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Confessions By Fools: People Share The Dumbest Things They Ever Bought

Darren February 24, 2023

Money doesn’t grow on trees, but some people act as if it does. It’s often incredible to hear about the useless items people will buy even when they know they’re wasting their hard-earned cash. We don’t know what this says about humanity but there’s a lesson in there somewhere – or something. Today, let’s look at the stupidest things that these real internet users ever bought.

Perhaps this list will help some readers come to terms about their own life choices. Yet others may feel self-conscious because they spent their money on similar products. We’ve all made some garbage decisions, so don’t stress out about it. Instead, check out these real-life confessions about the stupidest things people bought and feel a little bit better about your own dumb decisions.

Self-Help Books

There’s nothing wrong with self-help books if somebody opens them and reads them. Many of these provide useful tips that advise readers on how to structure their lives. But the following Redditor explained that these books were the stupidest things they ever bought.


Imagine spending that much on multiple books without even opening them. It seems bizarre but everybody has done something similar because it’s human nature. We buy these items with great intentions but don’t use them. Then they sit there reminding us about the money we’ve wasted (via Reddit).

Together Forever

The following story is one of the stupidest on this list. Tattoos are a tricky investment because they’re very expensive. Some people love them because they are a form of self-expression. They spend ages trying to find the right artist and sit for hours through agonizing pain. Then there are the morons who impulsively get tattoos they immediately regret.


This is easily one of the stupidest things that anybody has ever spent money on. There are no excuses for this type of behavior because it’s obsessive and creepy. We don’t blame the girl for calling it quits because this is bizarre. Now he has to live with the consequences of his idiotic actions (via Reddit).

Expensive Mask

There was a time when everybody was wearing masks because of the global health crisis. But some fashionistas wanted to look good even when they were fighting a killer virus. That’s why this Redditor spent 30 bucks on a fancy embroidered mask. Needless to say, they never wore it once because it was an unflattering fit.


It would have been smarter to wear a normal surgical mask and live with their appearance. In the end, they probably did this anyway. The only saving grace is that they thought it would work and had no way of knowing. Everybody has ordered something online that didn’t look the way that we expected (via Reddit).

Third-Party Warranty

Here’s a horrible situation because the Redditor thought that they did the right thing. Instead, they wasted their money and ended up a fortune to solve later problems. Cars are a financial drain even when they’re working well because we pay for fuel, tax, and insurance. But when something goes wrong they feel like the stupidest things on the planet.


This poor person learned a harsh lesson because their third-party auto warranty didn’t help them. It forced them to pay for repairs out of their pocket and left them in a hole. However, it serves as a warning to others because they don’t want them to make the same mistakes (via Reddit).

Luxury Pool Floats

This story is a disaster from the beginning to the end. It’s a series of irrational decisions that cost one dumb person a small fortune. In the end, they realized that they wasted about $500 on luxury pool floats. They didn’t use them properly and left them behind so it was completely moronic.


These pool floats were the stupidest things they ever bought. There was no need to bring them and they could only use one at once anyway. But we’ve all made some kind of foolish mistake so we won’t judge them too harshly. It’s a funny story but it serves as a warning to everybody reading this (via Reddit).

Altered Clothes

Many people order clothes online but they don’t fit when they arrive. Ideally, the brand has a returns policy so they don’t waste their money. But it’s always wise to try clothes on before buying them. However, one person committed to their purchase and went to a tailor to alter them. This seems like a great and sustainable idea but there was one big problem.


After all of this effort, they admitted that they never wore them. This seems like such a strange decision because they went to great expense and time. It must make them cringe every time they open their wardrobe and see the outfit there. Let’s hope they eventually give them away to somebody who appreciates them (via Reddit).

A Sword

Swords are epic because they evoke images of medieval battle scenes or ninja movies. However, it’s also worth pointing out that they don’t have much of a role in modern society. Yes, we understand that this will come as a major blow to some of the people reading this list but we don’t live in Westeros or Middle-Earth.


But that didn’t stop one Reddit from blowing hundreds of dollars on a sword. Then they realized that it was one of the stupidest things they ever bought because they couldn’t do anything with it. In the end, they found the right home for the forlorn weapon. It’s good to know that they didn’t completely waste their money (via Reddit).

Too Scared

Here’s a wild story that many people will be able to relate to. One Redditor bought a Louis Vuitton bag for a serious chunk of cash. They knew that it was too expensive for them but they still treated themselves to the luxury product. Sometimes it’s nice to do this kind of thing but it was the stupidest thing they ever bought.


They’re too afraid to use the bag because it cost them too much. They don’t want to risk damaging it or losing it somewhere when they’re out. This makes it the most useless thing that they own. Now it sits there and almost antagonizes them with its presence like a boogeyman (via Reddit).

Manhole Keys

We assume that this person went drinking and had a ‘great idea.’ Usually, we sober up and shudder when we realize what we almost did. Then we laugh and confine it to the back of our minds because we don’t want to talk about it again. Unfortunately, this person went too far and decided to buy manhole keys to explore sewers.


Then they realized that sewers are disgusting and unhygienic places. There’s a reason why we separate them from general society. Three years later they still have the keys but never explored the subterranean world. In the end, it was one of the stupidest things they bought (via Reddit).

Second Vintage Gossip Bench

Here’s another great example of people doing things that make no sense. They bought a vintage gossip bench for their house because it was cute. That’s fine but there’s one major issue. They already had one and their house isn’t big enough for two. This instantly made it the stupidest thing they purchased.


The strangest part is that they knew that they didn’t have space for the furniture. But they couldn’t override their compulsion to buy it. Maybe there’s something in our hardwiring that makes us do this kind of dumb thing. We don’t know what they did with their second gossip bench, but it must annoy them (via Reddit).

Pokemon Cards

The Pokemon franchise is one of Japan’s greatest exports. The cards came along before Nintendo released its endless line of video games. They were very popular around 1999 but some people still collect them. However, there’s no point in doing this without really understanding their value or what to do with them.


That didn’t stop one person from wasting his money on them. The facepalm emoji says everything because they know that it was a dumb move. They thought that it would be fun for sentimental reasons. Then after buying them he realized that they were the stupidest things he purchased (via Reddit).

Nintendo Switch

Here’s another Nintendo horror story when someone realized they wasted their money. This time they bought a Switch, one of the most popular consoles ever. They wanted to play Animal Crossing because it was a major fad. But eventually, it bored them and now they don’t use the Switch ever.


Some people love video games and play them every day. There’s nothing wrong with this because they enjoy their downtime. But it’s always frustrating to buy an expensive item and see it sitting there. Even if they sell it they won’t make their money back because it has lost value (via Reddit).

Car Plate Covers

One person admitted that the dumbest thing that they ever bought was a pair of metal car plate covers. They said that these pricy items didn’t last and they threw them into the garbage after a year. This is very frustrating because they were supposed to protect his car plates. In the end, however, they deteriorated quickly.


He saw the pretty art and decided that they were perfect for him. We don’t blame him because he isn’t the first person to fall into this type of trap. He also thought that because they were metal they would be durable. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case and they were the stupidest things ever bought (via Reddit).

Emergency Maracas

The best thing that we can say about the following purchase is that they didn’t spend a lot of money. The Redditor decided to buy a pair of ’emergency maracas,’ because they had two songs on a playlist. Then they whipped out the maracas and shook them along to the music. This seems like a lot of fun in theory but it’s difficult to do when driving.


However, we respect their fun-loving nature and imagine that sharing a car with them must be a great experience. Yes, it’s one of the stupidest things ever but it’s nice that they don’t take themselves seriously. If more people in the world had emergency maracas it would be a better place (via Reddit).


Another person gambled by dealing with Priceline for a hotel. They hoped that they’d get to stay in a nice place and make their life easier. In the end, they didn’t stay in the selected hotel because it was a disaster. We feel bad for them because it’s an unlucky situation they had no control over.


The worst part was that they threw their money down the drain because they couldn’t get a refund. It was like a gamble because they hoped for something better than what they received. However, the odds weren’t in their favor and Priceline took pleasure in giving them a horrible option (via Reddit).

Playdough Mould

This is possibly the most juvenile item on this list but it brought some joy. One Redditor surprised their friend with a unique novelty gift. Most of us don’t want to look at the toilet after we’ve done our business. But they found stencils that shaped the waste that emerged from their bodies.


We’ve no idea what genius decided that the world needed this. But they’ll be delighted to know that somebody spent their hard-earned cash on one. It’s also a strange bonding experience and we hope that they didn’t practice stenciling their feces together. The less said about this, the better, because it’s very weird (via Reddit).

Batman Cubism

We all make impulsive purchases that don’t even make sense at the moment. Despite this, we feel a sense of exhilaration as we spend our money on something we don’t need. Just ask this person who placed an online bid for a Batman cubism painting. The asking price was a million dollars but they placed a cheeky $250 bid.


It says a lot that they don’t know if it’s the dumbest or greatest thing that they ever bought. There’s no doubt that it’s a brilliant talking point because most people don’t adorn their walls with Batman cubist art. But there’s a place for almost everything in this world so let’s hope it brings them joy (via Reddit).

Novelty Toilet Paper

Here’s one of the most depressing stories on this list because it’s about novelty toilet paper. The buyer thought that the fake pictures of money made it a great novelty item. Then they realized that it was one of the stupidest things they ever bought. Now it sits on their shelf and they only use it in desperate situations.


It also says a lot about human laziness because occasionally they use it when they’re lazy. It doesn’t matter that it doesn’t feel nice because they’re in full gremlin mode. Everybody has been in this condition at least once in their life so we respect this. However, it’s still a lot of money for toilet paper (via Reddit).

Healing Stone

These days people have a massive interest in spirituality. They collect healing stones and do Tarot readings as they look for guidance in this challenging world. However, cynics think that these stones are the stupidest things ever. This Redditor agrees but they’re even worse because they bought one.


A lump of black stone is a very niche purchase because it doesn’t even look that appealing. It’s not like buying a bracelet or a multicolored rock or even something with personal healing benefits. This is one of the dumbest things that we’ve ever read, but at least they’re self-aware (via Reddit).

Toothpaste Squeezer

There are many kinds of household gadgets available that in theory make menial tasks easier. However, the reality is that we never use them after we buy them. Instead, they sit in a drawer or cupboard until the end of the world. We don’t make the rules but this is the way it works.


Toothpaste squeezers are one of the strangest things available. Here’s a cheaper life hack: take scissors and cut the tube in half. Now dip the brush into the open tube and take some toothpaste. It’s better than buying one of the stupidest things that we’ve ever heard of. Life is tough but it’s not this difficult (via Reddit).

Fake Black Card

We’ve no idea what the person here was thinking when they bought this item. It’s one of the stupidest things ever but they still spent their money on it. They decided that a fake American Express Black Card was the right thing to get. Maybe they thought it would be a good status symbol but then the paint peeled off.


It’s one of the dumbest things we’ve read but we all do foolish things. There’s a lot of regret in those four sentences because they’re never seeing that $150 again. It’s bizarre what people will do when they think it will make others respect them. In the end, they lost respect for themselves (via Reddit).

Emotional Change Glasses?

This poker player thought that they found a brilliant way to enhance their game. They thought that emotional change glasses would give them a competitive advantage. But these products don’t work and they wasted their money. Meanwhile, they don’t even look good so they never use them.


Furthermore, they also spent a lot of money on these glasses. $300 is a significant chunk of cash to waste on novelty glasses because most people can’t afford this. He thought that they were an investment but the reality was that they were pointless. We can imagine how bitter this aspiring poker star felt after buying these silly items.

(via Reddit).

Quesadilla Maker

Everybody has moments where logic leaves them behind. This always applies to spending money because we buy things that we don’t need. The following Redditor knows all about this because they bought a quesadilla maker. But they had a serious problem because they don’t even like tortillas.


We don’t know why they felt this compulsive need for a quesadilla maker. The only positive is that they didn’t spend a fortune on the item. But it’s one of the stupidest things that they’ve ever bought because they don’t have a use for it. Now it mocks them with its very presence in the kitchen (via Reddit).

Browns Tickets

Anybody who followed the Cleveland Browns through the 2016 and 2017 seasons deserves a medal. Either that or they should seek psychiatric help because they hate themselves. The NFL franchise won a single game in two years and put their fans through the wringer. But some people still bought season tickets and attended every week.


This person said that they were in this position during the roughest period in their history. Football should provide relief and bring joy to viewers but that wasn’t the situation. Instead, they put themselves through a state of torment that nobody should endure. But most sports fans aren’t very logical (via Reddit).

Solar Panel Backpack

Here’s another invention that’s up there with the stupidest things ever created. Incredibly, there are people in this world who waste their money on dumb purchases. They think it will save them money and be a useful resource. Instead, they never use it and that cash is gone forever.


The fact that they used it once says everything that we need to know about this item. A solar-paneled backpack is one of the weirdest things in existence. Nobody can wear one and expect people to take them seriously. That’s why this Redditor gave up on their investment. They’ll never wear it again (via Reddit).

Glass Bowl

Everybody has bought something because they think that it will look good on display. The reality is that we never use them and they sit in a box in the attic or the basement forever. This Redditor discovered this universal truth after they purchased a glass bowl in the shape of a plastic bag.


This proved to be one of the stupidest things that they ever bought because they don’t have anywhere to put it. Fortunately, it wasn’t a gift so there’s no pressure to place it on display. No doubt they forget about its existence most of the time before occasionally stumbling across it in storage (via Reddit).

Nerf Gatling Gun

Imagine being an adult and buying a Nerf Gun. To be honest, this seems like lots of fun but there are probably limited opportunities to use it. This Redditor bought only used it a couple of times before giving it away. This made it one of the stupidest things that they ever bought.


The moral of this story is that adults shouldn’t waste their money on children’s toys. We hope that they experienced a lot of joy from those times that they used it. They probably thought that it was the best thing ever when they first fired the gun. But the novelty wore off very quickly (via Reddit).

Pokemon Gym Badges

Many children dreamed of becoming Pokemon masters after they played the games and watched the anime. Ash Ketchum explored the world with his beloved Pikachu. He captured critters and battled gym leaders for badges. One Redditor said that they spent a chunk of cash on some replica badges.


Some people responded with excitement because they think that this is the best idea ever. But the buyer felt a slight sense of shame because it says a lot about their state of mind. We believe that everybody should be able to dream and there’s nothing wrong with fantasizing about this world (via Reddit).

Wasted Money

One of the worst things that people do is buy something cheap that will inevitably break. That’s what this person did when they bought a GPS stereo head unit. The problem was that it never worked properly and then they lost a lot of money when they tried to resell it. It’s a nightmare but a story we’ve heard many times before.


Sometimes it’s best to buy a premium option that will work. Cheaper products sometimes cause damage too but fortunately, he avoided this. We understand that there are times when people can’t afford the best option. But there are times when it’s not smart to be a cheapskate (via Reddit).

Cutlass Supreme

One of the most expensive hobbies ever is restoring old cars. A 16-year-old thought that it was a good idea to drop $200 on his stepbrother’s Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme. However, his stepbrother saw him coming and offloaded a problem. That’s because the car was a disaster and not roadworthy.


He admitted that he spent about $1000 before he gave up on the classic vehicle. This is a shame because he wasted a lot of cash when he was young. But his stepbrother deserves a lot of criticism because this wasn’t fair. In the end, he cut his losses and understood that the car wasn’t going anywhere (via Reddit).