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Genius Ways Hotels Are Trying To Outdo One Another

Hizkiail August 5, 2021

After a long day, the last thing you want is to be fiddling with the shower handle, and yet we do this all the time. This hotel finally got it right and allows you to dial the exact temperature during your shower.


Most hotels will leave ample amounts of clean towels in the bathroom for their guests, but this hotel did something a bit different – they shaped their towels into animals and had them sitting on the bathroom toilet. And the towel is even reading a brochure!


The hotel assumed the woman was a child and left a teddy bear in the room. How cute!


The one in the photo is a towel that’s shaped into a suit and tie. How cute is that?


And believe it or not, the hotel gave her a tent, complete with lights, champagne, and smores. Incredible.


Most people just check the weather map on their phone, but this hotel went so far as to install a mirror that tells you if it’s sunny, cloudy, rainy, snowy, or windy. And the best part is that it’s all written in gold!


This guy ordered snacks and expected a person at his door, but was greeted by a refrigerated robot butler in a suit instead. How amazing is that!


Wouldn’t it be nice if the switches had labels? Every hotel should follow what this hotel did in the photo.


According to the sign, they are completely harmless and like to sunbathe and swim just like the guests. How many of you are cool with sharing a hotel with some friendly lizards?


You wouldn’t have to be stressed choosing a travel cell phone plan, which makes your vacation planning a bit easier.


This hotel went above and beyond to solve the problem – it offers a cute bed for your phone when you charge it!


With a window like that, you could spend your whole trip just sitting in your room!


That’s why this hotel decided to make it easier for everyone by letting them know which pillows are soft and which are firm.


It might be there in case of a fire when you’re crawling on the floor, or maybe for the animals that are living in the hotel (like the lizards we saw earlier).


Basically, you wash your hands, and the water from the sink is then used for the toilet. Sounds like a great idea, but how are you supposed to stand to wash your hands?


This is where cats provide a service in which they check for mice. And we can’t help but comment on how cute this cat looks on his ID card!


In case you missed your favorite bathroom toy when you were a kid, this hotel has you covered. And it’s not just any rubber ducky – it’s Elsa from the movie Frozen!


When you flush, it gives you the amount of water you used, and if you use too much, a polar bear disappears on the screen.


This statement is not only accurate, but it’s super funny, especially the last line, “So if your dog can vouch for you, you’re welcome too.”


This hotel decided to add a black towel in every room specifically for makeup to avoid staining. There’s only one problem with this solution – you can’t see if the stains are there from the last guest!


Most classic hotel alarms have the time facing forward, so it’s hard to see the time when you’re on the right or left side of the clock. This hotel, however, fixed the problem by adding faces on either side of the alarm. Genius!


In this photo, a bank was transformed into a hotel, and they kept some of the old bank designs. The coolest part is that the vault is being used as a meeting room. How cool is that!


Instead of doing nothing, they left a cute note with drawings, letting the guest know that the game was saved. If only every hotel was this nice!


This way the guests would know which direction to pray towards, and it shows an extra level of hospitality.


And it’s practical too – don’t do anything at the hotel that doesn’t follow the laws of the country you live in.


Instead of simply writing the words on the sign, they provided funny illustrations to get the point across. Every hotel should have these!


It may not be as important as changing the sheets, but dust can accumulate. This hotel wants to let their guest know that they cleaned under there with a helpful sign.


When you pull the bookshelf towards you, the bookshelf is actually a door to another room that has Billiards. So after you spend some time reading, escape into the hideout and play some pool. Fun!


Not only do we know that the elevator can hold up to 1000 kilograms, but we now also know how many horses, bananas, and nickels it can hold as well.


Wouldn’t it be great if your hotel made a checklist for you? Well, this hotel made one and we love it!


As you can see in the photo, bunk beds were installed, but the hostel kept the exact windows from the original plane. Next time we take a trip to Sweden, we’re going to check it out.


This way you can put items like your shampoo or body wash on the shelf without having to open the shower door.


Instead of having to wipe the mirror down, this hotel has a heater in the back of the mirror and it stays clear the whole time regardless of how hot the shower gets.


This hotel decided to go back in time and provided a typewriter for guests to write a review of their hotel stay. What a fun way to bring back some old-school nostalgia!


Well, this hotel thought it would be a great idea to put an outlet inside the safe that’s provided for each guest. This way you can charge your phone in the safe while you’re at the beach!


Only the one pictured here is a little bit more fancy than average – the fruit is stacked very carefully with lemons, strawberries, and limes. Impressive!


So for anyone who’s a fan of the TV show, we found the perfect hotel for you!


In this photo, one guest had an issue with the peephole because he used a wheelchair and the hole was too high up. The hotel acted in the best way and decided to include lower peepholes in all the rooms.


The greenery that spills onto the balconies and pillars is incredibly unique and so different in contrast to the rest of the buildings in the area.


While this may seem weird at first, it’s kind of sweet. The hotel is concerned and is trying to accommodate you in an endearing way.


While most hotel elevators go up in numbers, this hotel descends into a cliff, so to be accurate, they labeled all of the floors in negative numbers. It looks weird, but it’s pretty cool to stay in a hotel by a cliff.


​If you look at the shower wall, the tiles are cut into the shape of mountains! How amazing is that?


While some people may find it weird to sleep in a room that used to be a chapel, we think it’s cool.


This hotel, for example, used to be a brewery, and the pipes were left as decorative space on the main floor. We think it adds a really nice touch!


The only downfall to this design is when you come with your kids – they probably won’t stop running diagonally through the hallways all night.


This person who went to visit Bangkok was surprised when she was given a water bottle that was a replica of the hotel building she was staying at for the night. While it’s not necessary, it’s definitely a nice gift.


We’re going to guess that the person who designed this has a love for swimming pools. Let’s just hope no one actually fills the bathroom with 2.5 feet of water!