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40+ Cases of interior designers throwing common sense out the window

Hizkiail June 30, 2021

What did you expect when you raised the drain? Perhaps you were hoping that the water would magically run up a step to get to the drain? At least they don’t have to worry about the drain clogging. Water is precious so it shouldn’t be wasted.


Maybe there was a bug in the matrix or a Windows stack fault, but that’s ridiculous. Don’t you also wonder where the inspiration for this came from? The person who installed this must have wondered where they took the wrong turn in life and how they got to that point.


It looks like Dick Clark is coming to moderate her bath time. It’s just too much for the eyes, but all that matters is that they like it. If this is what a bathroom looks like, how is the rest of the house decorated?


Not only would this bathroom be extremely difficult to clean, but we cannot imagine anyone being able to use this bathroom comfortably. If they had filled the gaps with epoxy or coated them with some other material, it might be useful, but not so.


And why is the toilet brush out there and not in a holder? This is more like something you would find in a fraternity house than in someone at home. At the very least, this design will keep the dog from drinking from the toilet bowl. However, we cannot imagine having to climb every time we have to go to the bathroom.


Even Barbie would have hired an interior designer to modernize her kitchen. It’s just too much for a small space. If the floor was more neutral or the back wall didn’t clash with the other patterns, it might be more bearable. We hope these people like it because it is absolutely not our taste.


It would be hard to go through if you are extremely drunk or sober. Maybe it’s a belly dancer’s house who can snake her way through the door frame. All they have to do is line the room with mirrors and it will be just like a fun house.


The residents must be limbo experts, but this is a very uncomfortable way of life. There must have been a better way to support this house without blocking a hallway. While there is a way to bypass the bar, it looks really bizarre to keep it indoors.


On the plus side, they can take advantage of the extra space to stow something, but it looks pretty bizarre. You might as well find a different spot for the refrigerator where it fits better and use the space to add more cabinets and countertop. There has to be a better way to use this space.


The carpet around the toilet must be full of germs and it must always smell of mold. We thought that today people know better, but we were wrong. We hope they tore the carpet out when they renovated the house because it has to go.


She looks from Hogwarts. Will the stairs start moving while you try to go down to make it a little harder? When the lights go out, it becomes the staircase to heaven. We hope the person who took this picture did not try to go down the stairs.


It seems like people run into it in the middle of the night because it’s in the worst place. We can’t imagine how anyone figured this was the right place for a refrigerator when in most kitchens it’s tucked away in a corner.


The toilet is also at an angle and is only partially installed on the wall. Legend has it that the carpet on the walls used to be white, but after years as a bathroom, it turned brown. If they hung carpets on the walls, why not on the floor too? None of this makes sense.

Djuna Ivereigh

Unless you’re trying to act out a mermaid fantasy, this shower is more dangerous than practical. On days when you just want to sit in the shower for hours, it might be perfect for you; any other day, however, it would be a disaster.


We thought the carpets on the walls were a lot, but these people went a step further and hung them on the bathroom ceiling too. You can almost hear Barry White in the background while murders are going on in the basement.


Someone should put up a small microphone stand with stage lights and wait for a mouse to come over to show off its talents. We’d bet Jerry would come up there and steal the show until Tom comes and eats him. At least it’s in the corner so you don’t keep bumping your toes.

Henry Franks

For a simple wipe, you can just slide forward off the toilet and don’t have to bother. It’s not that the bathroom is so small that you can’t put the toilet paper somewhere else. It makes sense in weird ways, but we still don’t think it’s a good idea.


What if the machine needs to be repaired? We know they were looking for a solution because everyone needs a washing machine in their home, but that won’t turn out well. We can’t imagine this turning out well, and it won’t be long before they realize it was a bad idea.


Why couldn’t they finish the stairs so that they cover the entire width? It looks like they cut it in half even though the stairs were already ready. Maybe they wanted to bring a little danger into their lives and decided to cut the stairs with a saw to spice things up a bit.


The stove was probably a bit narrower, and when they remodeled, they decided not to adjust the recess. Would it have cost so much extra to make a cabinet narrower so that the stove could fit in the middle?

FC Tucker Company

How many times has someone tried to open the wrong door? We can imagine that this happens frequently. You should have just turned it into a window because it looks bizarre to have two front doors. It would be a perfect deterrent for Jehovah’s Witnesses.


It’s the first bathroom we’ve seen that is based on a dream journal and we need to know who had all of these ideas. It looks like something that would be in Joey Tribianni’s apartment from Friends’ if he moved out because he got rich from Days of Our Lives.


They must have an incredible towel usage because of the constant mopping up of the water on the floor. They probably wanted to save the bezels instead of throwing them away, so they just hung them in the bathroom because that was the only place they would fit.

chef macari

This must have been designed by someone who has never used a kitchen and we don’t know how anyone uses that. We’d be angry after a minute in this kitchen because nothing works. Wouldn’t you start to break things out of anger because nothing can be fully opened?


Can you guess what her favorite color is? If people like the color purple, it’s not like their enthusiasm for any other color; they will paint their entire house purple and dress in different shades of purple if possible. They’ll even paint sharks purple because normal colored sharks are unacceptable.


This looks like something you would find in an amusement park and not something you want to deal with every time you walk through the front door. Perhaps they should have put a colored border around the edge of the step so that at least people could see it when they walk in.


Between the water from the shower, the slippery steps, and the missing railing, it seems like the perfect recipe for disaster. They thought adding an extra bathroom would add value to the property, but in this case it has exactly the opposite effect. At least they managed to make room for a bidet.


The lock to the door is on the wrong side and you basically have no privacy. When they set up the walls for the bedroom, why didn’t they think of building another wall with a normal door? It must be uncomfortable to sleep or change in this room because anyone can walk in or see through the sliding door.


Maybe they did this so they wouldn’t have to clean as often. It also looks like they never cleaned the grout, so you don’t have to enjoy scrubbing the floors either. If you put a piece of blue cheese on the floor, no one would ever find it. As Randy Jackson says: “It’s gunna be a no for me, dawg”


We’ve played enough video games to know that something good is hiding up there, like an extra life or a hidden weapon. It would have been better if they put a chair up there to give the impression that someone would like to hang out on the floating ledge.


Imagine someone is late and runs out of their room and forgets that the stairs are there. That would be a hard fall to the ground, but a good excuse as to why they were late. If someone buys this house, they should fix the landing and stairs so that no one can get injured.


It could also be Elle Woods’ bathroom because we know how much she loved anything pink. However, it lacks a few feather accents and the hues are a little too muted to meet their style. The ledge is a major stumbling block for anyone who goes to the bathroom in the middle of the night.


When the couple toured the house, they didn’t notice anything strange about the door until they finally moved in and had more time to look at everything. You could try foil on both sides of the windows, or get a curtain to hang in front of it for privacy.


When they installed this fan they thought it was going to be like a downlight, but at least the lighting can still do its job when it’s in the ceiling, unlike this fan. You will need a longer bracket so the fan can be installed outside of the cutout where it will work.


It’s like the Golden Goose sneakers; they’re made to look like you’ve worn them forever, and they cost around $ 500. We don’t know where this tile trend started, but we want to vote to end it. Nobody wants dirty looking floors.