Stories Of Inspiring Failure From The Stars Of ‘Shark Tank’

By Trista
Stories Of Inspiring Failure From The Stars Of ‘Shark Tank’

If there’s one thing to learn from watching Shark Tank, it’s that not every deal is perfectly made. Many of the entrepreneurs experience rejection or receive deals that are much less than they originally wanted. When a company walks away from the Shark Tank, they may think their dead in the water, but that’s not the case. Being on the show in itself is a significant step to success. 

Even the Sharks featured on the show have dealt with failure at some point in their careers. A lot can be learned from the Sharks and how the speedbumps on the road to Shark Tank have shaped who they are as business people. It’s plain to see that so many of the companies who have been rejected from Shark Tank and labeled “failures” have ended up finding success. Keep reading to learn more about the Sharks on Shark Tank and their top stories of failure.

Sharks swimming around in a tank at the aquarium. Credit: Pixabay

1. Shark Tank

For over a decade, Shark Tank has been entertaining millions of people on the ABC network. It originated from a show in Japan called Tigers of Money that led to a Canadian version called Dragons’ Den. In fact, two of the show’s Sharks, Kevin O’Leary, and Robert Herjavec, started on Dragons’ Den.

The dramatic show features budding entrepreneurs looking to get funding for their business from one or more of the Sharks. The Sharks are paid to be on the show, but the money that they invest in the ideas is directly from them. Each season of Shark Tank, more than 40,000 people apply for the show, but less than 100 make it on the show.