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Brave Souls Share The Craziest Things They’ve Seen Driving Across The US

Darren March 23, 2023

The United States is an incredible place with fantastic diversity across the nation. There are many types of people and a wide range of landscapes from state to state. Some people on Reddit revealed some of the most incredible and bizarre things they saw on road trips across the U.S.

Many of them had weird encounters with strange people along the way. Meanwhile, there were spectacular natural phenomena and devastating road traffic collisions. Some drivers couldn’t believe the scale of different states and how empty they can feel. Check out these fascinating stories below.

Burning Semi Truck

It’s almost impossible for anybody driving across the U.S. not to see the remnants of a crash. Millions of people take to the roads every day but some of them take unnecessary risks. Serious collisions also cause massive traffic jams because the stricken vehicles block others from passing by.


This is a classic example of Americans casually dealing with another day on the road. This may seem normal to U.S. drivers but tourists would find it very strange. However, it’s fair to say that the BBQ family had a very relaxed attitude to the accident. We hope the truck driver was ok because a burning semi isn’t a good place to be (via Reddit).

Total Wipeout

Here’s another example of a truck crash changing everybody’s travel plans in America. It’s amazing how accepting people can be when it comes to these crazy situations. They recognize that there is nowhere to go and nothing that they can do. The only possible outcome is to wait for the first responders to clear the debris.


People driving across the U.S. should keep some form of entertainment in their cars for these scenarios. They never know when a truck could lose control and flip over. Suddenly, they find themselves stuck for hours. This is a nightmare for children because they easily become bored (via Reddit).

Texas Panhandle

Many people driving across the U.S. can’t believe that Texas is so big. The Lone Star State is roughly the same size as France and Switzerland combined. This is ludicrous for many visitors who have no previous concept of the scale. Meanwhile, it’s an extraordinary place to drive at night because of the fuel industry.


In this situation, a driver encountered hundreds of wind turbines. It’s almost an eerie setting because red lights are flashing for miles around but it’s also beautiful. Some Redditors also commented that it’s reassuring to know that the U.S. is expanding the renewable energy sector (via Reddit).

Waffle House

Somebody could write a book about Waffle House experiences across the nation. One person was driving through Birmingham, Alabama when they decided to make a nighttime pitstop. They ventured into a Waffle House and had one of the most surreal encounters of their lives.


This was a ludicrous moment for them to witness because it was so over the top. Luckily, there didn’t seem to be any violence because there are many guns in Alabama. In the end, they ate their food with some of the weirdest entertainment ever. The funniest part is that it sounded like they were speaking a different language (via Reddit).

Abandoned Town

Dozens of people driving across the U.S. have weird experiences in backward towns. Here’s a classic example of the genre because the traveler didn’t know what was going on. They found themselves in the middle of nowhere in North Dakota. These are some of the most isolated communities in the nation.


They didn’t know if the other town residents felt scared of outsiders or if they were working somewhere. It’s a strange situation but one that remains relatively common in some of the flyover and southern states. It’s an unsettling experience for drivers because they immediately feel on edge (via Reddit).

Truck Race

There are plenty of disturbing stories on this list but this is one of the nicest. One man explained he was in a race against time to see his dying brother. He tried his best to make it but thought he was in a losing battle. But then he met a pair of truckers who changed everything as we can see from the story below.


Imagine the speed of these trucks driving across the U.S. for such a noble reason. This is a positive tale of great humanity and we wish them the best because they deserve respect. The best part of this story is that the brother survived in the end. He can look back on this journey with rose-tinted glasses (via Reddit).

Superman Town

Driving across the U.S. is amazing because there are so many random sites along the way. Most people don’t know about Metropolis, Ohio but one couple had a great encounter with the town. It shares its name with Superman’s city in the comic books and the residents exploit this connection.


This is a great story because it was a unique experience that they’ll never forget. Metropolis also has a gigantic statue of Superman in the city. They know what they’re doing but it’s smart because it makes them special. Also, the couple has a great attitude toward driving across the U.S. (via Reddit).

West Texas

Here’s an account of somebody’s experiences driving across West Texas. They explained that it’s one of the strangest places that they’ve ever been for several reasons. There are many oil fields in this region and it’s wild to pass through these areas at night. Meanwhile, the local wildlife is also crazy to experience.


Imagine cruising down a road and suddenly a horde of hogs is running alongside the vehicle. It’s a mad notion but this is the day-to-day reality for many Texans. The state has about four million hogs running wild and causing environmental devastation. They can also be vicious toward humans and will attempt to maul people (via Reddit).

Crazy Character

Another aspect of driving across the U.S. is meeting crazy characters. Many weird people dress or act bizarrely across the nation. Many of them have no self-awareness and don’t care what anybody thinks of them. To be fair, this is something that we should respect but there’s no denying that it can be unsettling.


This is a wild experience for a teenager driving across the U.S. for the first time. They didn’t expect to meet this weird character in the middle of the night and couldn’t believe their eyes. Culture shock is the optimum phrase because there are so many types of different people across America (via Reddit).

Probably Us

The following account reveals what happens when people go on a road trip after a heavy night. It’s inadvisable because car sickness is a real thing with debilitating effects. The Redditor explains that it was a bizarre moment for them but must have been crazier for other drivers going past.


We respect how the driver managed to achieve a zen state despite the chaos around him. One friend was vomiting like a character from Team America. Another was making a public nuisance of himself as he antagonized half of the nation’s truck drivers. All in all, it seems like they had a great day (via Reddit).

Empty Village

Here’s another account of a weird isolated village. This time a driver passed through Minnesota but found themselves running low on gas. They stopped in a random little town but had a surreal experience. Bizarrely, there was nobody in the immediate vicinity and this unsettled them.


Weirdly, there wasn’t even anybody in the gas station. Some of these small population centers fear and resent outsiders. It may not feel like a real problem in modern society but it still exists. This is something for people to be aware of when they’re driving across the U.S. (via Reddit).

Lightning Storm

One of the best parts of driving across the U.S. is the range of natural phenomena. There are so many kinds of landscapes and differences in physical topography. Places like Montana, Wyoming, and Montana have amazing mountain ranges. Meanwhile, Kansas and North Dakota have plains that stretch forever.


This driver had a special moment in Montana as they witnessed a lightning storm. This can be very dangerous because there are verified accounts of lightning striking vehicles and people. But it must have felt like they were watching a mythological battle between two ancient gods (via Reddit).

Buck Naked

Iowa is a beautiful state but it’s not the most populated part of the country. But it’s in the U.S. so there’s always a chance that there will be something weird to see. One man was cruising down the interstate highway when he saw something that he’ll never forget. He probably wishes that he can detox his eyes.


There’s nothing wrong with nudity in appropriate places like bedrooms or designated bedrooms. However, we don’t expect to see big, nude gentlemen wandering through fields anywhere. Nonetheless, driving across the U.S. offers every possibility so it’s not a massive shock (via Reddit).

Silent Hostility

What is it with isolated pockets of the U.S. and hostility toward strangers? This is another account of somebody passing through a village and having an uncomfortable experience. Most people would think that a small-town diner would welcome visitors and be grateful for their custom.


However, we can see that’s not the case in this story. It’s a freaky take because they didn’t feel safe there at all. We don’t know why the locals acted this way but they shouldn’t complain if they get a bad reputation. Texas offers many possibilities so it’s shame this was of their most memorable moments (via Reddit).

Nebraskan Camels

Driving across the U.S. can be a surreal experience for many reasons. There is always something that nobody expects to see in every state. It’s easy for drivers to zone out a little bit when they’re crossing states like Nebraska. But then there’s something that lifts them out of their stupor.


This person didn’t know what to expect when they were cruising through Nebraska. But it’s safe to say that a herd of desert camels wasn’t on the list of possibilities. It’s funny because this is something that they’ll always remember and associate with the Cornhusker state. The Midwest always throws something random out there for drivers (via Reddit).

Mount Shasta

Many people driving across the U.S. can’t believe the glorious natural sights they witness. There are limitless accounts about the Grand Canyon, national parks, and beautiful coastal drives. Mount Shasta is one of California’s most spectacular attractions but many overseas visitors don’t know about it.


There’s no such thing as a fun Greyhound bus ride but it’s nice when there’s a moment of respite like this. We also give them credit for their fantastic poetic description of Mount Shasta. It must have been a very spiritual moment for them and provided a sense of catharsis (via Reddit).

Lot Lizard

Truck stops are an anthropologist’s dream because they offer fascinating insights into human behavior and interaction. Lot lizards are a common fixture in rest areas but many drivers don’t expect to encounter them. One Redditor had a weird and unwanted interaction with a male prostitute in Georgia.


Sadly, there are people in these situations in the U.S. The lot lizard almost feels like a fictional character with his missing appendage and the crocodile boots. Let’s hope that life gets better for this individual. Nonetheless, the driver and his passenger didn’t appreciate meeting him (via Reddit).

Nice Shirt

There are all types of weird encounters at truck stops in the U.S. This account reveals that somebody wanted to buy a driver’s shirt. The strangest aspect of this was that the man was nice about it. He didn’t seem to be a creep but he genuinely wanted to purchase the man’s clothing.


This is weird because nobody expects somebody to try to buy their shirt when they’re stopping for a coffee. It’s impossible to know why the shirt-chaser thought that this was a normal thing to do. Driving across the U.S. throws up many of these unusual possibilities. There’s always a story at the end of the day (via Reddit).

Unsettling Experience

One driver had an unsettling experience when he entered a Nebraskan gas station. He didn’t say if he wanted to pay for fuel or if he was stopping for a bite to eat. Nonetheless, the locals welcomed him like he brought the plague. Maybe all of those jokes about flyover states got to small-town residents in the Midwest.


There remain many racially segregated towns in some parts of the U.S. but that didn’t seem to apply in this case. It’s remarkable that one person even attempted to trip him. That’s assault in most parts of the nation but laws go out of the window in these villages (via Reddit).

Baby Sale

It’s inappropriate in most cultures to attempt to buy somebody’s child. This is a quick way to earn a punch or to find oneself in a jail cell. However, one traveler had a nightmare experience when he drove through Idaho. He made a brief stop with his family at a truck stop outside the state capital, Boise.


$150 doesn’t seem like the best offer for a random person’s baby. They won’t be winning any entrepreneurial awards anytime soon because they’ve no negotiation skills. The authorities probably took this woman’s baby because of her drug addiction. This is a sad thought but she has no place near children (via Reddit).

Huge Bull

Wyoming is a huge state but one of the least populated in the U.S. today. Even Alaska has more people than the Cowboy State but it’s a beautiful place. A couple of people were driving across it in a small car. Then they had one of the most surreal and terrifying experiences of their lives.


There’s no way that anybody expects a gigantic bull to materialize out of the darkness. The late hour and the thunderstorm add some magic to this crazy account. Luckily, they didn’t crash into the animal and they contacted the relevant authorities. Driving across the U.S. is always a wide ride (via Reddit).

Majestic Horses

Sometimes it’s the simplest things that strike people when they’re driving across the U.S. It feels like there are endless wheat and corn fields in the country. During harvest season it seems like they go on forever. One driver had an amazing moment when he saw three gorgeous horses.


This may not seem like the craziest moment on this list but it is a beautiful memory. The horses arrived almost like an epiphany after he drove past crop after crop. It’s also remarkable that he remembers this after half a century. This was a fleeting event but one that still resonates in his mind (via Reddit).

Mad Missouri

Missouri is one of the most confusing states in the U.S. Firstly, it’s part of the bible belt so there are many churches and religious billboards. But there are also many adult bookstores as this person discovered. It’s a conflicting situation but that’s the reality of the Show-Me State.


Missouri natives may not appreciate someone describing their home as desolate. But it represents their experience of driving across the U.S. It’s a shame but many Missourians barely live above the poverty line. Sadly, it’s one of the poorest states in the U.S. but hopefully, it will someday flourish (via Reddit).

Huge Blizzard

Here’s another tale from the I-90, one of the longest roads in the U.S. today. This interstate highway passes through an incredible variety of landscapes and climates. One driver explained how he experienced a massive blizzard with low visibility. This meant that he drove slowly but it was too late for some truckers.


That’s a terrifying image but hopefully, the trucker survived the crash. It’s possible that the damage wasn’t as bad as it appeared. But this is the risk of driving a semi-truck during extreme weather. They can flip over and fall onto other vehicles, potentially crushing the inhabitants (via Reddit).

Let’s Smoke

These days there are strict smoking laws across most of the U.S. However, one driver couldn’t believe his eyes when he took a pitstop at a Kentucky Waffle House. He went inside for a break with his family after spending hours on the road. Eventually, something caught his eye and shocked him when he realized what it was.


It may not seem that crazy but it was a jarring moment. He must have felt like he stepped back in time when almost every establishment permitted indoor smoking. These days it’s against the law in many places to even smoke in one’s vehicle when there are children. No wonder it felt weird to him when he was in the Waffle House (via Reddit).

Bull Crash

It only takes a moment of complacency or distraction to cause a collision. Maybe the driver turns around to answer somebody in their vehicle. They could enter a suntrap for a costly moment. Then the next thing they know is that their car is upside down or they wake up in the emergency ward.


This is one of the craziest stories on this list because it seems impossible to hit an animal that size. But perhaps it broke out of the field and charged across the road at the wrong time. The driver couldn’t slow down and slammed into the giant beast with devastating consequences (via Reddit).

KKK Gathering

These days, the Ku Klux Klan is no longer the flavor of the month. It still exists in various forms but they’re less obvious about their meetings than before. One man revealed how his friend was driving across the U.S. on his spring break. He entered Georgia on his way to the Sunshine State and had a terrifying experience.


Burning crosses are a sign that people should turn around and go in the other direction. There’s no need to engage with these people because they are very toxic and potentially dangerous. This was also in the 1970s when they had a lot more power than they do today. Luckily, he emerged unscathed and enjoyed the remainder of his road trip (via Reddit).

Nuclear Facility

Many people driving across the U.S. encounter strange facilities or areas. The military or law enforcement may prevent them from entering restricted areas. Area 51 in Nevada is one of the most notorious but there are many around the nation. Here’s one account of a couple driving through Iowa.


Most folks don’t associate the Hawkeye State with nuclear weapons but this is America. Weapons are a part of the Land of the Free and where better to build them than in cornfields? In fairness, Iowa doesn’t have a massive population so it’s probably not the worst place to have a nuclear facility (via Reddit).

Cobra Attack Helicopter

Driving across the U.S. offers many opportunities for nerds. Some like to spot number plates from different states. Others comment on interesting vehicles that they encounter like expensive supercars or unusual trucks. But most people don’t expect to see attack helicopters like the AH-1 Cobra.


For context, this chopper saw action in Vietnam and remains in service with the U.S. Marine Corps. It’s a serious piece of kit and who knows what they were doing with it. This must have been a shocking moment for the driver because it was like a scene from a movie (via Reddit).

Unwanted Visitor

When travelers think of unwanted visitors entering their tent, they usually mean mosquitos or bears. They’re not talking about naked cyclists who are biking across the continent U.S. But the latter is what one car driver experienced when he stopped at a campsite for the night in Arizona.


This is one of the weirdest encounters ever and it was extremely inappropriate. Fortunately, the driver was in a position where he was able to leave without anything else happening. It could have been a much darker story and shows that there are a ton of creepy people in America (via Reddit).

Sunflower Fields

Some people are derisive about agricultural states in the U.S. because they think there’s nothing in them. But sometimes nature provides magical moments as this driver experienced. He was on a cross-country road trip when he had one of the most memorable experiences of his life.


It’s amazing to see these majestic plants responding to the rising sun in this way. He didn’t expect to witness this sight but it says a lot that he remembers it 30 years later. These scenes have a profound effect on people and stay with them forever. Unfortunately, not everybody is lucky enough to see these things (via Reddit).

Tornado Warning

Tornados are a serious hazard in some parts of the U.S. These natural phenomena cause extensive damage and can be lethal. That’s why it’s crucial to take shelter and avoid being caught up in a tornado. The most dangerous part is the flying debris rather than the risk of the tornado picking a person up.


Here’s an account of someone sheltering from a tornado during a road trip. Boston sees snowstorms but there are very rarely tornadoes in Massachusetts. But driving across the U.S. is an incredible experience because people encounter a wide disparity of climates. Earthquakes are common in some areas while others have avalanches (via Reddit).

Crazy Landscapes

There are all kinds of crazy landscapes across the U.S. and we mean this in the most literal sense. From endless cornfields to a bizarre human imprint, America offers a wide variety of sights to cross-country drivers. One experienced motorist revealed the most noteworthy observations from his road trips.


These vast landscapes remind drivers how big the country is. It’s impossible to comprehend this without cruising down these roads. Many of them find it terrifying that they don’t encounter other road users for long periods. This isn’t a good place to suffer a blowout or run out of gas (via Reddit).

Time Capsule

When we talk about American road trips usually we’re thinking about Route 66 or other famous highways. But the nation has thousands of back roads that lead past unexpected sights. This Redditor felt as if he entered a time capsule when he drove through the Oklahoma panhandle.


The Dust Bowl was a period of turmoil in the thirties when states suffered severe droughts. It’s eerie to think that people left these machines and equipment behind but nobody touched them. This is like entering a post-apocalyptic scene from a show like The Last of Us or The Walking Dead (via Reddit).

Weird Night

Most people think that the south is hot. It may be humid in places like Georgia and Louisiana or dry in Texas. Nonetheless, there are scorching summers that make life difficult for everybody. But sometimes, this region experiences snowstorms that upset the way of life. Residents don’t expect them and struggle to cope.


This is a crazy account of the weirdness that people experience when driving across the U.S. Nobody ever knows what they’ll encounter along the way. America is a great nation with remarkable sights and experiences. They’re not always positive but people always remember them (via Reddit).