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Reasons Why Elon Musk Is Already Ruining Twitter

Darren RydingNovember 23, 2022

More Hate Speech

There is more hate speech on Twitter than ever before in the history of the platform. According to The Guardian, Twitter failed to act on 99% of reported racist tweets before the World Cup. Free speech defenders say that this is unfortunate but it is part of the greater good. Most people agree that this is nonsense and that more moderation is necessary.

Washington Post

The problem for Musk is that more celebrities and famous athletes will leave Twitter if they receive a ton of abuse on it. They don’t want to spend their days receiving hate from faceless profiles. Instead, they’ll engage with their followers on Instagram and other social media sites.

Gender Balance

Another unforeseen consequence of Musk’s firing spree saw the number of women within the company plummet. A before and after photo of the Twitter HQ staff revealed the shocking aftermath. There was a dramatic decline in women amongst Twitter’s key operations team (via NDTV).

Good Morning America

This isn’t the first time that Musk has had a problem with women on his payroll. Several female Tesla employees reported that they experienced sexism and unwanted attention from their supervisors. It should be noted that they didn’t blame Musk himself but it points to a questionable culture.

Potential Bankruptcy

Even Musk admits that Twitter may go bankrupt because the company is dysfunctional. Some conspiracy theorists believe that he is driving it toward the brink because he didn’t want to buy it. But the risk remains that Twitter will go bust and cost thousands of people their jobs in the process.


This will also affect the livelihoods of workers in other industries. Many freelance journalists depend on the platform to share news and make connections. Furthermore, it’s a popular advertising platform for many businesses. It’s also an important way for creators to engage with their followers (via NPR).

Damaged Ego

The only thing that’s bigger than Musk’s bank balance is his ego. He famously gave Ukraine access to his Starlink internet system. But then he retracted it after they criticized his perspective on Russia’s invasion of the nation. In short, Musk doesn’t like it when people mock or analyze his viewpoints (via Insider).


This is a fatal flaw in many of the world’s most notorious leaders because they can’t accept that they’re wrong. Musk is ruining Twitter with his damaged ego. That’s because he won’t accept that he is trying to fix something that wasn’t broken. All he had to was leave it alone and let the experts do their job.

No Self-Awareness

Musk’s lack of self-awareness is a serious issue that is damaging his image in front of the world. He had an exchange with the author Stephen King on the platform but failed to realize the latter’s contempt for him. Meanwhile, he continues to insult and trade jibes with others regularly (via Futurism).


He once tweeted that he didn’t want to boast but that he’s the best at humility. It’s safe to say that this was a tongue-in-cheek joke but it says a lot about him. Like many billionaires, Musk believes that he is infallible and incapable of making mistakes. But that’s one of the main reasons why he is ruining Twitter.

Musk Doesn’t Care

It’s safe to say that most billionaires don’t care about other people. Their dominant interest is making as much money as possible and building legacies. Meanwhile, many of them don’t suffer if a company goes bust because they have stakes in other businesses (via WGBH).


That’s one of the main reasons why Musk doesn’t worry about ruining Twitter. It doesn’t matter that it had a vast workforce or that many people from other professions depend on the platform. Musk has several other major companies and will stay rich if it fails. It’s disgusting that one man can cause so much damage without any consequences.