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Real Stories Of People So Stupid, You’ll Lose Faith In Humanity

Darren January 25, 2023

Sometimes it seems amazing that humanity has survived for millions of years. People are the dominant species on the planet because they have the biggest brains. But sometimes people act as if they’re no smarter than gorillas. That’s because they do stupid things that can make other people lose all faith in humanity.

So today, we’ll look at some incredible stories people shared online of other people so stupid, it’s nearly impossible to believe they survive day to day. The most frightening aspect of this is that they walk among us unchecked. Check out these hilarious and disturbing stories from Reddit right here.

Backward Tattoos

Many people are very intelligent but don’t have common sense. Tattoo artists deal with these kinds of people every day and see lots of stupid behavior. First, there are dubious tattoos that don’t make any sense. But then there are moments after the work is completed that cause chaos.


ThatVoiceDude said: “Customers arguing that their tattoo is backward while their artist tries to explain that no, your tattoo is fine, it just looks backward because that’s how mirrors work.” Amazingly, these people can somehow function in daily life. That’s a frightening thought because there are so many of them out there.

All Of The Feelings

These days, many types of medical treatments didn’t exist a few years ago. However, there is also a special version of humanity that denies them. Sometimes they think there’s a conspiracy and that they don’t work. Others have another logic about why they shouldn’t be allowed to happen.

Medpage Today

A college professor described an implausible encounter with a wacky student. HermanManly wrote: “A girl in one of my college classes argued that heart transplants shouldn’t be allowed because “that’s where the feelings are” and the person receiving the heart wouldn’t be the same person anymore.”

Lights Out

One Redditor worked as an eye doctor and met some bizarre clientele in his practice. He explained that some of these people were so stupid that they caused irreversible damage to themselves. The physician explained that one patient was trying to absorb more Vitamin D and thought sunlight was the best option.

Medical News Today

They explained: “So he wanted to “collect” as much light as possible with his eyes. As a result, he stared at the sun for a solid 60 seconds and burned holes directly into his retinas permanently reducing his vision with no chance at future improvement.” Sometimes humanity needs a reset button because that’s a Darwinian moment.

Language of God

Faith is a beautiful thing and provides people with purpose in their lives. Children learn a moral code from religious teachings and understand what is right or wrong. However, sometimes it becomes twisted and causes us to question our faith in humanity. God might be great but it’s safe to say that not all people who follow God are.

Word on Fire

Some idiots misinterpret religion and have garbage opinions. For example, another Redditor revealed how he encountered a moron with bizarre linguistic opinions. He wrote: “One guy I met said that English is the true language of God because The Bible is written in English.” Oof.

Travel Woes

Anyone working in the travel industry will quickly lose faith in humanity. There are a lot of selfish people out there with unreasonable demands. Most of the time, workers will try to help them because they want to provide a good service. But sometimes these requests are impossible even if the customers don’t understand this.

ACI Insights

This Redditor revealed that they received these stupid questions more often than anybody expected. They explained to the customer: “No, the airport is closed due to hurricane/flood/ice and you cannot demand a flight on a different carrier out of the same airport in the next hour (also no, you did not just see someone book this).”

Train To Hawaii

Here’s another example of a stupid travel story. This agent revealed that he dealt with many dumb customers over the years. He had a special story about a man who wanted to take a train to Hawaii. This cretin didn’t understand that the Hawaiian State Government transported the trains by cargo ship.

Honolulu Civil Beat

VetMichael wrote: “My favorite was a guy who was planning his honeymoon but he didn’t have a lot of money. He was bummed about the cost of air travel. A friend suggested a train ride might be cheaper. He became frustrated after a few days of trying and complained that he couldn’t find any trains going to Hawaii.”

Life Outdoors

Humanity spends most of its time in cities these days. Sometimes we’ll leave urban environments to experience the great outdoors. But we don’t think about how we affect the poor worker who deals with idiotic city slickers. One Redditor revealed how they frequently encounter dumb customers.

On Milwaukee

Halfblindhippie explained: “I do aquatic habitat restoration in a spring-fed river that people frequently tube/float on. Myself and numerous others have been asked if it comes back around so they can get out.” Surprisingly, rivers don’t run like theme park rides, but some folks don’t understand this.

Flower Power

It’s easy to confuse artificial flowers with the real thing. Sometimes they look authentic but as soon as we touch or smell them, we know the truth. Usually, people don’t make the same mistake again because it becomes obvious. However, one Redditor revealed how their former boss had a weird habit.

Bob Vila

They wrote: “Old boss had a morning routine of walking around the office with a bucket. He was watering all of the plastic flowers.” This makes no sense at all but it appears to be true. Perhaps the man was trolling his staff and trying to convince them he was a moron. If this is the case, then it’s a masterful plan.

Cold Shower

This may the stupidest story on this list and could easily cause readers to lose their faith in humanity. It should probably come with a content warning because it will destroy people’s brain cells. One Redditor revealed: “A friend of mine showered in cold water for a year cause he never thought of turning the other tap to see what it would do.”

Our Paleo Life
Some of the previous stories are born out of ignorance or a lack of common sense. But this takes it to the next level because the other tap was directly in front of them. All they had to do was turn it and see what happens. However, this never crossed his mind and he froze instead. It’s almost beautiful because it’s so stupid.

Chatbot App

These days, technology plays an increasingly important role in our lives. Often the quickest way to get customer service is through a chatbot app instead of calling a business. They may respond in a few seconds instead of waiting for ages for an agent to answer. However, some people aren’t very good at dealing with modern tech.


One Redditor told this amazing story: “I used to work for a chatbot app. Our app would text our users every morning with a greeting in a different language, i.e. Hola, Bonjour, etc. One day we got blown up by a user saying their account was hacked. She said, “my name is Kim Smith, not Kim Konnichiwa, someone’s hacked my account!”

Broken Eggs

Grocery store workers deal with the dregs of humanity every day. Customers complain about the most ridiculous things and act entitled. They spend their days cleaning up after spills on different aisles. Then they have to help people to pack their groceries into bags. This is a car crash waiting to happen because nothing will please some of them.

Foodies Feed

One former attendant described: “I just had a customer yell at me for putting their eggs in a separate bag, saying they don’t want all those bags and the paper ones always rip. Before putting it in the bag and throwing a pound of flour on top.” Here’s a fine example of actions defying logic. They described how the eggs broke and the customer acted like it was their fault.

Automatic Fail

We shouldn’t allow some members of humanity to leave their houses, never mind drive a vehicle. But that doesn’t stop them from trying to get a license. The DMV is a special place because many people fail driving tests and don’t take this well. This Redditor overheard a hilarious exchange that they couldn’t believe.

L.A. Times

They wrote: “I went to renew my license. I was waiting in a room with the computers that people use to take the written portion. The clerk sat a man down looked him in the eyes and said “if you pull your phone out it’s an automatic fail.” The window licker says “aight” while pulling out his phone and immediately failing.”

911 Emergency

911 operators hear the worst humanity offers every day. It takes a special type of person to do that job because they deal with traumatic issues. That’s bad enough but then there are also a lot of morons who call them for garbage reasons. Sometimes it’s a result of mental illness and we’re not mocking that.

Hawaii Police Department

But then some stupid people don’t realize that their issue isn’t life or death. “I just had a patient call 911 from her ER bed the other day,” one Redditor revealed. “She wasn’t getting the pain meds she wanted.” This person didn’t even have the excuse of the medication messing with her head.

Feed The Birds

A state pesticide inspector had a bizarre meeting with a local teacher. He went to the educator’s home and heard that she tried to feed the wild birds. Unfortunately, they didn’t show any interest in the feeders and she couldn’t understand why. Then she blamed it on the farm next door because of the pesticides.


“I set out all these bird feeders and bird baths but not one bird comes to my yard,” CTeam19 recalled. “I bet it is all those pesticides that crop duster is laying down in the field” — local school board member, as they were standing in her five-acre yard with 20 or more cats running around.”

Eye Test

Another Redditor couldn’t believe what they heard when they wait at the DMV. It’s a goldmine of dubious encounters but the problem is that many of these people will take to the road. A problem arose after a man failed his eye test. Somehow he didn’t think to bring his corrective lenses with him.

NBC 12

The Redditor wrote: “I saw a guy in front of me at the DMV fail the eye test, and tell the employee he has glasses but they’re at home. He got really mad when the employee told him he has to come back with the glasses and re-take it.” Perhaps he should take an IQ test, never mind an eye test because that’s so stupid.

Poultry Not Meat

Every vegan or vegetarian knows that it can be difficult to make people understand their dietary requirements. Sometimes people don’t realize that they can’t eat eggs because they’re animal products. However, some things should explain themselves like the fact that chicken is a type of meat.

Simply Recipes

But one Redditor failed to persuade a former colleague that this is the case. She explained: “I told her I was vegetarian and therefore don’t eat meat. She tells me chicken is NOT meat. It’s “poultry”, and vegetarians can eat poultry??? She said at the grocery store the aisles list “meat” and “poultry” separately so they’re obviously different.”

No Camera

One of the great things about the digital age is that people don’t have to attend meetings in person. Instead, they can participate in online conferences on Zoom or Skype. But sometimes it’s frustrating to deal with technologically inept computer users. They make everybody else lose their faith in humanity.


A worker revealed the stress that they endured while they tried to understand a senior’s inability to use their camera. They wrote: “I recently spent 20 minutes on the phone with a board member, trying to diagnose why his camera wasn’t working for our online meetings. Funny thing: you actually have to have a camera in order for it to work.”

Rattlesnake Venom

It’s always fascinating to listen to garbage pick-up attempts. Some people try to use cheesy lines to attract women but it rarely works. Others take the Ross Geller approach and tell them facts they may find useful. A Reddit user overheard one of these and couldn’t believe their ears.

National Geographic Kids

The hotshot allegedly told the unsuspecting woman the following story. They said: “You know the reason you bury a rattlesnake after you kill it is because bees will eat it, then bees can sting people with rattlesnake venom”- a guy I heard constantly trying to pick up women on public transit.

Expensive Gravity

Servers deal with the worst of humanity on a daily basis. Some awful people fail to tip or don’t tip enough. They make unreasonable demands without showing the poor waiting staff any respect. It’s shameful but it’s a reality of life. This former server described one of the wackiest situations they experienced.

Restaurant Superstar

They wrote on Reddit: “When working at a restaurant, I waited on a large party, and gratuity was automatically added by the computer. After handing out the check, a few minutes later the guests comes to me looking very angry. “What is this GRAVITY charge? Why are you charging me for GRAVITY?”

Weight Loss Secret

Everybody searches for hacks to make life easier. There’s nothing wrong with that but sometimes humanity shows its true face. Here is a disturbing situation where a woman combined multiple cardinal sins in her pursuit of a slimmer body. We’re talking about greed, sloth, and envy all at once.

The Coca-Cola Company

“I worked with a lady who was remarking on how a friend of hers had lost a bunch of weight,” a Redditor wrote. “She pondered, “I wonder how many diet cokes she had to drink to do that.” Her brain isn’t weighing her down because there doesn’t seem to be much going on in that department.

Math Problem

Many people hate math more than anything else on the planet. They swear a solemn vow that they’ll never touch the subject again after they finish school. The only numbers they’re interested in are their paychecks. But that doesn’t excuse the following person’s story because it’s beyond belief.

Business Insider

One Reddit user also worked in an elementary school and teaches kids math. They told the following disturbing story. “I teach 6th grade,” the person wrote. One time a parent came to me after trying to help their child with math homework and asked, “What number is x worth? It feels like it changes with every problem!”

Smart Bears

We’ve already mentioned that some people should have to do an IQ test before they leave their house. For example, park rangers would also like to test city folk before they enter the wilderness. Humanity may think it’s smarter than other species, but that’s not always the case. We often make life more difficult for ourselves through our lack of common sense.

National Geographic

This Redditor quoted a ranger that they knew because he was finished with regular people. They said: “There is a considerable overlap between the intelligence of the smartest bears and the dumbest tourists.” -Yosemite Park Ranger on why it’s hard to design a bear-proof garbage can.”

Mobile Deposit

Banks are indeed making life difficult for many customers. These days everything is online and that’s challenging for older or less tech-savvy customers. However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t laugh at humanity for its stupidity. This former bank teller told a funny story about one exchange on Reddit.

The Balance

“I worked at a bank,” they wrote. “Mobile depositing had just become a “thing”. We received a picture of someone’s cash for a deposit. Yeah.” We don’t know if they expected the money to materialize from their picture into the bank account. Perhaps they thought that the bank had great faith in its customers. But that didn’t work, because this is real life.


Sometimes it’s impossible to convince people of the truth when they’ve made their minds up. They may be very gullible and believe any conspiracy theory they hear. Other members of humanity are stupid and there’s nothing we can do about that. But it doesn’t make it easier when they’re our colleagues.

Parade Pets

“A woman I used to work with who insisted that any animal could reproduce with any other animal,” Hypersapien said. “She believed that sperm from any animal was the same and that DNA was irrelevant. She believed this because she once saw some sickly, possibly deformed puppies and decided they must have been half dog and half rat.

Bachelorette Degree

We think that clever people have college degrees but sometimes they’re not worth the paper. The story below shows what happens when somebody can pass exams but remains a moron. Unfortunately, this is typical of humanity and why we’re a flawed species. Check out this Redditor’s story below:


“A former coworker was talking about how she wanted to get her master’s degree because she only had a “bachelorette” degree and wanted more job opportunities. She INSISTED it was pronounced bachelorette when it was given to a woman. Then she led me back to her office and pointed at her diploma, to the word Baccalaureate, and said, “SEE?! Bachelorette!”

Apples Galore

It’s disturbing how many children don’t know that food comes from the ground or animals. They think that Walmart makes it or that it simply materializes somehow. However, there’s no excuse for adults who don’t understand how food supplies work. The following story is shocking because we don’t know how this person survives.

Time Out

“I had a roommate in college that legitimately didn’t know food came from sources other than a grocery store,” they wrote. I grew up in a town that has lots of apple orchards, so I was always bringing apple-related products back to the apartment after visiting home, and she was genuinely confused as to why I’d buy apples there instead of waiting to get them when I got back.

Locked Up

Here’s another bizarre national park story. It also proves that humanity can’t handle visits to nature and requires constant supervision. One woman couldn’t understand that the animals enjoyed freedom. It didn’t matter to her that she was invading their home and wanted them to be in cages.

New York Times

This former park ranger told a wild tale. He said: “I used to work in Banff National Park. One day at the end of the tour I was driving some guests back to their hotel and a woman was adamant that Banff was clearly a very dangerous place to visit since we “just let wild animals run around everywhere! They should be in cages.”


Anybody who works with people understands that humanity doesn’t exist on the same plane. Many dumb folks are walking around in society when we should be studying their brains. Perhaps Elon Musk is right and we do need chips to bring our brains onto a level playing field.

NBC News

This Redditor described their dumb colleague: “I had a co-worker, really sweet girl but seriously dumb. She told me she smoked American Spirits because they were “nonaddictive, see??’ as she showed me the box. ‘Oh, honey, no. That says no additives.’ Such a sweet, stupid girl. She was a good server, at least.”

Safe Crossing

Anybody who wants to understand humanity should listen to the radio. It’s always entertaining to listen to people call and inadvertently humiliate themselves. The following story is an excellent example of this classic genre. Some folks have far too much to say but lack the brain cells to think about it.


Replayii described: “The woman that called into a radio station to complain about the deer crossing signs on a highway saying that the deer will see the sign and consider this place a safe place to cross the road.” Typically deer are avid readers and they also learn about the Highway Code in woodland schools.