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30 World-Changing Projects Elon Musk Claims He’ll Enact By 2030

Darren RydingMay 10, 2022

Elon Musk is the richest man on the planet. He’s also one of the most brilliant people that’s ever lived despite his often polarizing nature. Love him or hate him, there’s no denying that he’s a genius. Musk continues to create world-changing projects that will shape the future of humanity.

So today we’ll look at 30 projects that Musk claims he will enact by 2030. Some of these are already in progress. Meanwhile, others are purely conceptual at the moment. But he plans to at least begin making them a reality by the end of the decade. Check out the list via Oil Price right here.

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30. Million-Mile Battery

Musk is determined to make the world a more efficient place. He’s also obsessed with improving technology like batteries because it will help the environment. That’s why he’s trying to develop a million-mile battery that uses less acid and lasts for longer (via L.A. Times).

The most world-changing aspect of this is the intention to remove cobalt from batteries. Cobalt is rare and controversial because it contains harmful elements. In theory, Musk wants to make life easier for drivers while helping the planet at the same time.

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29. Reusable Rockets

Space travel is one of Musk’s most significant endeavors because he believes humanity must colonize the solar system to cope with population growth. One area where he is making improvements is reusable rockets because these are a key component of the SpaceX Dragon.

These are more economical because SpaceX doesn’t waste as much valuable material. Furthermore, it is potentially world-changing because it makes it easier for the company to prepare for future missions. It’s a crucial endeavor in the race for space (via SpaceX).

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28. Falcon Heavy Missions

The Falcon Heavy Missions are a direct collaboration between SpaceX and the U.S. Space Force. These rockets deliver military-grade payloads to high-altitude orbits. This is extremely complicated and demanding because the rockets require multiple burns over five hours.

SpaceX has an excellent track record when it comes to Falcon Heavy missions. That’s why the military and U.S. government are prepared to entrust it with expensive and specialized equipment. These missions have the potential to be world-changing, but only time will tell (via Space Flight Now).


27. Supersonic Jet

Musk admits that this is an unrealistic goal for the moment but it’s something that he’d love his companies to achieve. He thinks that it would be amazing if a vertical-ascending electric jet came into existence. There are a lot of obstacles but perhaps it will happen one day.

This one isn’t a priority for Musk unlike some of the other projects on this list. There are issues with supersonic flight but this is potentially world-changing. His vision is remarkable because the fact he’s talking about it suggests he wants it to be real (via Inside EVs).

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26. Tesla Home

Tesla stood up during the Puerto Rico hurricane and sent batteries to help power homes. This was a crucial piece of aid because many houses on the island lost power. Meanwhile, it’s potentially world-changing because it could turn into a global effort.

The company uses a self-sustaining energy system, unlike regular home batteries. This makes them very appealing to developing countries. There’s even the potential to outsource electricity and save money even further (via Futurism).

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25. Autopilot License

Tesla earned fame for its self-driving car technology. Autopilot is synonymous with this style of driving but it may soon become mainstream. That’s because Musk is considering offering the technology to other vehicle manufacturers (via The Drive).

Musk isn’t offering this out of the kindness of his heart because licensing is expensive. The entrepreneur believes that this is the future of automobiles. There remains a long way to go before it’s mainstream but it’s exciting.

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24. Cyberquad

Elon Musk is developing an entire range of vehicles including the Cyberquad. There’s already a children’s version on the market but the company plans to develop a full-sized unit. The ATV will also be an option with the much-vaunted Cybertruck.

This will be a powerful off-road machine with a lot of benefits. It may not be as world-changing as some of the other vehicles but it’s a sign of Musk’s ambition. He plans to transcend the vehicle industry and sell every type of machine possible (via Business Insider).


23. Private Space Service

Space X offers private space services in a world-changing enterprise. This is massive because it changes the scope of humanity’s relationship with the solar system. It will take years for space travel to be available at an affordable price but it’s the direction Musk wants to take the world.

Now the cost of space travel means that it’s only possible for the world’s richest people. But in the future, Musk wants to encourage regular space services. His chartered flights saw connections with the International Space Service in a global first (via The Street).


22. Carbon Capture

Here’s another exciting and world-changing project from Tesla. They plan to absorb carbon from the atmosphere and transform it into rocket fuel. This is fantastic because it will help the environment. But it also allows humanity to pursue its dreams in space (via The Hill).

Musk believes that humanity should care for the environment. This isn’t a controversial opinion because we all live on this planet. Nonetheless, he wants to help the Earth in a way that will also assist his dreams. It’s a symbiotic relationship and one that could be groundbreaking.


21. Tesla Semi

Musk hopes that the Tesla Semi will be in production by 2023. Unfortunately, the global health crisis harmed its development. That’s because the company struggled to source the necessary chips for the trucks’ advancements (via ACT News).

The Semi will share similarities to Tesla’s self-driving car. It will have autonomous capabilities so that it can move without a driver. This is potentially world-changing because it may revolutionize an industry. However, this may also create employment issues in the U.S. and other countries.

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20. New Factories

Tesla can’t take over the world if it doesn’t have enough factories to build everything. Recently, the company opened facilities in Berlin and Texas but they plan further expansions. Musk hasn’t disclosed where they plan to put these factories but it’s an exciting prospect.

Firstly, it creates employment opportunities in these regions. Furthermore, he has global ambitions that will be achieved through international cooperation. One of the benefits of Musk’s dreams is that it brings people together in a world-changing manner (via Tesla Rati).

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19. Tesla CyberTrail

Tesla’s vehicles aren’t perfect by any means but they’re ambitious. There’s no denying that the brand is world-changing and hopes to inspire others around the globe. One of their upcoming projects is CyberTrail. This is effectively like a Jeep Wrangler but better.

The Cyber Truck is a controversial creation but the feeling is that this will be more popular. It’s expected that it will have gentler aesthetics than the clunky truck. Sources indicate that it would have a range of 300 miles. They also believe that it will offer high performance (via Car Scoops).

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18. 20 Million Sales

These days, people regard Teslas as a luxury vehicle option. They’re not the everyman’s car because they cost too much. But in the future, Musk hopes to change this. He dreams that Tesla will be a world-changing and affordable brand (via Clean Technica).

They hope to reach 20 million annual sales by 2030. This depends on the availability of charging points and the popularity of the technology. Ironically, Tesla probably needs competitors to step up here too. That’s because it’s more likely to bring the price down.


17. Starlink

This is one of Musk’s most exciting projects because it will change the internet for the globe. He plans to make fast broadband available for the entire planet. This will bring the most isolated regions of the Earth into connection with the rest of the world (via CNET).

Musk’s company launched thousands of satellites into the sky. He proved that they work effectively because they provide internet to embattled Ukraine. It will be world-changing if he can dominate the internet. These are exciting times for Musk.

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16. Lunar Tourism

Lunar tourism is already in motion because some companies offer fly-bys. However, Musk wants to bring this to the next level. He believes that lunar landings are the logical next step. SpaceX is already designing rovers to carry tourists to the moon (via The Travel).

Humans have already landed on the moon so it’s not that crazy. Furthermore, technology has advanced substantially since the 1960s. It’s not inconceivable that moon landings will occur on a semi-regular basis. Unfortunately, it will be rich people who experience this.

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15. Tweet Monetization

Musk loves Twitter more than his children. That’s why he’s prepared to potentially drop $44 billion and buy the social network. Now he plans to enable tweet monetization. This means that companies will pay to retweet from verified users. It will also change how people consume information.

The Tesla CEO plans to create a world-changing platform and make Twitter the biggest network on the planet. It remains to be seen if this is possible because some people don’t like him. However, Musk believes that his plans will transform Twitter for the greater good (via The Verge).

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14. RoboTaxi

Next, Musk wants to create a RoboTaxi system. This will be like a driverless Uber or Lyft. However, it remains to be seen how legal this will be. They want to convert older Tesla vehicles into a fleet of RoboTaxis. But there are a lot of obstacles to overcome.

There is also a concept RoboTaxi but this resembles a driverless bus. These will likely be dispatched in the future but the question is when. Tesla wants to be in the driving seat when it comes to developing this technology (via Forbes).


13. Affordable Vehicles

One of the main barriers to Tesla’s mainstream success is the affordability of their vehicles. Right now, they’re too expensive for low to middle-income earners. Rich people buy them as a status symbol. This is something that Musk wants to change soon.

That’s why they’re hoping to sell a $25,000 family sedan starting in 2023. This will be world-changing because it makes an electric car available at a reasonable price. It will make them more popular because more people will be able to buy them (via Electrek).

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12. Military Connection

Musk and Starlink also plan to increase their collaborations with the U.S. military. They’ve launched thousands of satellites into the solar system and continue to communicate with the Air Force. According to the latter, their F-35A fighter jets receive quicker data transmission using Starlink.

They claim that Starlink is 30 times faster than conventional services. This is incredible and potentially world-changing. That’s because Musk is an independent contractor with a massive influence on global geopolitics. This will be fascinating to watch (via CMC).


11. CyberTruck

Everybody has heard of CyberTruck already, but Tesla plans to expand sales of the vehicle. They will dispatch the vehicle in 2023 for the first time. Then they plan to increase production and make it more widely available. It’s exciting times for rich rednecks across the nation.

Pickup trucks are massively popular in America and Australia. That’s why Musk is desperate to exploit this market and maximize sales. The design is controversial but people will buy it to stand out from the crowd. It also has impressive performance features (via Reuters).

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10. Resorts World Connector

Musk’s companies work in many types of industries. Now Tesla is working with Resorts World in Las Vegas in a groundbreaking enterprise. They’ll provide rapid transport between the resort and the Las Vegas Convention Center using underground tunnel transport.

Tesla has big plans in the public transport space so this is exciting news. While this is on a relatively small scale, they’ll expand to bigger things in the future. These smaller projects allow them to troubleshoot and attempt different concepts (via RW Las Vegas).

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9. Las Vegas Loop

Musk solidified his relationship with the city of Las Vegas by constructing the Las Vegas Loop. In short, this funneled traffic into a single line to streamline movement. His Boring Company has big plans to expand and build more loops in the city (via The Independent).

However, this is controversial because it doesn’t convince everybody. Some users believe that they are unsafe and not car-friendly. The Boring Company will troubleshoot and figure out how to make future projects more efficient. Their influence on urban development is growing.

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8. Starship Rocket

SpaceX has massive and world-changing ambitions for galactic expansion. Their Starship Rocket will be one of their most exciting projects because of its scale. This rocket uses the Super Heavy booster. Both the rocket and the engine will be reusable.

However, they must achieve FAA approval because of environmental concerns. Musk is obsessed with space travel and he believes that humanity’s survival depends on leaving the planet because of global overpopulation, climate change, and conflict (via Space.com).

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7. Master Plan Part 3

Tesla’s master plans are the stuff of legend now. Now Musk says that he’s working on the third stage of the car company’s progression. Everything he wanted to achieve is in motion with world-changing consequences. It will be exciting to see what’s happening next (via Electrek).

Many people scoffed at electric vehicles because of their short battery life. However, Musk is working on fixing this problem and lengthening their range. He’s also making them more affordable for middle-income buyers. This encourages nations to provide more charging points.

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6. Neuralink

Musk’s Open AI is a non-profit company that promotes artificial intelligence development. This is something that stirs feelings of unease in a lot of people. However, Musk believes that it’s a natural next step in our relationship with technology (via Medium).

Furthermore, he wants to reduce the need for implants by creating neural lace technology. This allows for an interface between brains and computers. It’s a radical and potentially world-changing concept. Some people won’t like it but it appears to be the future.

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5. Optimus

Robots don’t make everybody comfortable but they’re here to stay. They may be even more present shortly. That’s because Musk plans to unleash Optimus, a home droid. Optimus will carry out mundane tasks that people don’t want to do.

The robot is strong but it’s very slow so people can run away. This may not reassure everybody but it may become a feature of our everyday lives. Soon Optimus robots will be strolling in grocery stores and walking down the street (via Extreme Tech).


4. Free Speech

Musk plans to bring free speech to Twitter. This means that the company won’t delete anything that people say unless it’s illegal. Infamous Tweeters like Donald Trump would be able to maintain a profile on the platform. It’s a radical and potentially world-changing development.

However, there is a major complication. Twitter is a global enterprise and free speech isn’t the same in every country. We’re not just talking about dictatorships either. European hate speech laws are different from those in the U.S. so there are obstacles (via Slate).

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3. Tesla Roadster

There already was a Roadster but the sports car will make a return. They planned to unveil the vehicle in 2021 but delays occurred. However, it will be one of the most exciting vehicles in their selection. This high-performance car will have a top speed of more than 250 mph.

That puts it into supercar territory. There are questions about whether the aesthetics will match the car’s capabilities. But this is world-changing because it shows electric cars can match conventional fuel. Musk hopes that Tesla will take over every vehicle market (via Car and Driver).

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2. Hyperloop

Musk isn’t the only entrepreneur who dreams of a hyperloop system. Virgin’s Richard Branson also wants to create a super-high-speed transport system. Hyperloop would see low-pressure tubes move people at speeds of 650mph. This would be world-changing (via Fortune).

The possibilities are endless but the technology is extremely difficult to create. There is also a high risk involved so it’s tough to test. However, Musk plans to develop a working Hyperloop in the next few years. From there, the Boeing Company can troubleshoot it and take it forward.


1. Mars City

Some people think that Musk is delusional. But the idea of building a city on Mars obsesses him because he thinks it’s crucial to ensure humanity’s survival. Musk says that humanity must spread its wings in case something happens to the Earth (via Inverse).

He wishes to start building a full-scale city by 2029. This would be self-governing with a population of about one million people. It would be a massive project because it would require a $100 billion investment. Meanwhile, Mars has a brutal climate with dust and strong winds.