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Amusing Wrong Number Texts People Received

HizkiailJuly 25, 2021

Have you ever received a phone call or text from a random number? Most of us have, and they’re usually harmless texts that end with the other person apologizing politely before leaving our lives forever. But sometimes, just sometimes, responding to a wrong number text can lead to laugh-out-loud results. The next time you receive a text message from a complete stranger, try and get the most fun out of it. You might even make a new friend. That’s what these people did, and they shared their amusing exchanges online. Take a look at some of the funniest wrong number text messages that people had to share online.

The boys and the girls

Serving in the military is a great honor, but it can be difficult at times. By that, we mean being an active member who can be shipped off to some random part of the planet any day of the week, not the guys who enjoy lattes while coming up with strategies for hitting on women.

So, when you receive a random message from a group of girls, you can bet that soldiers are more than willing to respond. These women sent a group pic to the wrong people, but in response, they got an awesome recreation of their picture but with all military guys. That’s definitely worth a laugh or two.

Living in denial

It appears that someone sent a message to the wrong number but won’t accept it. This Kaylee that they’re reaching out to seems not to want anything to do with this texting stranger, and we can totally see why. It’s like they don’t even care that they texted the wrong person!

The OP did their best to inform the random texter of the problem, but for some reason, they continued to offer a shoulder to lean on. Thanks, we guess? Out of all the random wrong number texters out there, this person appears to be the most caring, but they’re also slightly creepy.

So many corrections, so little time

Some people just can’t help but correct other people’s grammar and spelling. We all know one of these people who correct everyone, no matter the situation. But from what we’ve interpreted from this odd form of texting, it appears that the original texter is going through some relationship problems. Maybe that explains why they’re having difficulties in speaking (or spelling, in this case).

We’ve never seen anybody get so hostile just by having their typos corrected. To be fair, that’s probably the least of this person’s worries at the moment, seeing as how their man is being unfaithful. Still, they could’ve spent two seconds to double-check the number and found their mistake. Hope you have better days, random hostile person.

You were asking for it

If you ask someone not to do something, you can bet that person is going to turn right around and do it. That’s human nature for you. It doesn’t matter that what you’re telling them is for their own good. We’re going to have to experience it first hand before figuring out that you were right along.

But when it comes to the contents of your kitchen cupboards, it doesn’t really matter. This person sent an intriguing text to the wrong number, asking the recipient not to ask about what the rest of their kitchen looks like. The rest is pretty much what you’d expect from anyone.

Want a shoulder to lean on?

This is another one of those she-gave-me-the-wrong-number scenarios. We’ve all been on one end of this situation at least once before. Poor, poor Pedro thought he was hot stuff when he received a girl’s number at a club one night. Unfortunately for him, she didn’t save his number, so she had to ask who it was.

But that’s not where the sad news ends. The person who responded was not the girl Pedro was looking for. It took Pedro three hours from sending his first text to his final text before the sad realization hit him. At least the other guy was nice enough not to string Pedro along, and he even offered his condolences.

No funny business, please

When shopping on Craigslist, you’ll get to encounter all kinds of people. A small group of them are normal folks like me and you, but the vast majority are weirdos who are looking for questionable relationships with their potential buyers. At least, that’s how we think Craigslist works. It’s a dating app, right?

Apparently, we’re wrong. This person was shopping around for a used vehicle and had set up an appointment to meet with a seller at 6 PM the following day. Not long after, he received a pretty flirty message from the seller. How do you accidentally send a message like that to a person you don’t even know?

You thought correct, space cadet

This is the kind of friend everyone needs in their lives: the type of guy who’ll check up on you every year or so. You can tell this guy and his friend don’t text very often, seeing as how he accidentally sent a message to a total stranger. Well, it turned out that the stranger was none other than the protector of the Galaxy, Buzz Lightyear.

After the space cadet told the mysterious texter what his plans were (protect the galaxy from Emperor Zurg), this guy finally realized that he texted the wrong number. How weird for him to send a text to Buzz himself!

My bad

Apparently, sharing bathroom pics is a thing now. We thought whatever goes down in the bathroom stays in the bathroom, but nope. People send shirtless bathroom pics to others for one reason or another. For this guy, it looks like he was trying to seduce someone. It didn’t end up the way he had hoped.

We can see how sending an unsolicited shirtless photo to someone has a potential to end badly. Thankfully, this guy had the decency to send his own semi-shirtless picture back with an obligated “Wrong number” text. And that’s how this exchange ended—with a simple “my bad” at the end. It’s nice seeing people react tamely to misunderstanding.


Hey, gorgeous lady. It doesn’t matter that you’re actually a man, nor does it matter that you’ve told me that repeatedly. As long as you’re the person I think you are, that’s good enough for me. It’s good enough for Brian, anyway. And Brian thinks you’re a gorgeous woman, no matter what you think.

As you can see, Brian clearly has some issues. And we’re not just talking about his occupation, either. It took this person more than once to drill the point that he is not, in no way, a gorgeous lady. Looks like you have the wrong number, Brian. Maybe you should reconsider bugging your clients, especially when you’re just a prop for a bachelorette party.


What a tease. First, this guy asks another person whether they’re ready to party. It shouldn’t matter that the two don’t know even each other. The other guy (or girl – for all we know) is ready to party — that’s all that matters, right? But no, upon learning that he sent the text to the wrong person, they’re no longer invited.

You’re not allowed to do that kind of thing. Don’t people realize that this is exactly how wholesome friendships from out of the blue? Do you remember that guy who made friends with a grandma who invited him for Thanksgiving dinner? There was a lot of potential in this wrong number text…

Elaborate, please

The internet is a weird place. You won’t always find things that make sense, which is what makes it the perfect place to share your weirdness with the world. When this person received a really strange wrong number picture from a stranger, they couldn’t help but fill everyone in.

If you can’t tell what this picture is, it’s two hands holding each other while smothered in peanut butter and jelly. Sadly, the person who sent it didn’t elaborate on what kind of relationship they were looking for. There are just some things the world wasn’t meant to know, and this is one of them.

Give me a pic, any pic

Out of all of the pictures this person could’ve sent, they sent a baby Nicholas Cage. The person who asked for a random picture from the wrong number should thank their lucky stars. There are millions, if not billions of photos online that this person could’ve uploaded, but they decided to go the funny route.

And it appears that sending weird pictures through text is this guy’s specialty. He provides a very specialized service to wrong number texters where he sends the weirdest, funniest photos on his phone. It’s not much, but it’s honest work—honestly weird if you ask us.

The Lean Mean Fat-Reducing Grilling Machine

Sending text messages to the wrong number can be hilarious, sure, but it can also be creepy. This person was trying to hook up using the strangest tactic possible. He sent a text message to a random person, not knowing whether the person on the other end was a man or a woman.

Oddly enough, the recipient was neither. It was actually a grill, and one of the most special kinds of grills at that. What’s strange is that the random texter didn’t catch on, not even when the OP revealed himself as a George Foreman grill. We thought everyone knew who George Foreman was!

Straight to jail

What do you do when the person you text says you have the wrong number? Most of us would apologize and go on with our days. This person, however, was persistent. They couldn’t have gotten the wrong number! It was impossible! If anyone’s wrong, it’s the person that they texted.

It was incredibly lucky that this cop had a good sense of humor, especially after this guy was convinced that he texted the right person. Still, it was a sad day for this cop who was looking to go to a game with a complete stranger. Maybe their paths will cross again one day.

That’s a lizard

Alright, this has to be one of the weirdest exchanges of all time. The person who sent the wrong number began the conversation by asking the other person “Who this?” Yeah, don’t expect to get a straight answer if you’re not even sure who you’re talking to.

But the recipient wasn’t going to let the random texter get away too easily. They responded with several pictures of a lizard that the original texter mistook for a cat. Seriously, how dense can you be? Some people really need to get their eyes checked. Have you never seen a lizard before?


How lovely. This person received a pretty wholesome text message from a stranger revealing that they were in love with them. Well, it’d be wholesome if the stranger got the number right. As you can see from this text exchange, Christine was not on the other line.

But that didn’t stop her from revealing her true feelings about the mysterious stranger. The best thing is that she did so with a picture of a cat. After each message, she zoomed in closer to the cat’s eye, pressuring the guy to answer her question. This time, perhaps it’s the OP who needs some help.

Welcome to the feels tavern

Some women can’t be straightforward and say they’re not interested in someone. It might be because they had bad experiences dealing with overly-pushy guys, or maybe she’s just not that into you. Whatever the case, this guy got a full serving of the wrong-number treatment, and he learned about it just five minutes after getting her number.

The guy he messaged told him what was up. Not only that, but he also offered him a virtual hug to help mend his broken heart. It appears that the OP has also saved a few wrong numbers in his time. Sorry for your hardships, fellas.

What’s going on here?

There’s a lot we can learn about cultural differences from this wrong number text exchange. The texter sent a picture of someone (possibly himself?) wearing traditional garb. Sadly, the image didn’t reach the intended person. It made a brief stop on some random guy’s phone.

Not one to be one-upped by odd clothing choices, this guy decided to wrap himself in a huge blanket and send his own picture back to the original texter. The main lesson we can take from this exchange is that we shouldn’t mock others for their style of clothing. Oh, and also, make sure you text the right person next time.

Guys can be named Jessica, too

This has to be one of the silliest ways to respond to a wrong text number. The first person sent a message, asking for Jessica. After she didn’t respond, he sent another message, which would hopefully get her attention this time. It didn’t. The third message got his attention alright.

The recipient sent a zoomed-up selfie of himself to the other person, revealing, in fact, that he wasn’t Jessica. That mustache was all we needed to see to know for certain this wasn’t Jessica’s number. Pretty hostile but hilarious at the same time. We have a feeling that this guy got “Jessica’s” wrong number at a bar.

Wrong Sam

Wow. There’s quite a lot to unpack in this brief text exchange between some sleazeball friend and a total stranger. According to the exchange, this woman was knocked up by someone’s boyfriend. And instead of telling them in person like a normal person would do, they decided to do it via WhatsApp.

This is what confuses us. How did this person not have the real number stored on her phone? After all, she knew who her boyfriend was (pretty well, might we add) but not her number? Call us suspicious, but we think something isn’t right here. And we’re not just talking about Sam Winchester’s weird facial expressions.

Standard response

How exactly do you categorize cables as standard? Don’t cables come in all shapes and sizes and serve different purposes? Anyway, this has got to be one of the greatest ways to break the ice with a total stranger. If you don’t know what to say, just send them a picture of something and tell them what it is.

And that’s exactly how the OP responded to this wrong number text. By uploading a picture of a standard cat, perhaps the guy on the other line would buzz off. It worked, but he left a “nice cat” remark before disappearing for good.

Not enough cats

We all know someone who’s received a made-up number from a girl at the bar, club, library, yoga class, etc. There’s no easy way to tell them that they’ve just been duped. However, you can upload pictures of a cat and hope that they cheer him up somewhat. That seems to be the case for this person in search of a Tina.

But in the end, it was the wrong number texter who was asking the real questions. How many cats does this guy have? If they had kept going, he probably would’ve taken a selfie with every cat in his household.

Land of the free to watch movies

Ah, America. The land of the free and the home of the brave. We have free healthcare, we’re free to go in and out of airports without being disturbed by the TSA, and the youngest generation is free to act as dumb as they want while recording it. USA! USA!

So, when you ask an American whether they’re free tonight, you better believe that they are! That’s especially true if the person has nothing else going on in their lives but to respond to wrong-number texters. We love your patriotism, stranger. We see many years of free nights in your future.

Nailed it

Here’s a group of women who wound up receiving a matched picture from a group of guys and their dogs. These pretty women got dressed up and sent a picture to a random phone number, telling them to match it. Well, they certainly got what they asked for.

There weren’t enough guys for guys night out, so these dudes picked up a couple of dogs (and a baby!) to match the person count. That’s pretty creative, and we imagine everyone had a good laugh at the whole mistake. It’s unfortunate that they woke the baby up with their uproarious laughter.

He’s right, you know

When someone who was dear to you passes away, you never want to hear the bad news via text message. If you’re breaking the bad news, the least you can do is give the person a call. In fact, make sure you call your loved ones right now and tell them how much they mean to you. We don’t mean to sound morbid, but you never know when it’ll be the last time.

This person, who experienced the loss of his father over 20 years ago, received the news via text. After being called rude for not just saying they got the wrong number, the OP decided to tell the texter what he really felt. Good for them.

Yeeing your last Haw

Here’s another picture of a group of strangers receiving a text from another group of strangers. It looks like the people on the left are having a pretty night of square dancing ahead of them. As for the people on the right, perhaps the most exciting thing they had going on was receiving a random picture from complete strangers.

We don’t know where these people are, but apparently, having hats with large brims isn’t that uncommon. While we appreciate the effort they put in to match the original picture, we question why they had to do it shirtless. Maybe it’s best that we don’t know.

Wrong number, brontosaurus

Does anybody even still say “raise the roof” nowadays? The last time we said it was… well… pretty recently, to be honest, but we said it ironically! Also, calling someone T-Rex? That’s a pretty awesome nickname! But it doesn’t come anywhere close to how awesome brontosaurus is.

Tyrannosaurus Rexes were over 40 feet tall on average, meaning that they could raise the roof of any three-story building with their huge noggins, not their arms. Sorry to break it to you, but you need to brush up on your dinosaur studies. As for brontosauruses, they could raise several roofs with their necks.

Good news everywhere

Graduation is one of the happiest moments in any person’s life, which just goes to show how sad life can be. Anyway, after graduating, people usually want to spread the joy. This person decided to do so by texting a picture of herself in her robes to a random number.

Though the recipient had no clue who the texter was, that didn’t stop them from sending their congratulations to the happy lady. We wonder whether the couple got a congratulations for going to the zoo. Good for you guys for going to the zoo. Hopefully, you got to see the tigers.

That was uncalled for

This is just plain mean. Funny, but it’s still mean. Seriously, who does this? This person just sent a text to this James, who’s probably not a very popular guy. After learning that the guy on the other line wasn’t James, but a random guy named Andrew, he proceeded to leave a hurtful remark.

Well, guess what, random texter? Nobody cares what you think. We mean that from the bottom of our hearts. As total strangers who have no idea who you are, where you live, or what you do, we think you’re a horrible human being. And Andrew, keep your head up.

Saved under “Wrong number”

Getting one strange text from a total stranger can be odd, but can you imagine getting six of them? The weirdest part is that the OP informed the other person that he was not the person they were looking for. But that didn’t stop him from sending texts to some bearded fellow he thought was Wendy.

What, did this guy actually save this guy’s phone number under Wendy? If so, he really should update the contact number. Also, we’re surprised that the bearded guy didn’t just block the person on the other end of the text exchange. How they continued to send text messages to this dude is beyond us.

Jerk move, but it’s still funny

Everyone switches shift with coworkers. We’ve all done that at least once when we had part-time jobs. That’s just how life in the business world works. However, it’s important that you tell the other person that they need to handle your shift. Otherwise, you’ll get in trouble with HR, and things will get awkward.

This person intended to switch shifts with a coworker, but unfortunately for her, she texted the wrong person. For some reason, the wrong person went along with it until 45 minutes before her shift started. That’s when he dropped the bombshell on Melanie, telling her that she needs to get ready for work. How cruel.

Wanna double-date?

We don’t have the slightest clue as to why these women sent a group selfie to a total stranger. Perhaps it was a dare or something, but whatever the case was, it got a reaction the women weren’t expecting. Or were they? The person who received the image just so happened to have a buddy nearby, so they matched the selfie.

The only question left is what now? Are they officially dating or something? That’d be a pretty cool story to tell your grandkids. “Your grandmother texted me a selfie, and the rest is history.” Or maybe nothing came out of the whole ordeal.

Moms, am I right?

Parents don’t remember what it was like to be young and dumb. Or maybe they do, and that’s why they don’t want us doing the same stupid stuff they did when they were teens. This young girl got the No from her mom about going to the concert, so she just had to tell a 30-year-old man from New York about her parent problems.

The guys really felt for the young girl. She was going to see Bieber in concert, something she probably planned for like forever. Also, please note that this exchange came from the early 2010s, so Bieber bashing was still a thing.

Bread Co. uniform

Ugh. Managers, right? Your career is in their hands, and if you do anything to make them even the slightest bit irritated, you’re going to read about it in your evaluation report. Well, it turns out that your manager might expect a bit too much from people who don’t work in your office.

Here, you can see that this person “kinda needed” someone to hold down the Bread Co. fort at 4 PM. The thing was that they sent this urgent message to a total stranger. So, it probably came as no shock that the person on the other end of the text exchange was not as willing to suit up and work someone else’s shift.

CRJ approves

After giving birth, it only makes sense that you can’t think straight. Random, insignificant thoughts can pop into your mind during recovery, but this person was still in a state to inform others about the good news. The thing was that she sent her selfie to the wrong person.

The guy responded in the most 2012 way possible: by referencing Carly Rae Jepsen’s Call Me Maybe. He told the lady in a sing-songy way that he had no idea whose baby that was. We imagine this guy was probably hyperventilating for a few seconds after receiving the image. Seeing another person’s baby is a reasonable cause for worry.


Hey, Tony from the bar last night. Maybe you should read the writing on your shirt to see whether the girl who gave you her number is into you. Fellas really need to double-check the phone number immediately after saving it, just so they don’t get trapped in this awkward predicament.

Tony from the bar last night messaged the number he saved and was sorely disappointed to learn that the number belonged to someone else. That someone else turned out to be a man, who was probably laughing at him throughout the rest of the week. We wouldn’t want to be you, Tony from the bar last night.

Not the princess camp type of gal

There’s something really weird about this text exchange. You know, other than the fact that Tesha, a girl, has a pretty fabulous handlebar ‘stache. The thing that really confuses us is that Tesha allegedly called the original texter’s number, but she (as in he) somehow managed to text the wrong person.

Do people manually input phone numbers when texting? Can’t they just go to the missed calls list, select one of the numbers, then tap on the Send Message option? Or is that just some Android thing that iPhone users aren’t familiar with? It’s just a shame that Bailey won’t get a chance to go to Princess Camp this summer.

Accidentally coming out

We totally get how it can be hard for people to come out of the closet. Even when you’re doing so with the people who know and love you the most, it can be difficult to reveal something personal you’ve been hiding for so long. Well, it turns out that this guy wasn’t very good at hiding anything.

He somehow texted his mother by mistake, telling her to call herself his “roommate” since he wasn’t up for the drama his having a boyfriend would cause. Dude, your mom knew about you since you were five years old. And she was probably over the moon about meeting this “roommate.” Xs and Os all around!

Stop it, Aunty Pat

Smartphones aren’t the easiest things to use, even if you know how to operate a regular not-so-smart cell phone. For Aunty Pat, she was having a hard time trying to get her messages to the right person, her niece Syreeta. Aunty Pat somehow texted the wrong number twice.

Wherever you are, Syreeta, just know that your Aunty Pat wished you the best on your trip. Sure, you went a decade ago, but perhaps you never got the texts from your aunt. Nobody knows how many text messages this guy received before finally blocking Aunty Pat’s number. We hope it was more than three.

Doesn’t mean you don’t know math!

Wow. It’s one thing to get the wrong number from a random girl at the bar. It’s a completely different thing to get the wrong number from a classmate who you’re supposed to work with on math assignments. It looks like you’re on your own this time, Tracy.

As for the 45-year-old guy on the other end, just because he’s probably twice or three times as old as Tracy doesn’t mean he can’t help with math. Seriously, people really need to stop worrying about receiving wrong texts and start thinking about how to help others with their math homework. That would make the world a much better place.

Free TV!

Whoever this woman is, we send our condolences. It’s bad enough to have a one-night stand with some dude from the club. But to have him steal your TV while he spends the night has got to be a new low. And the fact that he gave her the wrong number just makes her problem much sadder.

The good news is that the wrong number was a super-chill dude. In fact, he and his girlfriend had just upgraded their TV and were looking for a new home for their older model. A 32-inch TV from a total stranger? What can go wrong?

Single and ready to mingle

This text exchange took place in the same year that the popular dating app Tinder launched. It must’ve been a few months before, otherwise, this guy would shoot his shot through the app. Instead, he decided to send a text to a random number to see how things would turn out.

As you might expect, it didn’t turn out very well for the creep. Only the universe knows how many numbers this guy texted before finally getting a response. We compliment this man for putting himself out there, but we feel that all women need to be warned about this guy. Stick to Tinder creeps, ladies.

Shooting your shot

This is pretty sad, but at least this guy had an actual person to text. He meant to send a text to Ashley and tell her about his feelings. Instead, the text wound up in a random person’s inbox. After receiving the text, what would be your next move? For this person, it was to just go with it.

Just because he or she wasn’t Ashley didn’t mean they weren’t worth the trouble. After being asked to send a picture, this guy sent a pretty well-known headshot of Ron Burgundy, played by Will Ferrell. That probably put a stop to the text messages once and for all.

The MC variety

Find a friend like Hammer, people. Despite the ridiculous nickname, Hammer is actively reaching out to someone whom he thinks is feeling a bit down. Even though the text didn’t reach its intended target, it’s good to see that this person has a bit of sympathy.

But seriously, do something about that nickname. Nobody’s going to take “Hammer” seriously, unless you’re the MC variety. In that case, Mr. Stanley Kirk Burrell, you’re a 59-year-old man. Your rap moniker no longer moves people the way it did in the 1980s. Just stick to Mr. Burrell if you want to be taken seriously.

Goodbye and good riddance

Setting up playdates is a great way to create a tight-knit community with people in the neighborhood. It also helps children develop social skills at an early age, something that they’ll need when they grow up and realize the harsh, hurtful truths of this world. Anyway, this mom was sending the good news about the well-behaved Kennan to his mom. Or so she thought.

The guy who received the text was not Kennan’s mom. Inf fact, he probably had no relationship with Kennan at all. But that didn’t stop them from speaking on behalf of Kennan’s parents and relinquishing parental rights over the toddler.

I can be your daddy

What was this person’s plan? To text every phone number they could come up with and ask whether their dad was on the other end? If so, that’s a pretty time-consuming plan, and there’s probably a much better way to do it. For instance, you can text your mom, a sibling, a neighbor, or someone close to your dad for their phone number.

This young man answered the text with a photo proof. This man must have been taken aback, seeing as how some poor child texted him and asked for their father. He might have some kids that he doesn’t know about. You never really know, do you?

The best response

Moms and dads are supposed to be a team. When one of them is busy, the other had to pick up the ball and run with it. For this mother, she trusted her husband to get the baby settled down. She probably wasn’t expecting this response from her “husband.”

The mystery person responded with, “I thought you had the baby.” There’s nothing that rings a parent’s alarm bells harder and louder than not knowing where their kid is. Good job, mystery wrong number person. You probably gave this poor mother a mini heart attack with your text message. It’s still funny though.

Pray for me

C’mon, Sister Marie. What else were you expecting from your text message? Sister Marie sent a message to someone whom she thought was looking for a book from Pastor Paul. The person who received the text knew no Pastor Paul, but he felt that he’d play a common trick people pull when it comes to the Catholic Church.

Sister Marie kept a cool head, though, so good on her. She stopped answering the guy’s texts with a slightly annoyed “I’ll pray for you,” to which this guy responded that he doesn’t believe in that. Hopefully, everyone just got out of each other’s hair from then on.

Just… what?

To be honest with you, we have no idea what these numbers mean. This person, who called themselves Taylor, might be speaking in code for all we know. That means we’re going to assume the worst. This guy must be a spy. There’s just no other way to explain this questionable message. We can’t make sense of it.

The person who answered the text was not Ocky, the person this spy was looking for. They informed them by sending a pretty cool awesome school picture of some random kid (a meme perhaps?). Taylor offered the obligatory 😂😂😂😂😂 before letting them know that they contacted the wrong person.

Still sent a pic

Here’s a pretty wholesome text exchange from a soon-to-be grandmother. Out of her excitement, she texted a random person of the exhilarating news that her daughter was 5-6 cm dilated. That’s not exactly something you share with total strangers, but whatever. At least this person told the grandmother that she got the wrong number.

But that didn’t deter this grandma from sharing a selfie of herself holding onto the newborn baby. Again, you got the wrong number, lady, but congratulations! Now, please get off this person’s phone before they call the cops on you for terrorizing them through the phone.

Cory in the House

We don’t know about you guys, but we weren’t fans of Cory in Cory in the House. He was a much more lovable character when he was still the cute little brother in That’s So Raven. Everything that came out of his mouth was pure comedic gold. At least, that’s how we remember it. We were still in junior high school when they showed it on Disney.

There’s another character on That’s So Raven that deserves credit: Orlando Brown, who played Eddie Thomas. That dude made some pretty wild claims on a Dr. Phil episode in 2018. He said he was one of Michael Jackson’s kids!

Cheers, Caroline!

Caroline, whatever it was that you did to deserve raised glasses, good on you. Your parents (or grandparents?) even got a complete stranger to raise his plastic glass in congratulations to you for whatever it was you achieved. Of course, he wouldn’t have if he didn’t receive this text message on accident, but it was a happy accident nonetheless.

It just goes to show that the world is full of good people. Even random people will cheer you on, just because others are doing it. Or maybe that’s peer pressure? Whatever it is, good for you, Caroline, and we hope you continue to do well in life!