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30+ Regular People Who Dated Celebrities Before They Became Famous

DanyJune 16, 2021

The actor’s debut was in the crime drama series, Cracker, and starred in many things from there, including movies like Pearl Harbor40 Days and 40 Nights, and The Black Dahlia. But before his acting career, he was just like the rest of us!


One woman posted a photo of her Mom on Twitter with the actor. She said she didn’t believe her Mom dated him until she stumbled upon this photo.


The photo seen here is her high school prom photo with her boyfriend at the time. One guy shared this photo on his Twitter letting everyone know that his dad used to date the star. How cool!


The woman who posted these photos wanted to let everyone know that her mom dated Adam Sandler and honestly, we’re jealous. What a lucky mom!


This woman wanted to share that her mom dated Matt before he got famous, and found a cute picture with them sitting by a Christmas tree.


The guy’s aunt had dated the Titanic actor before he became a huge star and these pictures are truly amazing, especially the first one. How old do you think Leo was in these pictures?


The person who took this photo said they found Michelle in their uncle’s yearbook and just had to share this remarkable finding on the internet.


Back when she was a kid, her aunt dated Jamie Foxx, one of Hollywood’s most famous actors, and she and her siblings called him “uncle Jami.” How cute is that!


Her killer remains a mystery to this day, and there have been many theories surrounding the murder. Someone posted on the internet that his grandfather dated Elizabeth in 1945 and was actually suspected by the FBI for the murder. Creepy!


This couple looks so innocent and precious, don’t you think? Someone decided to share that her cousin dated McConaughey back in the day, and this picture is amazing.


This photo was posted by someone whose aunt was friends with the actor before his career took off.


This is a photo of John Travolta in the ’70s (We’re sure you can tell by his hair.) The woman next to him went backstage after his theater show to say hi because her daughter was friends with him as a child. Cute!


She only decided to tell her daughter this information recently, and of course, her daughter had to share this exciting news on her Twitter account.


In this case, a woman went through her old family photos and found actor Ashton Kutcher feeding her brother a bottle as a baby. Apparently, her aunt dated Ashton back when they were teenagers and had to share.


One woman decided to share a photo of her aunt and Jimmy, letting the internet know that her aunt dated the hilarious star in high school.


According to her post, it seems that her sister hid this information for years and only decided to tell her recently. Is it just us, or does Usher look exactly the same in this photo as he does now?


Henry Winkler shot to fame after the show became a success, but when it first started, he was just a normal guy looking for acting work. According to the guy who posted this photo, his wife appeared to have dated Henry in the late ’70s.

Bored Panda

This photo was shared by someone whose uncle is good friends with her from before she was famous.


Someone on the internet wanted to share that her friend’s parents were friends with Drake’s parents and that they used to have dinners together. Cool!


This photo was posted by the boy fighting with Randy. He wrote that his sister used to date the wrestler back in the ’90s, and this photo is pretty awesome!


Back when she was in school, the talented Ariana performed in a school play, and the guy standing next to her thought it would be fun to share this memory on his social media.


We’re not sure what year this photo was taken, but the aunt posing looks pretty happy!


But before his Hight School Musical Days, Zac was just a regular kid, going to school like the rest of us. The woman who shared these photos found out that her friend went to school with the actor and decided to let the internet know.

Anna Stellina

In the early 2000s, he played in several films, and the rest is history. A woman posted this picture on her social media that her brother went to high school with Kevin, and said that the high school was even featured in his movie, Laugh At My Pain!


As a rapper, songwriter, record producer, and husband to the legendary singer Beyoncé, Jay-Z is one of the most famous people out there, but we have to remember that he used to be a normal guy just like the rest of us.


Blake is one of the biggest country singers to date, charting over 40 singles, and is a nine-time Grammy nominee. Someone posted on Twitter that her mom dated Blake while her aunt dated his bass player. Cool!


In this case, someone posted a yearbook photo of actor Ansel Elgot, saying that they went to school with him. The Fault In Our Stars actor started acting in 2013 and has been rising to stardom ever since.


Tupac was possibly the most influential rapper of all time, and we can’t help but be a little jealous of this friendship.


According to Twitter, the person who shared it has a best friend whose mom went to school with Josh. Josh looks cool, but if you ask us, we’re more interested in the poofy ’80s dress that his girlfriend is wearing.


She starred in several movies and TV and is most recognizable from the show My Wife & Kids. One person posted to Twitter sharing that her dad dated Tisha back in the day. Cute!


And when you find out some of your family members were friends with a famous athlete, you just have to share the news on social media—especially when one of the family members is your mom.


It’s always fun to find out your family was friends with a celebrity, just like in the photo that was shared here. A guy posted on social media that his grandfather was friends with Bob and apparently went on sailing trips with him. Amazing!