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Employees Share Stories Of Coworkers So Stupid, They Had To Post Them Online

Darren July 20, 2022

As you know, the workplace can be a strange one full of odd and even shocking pitfalls. A lot of that often falls to the people you work with. Some coworkers are so stupid they’re a nightmare to work with. Unfortunately, most employees aren’t able to pick who their colleagues are. Instead, they’re stuck tolerating their garbage behavior and ridiculous antics. But at least they produce some truly hilarious stories to look back on even if they’re terrible at the time.

So today, we looked at some of the funniest stories about the world’s stupidest coworkers. You’ll most likely be able to relate to some of the baffling acts committed by some of these coworkers. From elementary school mistakes to chaos on a grand scale, this list has them all. These stories come from Reddit with full credit given to their original authors, so buckle up and enjoy these ridiculous workplace scenarios here.

Jello Roaches

Intercoms are dangerous because there is always the risk that people will leave them on and say something that they shouldn’t for everyone at the workplace to hear. This Redditor said that his colleague accidentally chose the wrong channel and the entire store heard an unfortunate message.


@spaghettios said: “He was addressing the Manager, but the announcement, heard by all, was: “Mr. Burke, a pallet of Jello just came off the truck, and it’s crawling with roaches.” Needless to say, the store emptied quickly, and business was very poor for the next few months.” There’s an intercom error that could have been avoided.

Printing CDs

Some people aren’t very good at dealing with technology. Maybe it’s not fair to laugh at them because not everybody is comfortable using devices. However, there are also morons in this world who spend half of their lives glued to their phones but don’t know how to do anything else, so it’s a balance like all things in life.


One Redditor revealed that a coworker asked: “Do I put the CD in the printer or the computer?” This is so stupid that the individual may have a clinical problem. Let’s hope that they never use the office’s microwave because they may blow the entire building up.

Tunnel To America?

Sometimes colleagues don’t do anything dumb but they reveal why they are so stupid. Another Redditor explained how a member of staff irritated her because she had a complete lack of sense. She made this apparent when she made a ridiculous statement about her travel plans.

Motoring Research

Emily Howard explained: “I worked at a hotel as a receptionist. The chambermaid told me she couldn’t wait till they finished the tunnel to America, she wanted to go to Disneyland by car…. from Belgium!! (She was talking about the Eurotunnel btw).” It’s going to be a while before she’s able to make this trip. Quite a while, in fact.

Slaughterhouse Stupidity

It’s safe to say that slaughterhouses are one of the strangest places to work because of the type of work. They attract a certain amount of desperation while there are also some moronic staff members. One Redditor described how their colleague asked him a question that was so stupid it was actually dangerous.

Chemistry World

demuxen wrote: “A guy I worked with asked me if the captive bolt gun, used to euthanize pigs, would work on humans. He was shocked by the answer.” Remarkably, he had doubts over whether a bolt gun could hurt a person but at least he didn’t try it on himself. This coworker’s stupidity could have gotten someone hurt.

Wasting Paper

There’s nothing worse than watching somebody waste expensive resources. It’s not cheap to print because ink costs a fortune while the paper isn’t cheap either. But one manager didn’t care and printed multiple copies of everything, including junk mail.


Wesa said: “I had a boss who printed emails in triplicate, even spam. He would file 2 copies and keep the third in a stack on his desk. As far as I saw, he never actually looked at them again. Huge waste of print and paper.” It’s lucky that the Amazon Rainforest can’t read because it would cry after this.

Gateway Drug

It’s safe to say that most people have a caffeine addiction because they drink so much coffee every day. That’s why some workers eschew it because they don’t want to develop a dependency. However, one staff member had a bizarrely specific reason why she didn’t want to drink it.


“I have a coworker who doesn’t drink anything with caffeine because she thinks, “it’s a gateway drug to Jack Daniels,” MSU68Mustang wrote. Remember folks, Jack Daniels ruins lives but we’re not sure how coffee is a gateway drug to chugging down whiskey. This is so stupid but there are some strange people out there.

Digging a Needless Hole

Sometimes idiotic people receive opportunities because of nepotism. One Redditor revealed how the mayor’s inept son worked for a construction company because of his status. But he couldn’t do anything right and made a mess of everything he put his hands on.

Dreams Time

“He was sent out to fill a hole with gravel near a residence,” Siouxzn wrote. “So, instead of bringing a load of gravel with him, he proceeds to dig ANOTHER hole right next to the one he is filling, to fill it up. Needless to say, the resident called back complaining.” We can’t even with this one.

Outgoing Mail

Certain questions drive people crazy. One world-weary worker can’t handle it when his colleagues come up to him because they are so stupid. He marvels at how oblivious they are to one of the most obvious answers ever. It’s tough dealing with coworkers who can’t think logically.

Robert Half

BenTG wrote: “I’m an administrative assistant. At least five times a week, somebody stands in front of this sign and asks me, in all seriousness, if we have a place for outgoing mail.” It’s nice to know that people trust him to share this important knowledge.

Strange Heartbeats

Sometimes coworkers don’t react to things in the right way. One person said that their former manager died because he was so stupid. This may seem harsh but he avoided going to the hospital because he wanted to check himself out first.


InfinityPrime explained: He calls up on Saturday afternoon. Then he asks for one of us to bring a stethoscope to the office on Monday because he thinks he is having strange heartbeats. The next day he has a heart attack and does not go to the ER. Then he has another attack the next day and dies.”

Not a State

One world-weary worker described how their cute new colleague was also incredibly dumb. She was so stupid that she didn’t realize that major cities weren’t states. This was a problem because each of the states had its company rep and she kept badgering this person until they realized that she was a moron.

Travel + Leisure

They wrote: “First she calls me asking who the Chicago rep is. The next day I get a call asking who the Philly rep is. Once again I tell her. This goes on for about 4 days before I finally say “You do realize that those are not states.” I then tell her which states they are in and she says “No wonder I couldn’t find them on the list.”

Drinking Air

Here’s another situation where an idiotic coworker showed their lack of intelligence. This person thought that they had a brilliant question but it was very stupid. For some reason, they developed an interest in the feeding patterns of fish.

Going Sunny

JumpStreet described: “A co-worker turned and with a serious look, like concentrating on the importance of what he had to share and then said, ‘Do fish…drink air?’ I thought about how to answer for a moment, then turned away without a word after I realized he wasn’t kidding.” How do you answer that?

Bag of Weed

Most people agree that it’s not smart to bring recreational drugs to work unless it’s Wall Street. However, one call center assistant didn’t receive the memo. This person had a bag of marijuana sticking out of their pocket and their colleague described what happened next.

Grow Cargo

“The kid had a bag of weed in his pocket,” the worker wrote. “He tried telling them it was leftovers from his lunch that he was saving for later. Then, as he was walking toward the office that they called him into, he tried to hide the bag of weed under some papers in the garbage pail. He got fired.”

Weird Behavior

Unfortunately, some coworkers have bizarre personal quirks that make them a nightmare to deal with. It could be that they have a favorite place in the refrigerator or a cup that they use. However, the following story takes this to the extreme.


“We had a cook who refused to be called by his real name,” a Redditor revealed. “He went by 12’er. Anyone who called him anything else was met with screams and anger. He’d just randomly start talking gibberish to waitresses, would single out waitresses to F with and just make their nights hell” This randomly nicknamed chef sounds like a nightmare to work with.

Start Again

Some people should come with a reboot button because there must be something wrong with their brains. One worker explained that their new colleague had no common sense at all. After she completed training she received the complicated task of brushing the floor.


“I handed her a push broom and told her to start at the back of the store and sweep up before we mop,” the Redditor wrote. “I chatted with a customer for a bit then looked to see her trying to use a three-foot-wide wide push broom the same way you’d use a kitchen broom.” That’s just not how it works.

Guess The Name

Some people struggle to remember names and that’s fine. It may take a few meetings to establish the connection but it shouldn’t take long. However, some workers don’t care and fail to create a good relationship with their colleagues.


One Starbucks worker explained how an employee didn’t care and never learned their names. They wrote: “Brandon would often forget our names. Instead of saying, “You,” or reading the nametags we’re required to wear, he would guess what our names were. He was usually wrong.” That’s just not how it works when you have to actually call your coworkers by their real names.

Permanent Marker

There’s nothing wrong with trying to make life easier in the workplace for your coworkers. However, it’s never a good idea to destroy a senior staff member’s expensive property. Unfortunately, one temporary worker was so stupid that she made a horrendous error and did just that.


Sue_Ridge_Here wrote: “Her name was Sorcha, she was a temp and she wrote the words ‘IN’ and ‘OUT’ in large letters in black permanent marker on an Equity Partner’s treasured antique wooden trays in his office that he used as his in-trays.” Ouch. At least this coworker was trying, but it had disastrous results.

Breakfast Service

It goes without saying that it’s crucial to follow all necessary safety protocols when working with food. Most people know that it’s dangerous to put a metal object inside a microwave because it will explode. However, some people are so stupid that they do it anyway – and some of these people do it in the workplace.


Dark512 said: “I work in a kitchen and someone left a spoon in a tub of beans. Since it had sunken in, we had no idea it was in there when we micro’d the entire tub for breakfast service. Somehow, it didn’t explode.” This was a lucky situation because it could have been much worse and harmed employees.

Trash Can

Everyone makes a mistake sometimes. But when the same thing happens multiple times again and again, it may be timeto look in the mirror. There’s nothing more frustrating than when a colleague continuously makes the same errors and reduces office productivity.


A Redditor revealed how their colleague was so stupid. They wrote: “Coworker A was looking for an important document. Coworker B asked, “have you checked the trash can?” Coworker A responds, “Oh yeah there it is!” BTW this happened twice on the same day.” Throwing important documents in the trash just isn’t the best way to get things done in the workplace.

Saran Wrap

Plastic contains many toxic chemicals so it’s important to remove it before cooking food. That’s one of the basic rules of kitchen preparation but one idiot didn’t realize this. They were so stupid that they even left saran wrap on chicken when they baked it.


Radiacity described an insane situation in their workplace They wrote: “In a restaurant, I used to work in, we had a coworker who put saran wrapped a pan of chicken and put it in the oven. By the time we caught in on it, he had already done that for a few days and the food was served.” Not much else to say than that’s just disgusting, and we feel sorry for the customers of that restaurant.

Cleaning Cocktail

Mixing cleaning chemicals can be extremely dangerous because it produces potentially lethal side effects. The combination of vinegar and cleaning bleach creates chlorine gas. Check out the risks because they are alarming to the extreme.

Medical News Today

Crownloved explained how a middle-aged coworker failed to grasp the dangers. They wrote: “A coworker decided to combine two different cleaning products because both bottles were less than half full. We had literally just gone through safety training the week before, where this specific hazard was brought up.” In this case, it was vital to pay attention to how these chemicals worked together.

Language Barrier

When people deal with the public, there’s a good chance they may encounter language difficulties. There may be a visitor from another country whose first language isn’t the same. One moronic colleague’s dumb response was to shout louder and louder instead of finding another solution.

Harry Clark Translation

The Internet user explained: “We had a regular customer that worked in the Chinese food place. He came in every day, we all knew he couldn’t speak a word of English. I heard one of my till staff shouting so I walked towards the tills. She was shouting “do you want large chickens or medium chickens” over and over to him.”

Army Veteran

There are few things worse in life than when somebody boasts about their experience. It’s even worse when it’s blatantly not true, as this person proved. Lying about military service is terrible because genuine people risk their lives for their nations when they actually serve.

Military OneSource

“Coworker would constantly talk about his time in the army, and use examples of his time in the army whenever a discussion would start,” the Redditor wrote. “We all learned to stop talking around him. He eventually admitted he was discharged from the army when he was in boot camp.”

Playing Favorites

Sometimes people don’t have control of themselves and irritate everybody they deal with. This is so stupid and frustrating because they lack self-awareness and control. It’s a pity that they affect other people but unfortunately that’s the reality of the world.


Doc_Moses wrote: “A coworker stormed out of a meeting (quitting) after telling us that we played favorites and that the job was too hard, and now she doesn’t understand why we won’t hire her back. Also, her elbow is currently broken and in a sling but she wants to be a server.” Not exactly the best way to endear yourself to a workplace.

Reusable Trash Bags

There isn’t anything wrong with trying to cut costs, but sometimes people take it to the extreme. Some people commit acts that are so stupid it’s almost impossible to believe them. In the end, they create more problems for themselves and everybody around them.

Grub Street

One Redditor described how one colleague was so stupid they lacked sense. They wrote: “A coworker was asked to change a trash bag. He proceeded to take the bag and dump the contents into the dumpster and put the same bag back. Note: This was at a movie theater. Large bags of trash.”

The Flood

It takes years of study to become a lawyer and even more to become a partner at a law firm. This requires immense intelligence as well as a great memory. But cleverness and common sense don’t always go hand-in-hand. Some people have bags of the former but struggle in everyday life.

William Spa

Ask this Redditor who explained how their colleague committed a terrible mistake. Foxbat wrote: “Coworker in a law firm opened the dishwasher while it was running and flooded the break room.” It’s safe to say that the janitor didn’t have much appreciation for this act of stupidity.

Escort Support

Computers are an essential resource in every office space today. However, they also make it easy for things to go incredibly wrong. For example, it’s important to include the right people in an email or to use the correct group chat. Otherwise, humiliation will arise.


One tech worker discussed their colleague’s ridiculous mistake. “I once worked for tech support for a big computer brand,” SpermWhale wrote. “One colleague is chatting with an escort service, dealing with the deeds to be done. He accidentally copy-pasted their chat to the customer notes.” You may find it difficult to find a more idiotic act committed in the workplace.

Expensive Mistake

It’s bad enough making a mistake when using personal property. But it’s even worse when it comes to company vehicles and appliances. Nobody wants to break something that belongs to the people that they’re working for because it will create massive problems.


A former trucker explained how one colleague made a mistake so stupid it cost the company a fortune. He wrote: “A driver at the trucking company where I used to work filled both fuel tanks with gasoline instead of diesel before heading for the West Coast.” Needless to say, that trip probably didn’t go as planned.

Frozen Fries

Another person explained how their colleague suffered from claustrophobia. This isn’t unusual because many people have a fear of close spaces. However, he had a particular problem with the restaurant’s industrial refrigerator and didn’t want his colleagues to lock him in.

Food Navigator

“So I asked him this day if he was to get trapped in the freezer what would he eat, without any real thought or hesitation he answered “chips” not ice cream or ice lollies,” kingnothing41 wrote. Frozen fries. He said he would just hold them in his mouth till they defrosted. Sure.

Steamy Skype

There’s nothing wrong with being intimate with a romantic partner in a private space. However, it becomes beyond sketchy when this enters the workplace. Nobody wants to hear somebody having a steamy conversation. but one dumb employee took it to the next level.


Ehans wrote: “Girl was in the break room Skyping her boyfriend with her top off and one of the managers walked in.” The manager received a surprise that they didn’t appreciate. Perhaps another staff member may have been grateful. but this particular coworker lost her job. It’s not really a surprise.

Table Theft

Most people know that stealing from customers is a terrible idea and that it won’t end well. Forget about the moral aspect, there’s also a serious risk of legal consequences. One restaurant manager revealed how a server was so stupid that she stole a cellphone from a table.


“We asked all the servers if they had seen a phone on the table and everybody said no,” elbartanion said. “The owner of the phone decided to call it from our landline to see if he could hear it. One of the servers’ aprons started ringing. She was fired.” We’re not sure what to say due to the sheer baffling stupidity of this one.

Bad Choice

It’s important to read the full job description before applying for a position. Everybody lies about their skills but nobody wants to be stuck in a position they can’t deal with. One coworker took this to the extreme when they began working in their local deli.


Leahcure revealed: “He didn’t want to touch food, because he thought it would make him smell bad. We worked in a take-out sandwich type of place.” We’re not entirely sure how he thought this was going to end, but overall he wasn’t the right fit.

Shirts Off

Some employees don’t have any inhibitions. This may not be a problem if they’re not on the frontline but it’s not ideal when they’re dealing with customers. Awkward situations may arise because they’re so stupid they don’t realize their effect on others as this Redditor explained.

Free Think

Cont4X wrote: “he decided to get changed into his uniform, whilst talking to the manager, in front of the D/Thru booth, whilst a customer was there. So he was visible with his shirt off to a customer. Not to mention he was about to take his pants off, which I then stopped him.” Common sense would have certainly served this young man well on this day.

Marked Bills

Counterfeit cash is a real problem for businesses because it’s worthless. However, there are ways to check if the bills are genuine or not. Companies use counterfeit pens to check the authenticity of the money, they’re handling. Estral23 explained how his colleague made a drastic error.

Bank of America

“If the bills are fake, it will be a dark color and if they are real they will be yellowish,” he wrote. “Well, every one turned black and he called the police. Police came. Turns out my coworker used a permanent marker and not the counterfeit pen to check each $100 bill.” This was a situation that certainly could have been avoided.


It’s always uncomfortable when a colleague has self-destructive tendencies or is so stupid that they don’t consider the consequences of their choices. Here’s a story about a man whose life was going down the toilet because he ate too much food.

The Guardian

“I worked with a guy who had lap-band surgery,” the Redditor wrote. “He didn’t understand or maybe care when the doctors told him he would need to reduce his portion sizes. Every morning, he would come into the office, devour a huge breakfast, promptly throw it all back up and then ask to go home sick.”

Fry Oil

Fry oil is extremely dangerous in the wrong hands because it will seriously burn people. Furthermore, fast food chains must dispose of it correctly or face legal problems. But one moron was so stupid that he incinerated himself while he was dealing with it.

Southern Green Industries

“I used to work with a guy that was told to drain the used fry oil,” ripricky1234 wrote. “Instead of using the metal tool to pull the drain, he simply reached into the frier up to his elbow. He burned himself horrifically and was off of work for the remainder of the time that I worked there.” We won’t laugh at this man’s injuries but there was a system in place to easily avoid it.

Water Bottle

Most people know that it’s not a good plan to drink alcohol in the workplace on a regular day. Even drinking during a Christmas Party is dangerous because there’s a risk of offending the wrong person. But this person had a drinking problem and snuck vodka into the office.

Bon Appetit

“I worked in a call center and one of the women working there kept turning up drunk,” a Redditor wrote. “She would have vodka in a water bottle and put her phone on “not ready” and go to sleep under her desk. The company helped her with rehab but in the end, she had to be sacked.” There wasn’t much else this company could have done in this case.

Nail Polish

A supervisor instructed a new surgical staff to remove her acrylic nails because of the health risks. They were working with anesthesia which is extremely dangerous in the wrong hands. It appears as though she was in the wrong place because she was so stupid.


NavyDoc91 wrote: “To take them off she put nail polish remover in the only cup she could find, which was styrofoam, and put it in the microwave because the heat would make the polish melt faster. The microwave was ruined and she burned all the tips of her fingers.”

Random Testing

It’s very clearly not a good idea to take drugs while working. Some businesses will even test their staff members to check if everything is kosher. If they test positive they may face serious consequences including termination. One poor moron was so stupid he couldn’t stay cool when his boss announced testing the next day.


“Russel and I used to get off work and get stoned,” renega88 wrote. “One day the boss comes in and says we are having a random drug test the following day. I say ok, no big deal, even though it was. Russel on the other hand yells, “Oh,s***! Poor Russel got a drug test the next day.” It’s not really shocking that he did after that kind of reaction.


Engineers are some of the most intelligent people on the planet but we shouldn’t overestimate them. There are some people out there who scrape an existence and make everybody wonder how they got there. Take the following story as an example.

Awareness Days

rem1021 wrote: “I’m an engineer. I had to explain how parentheses work (in math), to another engineer. He never understood it.” This is so stupid because every fourth-grader knows how to multiply using parentheses or brackets as some places call them.

Nail Gun

Nail guns are dangerous in the wrong hands because they fire sharp projectiles at high speeds. It’s possible to cause a lot of damage if people don’t use them carefully. Most workers agree that it’s not a good idea to use a nail gun against an annoying insect. But this particular coworker disagreed with common sense.


“One of my old coworkers was using a nail and attempting to kill a wasp with the nail gun,” madmusicmajor described. “The wasp landed on his hand. Take a wild guess where he shot the nail gun.” We don’t know if this person is still alive or if he killed the wasp.

Cleaning Solution

Technological devices usually don’t like liquids. That’s why people are very careful when they drink around their laptops. However, one woman took her hygiene routine to an insane level and it cost her company a lot of cash. Check out this story because it is so stupid.

The Tech Wire

“I knew a woman that would disinfect her keyboard every morning,” a Redditor wrote. “Like spray her computer with a “cleaning solution” and wipe it down like she was scrubbing a toilet. Not long after, she complained to IT that several of her keys were no longer working.” We’re not surprised by that development.


One environmental tech worker said that he worked with a colleague named Kevin. Poor Kevin was so stupid that he did everything wrong. First, he dropped his keys into a groundwater monitoring well which meant it was impossible to retrieve them.


Drumlin described: “He would forget when he placed his soil or water samples on top of his truck and would drive off, destroying the samples, meaning he would have to work late to collect them all over again. This was a regular occurrence.”

Clean Up

Some people are so stupid that they’re a nightmare to work with. It’s possible to forgive a stupid person if they’re generally nice. However, if they’re mean as well as moronic it brings things to another level. The following story shows astonishing malevolence and idiocy.

Inc. Magazine

“I worked with someone who ate at the workspace we shared before I came in every day,” ScrabbleInjury wrote. “When I complained about her mess and she got called out on it she started leaving sticky notes in the middle of her crumbs telling me I might want to clean the desk because she ate there.” This just isn’t the way to endear yourself to your coworkers, and is also just downright gross.

Total Waste

One of the most frustrating things is when a colleague takes a shortcut because they want to save time. Instead, they produce massive waste and create more work for everybody else. It can also cost money like the following person whose stupidity knew no bounds.


Their exhausted co-worker wrote: “On day 1, he burned 11 DOZEN cookies. The same day, he prepped 14 bins of meatballs because “then we won’t have to do it for a while.” It took me an hour to explain to him that meatballs won’t stay good for two weeks.”

Creepy Colleague

The following story is one of the creepiest on this list but that’s not even the shocking part. A worker describes how their colleague lacked self-awareness because they were so stupid. It’s alarming how dumb they were and what they were willing to do.


They wrote: “Anti-vaxer and flat-earther who saw nothing wrong with trying to hook me up with her 13-year-old daughter when I was 20, had a girlfriend, and didn’t want to go to jail.” If this is true this person’s daughter needs a visit from social workers immediately.

Lazy and Inept

Everybody has had a colleague whose attitude in life is to do as little as possible for as much money as possible. They’ll attempt to put off work while everybody else is giving it everything. The problem is when they think that nobody notices but it’s obvious what they’re doing.

Noah Garden Homes

“Had a coworker who would routinely hide in the plastic sheds instead of doing the work he was getting paid to do,” Yellow Zealot wrote. “Customers would from time to time open up the shed he was hiding in and then he would move to a new shed.”

24. Monkey Business

It’s remarkable that people still lie about their backgrounds and lives because they want to appear interesting. Usually, their colleagues can spot these garbage stories and roll their eyes. However, one person didn’t get the memo and tried to convince her co-workers that they had a monkey.

Small Pets

One Redditor described: “The first conversation I ever had with her she tried to convince me that she owned a monkey. I asked for a picture and she immediately said that he went to live with her uncle the night before. As if a person that owned a monkey wouldn’t have several hundred pictures of him on their phone.” We’re not sure why a coworker would lie about owning a monkey like it was cool in the first place.

First Prior

Occasionally a worker enters the equation who is so stupid that they’re lucky to have a job. Every word that emerges from their mouth is an effort. It’s like they’re speaking in the predictive text without any understanding of how the English language works.

ABC News

This person explained how their colleague was a moron who said many dumb things. “One lovely such encounter was him telling our boss how his cousin got arrested over the weekend,” the Redditor wrote. “Boss asks “Has he had any priors?”, the guy says, “Naw this is his first prior”. That’s just not how that works.

Yank It Out

When people don’t own something it’s amazing how badly they’ll treat it. However, some workers are so stupid that they’re incapable of using what’s inside their brains. One office staff member revealed how their colleague was technologically inept.


“I once had a coworker yank her LAN cable out of her laptop without first depressing the clip,” mild_delusion wrote. “I gave her a horrified stare and when I told her how to safely remove them she said “oh so that’s why mine keep breaking.” Yep, that’s why they kept breaking.


There’s nowhere on earth quite like Walmart. It receives a certain breed of clientele while it also hires a special type of person. We’re being harsh because most employees just want to make money. But there are some strange people like the following Redditor’s colleague.

The Times

SweatyCat said: “He came to work with no pants on, when questioned about it, he just said he forgot to put them on. Management went and got him free pants off the shelf and let him work. I work at Walmart.” That final sentence sums it up, doesn’t it?

Wrong Vehicle

Parking attendants don’t have the toughest job in terms of instructions. Sure, there is a level of responsibility because nobody wants to damage somebody else’s vehicle. But it’s not challenging to park a car in the garage. Then they bring back another one.

Projekt W

However, one hapless worker couldn’t even manage this. Leex0 described how his colleague “drove to the garage, got out of the car, wandered around for a little bit, then brought back the same car he parked. Because he forgot which one was which.” That pretty much sums it up.

Dump Them All

Laziness and moronic behavior sometimes go hand-in-hand. Some workers won’t try to find a reasonable solution. Instead, they’ll give up and make life harder for everybody else. This story takes this to the next level because they were so stupid.

Real Homes

Lord Kilcullen described how they were so stupid. “When taking a full tray of sausages out of the oven they walked to the hot counter,” he wrote. “They saw it was rather full but instead of moving stuff around to make space just walked straight to the bin and dumped the whole tray”

Press Send

It’s reasonable to expect younger people to have a better understanding of technology in the wokrplace. But this isn’t always the case, especially when they are dealing with older appliances like fax machines. Many of them may have never seen one before entering the workplace.

ABC News

Dr_McKay wrote: “A new admin assistant in my dad’s office sent the same fax 18 times before the recipient called them up to ask why. She replied, “I pressed send and the sheet just came back out.” This is a crazy waste of paper but let’s hope she learned from her mistake.

Security Threat

Overzealous bosses drive everybody crazy because they make workers feel on edge. But it’s even more stressful when they’re stupid too. That’s the case in this situation because a security officer had to deal with a moronic overseer.

Security Magazine

“I was working contract security on the midnight shift,” the Redditor wrote. “My supervisor tried hiding around employee cars to spy on myself and two other officers. Wearing his reflector vest. He was being so obvious and suspicious that normal employees were calling us about an individual skulking around their cars.” This supervisor may have been trying to prevent his workers from being inept, but he became just that in the process himself.

Apple Watch

Technology is a great thing but in the wrong hands, it can cause devastation. In this case, the pain came for the person who owned an Apple watch. She was so dumb that she didn’t understand its battery didn’t last forever. The story is embarrassing but everybody knows someone like this.

Tom’s Guide

“Gal I work with got an Apple watch after much, much, discussion, mostly with herself,” sleepisbeauty wrote. “She came in a day later really upset that it quit working. She didn’t realize you had to charge it.” It’s safe to assume the Redditor face-palmed immediately after this.

Instant Coffee

Young people these days know how to make a Tik Tok video but many can’t make a simple cup of coffee. No, we’re not exaggerating because that’s exactly what one poor pharmacy employee dealt with. It takes a special kind of stupid to struggle with this simple process.


“I worked with a pharmacy intern that couldn’t figure out how to make a cup of instant coffee,” the Redditor described. “The instructions are right on the label!” Imagine if this individual ever deals with other people’s prescriptions when they can’t handle a jar of Nescafe.

Blood Bags

Another person couldn’t believe it when they heard a veterinary assistant asking a dumb question. Don’t allow people like this near animals because they’re a risk to society. It’s also quite a morbid thought because she talks about dead dogs.


The Redditor explained: “overheard my shift lead showing the new girl how to check if the blood bags (for transfusions) were expired and how to store them properly. New girl asks, completely serious “so do you get the blood from dogs you euthanize?”

13. Return To Sender

Everybody knows the dangers of accidentally cc’ing the wrong people into an email. In the best case, the recipient rolls their eyes and says that they don’t need this information. However, in dramatic situations, it can result in serious consequences.


“I had a coworker who carefully crafted an email to a friend disparaging the prospects for the company and its stock,” the Redditor revealed. “He then sent it to the entire company including the CEO and the entire board of directors.” This is a nightmare but it’s easy to imagine what happened next.

Electric Toothbrush

It’s important to maintain a decent level of hygiene when working with other people. Nobody wants to experience somebody’s bad breath or smelly body odor. But there’s a time and a place to clean oneself and that’s not the middle of the workplace.


The Redditor wrote: “I once worked with this fella who thought it was a phenomenal idea to open a new electric toothbrush and start brushing his teeth with it, right in the middle of the store.” Management removed him from the public eye.


Chefs are volatile people because they deal with a lot of pressure. Some of them are also flashy but aren’t as skillful as they believe. Here’s a situation where everybody went wrong because a chef tried to show off his knife skills. Spoiler: it didn’t go well.

Food & Wine Magazine

God_of_beverages described: “He did a couple of spinning motions with the knife and he went to do a flip because he thought he could catch it by the handle. Nope. Totally missed it and he didn’t cut his hand, he stabbed our sauté cook in the arm.”

Shake It Out

Anybody who ever held a spray can know that there’s a little ball inside that rattles. Somehow one car body shop worker failed to recognize this when his boss pulled off a cruel prank. The latter tricked him but the reality was that it shouldn’t have been this easy.


The Redditor explained: “I gave him a spray can of cheap primer and told him to “shake it, you’ll know when it’s done when the can stops rattling” I disappeared to do some work, and I come back. 20 minutes later, he is still shaking this can, looking completely exhausted.” But it’s a positive that the can was most likely ready.


Safety stickers serve a purpose because they advise people to stay safe. If something is flammable it’s crucial not to take any unneeded risks. But there is always one person who is so stupid it’s a miracle that they’re still alive. Yet somehow they manage to survive the craziest scenarios.

Financial Times

Good_I’m_Glad said: “I work at an ethanol production plant, one area of the plant has a section where cell phones are 100% prohibited due to them possibly “sparking” and everything going boom-boom. We had a guy that took a gas power leaf blower in there to blow dust, dirt, and other debris down.”

No Chicken

It won’t come as much of a surprise to note that chicken is a core ingredient in a chicken sandwich. But one KFC cook missed the memo and spent the evening serving empty buns to customers. If it was a prank it would have been funny but he wasn’t concentrating.

Times Food

“They got home and not a single sandwich my coworker made had chicken on it,” mjp656 explained. “He literally forgot to add the chicken and just gave them a bun with condiments.” This worker was lucky that he didn’t serve Sandor Clegane from “Game of Thrones.”

No Problem

Some workers don’t have consideration for anybody else in the office. Think of the people who bring tuna sandwiches to the office on a hot summer’s day. The following creature did exactly that as well as committing other heinous workplace faux-pas.

Thrive Global

This world-weary Redditor explained: “Gomez would spend hours on the phone, loudly arguing (in Spanish) with his Argentinean girlfriend. At work. On work time. International call. In front of everyone who was actually working. Again, he saw no problem when questioned.” This was just a sheer lack of workplace etiquette.


Never take shortcuts when dealing with dangerous objects. This person was so stupid that they tried to clean a fryer full of scorching oil in the dumbest way possible. It’s beyond belief that they put themselves in this situation because they had no sense of self-preservation.


“Had a guy standing on the fryer (in sneakers no less) cleaning the vent hood,” the Redditor wrote. “Shoe slipped and went calf-deep in the oil. His foot devolved when he yanked his shoe off.” They may as well have stepped into a pool of lava because it would have been a better story.

Fire Hazard

Clumsy people exist in each and every workplace. They’re not necessarily dumb but they find themselves in situations so stupid that nobody would believe them. Maybe they accidentally cause complete devastation to company property or suffer a catastrophic injury.

HSSE World

AlfX revealed: “I used to work for a landscaping company and throughout a summer I witnessed one of my co-workers accidentally set 3 different things on fire (a hedge trimmer, a truck, and himself).” We’re not sure how he burnt these things, but this man was a walking fire hazard.

Stars and Stripes

Almost everybody with a functioning brain knows that the American flag has 50 stars. Even most foreigners understand this because the flag is one of the most distinctive on the planet. But this Redditor had a colleague who either didn’t know or didn’t care.


“The one who designed an American flag graphic, with a completely random number and arrangement of stars and stripes,” not_falling_down said. It takes a special lack of interest to generate the U.S. flag in this manner. There’s a good chance that it took them more work.

3. Spell ‘A’

First graders begin to learn how to spell and read. It doesn’t take a genius to learn their letters and put them together in a sentence. Some people indeed suffer from dyslexia which is a valid reason to struggle. But others are so stupid that the alphabet won’t sink into their brains.


Another Redditor dealt with a moronic colleague. “He asked how to spell ‘a,'” Nokrai wrote. “When I didn’t respond right away, he used it in the sentence “it’s raining like a savage.” We wonder what is going on in this man’s mind and how he manages to live independently without constant supervision.

Explosive Colleague

Common sense is something that everybody takes for granted but some people suffer from a serious deficit. They may have all of the qualifications in the world but they don’t possess an ounce of sense. The following story shows how this can have potentially lethal results.


“I worked with a guy who decided to look for a propane leak on the forklift with a lighter,” the Redditor said. “Didn’t work with him after that.” This anecdote reflects the dangers of working with a moron because it’s a risk to life.

Complete and Utter Chaos

The following story shows what happens when a man has no control over himself. This Redditor revealed how his former colleague lost his job and almost lost his life. Incredibly, this person can leave their house without requiring a special permit.


Brewchacki explained the chaos. He wrote: “In one day he electrocuted himself, accidentally started a fire, and knocked over a 12′ scaffold that he was standing on top of. He eventually was fired after showing up to work very drunk, stealing the boss’ truck, and doing doughnuts in the parking lot before driving off.” This former employee may have taken the cake for the most idiotic coworker of all time.