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These Beauty Experiments Didn’t Really Go As Planned

Hizkiail September 20, 2021

In the age of social media, where new makeup fads and beauty hacks are shared what feels like every 10 seconds, it can be hard to know what is a ‘do’ and a ‘don’t.’ Most beauty experiments go well, like contouring your face like Kim Kardashian, but sometimes these experiments fail pretty epically. Start scrolling to see some of the beauty experiments from DIY hair removal to lip plumping which went very wrong. Learn from these people’s mistakes and don’t try these at home!

Beauty blogger, Trisha Paytas is always ready to share beauty tips and hacks with her loyal followers. When a new body shimmer hit the market, Trisha immediately took to her platform to let the world know they should try it. There was just one slight problem, which she did not anticipate.

Shine Bright Like A Diamond

The body shimmer container wasn’t as easy to use as it could be, and Trisha ended up simply splashing some of it on herself. She didn’t just splash shimmer on herself though, it also went on her luxe Louis Vuitton bag and into her hair. The pink shimmery liquid ending up staining everything which was hardly the desired result.

Bugs and makeup don’t mix on the best of days, but they definitely don’t mix when a person suffers from Entomophobia. This phobia is a fear of insects, and like any phobia, seeing bugs is a cause for real alarm. Beauty blogger TheVintageGore has this phobia, which came alive during one of her makeup tutorials.

Don't Mix Entomophobia And Makeup

Instead of brushing on a slick coat of makeup, and ensuring that all of her contour was perfect, the blogger’s phobia came to life onscreen. As she tried to escape the bug, she ended up falling down, which led to a rather unfinished makeup look that no followers wanted to try themselves.

2021 has been the year of many trends, and one of the biggest hair-wise has been the revival of curtain bangs. This hairstyle features shaggy side bangs, that have the appearance of ‘draping’ around the face just like curtains do in a living room.

Curtain Bangs Disaster

Hailing from Australia, popular beauty blogger Chloe Morello opted to chop her hair into this style to stay on-trend. Unfortunately, that chop didn’t look exactly like curtain bangs, and more like blunt DIY bangs that anyone can do in a bathroom with a pair of kitchen scissors. What’s even more upsetting is that this was done by professional stylists. We hope she at least got her money back.

While curtain bangs were popular in 2021, so was the twist cutting technique. This hack for the perfect full bangs involves grabbing the front section of hair that will be cut into bangs and twisting it into a single lock of hair. The next step is to grab a pair of scissors and snip the lock of hair at the desired length of bangs.

The Twist Cutting Technique

For most people this method worked without any issues, but for this woman, she ended up with baby bangs that weren’t exactly even, and it’s clear this wasn’t what she had in mind. Luckily, hair grows out quickly right?

This should be a no-brainer, but when it comes to cutting your own hair, unless you want a buzz cut, always use scissors. French beauty blogger Lady D decided to not follow these words of wisdom, and instead used clippers to create those perfectly straight bangs that have grown popular over the years.

Electric Clippers Vs. Scissors

Naturally, the clipper method did not go according to plan, and instead of even bangs, a rather choppy look was achieved. It can be pretty disheartening to get a bad haircut, and even more so when you do it to yourself. But like all bad haircuts, time will fix this one too.

Getting those perfect beachy waves may look effortless on Victoria’s Secret models, but it actually takes a whole lot of time and quite a few hair products. A curling iron is one of the keys to the look, but curling irons can get pretty toasty if the temperature isn’t watched by whoever is using it.

It's Getting Hot In Here

In yet another hair fail, this teenaged beauty blogger, Tori Locklear, decided to show the world how she curls her hair. Instead of getting that perfect beachy look, she ended up completely burning off a chunk of hair. Accidents happen, and the lesson here is to always check how hot the curling iron is before using it.

A high ponytail might seem like a good choice, but have you ever considered trying out the unicorn horn? Tutorials for all different types of hair abound on the internet, and this blogger decided to show off how she achieves a nice ponytail, with a not-so-secret ingredient.

The Unicorn Horn

That ingredient is hair gel and a lot of it. Although, after seeing this tutorial for what looks more like a unicorn horn than a ponytail, it might be best to stick to basics. All a ponytail needs is an elastic or scrunchie, and a bit of hairspray to smooth down the flyaways. This isn’t what it’s supposed to look like!

The standards of beauty change from decade to decade. The ’90s were characterized by women with pencil-thin eyebrows, but now, thick well-groomed eyebrows are in fashion. Most people achieve those eyebrows with eyebrow brushes, pencils, dye, laminating, and microblading.

How Not To Get Perfect Eyebrows

Famed makeup artist Huda Kattan decided to showcase her method for perfect brows, which includes shaving any flyaway eyebrow hairs. This requires a lot of attention to detail though, because if you’re not careful, you may just completely shave off part of a brow, just like Huda accidentally did. Oops!

Pesky blackheads are tough to eliminate. Usually, they require a mask or cleanser with salicylic acid in it. There are a number of products on the market that aim to minimize blackheads, but white glue is definitely not considered to be one of them.

Goodbye Blackheads, Goodbye Brows

In one memorable YouTube moment, this blogger applied white glue to the blackheads around her brows. Naturally, the glue pulled out a few blackheads and all of her eyebrow hairs. Apparently, white glue can also act as a wax. The more you know!

Peel-off masks are great for brightening skin, snagging a few blackheads, and removing flaky pieces of dry skin. However, like any product that has a peeling-off effect, people should be aware that it can act as a wax. Most products have detailed instructions on how to use them.

Feeling Peely

While reading the instructions can prevent mishaps, cheaper products sometimes aren’t the best. This YouTuber noticed her mask appeared to be peeling off a whole lot more than her blackheads, and that included part of her eyebrows. Warm soapy water is a friend here, as it can help dissolve masks like this.

Since the 1960s, winged eyeliner and that cat-eye look have been fashionable. It has never really gone out of style, but now there are a ton of tips and tricks that make its application much easier. Liquid eyeliner is great for those with a steady hand, and for others, tape can be used.

Imperfect Eyeliner

The tape is placed at the top of where the eyeliner will be, and at the bottom to create a tiny winged stencil on top of the eyelid. When done right, the wing is perfect. When done wrong, like it was here, the wing can peel right off with the tape.

Allergies are a part of life, and for most people, they don’t have to worry about what is in their face masks and beauty products. After finding a new charcoal peel-off mask that was designed to pull out tough blackheads, this woman thought she would test it out for her blog followers.

Know Your Ingredients

While the face mask appeared to work, it left her with a pretty uncomfortable allergic reaction that lasted for a few months. The mask had stayed in her pores, which caused her face to break out in hives. The reaction eventually ran its course, but it is always good to be conscious of the ingredients in products going on your face.

Hair straighteners aren’t just for straightening hair. When used in a certain way, they can create loose waves, rather than tight corkscrew curls like some curling irons. Actress Brittany Mirabile wanted to try out this hack when she found herself with some spare time.

Heating Up

Just like the previous curling iron mistake, the hair straightener got too hot and ended up burning off a lock of the actress’ hair. It was an upsetting moment for the actress, but a wig and a hat fixed the situation. It’s just hair, it will grow back eventually!

So far, the hair fails we have seen have just resulted in a couple of lost locks but for beauty blogger and pageant winner, Sarah Fasha, something a lot more startling happened. While she filmed a hair tutorial, two things went wrong. The first was a hair styling tool that got way too hot for anyone’s hair.

Fire In The Hair

Instead of noticing how the hair styling tool was, Sarah proceeded to use it. This led to her hair catching on fire, and her panicking and dropping the hot tool onto her leg. Some cold water, and maybe a bit of aloe vera, she was okay, but always beware of hot styling tools.

All hairstylists will say, “Don’t use boxed dye!” and there is a reason for that. Dyeing hair is an art form, and bleaching it blonde takes a lot of different products, and a whole lot of time, especially if the hair is dark to start with. Beauty blogger Jasmine Long decided to throw caution to the wind and bleach her hair herself.

How Not To Bleach Hair

The bleaching process did not go well, and the result is this rather yellow-looking color, and severely damaged locks. To fix hair like this, a hairstylist will need to do some serious toning, and likely use a deep hydration mask to bring the hair back to a semi-soft state.

There was a point in time where women and men all over the internet were experimenting with this viral trend for naturally plump-looking lips. Instead of lips that look like Madelyne Cline’s on Netflix’s Outer Banks, this poor woman ended up with lips that look like they have had way too much filler injected into them.

Natural Lip Plumping

Sticking your lips into a shot glass until they swell may look okay for a few minutes, but can cause some serious damage to the tissues if it is done for too long. This can lead to bruising, and all sorts of other issues which may call for a trip to the doctor’s office.

Homemade beauty products and face masks are great. Ingredients like oatmeal and honey are very soothing for the skin. Many herbs found in nature make for great natural beauty remedies, but man-made products like white glue, not so much.

Getting Thrifty

This woman combined charcoal and white glue into a paste, spread it on her face, and let it dry as if it was a real peel-off mask. It certainly dried, and had to be peeled off, but it was a rather painful process. Glue is meant to stick for a long time, not a short time. And not to your face!

Glue may not work in a face mask, but does it work for head wounds? This gentleman set off on a leisurely skiing adventure, only to end up in an accident that left him with a cut on his scalp. With no medical help in sight, a tube of super glue was used to hold the cut shut.

Just Add Glue

The glue worked, and his head healed, but this is not recommended unless it is an absolute last resort. For any kind of injury, a doctor should be seen, and medical advice should be followed from professionals who know best.

Bodies can be tattooed almost anywhere, and that includes the inside of mouths. There is one area though that cannot be tattooed, and that is the eyeball. That’s right, eyeballs should not be tattooed, as they are not technically skin. That means that they cannot hold ink in the same way that skin does.

A Little Eye Tattoo

Somehow, this woman found a tattoo artist willing to try tattooing her eyeball, and it led to her crying purple ink tears. If a tattoo artist offers to tattoo an eyeball, you may want to consider checking out some other options or asking to see some of their previous work.

Walmart is one of those stores that has everything a person could possibly need, from food to hair dye, and that includes branded plastic bags with the Walmart logo. This woman decided she wanted bleached blonde hair, and was not going to pay a professional to do it.

Unintentionally Branded

The whole dyeing process went smoothly, and she placed the Walmart bag she had over the top of her head, rather than plastic wrap while it was processing. Her hair definitely went blonde, but it also got the lovely blue Walmart logo from the bag on it. This is why plastic wrap is used by those in the know.

Hair removal cream is one of those inventions that isn’t talked about enough. All you need to do is spread it on, let it sit, and then wipe away the cream and any unwanted hair. Yes, it might tingle a bit, but that’s the price we pay to get rid of hair. This man thought he knew what he was doing when he smoothed the cream all over his face.

The Case Of The Missing Eyebrow
Mercury Press & Media

The cream worked perfectly, except that he thought he was using shaving cream. It took away all of his facial hair, and that included part of his eyebrow which he had also smoothed cream over. Always check the label on the products you purchase, to avoid any mishaps like this one.

Many bath and beauty products are designed to be used in a certain way. Lush cosmetics make delicious smelling soaps, shampoos, bath oils, bath bombs, and lots of other neat items. After selecting some bath oils, this woman was ready to sit back and relax.

A Touch Of Pink

After relaxing for a time, it was time to get out of the bath and dry off. That’s when she noticed her skin had gone from pale to bright pink. The pink oil was actually meant for the bath, and only a couple of drops were needed. She had used it as a soap and let it sink into her skin.

Eyelash curlers have always been popular, but more and more people are opting to use lash growing serums, extensions, and glue on lashes. Curlers are easy to use, but sometimes they can snag which can lead to this situation.

Lash Off

After prepping for a night out on the town, this woman stared down at her eyelash curler and then into the mirror. Her eyelashes had gotten stuck in the curler, and she had accidentally pulled them all out. Ouch!

Each season, new nail trends come out, and over the holiday period in December, candy cane nails are always a popular choice. It might seem easy to get those perfectly straight lines, but a lot of work, and nail tape goes into them.

Candy Cane Nails
Twitter | @xLolitaCassx

In a DIY manicure fail, this person thought it would be easy to just paint a base coat and swipe red or white lines over it. Without the help of some nail tape and a fine brush, that isn’t going to happen, but this is a good trial run.

We all have limits professionally, and recognizing those is very important, especially if you are a colorist. Balayage takes years to learn and perfect as a coloring technique, which is why it is usually left to master stylists.

Balayage Limits
Imgur | TheSoulOfTheRose

This woman’s colorist did not recognize their limits, and instead ruined this person’s hair. Instead of a pretty caramel and blonde balayage, she got chunky color which does not look natural. A trip to a different colorist and some serious dollars will fix it, we hope.

It is pretty normal to dye eyebrows with a gel, or to have it professionally done by a lash and eyebrow technician. Under normal circumstances, they know exactly what color will look natural, and will mix it up and apply it for the client.

Eyebrows Not On Fleek
Twitter | @Nicoleyy_9

After having the dye applied, and washed off, this woman thought that her eyebrows had been done very well. Maybe she is not seeing what we are seeing, but those eyebrows do not look natural, and resemble fuzzy caterpillars instead.

The term lip gloss, makes one think of a tube filled with an easily spreadable and shiny gloss right? There is something rather different about this tube of gloss though. Instead of a stick with a fuzzy bit on the end to spread it, we have something rather different.

Hard Lip Gloss
Twitter | @Mscatherineanne

The whole gloss part doesn’t exist. Instead, it is a long wax-like tube of gloss that has the texture of lipstick. The color is a nice shade of pink, which makes us think it might have spread okay, just not as a gloss should.

Social media platforms like Tiktok always have great makeup hacks to try. One hack that many a makeup lover decided to try was the sprinkle lips trend. To get this ‘look’ an adhesive is applied to the lips, and the sprinkles are pressed into it.

Sprinkle Lips
Reddit | fnord-prefect

To get the perfect dispersion of sprinkles, you can’t just sprinkle them on, or kiss a plate of them. You actually need a pair of tweezers to carefully place them along the lip line, which this woman did not do. For a first try, we give her a thumbs up!

Makeup brands like Revlon, Maybelline, and L’oreal always get celebrities to endorse their products and show up in their advertisements. When Revlon released the Mega Multiplier Mascara, it seemed like an amazing new product had hit the market.

Mega Clumpy
Twitter | @blackorchids

To top it off, singer Gwen Stefani herself was the face of the advertising campaign. One purchase later, and the mega multiplier, was proven to be the clumpiest of mascaras. It must have created some very thick-looking lashes.

Being a makeup artist means working with all different skin types and tones. You need to be able to accurately match foundation and concealer to whatever skin tone you are working with, otherwise, it can look a bit strange if the face doesn’t match the neck.

No Shade Here
Twitter | @Dilysnana

After finding what this makeup artist thought was the perfect shade, she applied it to this woman’s face. Anybody with eyes can see that this shade of foundation is not a match. It might be time to go back to beauty school for a refresher course.

As far as beauty products go, sheet masks are some of the best on the market. They come drenched in all different solutions such as hyaluronic acid and make skin feel dewy fresh. They also come in in different shapes and sizes.

A Mask For Dolls
Reddit | whoaaintitfun

After purchasing a sheet mask online, a woman thought that her skin would feel nice and moisturized after using the mask. Instead, she realized that she had not checked the dimensions of the mask, which was about the size of her palm.

A good foundation is hard to come by. You have to try out multiple shades until you find the right one, and then you have to wear the foundation out and about to see how it holds up throughout the day.

Foundation Woes
Twitter | @BrookeWVTM13

After finding the perfect one from MAC Cosmetics, disaster struck. This person dropped the bottle on the floor, and foundation splashed all over her favorite shearling boots. Foundation doesn’t come cheap, which makes this an expensive accident.

Bonding moments are what bring couples closer together, and for one young couple, they decided that makeup could be a connector. After some careful mascara application, this girlfriend was ready to go out, that is until she saw herself in the car mirror.

An Unusual Makeup Artist
Twitter | @naharmon887

Last time we checked, mascara is not for eyebrows but for eyelashes. Someone should probably let this boyfriend know he should read the labels on makeup before deciding where to apply it.

Most people get so used to grabbing a tube of lip gloss, that they don’t notice when they grab a tube of something else by mistake. This is especially true if they are the exact same shape, and size.

Sticky Lips
Imgur | Bobbysan

After carefully applying a thin layer of lip balm, the woman applying the balm noticed her lips were starting to stick together if she left her mouth closed for too long. Lo and behold, it was because she had used eyelash glue, and not her beloved lip balm.

Most people don’t like the whole corkscrew curls look, as they tend to look pretty unnatural unless you have naturally curly hair. After seeing a semi-perm on a model, this woman knew she needed one.

Curly Sue
Reddit | Yugen9x

A long trip to the hairdresser later, and she had the curls of her dreams, or did she? These curls do not look like the curls on the left. For one, they are much tighter, and secondly, the bangs are kind of funny looking? Hopefully, she got her money back for this one, and a quick fix.

As soon as Halloween rolls around, the costume makeup comes out. Some people go for the scary vampire look, or something totally unique, like an upside-down two-faced look. To achieve this look, some serious makeup skills and a whole lot of practice are needed.

Upside Down
Reddit | gatorrrrr

The woman in the right-hand corner clearly used these photos as inspiration, but the execution is a bit off. it is pretty hard to tell if those are lips on her forehead or some kind of growth. She looks more cyborg than anything else.

A few years ago, mermaid’s hair rose in popularity as one of the hair trends to try. On some people, it looked pretty beautiful to see a balayage of pinks, greens, purples, and blues. This isn’t a dye job that can be done at home though.

Mermaid Hair
Reddit | MintBB

A professional hair colorist has to usually bleach the ends of the hair, and then slowly color the hair the desired colors. In another hair fail, this DIY-er decided to try and get mermaid hair done at home. As you can see there is only one dark blue-ish purple color. The Little Mermaid would not be proud of this.

Falsies or fake eyelashes have the ability to make eyes pop, especially for those of us not blessed with naturally thick and long lashes. Fake eyelashes are excellent, because they can be reused which saves a few dollars.

Eyelashes Everywhere
Twitter | @_Laang

For some reason though, this false eyelash owner has sprinkled her used lashes all over this person’s car. Maybe these are modern breadcrumbs and need to be followed to find the owner.

Before there were hot irons and curling irons, there were rag curls. This was an arduous process that involved wrapping a strand of wet hair over a long piece of fabric and then tying it closed. It created pin curls that tended to look a bit frizzy.

Pin Curls
Pinterest | Kait Killgo

After seeing this old-school method online, this woman decided to use the revamped version with elastic bands. Her curl buns were a bit too tightly wound though, and this rather frizzy hairdo was the result.

Color gradients involve the blending of two or more colors together, into a smooth-looking color transition. This method can also be used when dyeing hair in two colors. Usually, this is called am ombre effect.

Where's The Gradient?
Reddit | eraser_dust

To achieve this beautiful look, hair is bleached, and then color is applied towards the mid-way point of hair, and a process called a color melt is used on the crown of the head. This created the effect of two tones blending together. Unfortunately, the hair colorist on the right forgot to color the crown of this client’s head.