn’t be able to bully each other as easily or feel insecure about themselves. It’s not a perfect solution but it would be a start because something must happen (via National Review).

Not Using Headphones

One of the most annoying experiences is when people play loud audio in public without headphones. Everybody has been on a bus or in a train carriage where someone is watching videos or listening to music.


Public disorder offenses exist but most places don’t consider this illegal. In the end, it’s down to the driver or the surrounding passengers to tell the perpetrator to quiet down. This isn’t always easy but they shouldn’t find themselves in this position (via Video Hive).

Fast Food Nation

Who doesn’t love a delicious burger after a hard day? The problem is that too many Americans eat excessive amounts of fast food with a rising obesity problem. This also affects young children because their parents feed them cheap but unhealthy food (via NBC News).


It’s not illegal for parents to cram their children with junk every day even though it harms them. But it’s their children who pay the price and live with the consequences. Everything is ok in moderation but they take it too far.

Jail Before Crime

The U.S. calls itself the “Land of the Free,” but it has a higher incarceration rate than anywhere else on the planet. They love throwing people into jail so much that it’s almost a rite of passage. However, there’s an argument over whether it’s necessary all the time.


Perhaps it would be better if people spent more time on probation or under house arrest unless they represent a risk to society. Someone shouldn’t spend the night in jail because a cop caught them smoking a joint. It’s a disproportionate punishment compared to the offense (via Pew Research).


Believe it or not, it’s not illegal to eat another person in the U.S. However, this doesn’t mean that we can simply chow down on the person next to us. The law prevents people from killing others so that’s out of the question. Furthermore, some states legislate to prevent the desecration of corpses.

Popular Science

However, there are no explicit rules about cannibalism so this appears to be kosher. It’s time to take out the recipe because it’s open season. Imagine the reaction of vegans if somebody opened a cannibal restaurant (via Find Law).

Pay Pigs

A recent trend saw many young women jump on the ‘pay pig’ bandwagon. In short, some men enjoy financial domination and pay them as a kink. This may be in return for photographs, conversations, or because they enjoy the thrill (via Business Insider).

Dazed Digital

There’s nothing wrong with two consenting adults doing what they enjoy. However, younger women should understand that this can be risky. They may receive unwanted attention from creepy men online. Legal advisors will claim that it’s not illegal because they invited it.

Unpaid Internships

One of the most challenging aspects of finding a decent job is getting enough experience. Many advertisements demand at least two years in the same industry. Internships are a common entry point for graduate students but they often come with a catch.


Many companies exploit these young people by refusing to pay them. This isn’t illegal despite being immoral. They should be able to make a living salary even if the program is only for a short period (via HBR).

Cousin Marriage

Most people think that it’s illegal to marry a first cousin because of the biological similarities. However, 19 U.S. states permit it despite the public taboo. A couple of states prevent this until the would-be couple is over 60 because they’re unlikely to reproduce.


This isn’t a popular idea because it’s very weird but some people are into this. But it should be illegal for them to have children because it’s unfair. They may experience birth defects as well as bullying in later life. No prizes for guessing which states allow this behavior (via Five Thirty-Eight).

Address Bias

Unfortunately, not everybody receives equal treatment when they apply for a job. Some hirers look at their name or their address and instantly have a bias against the applicant. This is illegal in countries including France where applicants only include their qualifications and contact number.

British Council

This means that interviewers invite candidates based on their experience and ability. They don’t know their racial origin or if they come from a less affluent area. It’s a fair system and should be standardized across the world to prevent discrimination (via Graduate Land).

Anonymous Donors

What’s wrong with people giving their hard-earned money to a charity if they want? Nothing except it’s important to know who is supporting different campaigns and issues. Sometimes donors have dubious intentions and ulterior motives (via UN.org).


It also tells a lot about the recipient if they take money from an unscrupulous source. All donations should be out in the open when somebody is running for office. Otherwise, it’s easy for people to abuse their power by buying decisions and influencing people.

Family YouTube Channels

Many parents decide to exploit their children to make a lot of cash. They’ll start family YouTube channels or Instagram accounts and monetize their offspring. This is unfair and unethical because they expose their kids to dangerous predators.


Furthermore, it may be a source of embarrassment in the future. Babies and toddlers are too young to consent to these activities. Yet some parents insist on filming and sharing every waking moment. They can’t even talk but the world can see them (via Indy100).

Airlines Overbooking Flights

It doesn’t happen very often but sometimes people will go to their airline check-in desk and receive a nasty surprise. They’ll find that the airline overbooked the flight and doesn’t have space for them. This isn’t illegal but it’s still unfair to passengers (via Travel Perk).

Austrian Airlines

After all, they want to get to their destination and may receive a lot of stress in this situation. Airlines defend the practice by saying it’s important to maintain profitability. They’ll point to the high rate of flight cancellations that affect them. However, the customer is the one that suffers most in the end.


Cryptocurrencies and NFTs became a massive part of society in 2021. They continue to grow and spread outside of central government control. While the former makes some sense the latter is extremely controversial. Many people think that they’re pointless and don’t have any value.

Brink News

This doesn’t stop people from paying millions of dollars on these tokens that don’t even look nice. It was a stupid trend that made some designers a lot of money. Nobody should criticize the players but we can hate this ridiculous game (via Coin Desk).


Female genital mutilation is illegal in the U.S. but male circumcision remains a common practice. It’s so popular that people react negatively if they learned that parents didn’t circumcise their children. Some religious faiths retain circumcision as an important part of their identity.

Learn Religions

But most European countries don’t have high rates of circumcision and believe that it is cruel. They think a male should decide for themselves if they want to slice the skin off. It is a part of their body but somebody is taking it away without giving them a choice (via QZ).

Leaving a Child in a Car

It seems obvious that leaving a child unattended in a vehicle is a terrible idea but some parents still do it. They’ll even leave them in searing hot temperatures with the windows up. Some states allow this for up to five minutes, but who’s counting?

Raising Children Network

Nobody is going to protest if somebody breaks a window to give a child or pet air. There are horror stories of toddlers and dogs dying from heat stroke after parents walked away. This is an unsafe practice and it’s important to exercise common sense (via Finder).


Remarkably, tobacco remains popular in society. This substance is responsible for millions of dollars in hospital costs and many deaths. People know that it will kill them slowly but they continue to smoke cigarettes. Furthermore, lobbyists supported cigarette producers while banning marijuana.

The Motley Fool

This makes no sense except that they earn massive fortunes from the industry. Capitalism has its place but the dark side emerges when it exploits ordinary citizens. Some smokers develop an addiction and it causes a lot of health problems including lung cancer (via Tobacco Control).

Eating Roadkill

Only 20 states ban people from eating roadkill. This may not seem like something many do but it’s surprisingly popular in Southern states. Proponents say that it’s the same as killing an animal intentionally for meat as long as it’s fresh enough (via Motor Biscuit).

Orissa Post

However, there’s also the risk of contracting diseases or parasites. Maybe it’s ok if the driver hits the animal and immediately harvests it. But don’t go picking up random rabbits off the side of the road.


Virtual private networks are increasingly popular because they allow people to protect themselves online. It makes it more difficult to trace their IP addresses because they reroute them to another location. This makes it easy to watch Netflix from other countries and access blocked websites.

Surf Shark

However, many countries block VPNs because they don’t want their citizens to access certain information. Furthermore, there’s a dark side to them because criminals find them very useful. It’s a tough situation because there are a lot of positives but also some problems (via Cloudwards).

Drinking/Smoking During Pregnancy

People have access to greater education now than ever before. Many mothers drank or smoked cigarettes in the past during their pregnancies. This was because they had no idea that their actions could influence the health of their unborn child (via NHS).


Now we know that this is very stupid because it’s dangerous. The children live with the consequences of their selfish mothers’ decisions. It should be illegal to do this because it endangers the life of an unborn infant. Everybody knows that it’s a bad thing to do so there’s no excuse.

Elderly Drivers

Firstly, let’s caveat this by saying we’re not advocating a blanket ban on elderly drivers. However, it is ridiculous that many of them hit the roads despite being unfit. This is dangerous for them as well as others but there’s an easy way to deal with it.

Dreams Time

In Illinois, drivers over 75 must take a biannual test to ensure that they can handle a vehicle. This is an excellent idea because it proves that they’re still capable. Some might think that this is disrespectful but it’s better if it averts a tragedy (via Tree Hugger).

Counting Cards

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not illegal to count cards in the United States. However, there is a caveat to this information because gamblers must count on their mind. They can’t use devices because casinos will crack down and throw them out of the casino.

The Art

Atlantic City even protects card counters with legislation. There’s nothing that they can do about card counters unless they’re breaking the law. However, card-counting maintains a mystique because it features in movies and on TV shows (via Huff Post).