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These Animals Were Caught Misbehaving And Doing Really Strange Things

Hizkiail September 24, 2021

Animals can be pretty strange beings. Some of them are majestic, some are weird, some are loud, and others pretty much just exist, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. While it may be hard to understand their language, that doesn’t mean we should stop trying. And just like people, animals can do pretty offbeat things too, which result in uproarious scenarios. Take a look at some of the most awkwardly fantastic animal pictures people managed to take – they’re hilarious!

Animals have the ability to sit, lie down, and even fall asleep in some of the weirdest places. No matter how uncomfortable it may look, they will go for that spot if that is what they want to do. That is apparently what this huge lion did.

I Sit Wherever I Fit

From every spot available for it to sit in, it went for the tiniest wheelbarrow, even though it barely fit in there. The scene reminds us just how much big cats resemble a domestic cat, with actions that are often pretty much the same thing a domestic cat would do.

There is almost nothing more heartwarming than to see a dog smiling with pride. Not all dogs can express themselves that way, but little Doug here could not hide his contentment as he stood next to his dad, while he held his first modeling photo.

Doug Is So Proud Of His First Photoshoot

Clearly, the pup was made to have a modeling career, with those happy ears, unforgettable eyes, and unique personality. By the looks of the picture, we are guessing that Doug has a very successful modeling career ahead of him.

Some dogs know exactly what a good life looks like, and so they go for it with everything they have. This pup is a perfect example of it. Apparently, its owners noticed that the dog had escaped the yard, and they had no idea where it had gone to.

When You Have Your Priorities Right

While they were looking, they suddenly received a message from their neighbor with a picture. Once they looked at the picture, they literally couldn’t handle their laughter. The dog had escaped in order to chill in the neighbor’s pool!

Blended families exist everywhere, among humans and animals alike. This photo is a perfect example of this. We tend to think that animals prefer to always stick to their kind, and while this is true to the majority, there are also exceptions in which animals of different species will “adopt” a family member and accept them as their own.

A Blended Happy Family

In this picture, we see an alpaca being really close friends with a chicken. After giving birth to a tiny baby alpaca, the mom alpaca seems to have invited the chicken to be a godmother.

It is absolutely hilarious that this pigeon looks like some sort of the “Marilyn Monroe” of all pigeons. In this photo, the bird seems to have a floating white skirt, which is pretty unique compared to most pigeons out there.

This Pigeon Is A Little Bit Fancier Than Most

Someone was quick to snap a shot of the bird while it stood on top of a steam gate, which resulted in this ridiculous photo that resembles that iconic Marilyn Monroe scene from the press tour for The Seven-Year Itch.

Okay, so with dogs or humans, we don’t particularly think it’s fair to compare levels of intelligence, but the dogs in this picture are really making it difficult to ignore what’s going on. While one of the dogs has clearly grasped the idea of looking through the window, the second one is struggling to see what’s happening outside through the curtains.

​One Of These Dogs Is Definitely Smarter Than The Other

Of course, their owner couldn’t help but snap a picture of the hilarious moment, while pointing towards the fact that they definitely have different capabilities.

Some animals have no problem finding random comfortable places to be in, even if that means the middle of someone’s roof. This person found a raccoon chilling on their rooftop, and while raccoons are usually pretty stealthy and sneaky, this one couldn’t care less about someone seeing it.

This Person's New Neighbor Seems Very Comfortable

Just like that, the raccoon was living on this person’s rooftop, and it didn’t seem bothered for a second about being caught. We wonder how it would react if the person who snapped this picture would actually ask them for rent money.

There is a common assumption that dogs can automatically swim thanks to their instincts. And while this is mostly true for a large number of dogs, some pups really fail at it. As shared by this dog parent, their doggie actually likes water, but it doesn’t know how to swim.

Improvising So That This Awkward Pup Can Swim

So in order to get the dog to enjoy a nice swim without drowning, they improvised with whatever they had available, and that was a pair of floaties.

It’s not every day that a pet guinea pig attempts to unlock someone’s phone. We almost feel privileged to witness such an iconic picture. We’re grateful that nowadays, technology has gotten so advanced that it offers us protection against dangerous criminals like this little guy.

Looks Like This Guinea Pig Tried To Break Into This Phone

Whenever a stranger attempts to invade our privacy, our smartphones handle it by blocking them and letting us know by taking a picture of the culprit. The sneaky guinea pig didn’t stand a chance!

Training a pet is not always easy, although there are certain types of pets that are more “trainable” than others. For example, one can probably succeed much more in training a dog than a cat. Now, when it comes to pet lizards, things get a little bit more difficult.

This Gecko Doesn't Look Pleased

Clearly, this person did not train their lizard in any way, which has resulted in a complete out-of-control attitude. According to this picture, this gecko does not look pleased, and they know exactly how to get their owner’s attention with this small gesture.

Now, if this is not one of the best allusions to Michelangelo’s famous painting then we don’t know what is. This person managed to get a snap of the brilliant moment this doggie and their human parent bonded in a very artistic way.

The Perfect Creation Of A Dog

We have no idea if the moment was a total coincidence, or if this dog knows exactly what it’s doing. All we know is that the result is absolutely brilliant. Judging by the dog’s face, it looks very pleased with the situation.

Just imagine finally deciding to get that fish you’ve always wanted, heading to the closest store, and then coming back home with a completely different animal. We get wanting to get a pet fish, they are mostly low maintenance, and usually need to be fed once or twice a day, which is pretty easy to handle.

​This Person Went To The Store To Buy A Fish And Came Back With A Bunny

Now, this person simply couldn’t resist the temptation to get this little bunny when they saw it, so instead of an easy fishy friend, this is what they came home with.

Animals are pretty good at showing when they appreciate something, and in this case, this person was reminded that their good deed did not go unnoticed. They fed a random duck that showed up in the yard, and a few days later they realized that the little guy had brought its entire family for seconds.

This Is What Happens When You Feed One Duck

At some point, this person had about 19 ducks standing at their door, waiting for their next good deed. While this can be a bit of a nuisance, we can’t ignore how funny it is!

Here’s the thing, some people (and animals) are just cool. They don’t need much to prove it to anyone, their entire existence is awesome, and we have here a perfect example of it here. Pet lizards can be really mysterious since it’s almost impossible to know what they really feel or want.

This Little Lizard Is Too Cool

They just exist mysteriously and do their independent thing on a daily basis. But this lizard seems to be telling us something in this picture, and the most we get from it is that it is simply too cool for us.

If you have a dog in the family, then you probably feel that they often resemble a little child. Mostly, it’s just really difficult to know what they want, or what they are trying to tell us. This good girl named Rizzo loves playing with her toys, but somehow, she developed a very unusual habit that her human parents cannot decipher, just like a small child would.

​This Very Organized Doggie

Every day, she grabs her toys and organizes them by placing each one in its own spot. The level of organization is really impressive and much more developed than many humans out there.

Pandas are some of the clumsiest animals in the animal kingdom. They do incredibly silly things, they fall everywhere, and they are also pretty clingy. But most of all, they love taking naps throughout the day, which can make them look quite lazy.

Are These Pandas Or Marshmallows?

When this person saw all of these adorable pandas sleeping together, they couldn’t help but think that they resembled a bunch of yummy marshmallows. The combination of their thick white fur and how they simply plopped on the floor is simply too funny.

Many of us underestimate how smart some animals are. But most animals are actually pretty intelligent. And when it comes to animal mothers, they will do anything they have to do in order to keep their babies safe, just like their human counterparts.

Mama Moose Takes The Safe Route To Cross The Road

This mama moose chose to keep her babies safe in the most logical way. Instead of crossing the very busy and dangerous highway, she directed all of them to cross the overhead bridge. In the end, they were all safe and sound when they reached the other side. Bridges aren’t just for humans!

For many people, libraries are sadly somewhat forgotten places. Since we can easily get information with just a few clicks nowadays and read books on our phones and tablets, libraries get fewer and fewer people in. But this person clearly hasn’t forgotten about them, and still loves taking a good stroll in the local library.

An intellectual Bunny Looking For Its Next Book

And while they were probably used to seeing the exact same people over and over again, one day they saw something very unusual—a bunny! As it turns out, bunnies also love a good read too.

If you’re obsessed with cute dog memes and videos the way some of us are, then you’ve probably seen at least one or two of a butterfly landing on top of a dog’s head. But have you ever seen a baby bird do the exact same thing?

Baby Bird Knows Exactly Where It's Safe To Land

This good doggy probably looked like the safest and fluffiest place to land, because this bird decided that the top of its head was the perfect spot for a quick rest. The result was this precious photo of an unlikely bond between the two.

This mother chicken is the epitome of kindness and motherhood. According to this person, their friend had some goose eggs that needed a mom. So they gave it to their chicken, who immediately took them under her wing, and sat on them until they were ready to hatch.

​Mother Chick Loves Her Goose Babies

When they finally did hatch, the little goose babies came out happy to have a mom, and the mama chick couldn’t care less about the fact that they didn’t exactly look like her. In the end, they were all a happy and diverse family.

This is the thing about having lots of animals and a home farm. We get to see incredible, unlikely moments of friendship shared by different species. This is another case of a blended family or friendship between a goat and a few chickens.

Chickens Say Hello To Baby Goat

When the goat gave birth, all the chickens ran to the place where the mama goat and her baby were, to provide some adorable moral support. Don’t you just love the animal kingdom?

It can take some time for people to warm up to crows. They can be sneaky, and pretty scary sometimes, but they are actually just birds trying to survive this thing that we call life. This person clearly founded an unlikely friendship with the crow, to the point that they decided to gift them a little hat.

This Crow Is Definitely Ready For Winter

They somehow managed to place it on their head, making this fashionable crow all ready for winter. Doesn’t it look festive?

Just look at these little posers! When it comes to the camera, these little guys are definitely not shy. Even though you would probably expect them to run away when they come across a human in their territory, these two did the exact opposite.

Baby Weasels Know The Right Time To Pose

Instead, they stopped in the middle of this road in the Scottish Highlands, stared directly at the camera, and let this person take their picture. We wonder if they speak with an accent, too.

Just look at this good boy showing everyone that no matter how uncomfortable a situation may be, he will do as instructed. This guy demonstrates that you can train a dog to do almost anything, and that includes sitting right on top of their bestie’s head.

No Matter How Awkward It Is, This Dog Will Always Sit When He Is Told

The other dog might not be as contempt about the situation, but seems to be handling it surprisingly well. We’re rooting for you both, little doggies!

We don’t really know if this baby giraffe actually loves smiling, or if their face is just naturally the most friendly face in the world. We would love to believe the baby saw something that made them happy, but who knows. In general, giraffes are usually pretty friendly animals, while simultaneously being attentive to everything around them.

This Smily Baby Giraffe

They are always aware of what is happening in their surroundings, in case any threat comes near. Clearly, there was no threat here, as the giraffe looked very comfortable and happy.

Some couples just stay romantic no matter how many years go by. This couple, who has probably been together for a while, is showing us just how simple gestures can mean so much to another person.

​This Husband Is Winning At Marriage

This shared a picture of what their dad does for their mom every morning. He gives birds food every single morning but places the food in a creative way. That way, his wife gets to wake up to the picture of a heart while the little birds eat.

Cats are weird, period. They are sneaky, they walk around in strange places, and they can literally fall asleep anywhere, no matter how uncomfortable or dangerous it looks. But they are still absolutely adorable.

This Cat Chose The Weirdest Place To Hang Out In

This cat is clearly no exception to this. This person was scrolling through the neighborhood record store when they saw this little furry cat just chilling in the middle of a bunch of records. Does it look comfortable? No. Does the cat seem to care? Not at all.

Dog walking just sounds like those professions that make anyone happy. Can you imagine spending an entire day with little pooches, watching them play, petting them, talking to them? It literally sounds like heaven to us.

Dog Walker Takes The Best Photos

And of course, dog walkers don’t only get to spend lots of time with doggies, if they try hard enough, they can also take magnificent photos like this one. This dog parent couldn’t handle not sharing this photo of their fur baby and their friends with fellow dog lovers!

Can you really blame them? Especially during times of isolation, while some cats may get pretty tired of their owners being home all the time, other cats cannot get enough. It’s clear to see from this picture that these cats are not planning to let their mom work anytime soon.

These Cats Do Not Want To Let Their Mom Work

It looks like they planned it all out, each of them sitting at a very specific spot, with two of them even going further to sit on top of mom’s laptop and fully prevent her from working.

While chickens are not usually the first option people go for when they think about adopting a pet, some say they make wonderful companions. Little chicks too enjoy warm spots during winter, just like any other house pet would.

These Baby Chicks Know Exactly What The Want

This person just had to share the moment their baby chicks snuggled up around their coffee mug in order to keep themselves as warm as possible.

Once again, we get to see a chicken’s motherly instinct. It seems like no matter what animal one would give them to take care of, the mama chick would welcome them with all the love in the world. This time, the chicken got two kitties to take care of in the middle of a storm, and she seems to be taking the job very seriously.

Mama Chickens Can Raise just About Any Animal

It’s safe to say that whenever there is a little baby in need of warmth and protection, we can count on a mother chicken to take them under her wings.

We may think that dogs have no idea what they’re doing sometimes, but we’re obviously mistaken. Just look at the accomplished look on this pooch’s face! That is not the face of a dog that doesn’t know what it is doing.

You Shall Only Spend Time With Me From Now On

The doggie chewed their parent’s remote control and completely destroyed it, meaning they couldn’t watch TV anymore. So what better thing to do than spend some extra time with the not-so-good boy?

Having a parrot is probably one of the coolest things ever. They are quirky, intelligent, and really weird when they want to be. And this person doesn’t just have one parrot, they have three! But the struggle to take a good photo of all of them together is real and has become an almost impossible task to fulfill.

These Parrots Know How To Strike A Pose

In this picture, they were giving it a try yet again, but obviously, they didn’t manage. We have to admit that the result was probably much better than any other “perfect” picture.

It takes a lot of time to build trust with both people and animals alike. In a world where our trust is constantly being broken, it may take months, or even years until we fully trust someone new. Here is a perfect example of someone who was patient and knew that trust would eventually come, it just required a little bit of work.

​The Years Of Trust-Building Were Totally Worth It

So after a year and a half getting close to this bird, this person managed to get them to stay still while they placed a tiny cowboy hat on them. They look so fancy.

Fun fact, domestic cats have actually developed their meow sounds just so they could communicate with humans. And while we still have no idea what they’re saying when they’re meowing, at least now we know that they are definitely trying to tell us something.

​This Cat Was Not Impressed With This Person's

However, they may not be ready to interact with their human when it meows back. Just like this person shows, their cat had no idea what to do when their girlfriend meow back at them. They simply looked startled.

The resemblance between this hairless guinea pig and a baby hippo is simply out of this world. In fact, this person couldn’t believe it when they saw the tiny guinea pig being taken care of. The person was sure they were looking at a baby hippo.

Guinea Pig With No Hair Looks Like A Tiny Hippo

But even though they look pretty similar, the truth is that baby hippos are a little chubbier and just bigger in general. Still, if we didn’t know this picture was of a guinea pig, we would probably be a little confused.

When it comes to food, some animals seem to have this radar that lets them know exactly when they’re going to get something yummy. In some cases, they just try their luck, which seems to be working quite well for this tiny groundhog.

​This Groundhog Knows Exactly What's Up

Apparently, it shows up at this office every single day, because it knows it will get a tasty snack. That day, it scored a tiny cupcake after someone had their birthday. We didn’t know groundhogs were into sugary treats.

It is a fact that dads from all over the world are quite known for taking some of the most awkward selfies ever. No matter how much effort they put into it (or because of all of the effort they put in), they somehow manage to take the funniest photos.

​This Dad Takes Some Impressive Selfies

This dad right here is absolutely no exception. Their child wasn’t even surprised when they received a selfie of their dad smiling alongside a very upbeat-looking rooster.

Here’s another example of a pack of very different animals who just learned to love and accept each other. If they can do it, why can’t we? And the coolest thing about this picture is that each of them, the deer, the cat, and the dog have their own beds to rest in.

Three Very Different Friends

They are clearly loved equally by whoever owns this house, and they seem to be pretty comfortable with the whole arrangement. We wonder where they got the deer bed.

Owning a pool in your backyard is usually pretty cool, but most people don’t enjoy it as much as they wish they would. We get way too busy around work, chores, and just keeping up with life in general.

This Family Of Ducks Enjoying A Summertime Dip In The Pool

So to this person’s delight, a family of ducks decided to put their pool into good use. At least someone was actually enjoying the backyard pool, and we got to see this cool picture!

Lizards may seem a little scary sometimes, but they are actually just loving little creatures that will do anything to get a good cuddle. So when this person realized that their lizard was in need of a friend, they were sad that they couldn’t add another lizard to the family.

Pet Lizard Loves Its New Plastic Best Friend

So instead, they found a creative solution and got a plastic lizard that looked as real as it gets. To their surprise, the real lizard couldn’t be more grateful, as it instantly adopted the new plastic best friend as its own.

Some dogs can seriously not resist a good branch. They love catching them, chewing them, or even just carrying them around for fun. This little pooch is probably one of the most enthusiastic branch lovers out there, as it could literally not fit any more branches into its mouth.

​This Very Attentive Assistant Branch Manager

Of course, their human parents found the moment absolutely hilarious, as the doggie looked at them with the pride of a very accomplished assistant branch manager. We do wonder if this little fella is planning on taking all these branches home though.

Falling asleep in the middle of a bus stop in London is probably not the best idea out there, but this person was lucky to have a vigilant fox looking out for him.

​Worried Fox Wakes Up Guy Who Fell Asleep At A London Bus Stop

It seems like when the fox realized that this person was sleeping there for too long, it decided to get a little closer, and actually wake them up. When he came to, he was surprised to see that it wasn’t a person waking them up, it was a random fox.

In every species, there’s always one type that is more serious and another one that is a little bit goofier. The point is made very strongly in this picture. This person has two beautiful horses, but they couldn’t have more opposite personalities.

There's Always A Goofy One

While one of them is that type of majestic and very serious horse, the other one cannot pass an opportunity to goof around. So the person had to snap a shot of the two horses so they could show their family and friends how incredibly different they are.

This cat’s “camouflage” skills are so impressive that it managed to make itself look like a bottle of shampoo. There is no question that the large majority of cats in the world hate showers. In fact, they simply cannot stand to be in or around water in general.

This Cat Is Not Up For Taking A Shower

So when this person attempted to bathe their cat, they instantly ran into the corner and stood still as much as they could, probably hoping that their owner wouldn’t see them. Unfortunately for them, they are still very visible.

We’ve all probably heard a story or two about an animal that grows up with a different type of animal, and all they really know is how to act the same way as their adoptive family. No matter how different they may be, they simply think that they are the same as the others.

A Duck That Thinks He Is Flamingo

It looks like that’s what happened to this duck who grew up around flamingos. They are actually not that different in their coloring, and it looks like the duck is convinced that it’s the same as the flamingos around.

According to this restaurant owner, there are many surprising possibilities during high tide in San Diego, especially when they leave their restaurant doors open. They left the doors open, and this serious-looking seal popped in to order some food.

This Restaurant Owner Found A Seal Waiting For A Menu

We have no idea how it managed to get up there and seem so calm about the entire situation, but the seal sure does look comfortable and warm.

Cats really can be quite strange, and their ability to stand, sit, and sleep almost anywhere is simply impressive. This person couldn’t ignore the fact that their sister’s cat was incredibly strange.

This Cat Has Some Awkward Sitting Skills

They kept choosing the most random places to sit in around the house, and probably one of their favorites was the top of the cat scratcher. And the funniest part was the way they sat, which just looked more on the human side than the animal side.

Here’s another example of animals showing that they’re able to develop a friendship with almost any other animal. If they’re not a threat, then why not be their friend, right? That’s what happened to this person’s turtle and pet eel.

Turtle And Eel Develop Unusual Friendship

The person seems to have a range of animals in their aquarium, but their turtle and the eel just clicked right away. From the moment they saw each other, they were never able to leave each other’s side ever again, and it’s the strangest friendship we’ve ever seen.

It’s clear that this raccoon does not need any martial arts lessons, since they were practically born for the art. This person managed to catch the raccoon doing an incredible trick and scored a pretty unusual photo.

A Raccoon With Martial Arts Skills

We don’t really know that much about raccoons, but by the looks of it, they are quite flexible animals, and they can pull off some very impressive tricks. Now we know that we probably don’t want to mess with one the next time we see one.