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Shady Life Hacks That Are Actually Genius Guilty Pleasures

Darren January 30, 2023

Blame Children

Some people use their children as shady life hacks. Mothers always do this because they treat their prams like battering rams. But some parents take this too far and engage in illegal activity. The following story is hilarious but also shameless. We learn how a father tried to steal things by using his toddler son to take items.


It’s a clever tactic because it offers plausible deniability. Some security guards are smarter than we give them credit for. This could likely backfire one day and they’ll catch him telling the child to take the device. Nonetheless, he thinks that this is an acceptable risk. It’s like a modern-day version of Oliver Twist (via MikeHoltPHD).

Honest Person

Here’s another example of using a tiny detail to deceive another person. In this case, we’re talking about selling expensive secondhand items. The Redditor advises mentioning a detail that they would have overlooked. This lures the person into a false sense of security because they think the seller is honest.


It’s important to appear apologetic about this minor issue and perhaps to offer a planned discount. This also means that they can hide another more serious issue that they don’t want the potential buyer to know about. Yes, it’s one of the shadiest life hacks ever but a very useful one (via ReasonablyConfused).

Catfish Hack

These days many people meet online through dating apps. But it’s impossible to know if someone is using filtered images or deceptive angles in their pictures. Don’t worry because this Redditor found a way to confirm their validity. The only problem is that it makes them look like a creep.


Technically, it’s not wrong to see if someone is a catfish. But there’s a danger that people could abuse this when they learn how to use this hack. Maybe they’ll become stalkers and check out their match’s social media without their knowledge. It’s a little dubious, but this is the power of the internet (via DanielTheFirst).