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These People Shared Their Deepest, Darkest Confessions Online

MonicaOctober 13, 2022

Googly Eyes 

This Reddit user worked for a horrible boss. We can’t even imagine showing up to work and at that point, we’d just quit. But sometimes, quitting isn’t an option. This Reddit user’s confession includes payback from his horrible boss. One day, the boss offered “performance-based shifts,” which put the employees in competition with one another. He said, “the competition also dictated whether you got an early, mid, or late shift, but neither of us gave a sh** about that. It was the days off that mattered.” To make up for it, he decided to find a better solution.

“Then one day I’m chatting with an older employee who was real-arts and craftsy. One of the sweetest ladies you ever met. She was digging through her great big purse for something and pulls out this truly massive bag of all different sizes of self-adhesive googly eyes. I made a joke about how great it would be to put googly eyes all over my boss’s office and she just handed me the whole thing and smiled before sitting down to eat her lunch.”


He said, “My boss’s office was at the back of the building and while it was mostly wide open, I worked the latest shift, so by the end of the day, everyone has pushed to the front. I snuck off every evening for a few months and put googly eyes all the fuck over her office. It was spectacular. The best part was that because my office did stupid cheesy sh** like “management has an open door policy” her office literally didn’t have a door. She could never prove it was me because it could be anyone.” This is one of the best confessions on this list. There’s no way that he could’ve gotten caught, and he ended up getting back for his lost time (via Reddit).