Home Business After Ranking The British Royal Family By Net Worth We Realized The Queen Isn’t The Richest!

After Ranking The British Royal Family By Net Worth We Realized The Queen Isn’t The Richest!

Hizkiail July 19, 2021
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Besides the trust from her grandmother, Beatrice is also helped financially by her father, Prince Andrew. Beatrice also holds a job as the vice president of a software company called Afiniti, so that she can take care of herself just fine.

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Bowles was Charles’s mistress while he was married to Diana, but the couple didn’t get married until 2005, nine years after his divorce. Although there was some controversy around their relationship, she has become a beloved household name in England.

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Although Harry and Meghan chose to leave their titles and the family behind, she still has plenty of opportunities because of her association with the Royal Family. Markle won’t receive royal funding, but that probably won’t matter if she returns to acting.

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As an author, Princess Michael was fairly successful and wrote a handful of books about European royalty. Today, she gives lectures about her books’ topics and appears at different royal functions with her husband.

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While Kate does get money from Prince Charles, she was already well-off before her marriage to Prince William. Her family is not royalty, but they do have a successful business worth around $40 million. All of these factors contribute to Kate’s large net worth.

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Zara is a professional equestrian and has even competed in the Olympics, winning a silver medal. Most of Zara’s wealth has come from her successful jewelry line. Despite not having a royal title, she has done well for herself in many entrepreneurial endeavors.

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With a net worth of $25 million, Prince Richard has nothing to worry about in terms of assets. Throughout his career as an architect, Prince Richard was widely successful and earned the title of President of the Society of Architect Artists.

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Most of Prince Phillips’s money comes from his annual salary for serving as the Duke of Edinburgh. He recently gave his title to Prince Edward, but he has plenty of money to hold onto. At 99-years-old, he has a successful life to look back on.

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Throughout her life, Princess Anne has silently contributed to more than 300 charities. She has also had a highly successful athletic career as an equestrian like her daughter Zara. She was the first member of the Royal Family to appear at the Olympics, and she has a gold and silver meal to show for it.

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After her death, Diana’s assets were split between Prince William and Harry. The boys also received some of her jewelry and mementos. Despite her large net worth, most people only remember her for being “The People’s Princess,” which is worth much more than anything money can buy.

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Throughout his life, he has also been funded by his father, Prince Charles. Although he was a beloved member of the Royal Family, Prince Harry has since renounced his title and became financially independent after his marriage to Meghan Markle. We have to wonder if he is regretting this decision yet.

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After his mother passed away, he received a substantial inheritance, and he will get money once the Queen passes away. On top of that, he gets funding from his father as well as a Sovereign Grant. Prince William is perfectly taken care of and ready to take the throne when his time comes.

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Sophie has always abided by the rules and kept up her public image, which is why she must be so liked by the Queen. As part of her royal duties, Duchess Sophie works with 70 charities, and she is chief to multiple Corps groups.

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Prince Edward recently took the title of Duke of Edinburgh after his father stepped down in 2017. Throughout his life, Edward tried to branch into the entertainment industry and created a television company called Ardent Productions.

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According to British economic trends, when a royal baby is born, the economy rises. In one year, Prince Louis brought in $65 million for doing nothing but being a baby. However, this sum is nothing compared to his older siblings.

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Annually, Prince Andrew gets around $400,000 from his mother, which is quite generous of her. He successfully invested money throughout his life and became a respected entrepreneur, collaborating with many other wealthy people, like Jeffrey Epstein.

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Although everyone was anticipating his arrival to the world, after his birth, Archie’s parents decided to leave the Royal Family, so it is unknown whether this will impact his net worth. Without that royal funding, we can assume it will only go down.


Lady Kitty amassed her sizeable net worth as the spokesmodel for BVLGARI jewelry and other modeling jobs. It’s not hard to see why she has been such a successful model, but it is still surprising how much more money she has than most royals.

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Most of Spencer’s money comes from his aristocratic lineage, but his successful career also helped. With a net worth of $154 million, he shouldn’t be overlooked when thinking about the Royal Family.

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The Duchy of Cornwall fund has around $1.3 billion in assets, so we can understand why Prince Charles is worth so much money. Like Prince William, Prince Charles has always gotten the most attention because he is the Queen’s successor.

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The Crown Estate technically owns the Queen’s properties, but she collects 15-25 percent of its profits. Although most of her assets will be divided by her children and grandchildren, we wonder how much she will leave for her beloved corgis.

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If George holds the throne one day, it is no wonder why people would be interested in him. This is why his net worth is so high at such a young age, but you won’t believe how much his sister is worth even though she is not the heir to the throne.

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According to experts, the pint-sized princess is worth so much because of the “Charlotte Effect.” The little girl is a trendsetter for children her age, and whenever she wears something, it is sold out within minutes. Princess Charlotte already has a major influence on the public, which will only increase over time, along with her net worth.