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Travelers Share Insane Reviews That Prove They’re Disconnected From Reality

Darren July 20, 2022
Culture Trip

No Ocean View

London is one of the most famous cities in the world with many remarkable landmarks. However, one thing that it doesn’t have is proximity to the ocean. It is about 50 miles from the sea so it requires a lengthy train journey. “Our London hotel didn’t have an ocean view,” one reviewer wrote (via Medium).

This reality wouldn’t have come as a surprise if they ever looked at a map and had even a basic understanding of geography. It’s amazing how foolish some people are but they’re also shameless. There is no excuse for this unless their hotel booking lied to them and said that their hotel had a sea view.

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Iglu Cruise

Iglu Cruise is one of the biggest cruise ship operators in Europe. They have numerous massive ships that offer journeys of a lifetime in different areas of the globe. It takes a certain type of person to enjoy a cruise but not everybody enjoys it (via The Guardian).

Most people complain about boredom but these reviewers had a different reaction. They wrote: “We usually come off our cruises having put on at least a stone in weight. We’ve come off this holiday having put on nothing at all. It’s just not good enough.” These vacationers apparently thought that weren’t well-fed enough throughout their holiday, but that’s just not what a cruise is about.

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No IG In Machu Picchu

It takes a lot of effort to get to Machu Picchu. First, people must travel across the world to Peru. Then they’ll hike through the wilderness to the famous ruins of the Incan city. Most visitors consider this to be a very spiritual experience and they embrace every aspect of it.

Nonetheless, there is always one moron who has a problem. One reviewer wrote: “It didn’t have Wi-Fi so I couldn’t upload my pictures to Instagram.” Maybe they were trolling but the reality is that people like this exist so it wouldn’t surprise us if it was true (via Chicago Tribune).

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No Skills Required

Rich white people love flying down mountainsides on fragile pieces of wood and they pay ridiculous sums of money to do just that around the world. Ski trips are the most common type of winter tourism and the lifeblood of many areas. It’s usually possible to take lessons before taking to the slopes for real. But some idiots didn’t realize that skiing was a key part of a skiing trip.

“We went on a skiing holiday but we weren’t informed that we would actually have to be able to ski,” they wrote. If this doesn’t make readers face-palm, we don’t know what will. It’s like going on a cruise without knowing that they’d be taking to the ocean (via The Chalet Company).

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Brighter Than England

The reality is that England experiences about one day of actual sun per year. However, some tourists don’t realize that other countries have scorching temperatures. It shouldn’t surprise anybody that Mexico has higher temperatures than the Nothern European island.

But this still rocked one U.K. visitor to Mexico. He wrote: “I got sunburned. They should warn you that the sun is brighter in Mexico than it is in England. I would have worn sun cream if I knew.” Every film involving Mexico has scenes of the desert and cacti (via Tripadvisor).

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Rainy Day

Many European tourists travel to Spain for their vacations because they think it offers guaranteed sunshine. In reality, the country also suffers from rain. Yes, the summers are usually hot but rain may set in at inconvenient times. This is out of the control of any tourist company.

Typically, one reviewer didn’t accept this and criticized the weather. “It rained,” they wrote. “We didn’t know that it rained in Spain.” We don’t know if they wanted the tour operator to wave their magic wand and make it go away. Or perhaps they thought they had a time machine (via Reddit). Maybe if you don’t know that it rains nearly everywhere around the world, you shouldn’t be traveling to another country.

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Too Cold

Every type of vacation is susceptible to inconvenient weather. The reality is that some ski resorts suffer from late snow or, in the worst case, none at all. This can damage their business prospects significantly as travelers won’t come. Another visitor had a strange reaction to the conditions.

“It was far too cold on our skiing holiday,” they moaned. Here is another example of somebody with far too much time on their hands. Perhaps the government should restrict some people’s access to the internet because this is one of the dumbest reviews ever (via Ski Solutions).

Travel Daily

Too Ugly

Tour guides have a tough job because they are responsible for the happiness of an entire group. They also must maintain order and ensure that everybody sticks together. Usually, it’s nice to tip the guide after an enjoyable tour because it’s not easy.

But one reviewer said that their guide ruined the trip. “We could not enjoy the tour as our guide was too ugly,” they wrote. “You can’t admire a beautiful view when you’re staring at a face like his” (via Tripadvisor). In reality, they had a terrible attitude and we feel sorry for their guide.

Beach Weather

No Tan

Most people love to travel to the beach or a sunny resort because they want to catch some rays. Maybe they’ll lie on the beach or beside the pool. They’ll dip in and out of the water throughout the day and have a great time. But not everybody agrees with this (via Healthline).

Another travel critic had a bad experience and wanted to share. “We were told we would get a great tan, but we stayed inside all day and didn’t get one,” they wrote. This one may take the cake for outright stupidity. How did they expect to get a tan? Did they think the resort provided them to guests through osmosis in their room? The biggest question is whether they practice being disconnected from all reality or if it comes naturally to them?