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People Share Shocking Stories About The Worst Roommates They Ever Had

Darren July 27, 2022

Multiple Personalities

Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to live with friends or close acquaintances. Sometimes life throws random people together with horrible results. One Redditor explained that their housemate, Chris, was a lunatic who also made things uncomfortable for everybody.

Unite Studies

“Chris would talk to himself in different voices all day, all night,” Jawucka described. “Then the voices would stop and we would hear pounding. It legitimately sounded like he was repeatedly throwing himself against the wall. Then it would stop. Then it would start. Stop. Start.”

Wooden Platform

One of the worst roommates on the list paid for a room that they didn’t even use. Instead, they slept on the house roof but this almost had lethal consequences. We don’t know how this was legal but they continued to do it until they almost turned someone into a pancake.

My Domaine

“He would take my couch cushions on the roof to sleep on a wooden platform he built so we couldn’t use the couch,” the Redditor revealed. “One day the wooden platform blew off the roof and missed my friend by about two feet, it probably would’ve killed him.”

Microwaved Underwear

Laundry can be a tricky situation in a shared house because there may be limited drying space. One of the worst roommates on this list had a novel solution. It involved using a common household cooking appliance to radiate heat through his underwear.


“He also asked me if I would mind if he microwaved his underwear,” JordanSW wrote. “I obviously said no. Two weeks later I come into the kitchen and he’s looking shifty. The microwave bings, he pulls his underwear out and runs off.” This isn’t a nice image at all but at least one person was happy.

Drink and Drown

Everybody has a night where they drink too much and become a burden. But it’s unfair to do this all of the time and put pressure on other people. However, one college roomie failed to understand this and created a horrible situation for his fellow residents.

Men’s Health

“One of my college roommates liked to party hard and get blackout drunk,” Youtubot wrote. “Then he would pass out in the shower with it running. He would do this repeatedly despite all our warnings that he might drown. Besides this is California we need our water, please don’t take 8-hour showers.”

Nail Clippings

Living with another person is the best way to understand how disgusting others can be. Everybody takes hygiene for granted but the reality is that some people don’t care. They may leave traces of themselves around the house and cause others to vomit.

The Guardian

This Redditor had a disgusting story about his experience because his nemesis left a horrible legacy behind. He wrote: “My old roommate moved out and left his dresser. The drawers were lined with toenail clippings. Still haven’t figured that one out.”

Fat and Smelly

Many of the worst roommates share a common trope because they have terrible hygiene. Here’s another situation where somebody didn’t care about their body odor. But either they fail to consider how this affects other people or they don’t care at all.


“Roommate was obese and refused to shower so our room ALWAYS stunk,” this Redditor described. “I also caught her attempting to try on my clothes on many occasions without permission. She was literally twice my size and half a foot taller than me.”

Yellow Sheets

One person thought that their roommate changed their sheets because he noticed that they were yellow. However, he suffered a massive shock when he realized that this wasn’t the case. The truth was darker and more disgusting as his roomie proved his disgusting attitude toward hygiene.


“I had a roommate who’s not really good with keeping his stuff clean,” the Redditor wrote. “He had a white bed sheet before, 3 months later I noticed his bed sheet was different because it was color brown this time. I told him “wow, finally you changed your bed sheets!” He replied “what are you talking about? I haven’t changed it.”

Pet Rats

Most shared houses don’t allow residents to keep pets because they’re a source of tension. They may destroy the property or create a bad smell that infuriates everybody else. One of this Redditor’s worst roommates had a horrible attitude toward cleaning but her pets didn’t help.

Four Paws

“The girl who kept pet rats, which she never kept in their cage,” TerraBeastie wrote. “They s*** everywhere. She was so filthy I once watched her spill wine on the floor, look at it, and walk away. I finally cleaned it up a week later.” This is vile behavior but she didn’t care at all.

Stolen Sheets

One idiotic roommate stole a Redditor’s bedsheets because he felt cold. However, there’s more to this idiotic story than meets the eye. It wasn’t as though they were living in Wisconsin in the middle of winter. Instead, they were in sunny California.


“I confronted him about this and he said “he was cold” so he needed some more sheets,” LeakX5 said. “But I notice the A/C had been on full blast and aimed directly at his bed. So I ask, “Why didn’t you just turn off the A/C?” “Oh, it didn’t really cross my mind. Sorry, bro.” Sneezes into my sheets, and hands them to me.”

Bed Wetting

It’s rare for an adult to wet the bed but some people have mental traumas that cause this. It’s unfortunate but livable as long as they try to deal with it. But if they don’t it will generate a horrible situation for everybody else and make them one of the worst roommates ever.


“She had a bit of a bed wetting issue and I didn’t want to make her feel bad about it,” they wrote. “But she didn’t do or wear anything to stop it, and only washed her sheets once a week or so. She would just leave puddles of pee in her bed and toss the sheets in the washer at the end of the week.”

Heroin Addict

Nobody can control who their roommate befriends or falls in love with. Unfortunately, one internet user found themselves in an extreme situation. That’s because her roomie dated a horrible drug user who was also a terrible human being.


This Redditor described their situation. They wrote: “She had an abusive boyfriend who was addicted to heroin. Once I came home to him lying naked on the floor, sans roommate. She had gone out to get him heroin money. She cried on my shoulder about him all the time, and wouldn’t listen to any of my advice.”

Shoe Stealer

Imagine stealing somebody else’s shoes for no definite reason. It’s a strange thought that wouldn’t cross most people’s minds because they’re not weirdos. But one of the worst roommates ever had this bizarre addiction and constantly put them on his feet.


BailDodger wrote: “He had a habit of stealing people’s shoes, wearing them until someone saw him wearing them and challenged him. At which point he would strenuously deny that they weren’t his, and disappear into his room.” This is so strange and we want to know the cause of his behavior.

Selfish Sounds

It’s never fair when the worst housemates insist on blaring loud music or sound effects in the middle of the night. People wear headphones for a reason because they don’t want to bother other people. Sometimes it’s even better than listening to poor quality from a cellphone.

Best Life

The Redditor told their story: “I had one roommate in college who would stay up all night, every night, and play League of Legends or watch TV. Now, this wouldn’t be too bad except for the fact that we shared a bedroom and he never used headphones.”

Coldie Oldies

These days people are more conscious of hygiene and public health because of the global crisis. But some don’t care because they’re cheap and vile. Take the following example where one of the worst roommates scrounged free alcohol in the worst way imaginable.

Society 19

This Redditor described the disgusting situation. They wrote: “he would go around to every beer bottle or can and check if any leftover beer. If there was, he would pour all the beer into a large juice jug, roughly 4L or a gallon. He’d then leave it in the fridge until that the next day so it was properly cold. He called it “coldie oldies.”

Stripper Girlfriend

Don’t live with a drug dealer because they bring a lot of baggage into a house. We don’t just mean bags of drugs but also the potential for bad life decisions. This Redditor revealed how their roommate dealt cocaine and dated a stripper in a dysfunctional cycle.

The Conversation

HoffmanID wrote: “One night I get to wake up to a fight between him and his stripper girlfriend at 4:30 am. I can’t remember the exact specifics of the argument, but I do remember the drug dealer roommate yelling, “At least I am going places with my life.”

Drug Abuser

Drug users make some of the worst roommates if their habit develops into something darker. One Redditor revealed how their roomie went off their rails after a night of hard partying. This led to violence and law enforcement became involved in an escalating situation.

The Lancet

One night he takes loads of cocaine/ecstasy (resting heart rate of 155bpm),” GregorF92 wrote. “He beats up his boyfriend in the flat, and the boyfriend runs away bleeding and phones the police, I have to speak to the police at 1 am and don’t get to sleep until about 3:30 am, before being up for work at 4:45.

Normal Person

It’s crucial to vet potential roommates because nobody wants to live with a lunatic. But sometimes people have a normal appearance that hides a psychotic mindset. One internet user said that they accepted a housing application from a relaxed and well-dressed man. But he went crazy on the first day and didn’t last long.

Washburn House

“His first day he showed up with a case of Milwaukee’s Best Ice and trashed the kitchen,” the Redditor described. “He left beer cans all over the place, cigarette burns on the couch (it was a non-smoking house), the microwave had macaroni and cheese in it.”

Wet Towel

A Redditor told the story about one of their worst roommates and his hygiene problem. He always showered but this wasn’t the problem. The tension emerged from what he did after he emerged and tried to dry himself. It also resulted in the roomie suffering from horrendous back acne.

Real Simple

“I had a roommate who believed that when he got out of the shower he was clean, so his towel was never getting dirty by drying him off,” they wrote. “So he would never wash it with his laundry. It just smelled worse and worse and worse as the semester went on.”

No Cleaning

Everybody should clean up after themselves and ensure that they’re having a minimal impact on other housemates. But some people are completely inept and don’t know how to do anything. They also don’t want to learn how to improve as an individual.

Wren Kitchens

Arcanition described how he lived with one of the worst roommates ever. The netizen described: “he wouldn’t shower, he wouldn’t do his dishes, nothing. He didn’t know how to cook or do laundry, so he would only order delivery food and he would save all of his dirty laundries to take home once a semester.”

Samurai Sword

As a general rule, it’s advisable to ban weapons from a shared house. Otherwise, there may be a Mexican Standoff over whose turn it is to wash the dishes. One drug-abusing roommate kept a Japanese katana next to his bed as his fellow residents discovered.

Marc Newsom

“My first ever roommate came home one night from a rave,” ILoveYou_Jenny wrote. “I had a friend over who happened to be in the hall bathroom at the moment. (his bathroom) he proceeded to have a meltdown! He was on ‘special k’ at the time and tried to samurai sword the bathroom door down!”

Wet Bed

It’s a fact that people sometimes wet the bed after a hard night of drinking. Nobody wants to admit it but it’s true and not the end of the world. Yes, it’s embarrassing but we can wash the sheets and pretend nothing happened. However, it’s more problematic when it’s somebody else’s bed.

Study International

Wvdmei described: “It took me a few seconds to realize what was going on, but when I did I jumped out of my bed like it was on fire. It turned out that my drunk roommate was urinating all over my bed, while I was in it.” This is an unforgettable story about one of the worst roommates ever.

Stuck in the Middle

It’s never comfortable to live with somebody who is going through a relationship problem. If the people are crazy they may even drag others into the situation. Depending on their mental state this can even be dangerous because they may snap and attack.

New York Post

Smashface84 wrote: “After a drunken fight with her boyfriend where he kicked in her door and she pushed him down the stairs, she then decided I had been flirting with him (gross, by the way) and basically tried to kill me.” Let’s hope that they managed to escape from this toxic situation.

Hello Darkness

Sharing a room means that it’s important to be considerate of the other person. If one of them comes home late they should enter quietly and try not to wake their roomie up. It’s also advisable to leave the lights off when they’re sleeping because they may wake up.

Huff Post

“My first roommate would come in at 3 in the morning and turn the lights on while I was sleeping,” Klymex reminisced. “When confronted be said I should “buy one of those masks people wear in airplanes.” This is a horrible attitude because it’s unfair and irrational.

Time to Go

This story is crazy but we had some sympathy for the perpetrator until we read until the end. Often several people share a single bathroom in a house or apartment. A problem may arise when one person is in the shower and another requires the toilet.


“I was in the shower so my roommate decided to poop in a coffee tin and put it under his bed and then forgot about it,” the Redditor wrote. “We went to sleep, woke up to the whole room smelling disgusting and us having an inspection in a few minutes.”

Angry Pitbull

A Redditor revealed that one of their worst roommates kept a vicious pit bull in their house. We’re not talking about the famous hip-hop artist but the muscular dog. He had no control over the intimidating animal but reacted violently to any complaints.

The Spruce Pets

Bortnib wrote about one of the worst housemates ever. He said: “the guy refused to train his pitbull. If you shoved the dog away while it was biting you he would threaten to punch you in the face.” This is a harsh reaction because he obviously should have trained his pet.

R.A. Woes

Usually, when people have a problem with a college roommate they complain to the R.A. But this person found themselves in a horrific situation because their nemesis went there first. They lied about the Redditor’s behavior and created a massive problem for them.

Study Breaks

“Had a roommate in college that went and told the R.A. I threatened to kill her just to get me kicked out of the dorm,” WonderWoman005 said. “She succeeded and I had to move, and also got banned from that building.” In short, they were one of the worst roommates in the history of the universe.

Protein Workouts

Few things annoy people more than wasted space in a house. One of the worst roommates abandoned all of his gym supplements in a public space. The craziest aspect of this was that he didn’t train at all. This meant it was a waste of money as well as a public annoyance.


TheDankBank1021 said: “He insisted on keeping his protein supplements, pre-workout, post-workout, and an ungodly amount of “testosterone pills” on an openly visible shelf and would go crazy if you touched them. He never once worked out in the year that I lived with him.”

Vomit Fan

This internet user admitted that they don’t hate their former roommate but they still had a horrible story. Many of these tales involve drunken nights and these create awkward situations. However, it’s impossible to script something like this because nobody would believe it.

Metro UK

“Roommate came back to the dorm after drinking,” the Redditor wrote. “Rolls over and throws up on my fan, which is running, and ends up literally blowing chunks of food all over the room. He tries to clean my fan with a paper towel the next morning and give it back to me.”

Wet Wipes

Imagine living with somebody who had a phobia of showering. This is a concept that’s too horrifying to imagine because the person will have a disgusting body odor. Meanwhile, the individual in question had a vile personality that didn’t help matters.


Erekes wrote: “I had a roommate named Lydia who was afraid of showering and only used wet wipes to clean herself, rather unsuccessfully. She also faked medical issues (Munchausen’s)? Oh, and she never took her dog outside, she let it poop in her bedroom.”

False Security

People must receive a receipt for their payments because things may go drastically wrong. If one person is responsible for a single payment they can abuse their power. The following story should serve as a warning to those in a similar situation.

Irvine Company

“Roommate lied about paying utilities,” Manice08 said. “Spring came and so did a $1,500.00 bill I was stuck with and my roommate went across the country off the radar.” There’s nothing that anybody can do in this situation unless they hire a hitman to serve retribution.


Everybody should feel comfortable in the space where they’re living. That’s why housemates should clear potential guests with each other because it creates a sense of trust. It’s never a good idea to bring random strangers into a house because it stirs up problems.


“Punk hippy housemate let two homeless alcoholics crash on our couch with their chihuahua,” ChuckDuck253 explained. “I got scabies from them and got to deal with that for six months.” That’s a disgusting problem to deal with.

Cat Fight

Another cultural difference emerged when this Redditor shared a room with a Korean girl. The new roommate left some food out and the cat approached it. However, the girl reacted harshly and unexpectedly. It was disproportionate and created immediate tension.

Reader’s Digest

DerpCatz revealed: “she decided the best course of action is to punch my cat in the face and chase him around the apartment. I literally had to drag her away from my cat while she screamed at him in Korean and swung her arms like a drunk kosher.”

Shower Woes

Sharing a bathroom can be disgusting because people are vile. The worst roommates leave traces of themselves behind and force others to clean after them. It’s disgusting because nobody wants to find hairs or dried vomit all of the time.


ThisIsNotAWar wrote: “She pooped in the shower. Multiple times. She puked on the floor and left it there all weekend while I was away. Oddly, what I found to be her worst offense was when I walked in on her washing her dishes in the sink with my toothbrush.”

S.W.A.T. Team

One person had an insane story because police entered his flat and arrested his housemate. It emerged that he was involved in a serious kidnapping in Toronto that led to the death of one person. This is a crazy tale about one of the worst roommates ever but it could have been worse.

CSO Online

They wrote: “My roommate kidnapped two guys and held them for ransom. One hostage was set free weeks later while the other wasn’t so lucky. The body was eventually found in a basement cemented and buried in the ground. Cops busted into the flat and apprehended my roommate while he was sleeping.”