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30+ Brilliant Solutions That Will Make The Best Of A Limited Space

Asher June 17, 2022

The sizes of new houses and apartments have been getting progressively smaller over the years as the cost to rent or buy them has been steadily on the rise. For each ‘Debbie-Downer’ who complains about the lack of space available for all of their stuff, there is usually a ‘Positive-Polly’ making the best out of the situation they are given. Whether they live in a mobile or standard home, for years people have been coming up with some wonderfully creative ways in order to optimize every inch of their living environments. Let’s have a quick look at 40 of the ways in which people proved that size really does not matter.

Tired of swimming through an endless river of chairs, while attempting to cross the University lounge to study with a friend? They were thinking outside the box at the University of Surrey when they designed this study lounge.

'One Quick Game'


The people who came up with this idea have not only made great use of their space but have finally found a practical use for wall art. The next step should be to make that wall a triple threat and turn it into a game of Reversi as well.

It has become almost automatic for most of us to disregard the small spaces between the larger appliances in our homes. We constantly see signs reminding us to “mind-the-gap”, but why not make use out of the gap instead?

'Not Again...'


These people are proof that the gap between the wall and the fridge is not just for pet toys and broomsticks. With just a little bit of work, they have optimized the space in their kitchen and stopped the family pet from getting stuck behind the fridge again.

Over the past few decades, individuals who live in small duplexes or multi-floor homes have begun to utilize the spaces in and around their stairwells.



Turning the stairs into multi-purpose stair/drawers is an excellent idea for those who are tired of wasting closet space on shoes. It is probably a good idea to make sure that no one else is coming downstairs before accessing the sneakers.

Under-the-bed storage is a common trend amongst individuals whose apartments don’t quite accommodate all of their storage needs.



The people who renovated this place had bigger aspirations than one’s typical under-the-bed storage methods. Elevating the bed off the floor, by building a level with built-in storage drawers, is a great way to add space and depth to the apartment.

Deciding to utilize the idea of a bunk bed, when sharing a small space with a roommate, could end up creating much-needed extra room for activities.

"Did We just Become Best Friends?"


The parents who had this room made for their children have found an amazing way of giving the kids a bit of independence from one another while eliminating the need for a second room.

After someone has searched aimlessly through the kitchen pantry in hopes of stumbling across the seasoning that they are looking for, they soon realize how important it is to have a proper spice rack. But finding a spice rack that fits properly in the kitchen can be rather difficult sometimes.

'Got Any Paprika?'


Anyone out there who loves to cook knows the frustrations of searching for an important spice while cooking. The stove-side spice rack is a brilliant idea that is not only practical but looks great as well.

Restaurant owners are constantly searching for ways in which they could increase capacity while not jeopardizing their customer’s comfort. Sometimes the answer also happens to be a quirky gimmick that gives clients a bit of a different dining perspective.

'View From The Top'


For the patrons who do not mind climbing up to their table, this restaurant has discovered a unique new way of increasing capacity but also allowing for adequate space between diners.

Finding it difficult to find the perfect Feng Shui because of bulky closets and over-sized dressers? Wouldn’t it be great if there were a quick easy answer? Well, there’s not. But, for the right amount of money, anything is possible.

'It's In The walls'

Instagram/ customdecostore

If one has the means to do so, having a wardrobe built into the walls would save an enormous amount of space, and let’s be honest, it looks like something that James Bond would have.

Beds and sofas are two of the more popular items that one looks to purchase upon moving into a new flat. If space is limited it may be a good idea to put those two items together in order to accommodate family or friends who may need to spend the night.

'Go, Go Gadget Couch'


A sofa bed is a fantastic idea for anyone who has limited space but plans on having frequent visitors. They eliminate the need for a guest room and these days they are a lot easier to convert than they had been in the past.

In Japan, they have revolutionized the pull-out couch by removing the extra effort that was needed in order to transform one’s couch into a bed. The Kotatsu is a traditional floor couch that triples as a dining table and a bed as well.

'It's Huge!'


The Kotatsu allows for maximum capacity while watching a film with friends, but also provides the utmost comfort when a nap is needed. For anyone with a studio apartment, it also eliminates the need for a separate bedroom and dining room.

A key element in so many comedic films and television programs, Murphy beds have been saving people space in small apartments for more than 100 years.

'Whatcha Got In The Closet?'


William Murphy patented the first Murphy bed way back in 1911 and with it he solved the problem of where to keep a bed out of sight during the day, yet readily available in the evenings. It is rumored that his invention was originally created because he fancied a young opera singer at the time, and proper courting practices forbode a woman from entering a man’s bedroom while out of wedlock.

Not everyone has the ability to add levels to their apartment in order to store things under the floor. For the more economically minded people, perhaps a bed with built-in storage is the answer they seek.

'Open Wide'


Having the ability to store things under one’s bed is rather convenient until something is needed from storage. Making the bed in the morning can be a hassle for some people, so imagine the frustrations of having to re-make the bed every time a roll of toilet paper is needed.

Building a wardrobe right into the wall is an excellent way to open up a room.

'I've Been Framed'


I am curious how this person is going to be able to access the cupboards above the bed, but I suppose that’s part of the adventure of compact living.

Living in a studio loft apartment can sometimes give off the feeling of living the life of a sardine, packed away in a tiny tin can, but with just a few adjustments even the smallest of lofts can be transformed into quite the livable pad.

'A Wheely Good View'


Right down to the ladder on wheels, this flat gives off the feel of being in an old-time library. The view from the gallery may be nice, but be careful when coming home late from the pub. The first step is a doozy.

As rooms become smaller, every little nook becomes just as important to utilize as any other cranny, that one may find at home. Minimalistic artistic homes have become all the rage amongst those who are just out of college.

'Boxed In'


Most people just out of college still remember what it is like to have minimal space, while few have ever earned enough money to have enough stuff that would warrant a larger flat. This apartment cube is about 10 square-feet but has a library, lounge, and bedroom. With high enough ceilings, almost anything is possible.

Only when looking below the surface of certain household items does one begin to see the unlimited potential for efficiency.

'20,000 Leagues, Ahead Of The Rest'


The person who designed this tub understands the importance of having everything one may need for the perfect bathing experience, at their fingertips. This is the bat belt of bathtubs.

A beautiful view of a major metropolitan city and living within close proximity of nearly everything one could need, are just a few of the perks that come with living in a new apartment in a modern highrise building.

'That'll Do'


A large studio like this one has unlimited potential for greatness. With bookshelves that carry-on through from the kitchen to the bedroom and a couch that attaches to the bottom of the bed, the layout of this flat is almost as efficient as they come.

If an individual has a small apartment, the last thing that they would probably want is large appliances that take up the majority of the available space.


This table is perfect for someone with a limited amount of floor space. It can open up to comfortably seat six people and has ample storage, however, it can also be folded up and placed in a corner, completely out of the way.

Having a different shelf for plates and coffee cups, a cupboard for the wine glasses, and a drawer for the bowls can be very confusing. It would be much easier if everything could just be in one place.

'I See What Ya Did There'


There is something extremely appealing to the eye about this one. From dishes to cutlery and even wine glasses, this cabinet system has everything one could desire, in order to fulfill all of their kitchen needs.

Due to the sizes and layouts of most studio apartments, they tend to show up on this list quite a bit. Most of the designs are rather interesting, even though the beds are all rather small.

'Apartment Pod'


This apartment cube has it all, right down to the shelves built into the side of the stairs that lead to the bed.

As one of the more popular places in one’s house to convert into a storage space, stairs tend to also get some of the more creative storage attempts.

'Wanna Play A Game'


The person who designed these storage steps clearly put a lot of thought into them. This looks more like an elaborate puzzle than a staircase. It would be interesting to see what they could come up with if given a larger project.

Cat people everywhere are well aware of the issues that their little furry friends have with sharing. Finding a place to live that is large enough for a cat and their person to cohabitate is no easy feat.

'Got Any Catnip?'


With a built-in lounge and an easily accessible washroom area, this compact kitty complex is perfect for any feline friend who finds themselves sharing a smaller than average living space with their person.

Keeping one’s rubbish bins under the kitchen sink can lead to unnecessary clutter while keeping them out in the open will almost definitely cause the undesirable smell of garbage to seep out into the apartment.

'It's Called A Sanitary Rubbish Receptacle'


Having a rubbish receptacle similar to this, not only keeps one’s garbage out of sight and out of mind but also has ample counter space for air fresheners or scented candles that will help eliminate any unwanted smells.

Mobile home and campervan owners nationwide understand the importance of optimizing every inch of available space.

'The Shui Has Been Fenged'


Comfort is quite important when traveling around in a motor vehicle for an extended period of time. This mobile homeowner has even found a way to include a few plants in order to enhance the vehicle’s homely ambiance.

Finding the proper places for all of one’s beloved spices and sauces is nearly impossible to do. No matter which cupboard or shelf is chosen as their new home, there are always a few favorites that remain tucked out of sight and forgotten about. Until now…

"Nice, Like Sugar And Spice"

Facebook/ANCO Inspection Services LLC

Storing bottles of every shape and size, while also significantly cutting down on cupboard rummaging time and settling for unwanted flavors, this fridge-side storage shelf is the perfect addition to any kitchen.

Saving space through the use of ceiling storage is not something that we see many people do, but it is a great way to store things out of sight while not losing any cupboard space.

'Storage Wars'


Although it may seem like a good idea to help keep things away from young children, packing giant Tupperware containers full of various things and hanging them from above seems a bit more like a safety hazard than a space saver.

Driving cross-country in a cramped, two-seater van can seem like a dreadful thing to do at times. Having a built-in diner at which to stop and get coffee, would probably make the experience a bit less exhausting.

'Pancakes And A Cup Of Coffee Would Be Great'


It would be a treat to take a road trip in this mobile cafe. Those aren’t just regular storage drawers, this van has a pull-out stove for hot food at any time of the day and a convertible bed for all of one’s napping needs.

It doesn’t matter how often one cleans up after their kids, there is always something else to tidy-up. Ask any parent who has spent a large amount of time at home lately, and they will tell you that they are constantly cleaning up after their children.



This incredible creation has plenty of storage space for all of the messy-causing things that one may find around the house. After all of the books and toys have been safely stored away, there is even a spot to store one’s messy munchkin while giving off the impression that they are simply lounging in their new wall unit.

An individual’s bed normally takes up the most amount of space in small living quarters.

'I Gotta Have More Drawers'


It’s a wonder that we don’t see more beds tucked away in drawers. This studio apartment gets a whole lot bigger once the bed is tucked away and the closet drawers are closed.

Many people would love to have a big home library. The problem is, most homes do not have enough built-in shelf space in order to accommodate an avid reader’s collection.

'Feeling Cornered'


Corner shelves are a great way to utilize otherwise wasted space. They help to eliminate clutter, and also give guests something to look at while snooping around the house.

As we’ve seen already if there is a way for someone to use their stairs for storage, they will find it. While most people have gone with the classic method of turning the stairs into drawers, these next people believe in something with a bit easier access.

'Post-Modern Storage'


These open-sided stair shelves are great for those who live alone or in pairs, however, with children running around, this place looks like a disaster waiting to happen. The bar-shelf should at least be up a little higher.

Whilst a large number of individuals are finding ways to optimize their space by transforming their stairs into uniquely designed shelves and drawers, others have gone for a bit more of a futuristic look.

'Slide To The Right'


I am not sure of anyone who would turn down the chance to have the underside of their stairs turned into a dish storage area with a sliding door. The only thing that would make this better is if the left cupboard door slid open to a hidden kitchen.

Many of the space-saving ideas on this list have to do with bedrooms or stairs. This next idea is an outstanding solution to the family that is growing too fast.

'Third Time's A Charm'


Having three beds at night that transform into one during the day, while creating ample play space, seems too good to be true. The triple bunk bed with drawer storage is the perfect purchase for parents who end up with more kids, than rooms in the house.

Tired of only finding one half of that favorite pair of shoes? If only there were a cheap and easy way to keep everything from sandals to pumps organized at all times.

''The Shoe's On The Other Foot'

Facebook/Norj MA

This product is easy to store and cuts the needed shoe storage space in half. In order to coordinate with any set of footwear that one may have, there are eight different colors to choose from.

One of the benefits of having kids is getting them all of the things that we wanted but never got when we were young.

'Bunk Bed, Corner Pocket'


This loft-style bunk bed for kids is a great way to optimize all of the space possible in a child’s room. By combining a desk, bed, and closet into one compact corner unit, the kid who lives in this room will get an early taste of what a college dorm room is like.

Finding the perfect place to put one’s TV has become quite a bit more complicated over the years. From TV units to wall mounts there are endless models and sizes to choose from.

'Time To Shelf The Idea'


These guys have found the ultimate solution, building the TV unit right into the bookshelf. It saves space and eliminates the possibility of having a television fall from the wall.

Proper space for all of one’s pots and pans can be more difficult to sort out than any other dishes. They are all different sizes and usually have rather unique shapes from one another.

'Exactly As Panned'


Installing a hanging rack from the ceiling in order to comfortably store the bulkier kitchen items gives the food preparation area more of a professional look, and provides extra cupboard space that would otherwise have been misused.

Driving across Australia in a small white van can get to be a very hot and sweaty venture, but knowing a good carpenter can make the experience quite a bit more comfortable.

'Another One Bites The Dust'

FloNi Photography

The backpacker who drove this van around ‘the land down under’ also happened to be a carpenter in his home country of Germany. He fitted the vehicle with a double bed, enough drawers to store everything one may need, and a kitchen counter that could slide out of sight, when not in use.

Upon planning the layout of one’s many people avoid using the space under the stairs.

'Underneath It All'

Facebook/Shterio Dimitrov Shterev

Even though it may seem a little tacky at first, placing the entertainment unit under the stairs is a wonderful way to keep the TV out of harm’s way. It also ensures great lighting with no glare when watching films.

Some people have decided to store their dishes under the stairs, while others have built wardrobes right into their walls. So far, we have seen 39 people who have come up with rather ingenious ways of solving their problems of limited space, but number 40 tops them all.


Warner Bros. Pictures

The best solution that someone has discovered in order to solve the problem of having limited space, goes to none other than Vernon Dursley himself. Finding a way to store a full-grown wizard under one’s stairs is just as, if not more impressive than everything else on this list.