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The Most Dysfunctional Photos of Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn’s Breakup

Darren April 12, 2023

It’s quite clear to anyone not living under a rock that Taylor Swift is one of the biggest stars in the music industry today and perhaps even in the history of it. Her fans, affectionately named the ‘Swifties,’ obsess about her every move from her music to her outfits. Some of them fans care more about her love life than anything else. Swift’s recent breakup came as a shock because it appeared that she was happy in a long-term relationship with English actor Joe Alwyn.

A lot of people thought they were a match made in heaven. Swift previously had high-profile relationships with Jake Gyllenhaal, John Connor Kennedy, Harry Styles, and John Mayer. It looked like Alwyn provided the balance she needed in her life. However, the pair finally called it quits in 2023 and they broke their fans’ hearts in doing so. Today we’ll look at the best pictures from their seven-year relationship that may tell us why they eventually called it quits. Check out the photos and see for yourself here.

First Picture

Frenzied rumors linked the couple in 2017 after Taylor Swift broke up with Calvin Harris. Paparazzi captured pictures of the superstar enjoying breakfast on a Nashville balcony with Alwyn. The latter was an up-and-coming star at this point after his role in Ang Lee’s Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk.

E Online

It took a while to confirm that the couple was together but eventually, it became obvious. Fans believe that this was the first image of the pair together in the early days of their relationship. Nobody expected them to last together for so long but it became her longest relationship. In the end, Swift’s recent breakup left many people sad (via E Online).


Swift and Alwyn rarely gave the press the satisfaction of public displays of affection. However, sometimes they couldn’t resist each other as we can see in the picture below. The glamorous couple enjoyed a vacation in the Bahamas in 2022 after the Tribeca Film Festival. The media speculated that they stayed in Lenny Henry’s Airstream trailer.

Hollywood Reporter

Swifties loved seeing this insight into their relationship. Unfortunately, all good things come to an end but there was no sign of that in this picture. The two appeared to be very much in love and enjoying their life together. At this point, it’s unclear why they separated but perhaps life intervened and took them in different directions (via Page Six).

Private Life

One of the reasons why the couple maintained their relationship for so long is because they tried to stay private. Occasionally, they attended public events together and received a lot of media attention. In the image below we can see how they handled the pressures of the paparazzi because they ignored it.


Alwyn said that he doesn’t want to make a show of his relationships like other celebrities. The Conversations With Friends actor said: “We live in a culture that is so increasingly intrusive, the more you give — and frankly, even if you don’t give it — something will be taken (via People).” Unfortunately, Swift’s recent breakup might be because of her fame.

Outdoor Life

Swift and Alwyn did their best to live a normal life but this was very difficult. The singer has over 260 million Instagram followers and is one of the most recognizable people on the planet. Nonetheless, they took their opportunities and tried to enjoy quiet times when they could. In this picture, they’re hiking in the Santa Monica mountains outside of Los Angeles.


It’s not the best quality image but it offers a great insight into their shared values. Alwyn carries a film camera while the couple holds hands. It’s also amazing how normal they look because they’re not craving attention. Alywn is excellent at keeping a low profile but perhaps this wasn’t viable. Many people think this was the reason behind Swift’s recent breakup (via ET).

First Meeting?

In this picture, we can see Taylor Swift and her fellow Squad member, Dakota Johnson. The famous duo went to a private Kings of Leon concert in London in 2016. The media picked up on the fact that Alwyn also attended this event. They speculated that it may have been amongst the first time that the future couple met.

Marie Claire

Taylor Swift and Alwyn kept the details of their relationship notoriously private. We don’t know how they got together and nor do they understand why they broke up. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why it captivates them so much. Let’s hope that they have the support and space to heal their emotional wounds (via Marie Claire).

Miss Americana

One of the reasons why Swift’s fans liked Alwyn so much was because it appeared that he completed Swift. The singer’s Netflix documentary “Miss Americana” offered a rare insight into their relationship. She performed some songs for him and at one point mouthed that she loved him.


This cuteness overload was too much for some of her fans to handle. They wanted her to marry the British actor and enjoy a happy life together. Sadly, their circumstances changed and in the end, they moved in different directions. We never know what’s going on behind closed doors but it didn’t work for them (via Cosmopolitan).

Beach Babes

Swift and Alwyn had very busy schedules that often placed them in other countries. That’s why it was important for them to take every opportunity to be together. In this picture, we can see they went on another vacation. This time they took a Fourth of July trip to the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Pop Sugar

We can see that they carefully coordinated their swimsuits to recall the U.S. flag. It’s a nice patriotic touch on one of the most important American holidays. The couple went snorkeling on this retreat and enjoyed the white sand beaches. It’s a beautiful part of the world and they were lucky to visit it (via Pop Sugar).

Shape of You

Once again, this isn’t the clearest photograph but the context reveals a lot about Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn. They were attending an Ed Sheeran concert when somebody snapped them dancing together. Yes, it’s an invasion of their privacy but it comes with the territory. There’s no hiding away when somebody has Swift’s public profile.

La Vanguardia

Nonetheless, this image shows how they tried to maintain as normal a life as possible. They enjoyed little things like going to concerts together or hiking in the wilderness. These are things that ordinary people do too and this made them very relatable to normal people. Swift’s recent breakup came as a shock because she appeared to be very happy. But irreconcilable differences arose (via Billboard).

Golden Globes

This was one of the most notable public appearances they made together before they surprisingly split. The loved-up couple attended the 2022 Golden Globes in a rare red carpet outing. Usually, they avoided these affairs because they didn’t want to feed media gossip. But this time they decided to share the experience.

ET Online

Swift wore a striking floral gown by Etro to the event. Meanwhile, Alwyn opted for a traditional black tuxedo. Swift received a nomination for her song Beautiful Ghosts so they came to celebrate. However, they didn’t walk down the red carpet together but entered separately. They wouldn’t give the paparazzi a bone to chew on (via Glamour).

Walk In The Woods

It appears that one of the couple’s favorite shared hobbies was hiking. Every time Alwyn visited the West Coast they visited the Santa Monica mountains. The pair dressed comfortably for their outdoor adventure but it doesn’t look too strenuous. Alwyn wears jeans so they probably went for a quiet stroll.


This picture excited fans because it was like spotting the Loch Ness Monster or a Yeti. The couple maintained strict privacy and rarely appeared together in public. Arguably, this doesn’t count because they were enjoying some downtime. We almost feel sorry for them because there is no escape from the media and this may have caused Swift’s recent breakup (via Billboard).

SNL After-Party

Here’s another picture of the former couple together in a rare public appearance. They went to a Saturday Night Live after-party in New York. Alwyn is dressed comfortably and casually as he looks every bit of the English gentleman. He wore a grey sweater, jeans, and a black blazer.


Meanwhile, Taylor Swift dazzled with her trademark red lipstick and shimmering pants. Their fans couldn’t believe that they finally saw another photo of the pair together. It was like waiting for another season of ‘Game of Thrones’ because it took too long. Unfortunately, their relationship also ended like Game of Thrones (via Harper’s Bazaar).

Sheeran’s Approval

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn shocked their fans in 2023 when they split up. They enjoyed six years together before they finally called it quits. Alwyn received the approval of Swift’s closest confidantes, including Ed Sheeran. The Shape of You singer is also a major superstar and has a close relationship with Taylor Swift (via Nicki Swift).


Sheeran appeared on the UK’s Capital FM radio show and spoke about Swift’s romance. He said: “They are very much in love, they have quite a low-key relationship, which Taylor likes. It’s normal, and no one knows about it right now.” That’s the way they wanted to keep it and it made for Swift’s most sustainable relationship after several famous boyfriends.

Private Life

Many of Taylor Swift’s previous relationships played out in front of the media. Tom Hiddleston famously wore a t-shirt with her name on it. Meanwhile, dating Harry Styles is like standing naked in the middle of the road. Alwyn offered her a different form of companionship that felt more sustainable (via Hollywood.com).


One interviewer asked Swift if she preferred this style of relationship. She replied: “Oh, absolutely. I think that in knowing him and being in the relationship I am in now, I have definitely made decisions that have made my life feel more like real life and less like just a storyline to be commented on in tabloids.”

Co-Star Kiss

Context is very important because people could easily misinterpret this image. Alwyn is kissing another woman in a vehicle so it’s easy to jump to conclusions. However, this is a shot from the hit TV series, Conversations With Friends. Alwyn shares an intimate moment in the story with his co-star Alison Oliver.

The Mirror

Some fans hated seeing this image because they didn’t want him to tarnish his relationship with Swift. However, the pop star understood that it was part of the job and that there was no emotional connection. This was a massive role for Alwyn, who spent a lot of time filming in Ireland while Swift was in the U.S. (via Metro).

Cryptic Cactus

The photos below came from Alwyn and Taylor Swift’s separate Instagram accounts. They took these shots in the early days of their relationship when people questioned if they were together. Swift uploaded the shot first and fans didn’t think much about it. But then Alwyn made his Instagram public and shared his photo (via Teen Vogue).

Teen Vogue

Fans quickly noticed that the same cactus appeared in both of their pictures. Later, it emerged that Alwyn attended one of Swift’s concerts the next day. It’s not difficult to do the math and work out that they were spending time together. Nonetheless, it’s amazing that a giant cactus can leave such a cryptic message, but that’s the internet for you.

Big Smile

Here’s a picture of the former couple walking around New York mid-day. They took a brisk stroll with security around them as they enjoyed the Big Apple. Allegedly, Swift has a collection of wigs, hats, and sunglasses that she uses to disguise her appearance. But this time it’s easy to distinguish the pair.

Us Magazine

Swift explained that she wanted a different approach to her relationship with Alwyn. “We decided together we wanted our relationship to be private,” Swift said (via Us Magazine). “Even though it was really horrible, I was happy. But I wasn’t happy in the way I was trained to be happy. It was happiness without anyone else’s input. We were just happy.”

Date Night

This 2018 photo captured the pair holding hands in London on a quiet night out. They keep their heads down and avoid talking to the media because they want to enjoy the moment. Taylor Swift wore a green Free People maxi dress, while her ex-boyfriend opted for a blue top and gray jeans. They had dinner at the Hawksmoor Steak House in Covent Garden.


This was during the middle of Swift’s Reputation World Tour. She enjoyed a rare night off with her beloved partner because touring is very stressful. There was no sign of any problems at this point in their relationship. However, Taylor Swift and Alwyn’s recent breakup suggests there were issues behind the scenes (via Insider).

Beach Body

The pop icon famously hates showing off her belly button in public but she made an exception on vacation. This photo was from the same vacation to Turks and Caicos in 2018. Taylor Swift wore a Solid & Striped blue and white bikini as she flaunted her curves on the beach. Meanwhile, Alwyn opted for a pair of dark trunks as he revealed his lean frame.

The Sun

Swift follows an intense fitness regime and showed the results here with a fabulous body. Her newest ex clutched a cold beer as he enjoys some downtime in the sun. There’s no hint that they would break up. However, these decisions can happen in a flash (via The Sun).

Lunch Date

Here’s another picture of Alwyn and Swift walking around New York. It’s again a reminder that their unexpected breakup shocked fans because they had a long relationship. The duo went for lunch with Alwyn’s brothers on this day and bonded with each other’s families. Many of her fans thought that she would settle down with her actor love.

ET Online

But the real world isn’t a love story and people have many complications in their lives. It’s easy to speculate about what went wrong but we ultimately don’t know. Perhaps Alwyn couldn’t handle the endless attention that follows Swift. Maybe their schedules kept them apart for too long. Let’s hope they heal and find the people they deserve (via Elle).

Singing in the Rain

This 2019 photo shows the happy couple in the rain. The pop princess is openly laughing and appears to be full of joy next to her boyfriend. That’s why Swift and Alwyn splitting up break-up is a major shock because nobody saw it coming. Everybody assumed that they would marry, have children and potentially divorce down the line.

Huffington Post

Instead, Swift is turning into the pop version of Jennifer Aniston. She’s a very powerful woman in the industry who doesn’t need a man. But it’s amazing how unlucky her dating record is. Swift spent six years of her prime with Alwyn and may have regrets that she didn’t meet somebody else (via Radar Online).

Lockdown Love

Every self-respecting Swift fan knows that the pop superstar loves her cats more than life. That’s why they immediately sat up and took notice when Alywn posted this image on Instagram. He shared it in 2020 during the height of the global health crisis. We can see the cat on one side of the image and it confirmed that he was staying with Swift.

Joe Alwyn/Instagram

Swift’s recent breakup rocked her fanbase because they thought the unassuming Alywn was the perfect match. They took her six-year relationship for granted and never expected it to end. However, life brought them in different directions and they’re already moving on to other projects (via Capital FM).