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People Share Why They Hate These Once-Loved Celebrities

Monica February 23, 2023

It’s no secret that much of the world has an obsession with celebrities. We curate an image of them in our heads and make them out to be superhuman. But oftentimes, this isn’t the case. There’s a lot of truth in saying that fame gets to their heads. Celebrities are human, after all, and they make mistakes. But because of their fame and fortune, these mistakes are often monumental and unforgivable.

They’re criticized and despised by everyone around the world. We’ve curated a list of some of the most-loved celebrities in the world who are now hated by pretty much everyone. Several of these celebrities have mastered the act of facade and fooled us into falling in love with them. This is what happens when you become a millionaire with too much money to handle. Check out the stars their real fans now hate here.


Bill Cosby

Growing up, Cosby was a wholesome family comedian who made people laugh all over the world. This Reddit user admits he used to listen to his stand-up comedy on cassette tapes. Most families around the world say the same, though this once-loved celebrity is now one of the most hated people in the world. Dozens of people accused him of drug-facilitated sexual assault, sexual misconduct, and sexual harassment, to name a few. Those aren’t a list of things you want to have on your resume (via Amazing Mr. Saturn).


Conor McGregor

This Reddit user used to look up to McGregor, but because of numerous incidents, one that included a sucker punch at a bar, he now despises him. This once-loved celebrity turned bitter and nasty. He’s a former UFC featherweight and lightweight double-champion, but now, people describe him as too flashy, disrespectful, and a sellout. Those aren’t character traits you’d want someone to describe you as, and at this point, McGregor should just run and hide (via JohnnyB1917).


Kevin Spacey

This once-loved American actor stole the hearts of many but was accused by several men of sexual misconduct. That’s one way to get your ratings down. According to Forbes, during the last five years, there was an “internal investigation at London’s Old Vic Theater, where Spacey served as artistic director from 2004 to 2015, resulting in 20 former actors and theater personnel accusing Spacey of misconduct.” He pleaded not guilty to these charges, but by then it was too late. Even though this Reddit user hates him, he still enjoys his acting, though many other people probably don’t think of him the same (via Cigarette Jesus).


Amitabh Bachchan

This Indian actor was once loved by this Reddit user. Growing up, he was an idol and a star in action movies with intense, admirable fighting scenes. Unfortunately, a turn of events led him to prompt the killing of Sikhs after the assassination of the prime minister. According to the Times of India, he allegedly “instigated violence against the Sikh community during the November 1984 massacre,” and once those allegations came out, his fans turned the other way (via Sandman Potato Man).


Lea Michele

This actress, who starred in Glee, was once one of the most loved celebrities in the world. But her way to fame quickly changed, and the drama she put on in the show leaked into real life. In real life, she’s demanding, difficult to work with, racist, and narcissistic. What started as rumors quickly took a turn when everyone realized the rumors were true. Because of these accusations, she lost sponsorship deals. According to Distractify, “Samantha accused Lea of making her time on Glee “a living hell,” which she said almost made her quit acting. According to Samantha, Lea made several “traumatic microaggressions,” including telling another castmate she wanted to “s–t” in Samantha’s wig.” That’s a lot of nasty words to say to your coworkers. Just because she’s famous, she probably thought she could get away with it. Let’s just say she got what she deserved (via Bebe Barber).


Jennifer Lopez

This Reddit user has a friend who’s had a personal experience with this once-loved celebrity. It turns out her friend was Lopez’s waitress, and quickly realized Lopez was a demanding celebrity who even made the manager go out and buy her a specific bottle of water. After a slew of other horrible comments the rest of the night, Lopez went so far as to not leave a tip. That doesn’t sound like something “Jenny from the block” would say. This Reddit user isn’t the only one, as many people on the internet also believe she has a diva attitude and is arrogant and rude. She ruined her reputation rather quickly (via ChaoticForkingGood).


Mario Batali

As a chef, you’d think someone who’s around food all day would be happy and lovable. But that’s not the case for Batali. At first, he seemed like a funny, jovial guy, but it turns out he’s quite the opposite. According to the NY Times, “Batali was a frequent guest and investor. Mr. Friedman agreed to pay $240,000 and a share of his profits to 11 former employees who accused him of sexual harassment, discrimination, and retaliation.” These accusations led to a huge downfall of his character, and he lost a lot of fans after the accusations (via There Is A Phone).


Oscar Pistorius

Pistorius was once a man many people admired. He was an Olympic and Paralympic star and the first to win a non-disabled track medal. After the 2012 Summer Olympics, he turned into a murderer. He shot and killed his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp. After this, he was sentenced to 15 years in prison. He mistook her for a burglar and shot and killed her through a door. But the judges, and the rest of the world, had a hard time believing him. For some reason, he had a loaded weapon. Either way, he’s not someone we admire any longer (via Baller Cap).


James Charles

Charles started as Cover Girl’s first male ambassador, but afterward, became a victim (or instigator) of scandal. He fell into a trap of fame and greed and was eventually accused by dozens of minors, who admitted Charles sent them sexual text messages. He also posted a tucking story on his Instagram page, and as a result, lost 80,000 followers in an instant. His once-loved image turned into a now-hated fanbase who can’t even stand to see him on their Instagram page (via Riana The Raining).


Mark Salling

Puck from Glee was portrayed by Mark Salling. This Reddit user admired his talent during the show’s peak popularity. But when he pleaded guilty to child pornography charges, he, like many others around the world, couldn’t look at this once-loved celebrity the same way ever again. But before his sentence, he was found dead at the age of 35. This is a horrendous ending to the celebrity’s short life (via Burn After Writing X).


Jared Leto

The albums in 30 Seconds to Mars stole the hearts of many worldwide, as did his acting in Suicide Squad. From interviews, Leto seemed like a lovable, charismatic person who deserved his fame and fortune. Over time, though, the truth came out and this once-loved celebrity was shown as pretentious who sees himself as profound and exhibiting childish behavior that made him lose a solid fanbase. His on-set behavior was also laughable, and he treated his coworkers with disrespect. People had enough of seeing the celebrity, and a break from his face on the big screen was an idea accepted by people worldwide (via Reddit).


Kris Wu

English and Mandarin music, plus acting, make Wu a star who’s wooed the hearts of millions worldwide. And while he probably started like this, this once-loved celebrity’s image turned sour. He was accused of raping and drugging many underage girls, including a girl aged 13. He’s now in custody, but even that doesn’t undo all the harm he’s caused to his victims. People who looked up to him now look down on him and regret their once admiration for him. He was forced to retire and threatened with jail time (via chenyeol2012).


James Corden

People who make self-deprecating jokes are usually regarded as hilarious, ingenious people who can handle a crowd. But often what we see on the big screen isn’t reality. Corden is a comedian who puts off a charismatic personality but is an arrogant, mean person. It turns out he doesn’t even know his staff’s names. When he began his career, he was off to a great start. But that quickly dwindled as people got to know him. Other people also believe this once-loved celebrity has terrible movies and shows, a bad persona, and bad taste in humor (via Schlag96)


Kanye West

Kanye was once one of the most celebrated celebrities in the world after the release of his first album. With his unique voice, lyrics, and style, it was hard not to fall in love with the celebrity, especially because he stuck out from the crowd. But as time went on, we all learned he says offensive things, like admitting slavery was a choice. He’s also made several antisemitic comments that lost him a lot of fans. He’s also known to have a huge ego and outbursts during conversations. During the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, West “snatched the microphone from Taylor Swift as she was giving her acceptance speech for Best Female Video. With Swift looking on in dismay, West proclaimed that Beyoncé should have received the award for her video “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It).” The evening ended with both Swift and Beyonce crying in response. Pink yelled at West, and the artist soon lost tons of fans (via Baller Cap).


Kim Kardashian

Kardashian is either a celebrity you love or hate. She was the once-loved star of Keeping Up with the Kardashians but is now one of the most hated celebrities in the world. She’s just famous for being famous and is one of those people who were in the right place at the right time. She doesn’t have any skill set, voice, or dance moves that brought her to where she is today. An infamous sex tape turned her into a huge celebrity overnight, as well as her relationship with Kanye West, which brought her more hate than not. Kardashian doesn’t seem to dislike the hate she received, she seems to thrive on it (via Next Luxury).


Armie Hammer

Hammer starred in Call Me by Your Name and The Social Network and was a successful actor who quickly stole the hearts of millions. But this once-loved actor lost his name in fame when allegations of sexual misconduct and cannibalism came out. Yes, cannibalism. Hammer put this ancient practice into play. Numerous women admitted they experienced several types of abuse from Hammer, and as a result, he was dropped from numerous projects and agents. The women shared screenshots of his behavior on social media, letting the world know how nasty he was (via Baller Cap).


Ryan Haywood

Haywood of Achievement Hunter seemed like a charismatic guy with a morbid sense of humor. He was oftentimes relatable, which is why so many fans loved him. But when the truth came out that he took advantage of his fans, some of them underage, this once-loved celebrity lost a huge fanbase. He also used money donated to him for his kid’s college fund to cheat on his wife. It all began in 2017 when Haywood began manipulating several female fans for his benefit (via KittyKelKell).


Dr. Phil

For some reason, people swoon over Dr. Phil. The guy seems to have a way with words and knows exactly what to say to his fans. But there’s a chance his doctor title is fake, and that he’s not a licensed psychologist. Pretending to be a profession you’re not is rude and disrespectful of the doctors who spent tons of years and money in school to earn that degree. Other users of Reddit also claim that “It is inherently unethical and irresponsible to ask “patients” to come on TV and discuss their problems in front of a national audience. Combine that with the fact that he’s only dealing with these people for an hour or so to make each episode and you’ve got a recipe for making these peoples’ lives worse, not better.” It seems like a breach of privacy to have your patients on television, in front of millions of viewers. There’s also a chance many of his on-stage patients are paid actors strategically placed on set (via Bugerrrrnaut).


Felicity Huffman

Huffman starred in Desperate Housewives. She portrayed Lynette Scavo, and many fans believed she was similar to her fictional character. Huffman had a motherly yet independent vibe that made fans fall in love with the actress. She also won an award and became someone we could all admire. But she was involved in the Operation Varsity Blues scandal when she paid to get her kids into a good college by cheating on the SATs. According to NPR, “she admitted paying $15,000 to a charity controlled by William “Rick” Singer, the consultant who masterminded the scandal. Singer had previously arranged it so that when Huffman’s oldest daughter took the SAT, one of his associates secretly corrected wrong answers, raising her test score to 1420.” Luckily, she was caught and was sentenced to two years in prison (via Baller Cap).

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Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt was once married to Jennifer Aniston. These two celebrities were one of the most cherished couples in film history. Not only were they beautiful, but they seemed to truly love each other. But when Angelina Jolie entered the picture, everything changed. Rumors say that Jolie and Pitt had an affair during the shooting of Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Eventually, Aniston and Pitt broke up and Pitt married Jolie. But the new couple wasn’t picture-perfect, either. Jolie’s hate campaign started in 2016, when “she claimed he physically assaulted one of their kids and even poured beer on her. The actor has since denied this allegation. The FBI concluded that her claims were insufficient to proceed with the case,” but even then, the damage was done (via Next Luxury).

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Gwyneth Paltrow

Paltrow hit the big screen in several movies, including Seven, Sliding Doors, and Shakespeare In Love. But deep down, she’s arrogant and loves showing off her lavish lifestyle a little bit too much. It’s apparent she rubs her fame, privilege, and wealth in people’s faces, making them feel bad they’re not as successful as her. Her clothing line is only catered to people who have enough money to spend an absurd amount, which means the average person certainly can’t afford it. She even earned the title of “Most Hated Woman in the World” by a tabloid magazine for being full of herself and easily building her career from her family’s money (via Next Luxury)


Tom Cruise

This top action star began as a superhuman who does amazing stunts in iconic action movies. He’s beautiful, charismatic, and lovable, but it turns out he’s not all he’s made out to be. He’s involved in The Church of Scientology, which is controversial. He also lost a lot of fans after allegations about the poor treatment of his ex-wives came out. Furthermore, “Cruise’s fervent beliefs transformed him into an international lobbyist, spearheading the church’s drive to become a recognized religion in Europe with little success,” which made him a very hated man in Hollywood (via Baller Cap).


Ian Watkins

The lead singer of Lostprophets Ian Watkins lost a lot of admiration from his fans because of the crimes he committed. In 2013, he was charged with several horrific offenses relating to young children. He’s now considered a dangerous offender and is spending 29 years in prison. Watkins committed some of the worst crimes the judges have ever seen. During sentencing, Mr. Justice Royce said, “those who have appeared in these courts over many years, see here, a large number of horrific cases. This case breaks new ground. Any decent person… will experience shock, revulsion, and incredulity.” He’s still famous, but for all the wrong reasons (via Baller Cap).

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Justin Bieber

People around the world fell in love with Justin Bieber. He’s one of the most iconic, recognizable pop stars to hit Spotify playlists around the world in the last two decades. But his personal life, and snarky attitude, take away from his character. People also hate him because of how many female fans he has. He’s known for being arrogant and privileged and speaks to interviewers in a harsh, sarcastic way. Several years ago, he was arrested for driving under the influence. He spat on several people, including a neighbor and friend, and went so far as to urinate in an open bucket. The final straw was abandoning his pet monkey to customs in Germany. Who does that? (via Very Informed)

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John Mayer

Fans around the world loved Mayer’s soothing voice. He was a part of many couples’ relationships with his love songs, and he helped many others go through breakups. There’s a reason they say music speaks to the soul. But he’s not what his music makes him out to be. He had a string of girlfriends including Jennifer Aniston, Taylor Swift, and Jessica Simpson. He’s bragged about his relationships with these women and made nasty comments about women in general. One of these comments includes, “aren’t we talking about a matrix of a couple of different things here? Like, you need to have them be able to go toe-to-toe with you intellectually. But don’t they also have to have a vagina you could pitch a tent on and just camp out on for, like, a weekend? Doesn’t that have to be there, too? The Joshua Tree of vaginas?” That doesn’t sound like a charismatic guy we’d want to call a friend, or a lover (via Next Luxury)


Chrissy Teigen

Also known as the “Cancel Culture Queen,” this once-loved internet model darling crashed after her claim to fame. But in 2021, it all changed. Courtney Stodden accused Teigen of cyberbullying. She had the texts to prove Teigan was a bully. But she wasn’t the first, or last celebrity to make this claim. It turns out that several other celebrities also admitted she was an internet bully. PopTopic reported that “she used her newfound fame to get into petty arguments online and would use her connections to get people banned from Twitter and would reportedly even go after people’s jobs.” She’s trying to cheat the fame game by using bad tactics to climb her way up the fame ladder (via Baller Cap).


Louis C.K.

We’ve all laughed at Louis C.K.’s jokes. Some of us have even cried. Others have likely thrown something at the television. At first, he was admired for his humor and expression and even framed himself as a feminist. But it turns out it was all a facade and he’s a sexual predator. Numerous women came forward about his sketchy, horrible actions towards them and the truth finally came out. Louis C.K. was using his humor to harass and intimidate women. According to Vox, “the report details the accounts of five women, spanning the mid-’90s to 2005. Each woman recounts startlingly similar situations in which C.K., an established comedian, either asked them to watch him masturbate or forced them to do so.” His show was canceled and he lost a huge fanbase (via Baller Cap).


Ellen DeGeneres

DeGeneres puts off a wholesome, friendly personality that makes her seem like someone you could open your heart to and trust. But it’s all a facade, just as we’ve seen with many of these once-loved celebrities on this list. She’s cold and distant and is known for having a toxic work environment. She’s also insensitive and demanding and is not someone you’d want to hang around. Her friendship with George W. Bush was the final straw for many people around the world, who couldn’t stand to see the two together (via UhnonMonster).


Allison Mack

Alison Mack played Chloe on Smallville. But it turns out she had a self-help women’s group that ended up being a sex cult that underwent abusive practices. She was eventually sentenced to three years in prison and charged with several accusations including trafficking and forced labor. According to USA Today, she “pleaded guilty in April to federal racketeering charges for her role within NXIVM as a high-ranking leader in DOS, a supposed women’s empowerment sorority,” and faces up to 20 years for each of her charges (via Baller Cap).

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Chris Brown

You’d have to live under a rock to not know about the Chris Brown scandal. The once-loved singer now faces domestic abuse allegations, when he assaulted Rhianna, his girlfriend back in 2009, the night before the Grammys. Her face appeared all over social media, and since then, he became one of the most hated celebrities in the world. Brown claims it was a mistake and even underwent lengthy rants trying to defend his sick behavior. You’ll never come back from that one, Brown (via Next Luxury).

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Shia LaBeouf

Many of us grew up with this child star. He went from being a huge once-loved celebrity to one of the most hated celebrities, right when his career crumbled. In 2020, it came out that he was an abusive boyfriend who caused his ex-girlfriend emotional distress. FKA Twigs, his now ex, sued LaBeouf for assault and sexual abuse. She wasn’t the first, or the last girlfriend to make these claims. He also experienced plagiarism accusations, and according to Washington Post, he “lifted the apology he tweeted out from a Yahoo! Answers comment forum from four years before. It’s not even the first time he’s done this, in 2013, he apologized to actor Alec Baldwin, following a dispute, by copy-and-pasting an old Esquire article by Tom Chiarella.” He can’t even formulate his apology (via Next Luxury)


Simon Cowell

We all know Simon Cowell of American Idol. Some fans loved his snarky, rude personality on screen, while many others couldn’t stand the sight of him. He became the guy that everyone loves to hate. He doesn’t shy away from telling people how he feels. LA Times reports that “during one of the auditions, for example, he tells a young hopeful that she should hire a lawyer so she can sue her vocal coach,” and more comments like, “I am not there to stop someone from chasing their dream. If they believe they are great, good luck to them. But if they come to our audition and they want to be told the truth, they will be told.” As much as we appreciate his honesty, there are nicer ways to say things without an arrogant attitude (via LA Times).

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Johnny Depp

In Pirates of the Caribbean, Johnny Depp shined on the big screen. Fans around the world flocked to theaters to see Depp act in one of the most loved movies in the world. But he didn’t keep up his persona, and after a court battle with his ex-wife Amber Heard, he lost a ton of fans. But he also made allegations against his ex, and “Depp claims that Heard was physically abusive during their relationship, while Heard alleges that Depp was both physically and sexually abusive. Both Depp and Heard deny the other party’s claims.” It’s a convoluted situation that many previous fans of Depp stay far away from (via Next Luxury)


R. Kelly

R&B singer R. Kelly topped the charts numerous times, is now facing many years in jail because of charges that he was in a cult targeting young black women and used his fame and power to commit horrific crimes. These claims included accusations of sexual misconduct and abuse. According to BBC, “the accounts went back to the start of his career in the 1990s, with many centering on the predatory pursuit of teenage girls. In September 2021, he was found guilty of eight counts of sex trafficking and one of racketeering in a New York court, and on Wednesday he was sentenced to 30 years in jail.” R. Kelly did a great job of putting up a facade, but it all eventually crumbled (via Baller Cap).