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35 Images Where Art Arose Out Of Nowhere In Real Life

Darren March 31, 2022

Art is most definitely a wonderful and integral part of every culture. While many people in society dedicate themselves to producing it, sometimes it appears out of nowhere. This can happen in the most mundane and boring situations involving household items.

In this article, we’ll look at 36 scenes where random and spectacular art arose out of nowhere in real life. Some of these are incredibly beautiful and would look fantastic in an art gallery. The remarkable aspect is that by photographing them they’ve kept them as art forever. Check them out via Demilked.com right here.


35. Odd – and Beautiful – Plumbing Accident

Whoever is responsible for this fire suppression system won’t be happy. However, the plumbing system unexpectedly produced a work of art. Pressure mounted inside the pipes and exploded. It probably doesn’t smell nice but it’s aesthetically pleasing.

The filthy water stained the white wall to create a sun effect. It could even be an exploding star because of the way the streaks emit from the sides. The effect is truly remarkable and shows how art can emerge out of nowhere in real life (via Reddit).


34. Unstirred Paint

Most people think that this scene is from a sci-fi movie. It looks like the window of a retro spaceship looking out onto a myriad of galaxies and space events outside. In short, it’s an amazing image. But it’s nothing as exciting as all of this.

It’s just a bucket of unstirred paint. There’s no way that anybody would guess at a mere glance. Furthermore, it shows how art materializes out of nowhere. This is something that nobody will ever be able to recreate. That makes it even more special (via Reddit).


33. Cat-Shaped Wine Spillage

Art rose out of nowhere on this office floor. We have many questions about this one. First, why were they drinking wine in the office? And then, what happened that caused it to spill on the floor? Anyway, the result was this epic cat-shaped stain.

The Imgur user said that they named it Sir Barnaby Catley Splatley. This seems entirely appropriate for such a work of art. They added facial details including eyes and a mouth so the overall effect is uncanny. What a brilliant coincidence.


32. Photo Looks Like Painting

Usually, it’s high praise when somebody says that a painting looks like a photo. They mean that the artist has managed to capture reality in exquisite detail. However, in rare situations, the opposite situation can occur, and it’s also extremely beautiful.

This Redditor took a photo of a flock of flamingoes with a cheap camera. But the amazing thing about this is that it looks like an oil painting. They probably couldn’t have achieved this effect if they wanted to. Nonetheless, the fact that it arose from nowhere makes it even more special.


31. A Painting Worth Millions – Or Not

Alfred Pinkham Ryder was one of the great painters of the Tonalist movement. His paintings are worth millions of dollars today because he was a true master. This Imgur user claimed to have accidentally bought one of his masterpieces. However, it’s not what it appeared to be.

Later, she clarified that it was the oven door at a restaurant named Bobo’s. Unfortunately, it’s not going to bring instant wealth but it’s amazing in its own right The rust patterns created a glorious Vermont landscape out of nowhere.


30. Colorful Bath

Modern art confuses many ordinary people because they don’t understand the point of it. It’s also very difficult to define what is an art and what’s an ordinary scene from everyday life. The image above resembles some kind of abstract piece.

But the reality is much more mundane. It’s simply a child’s bath with colored water. However, the perspective creates an unusual scene out of nowhere. Some Redditors compared it to a psychotic Tetris game. Another said that it was like a crime scene.


29. Rainbow Nap

Everybody loves dogs because they bring so much joy to our lives. They don’t have a care in the world as long as they get food and walks. Meanwhile, they’re prone to moments of oblivious stupidity. This can create hilarious moments (via Imgur).

Here we can see that one labrador picked a bad place to take a nap. The pooch lay down on a chalk painting of a rainbow. When the dog woke up and moved off, it had a bright rainbow on its side. No doubt this brought a smile to its owners’ faces.


28. Cleaning Up After Easter

Somebody shared this image of a clean-up after Easter. We’re not sure what they were doing that meant there were so many colors. But it created something unique and that’s a wonderful thing. This looks like a celestial space event or an explosion in a paint factory.

Maybe somebody assassinated a Muppet because of the splatter. Whatever happened, the effect created an artistic effect out of nowhere. The bubbles have a menacing appearance but the great thing is that nobody could recreate this (via Imgur).


27. Bubble Bath Spiral

Who knew that bathwater could be so beautiful? We’ve seen some glorious scenes in this list but this may be the most stunning of them all. Somebody decided to have a relaxing bubble bath. Is there anything nicer than having a nice soak at the end of the day (via Reddit)?

Anyway, they went away and left the bath to fill with water. But when they came back they witnessed something that they could never have imagined. However, there is one tragic element to this. It’s a fleeting moment because as soon as they climb into the bath, it’ll be gone.


26. Polished Car Paint

The image above is one of the strangest in this collection. Some people on Imgur believed it was a fancy cake. That’s believable because the outside layer could be icing while the middle might be fruit. Another person said: “You can’t fool me, that’s dragon flesh.”

Perhaps surprisingly it’s neither. This is some polished car paint from an old Detroit factory. The layers are collected together in this fascinating manner. Meanwhile, somebody shone the outside of the paint to create an amazing marbled effect.


25. Umbrella-Shaped Light

Believe it or not, this isn’t Mary Poppins’ callsign. It’s tempting to believe but she isn’t going to materialize in anybody’s home anytime soon. One Redditor revealed the artistic light effect that appeared out of nowhere. It created this wonderful umbrella effect.

In short, the light shone through their window blights with this result. Perhaps it is some kind of message from the heavens that it is going to rain later. Whatever happens, it’s a pleasant sight for the photographer because it was so unexpected.


24. Birds Taking Flight

How many birds are in this picture? It looks like a flock of dozens is soaring through the air. However, there’s more to this image than meets the eye. It’s another case of art arising out of nowhere. In reality, it’s simply frosting on a window.

The house across the street is unblemished. However, ice flecks cover the pane of glass because it’s a cold New England winter. The person is probably suffering because it’s freezing but at least they had great artwork to enjoy (via Reddit).


23. Shark Hole

It’s not uncommon to lie back on a patch of grass before gazing up at the clouds in the sky. Many people spend a lazy afternoon trying to find shapes in the clouds above. But what about doing the same with the holes in the sole of a shoe?

That’s exactly what one Redditor did. They discovered a hole in the base of their sneaker resembling a shark. Of course, they shared this with the world because what’s the point of the Internet otherwise? Some believed it looked more like a dolphin.


22. Creepy Smile

This creepy smile that appears to be a still from a Tim Burton movie is not Jack Skellington. Instead, it’s just a plain old cup of coffee. However, the surface cracked in a very unfortunate way. Drinking this might not be the best idea because it may be an evil spirit.

One person joked that it’s a Tim Horton’s creature because it’s in a coffee cup. Another compared it to the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland. Of course, there were also several references on Reddit to the Joker. Whatever it is, it’s disturbing.


21. Winter Forest?

Unintentional art is one of the greatest sights in the world. This artist was working on another unrelated project when they accidentally spilled a pot of paint. The black paint merged with some white and created this remarkable design out of nowhere.

This resembles an evergreen fern or even frost on a window. One Redditor also compared it to the scarring of lightning strike survivors. Another suggested that they should put paper over it to make an imprint. But there is some beautiful about such a fleeting moment.


20. Beautiful Scape That’s Just Salt

Bob Ross was one of the most popular American artists of his generation. He also had a distinctive appearance with his glorious perm. But he didn’t become famous because he painted vans. However, a glance at this automobile confused the Reddit community.

The design is straight out of a Ross painting but it’s not real. It’s just salt that has attached itself to the side of the vehicle. It must have been a freezing day with icy conditions. The salt on the road reduces the risk of vehicles skidding and losing control.


19. Hummingbird Icicle

This is a sight that nobody in warmer states or countries will experience. There are a lot of benefits to living in California but they’ll never see natural ice sculptures like these. The weather conditions must be incredibly harsh but nature repays people in amazing ways.

Here is an icicle in the shape of a hummingbird. It’s remarkable because the resemblance is uncanny. The angle of the photo also helps because it adds a beak to the equation. Sometimes nature throws up surprises like this out of nowhere (via Imgur).


18. Bubbles in Paint

Everybody knows how they want to use paint when they buy it. But sometimes the liquid has its ideas. That’s exactly the situation in the case of this image. Somebody bought some paint to cover a nasty wallpaper. Whoever put that up originally must have problems.

The shade of yellow isn’t the most subtle. However, we’re not here to focus on their style choices. Instead, let’s talk about the dramatic bubble effect that arose in the paint. It’s very appealing and resembles something from an alien movie (via Reddit).


17. Black Paint Deer

This is yet another spilled paint coincidence. It’s the type of sight that would make Bob Ross retire in despair. Many people work for decades without being able to create something so beautiful. It looks like there is a stag emerging from the spillage.

The painter probably couldn’t have created this if they tried to. Instead, it arose unintentionally out of nowhere. Who doesn’t appreciate this type of coincidence? Meanwhile, the contrast of black and white makes this very striking (via Imgur).


16. Volcano Erupts

It’s bad news when an inanimate object is a better painter than most artists. However, that’s true in this situation. To the untrained eye, this could be a piece of modern art. The only mark against it is the fact that it is an identifiable picture.

The spilled paint created an image of a volcano erupting. Lava flows down the sides while also exploding into the sky. There’s no denying that it’s special. However, maybe the person waiting for their paint mix was frustrated (via Reddit).


15. Broken Triple Foam

Don’t worry, this isn’t a Care Bear murder scene. This hallucinatory image could be an insight into the mind of an LSD user. But it’s something much more mundane. In short, it’s what happens when the triple wash at a car wash breaks down.

One Imgur user said that it resembles unicorn diarrhea. We won’t question their experience in such matters because it seems correct. However, it’s another great example of art materializing out of nowhere. And that’s what this list is all about.


14. Forest in a Coffee Cup

It may come as a surprise but this isn’t a Nordic cave painting. Although it appears as though there is a forest arising on the horizon, it’s just a cup of coffee. The amazing aspect of this is that it wasn’t even preplanned coffee art (via Imgur).

Somebody was simply drinking their coffee when they reached the end. Maybe it was a cappuccino or a latte but it doesn’t really matter. There was still some leftover milk foam that formed some beautiful art out of nowhere. Who would walk in these woods?


13. Icy Car Roof

Hokusai was one of the most famous Japanese artists. His famous print, ‘The Great Wave off Kanagawa,’ is an iconic print that people around the world recognize. But this image above has nothing to do with him. However, it looks like it came from his catalog.

The remarkable point is that it’s not even a painting. It’s simply sunlight reflecting off an icy car roof. In turn, this creates an amazing seascape that looks like a traditional Japanese painting. Some Redditors also compared it to the artwork of J.R.R. Tolkien.


12. Spilled Paint in the Sink

Sometimes cleaning up creates a bigger mess. But on other occasions, it produces dramatic consequences. That’s exactly the case here because this is beautiful. A person was washing up after a day of art and this was what happened in their sink (via Imgur).

We’d like to see the project that they were working on because it couldn’t look better than this. The sink is a work of art in itself. By pouring the leftover paint and water away they produced this out of nowhere. At least they have a picture for posterity.


11. Paint Flower

This could be a coral sample in a laboratory. It could even be a painting of some kind of exotic flower. However, the reality is quite different. An Imgur user explained the process that created this abstract design. Amazingly, something mundane can be very interesting.

They poured a drop of paint onto the lid before adding tinting paste. The latter worked its magic to create this dramatic floral effect. Furthermore, the most special aspect is the reality they’ll never produce the same exact work of art again.


10. Accidental Abstract Art

Imagine the frustration of this artist when they spilled their paint. It’s not because of the mess because it turned out to be beautiful. But the problem was that it was more impressive than the project that they worked on all day (via Reddit).

Surely they must have felt extremely inept. If anything makes somebody reconsider the meaning of their existence it’s this type of event. The spillage is a sensational cacophony of color that is glorious. It’s too bad they’ll wipe it away eventually.


9. Dumped Acrylics

According to this Imgur user, their daughter dumped their acrylic paint in their sink. This produced a dramatic dapple effect resembling a butterfly. Each droplet adds something special to the image. They probably couldn’t have produced this if they tried.

Here’s another amazing coincidence where art appeared out of nowhere. One commentator told them not to make a habit of it because acrylic paint isn’t water soluble. Others said that it’s a million dollar painting and told them never to wash their sink.


8. Chocolate Bird

Many of the images in this thread came from paint spillages. At least they had some relation to an artistic process. But this case is completely different. Somebody was melting chocolate in a bowl when they withdrew their spatula (via Reddit).

Then they had the fortune to stop and gaze at the kitchenware. The warm chocolate produced this intricate bird and tree design out of nowhere. It’s glorious because this was such an innocuous process. Meanwhile, someone else noted the ’emo ghost’ at the base.


7. Overnight Leak

If anybody walked past this in an art gallery they wouldn’t bat an eyelid. The only attention they would give it would be a nod of appreciation. That’s because modern art is remarkably pretentious and nobody understands it. But sometimes it arises out of nowhere in real life.

Someone left a can of insulating foam out overnight. However, they didn’t realize that there was a leak. A jet of foam emerged from the can and froze in the air. The effect was dramatic to the extreme because of the way it billowed into the air (via Imgur).


6. Caramel Man

One day a person was stirring caramel when this hilarious scene emerged. They banged their spoon on the side of the bowl to remove the remaining caramel. But it stuck to the edge in the shape of a little man. Now it looks like he’s desperately hanging onto the sides.

Redditors commented that he’s the last of his species and he’s trying to survive. Others commented on his anatomy because of his impressive biceps and butt. It’s a frighteningly accurate resemblance and this makes it even better.


5. Shades Of Blue Paint

Most viewers must think that this is a photo of two oceans colliding. This occurs in some places in the world like the Cape of Gibraltar. That’s where the Mediterranean and Atlantic Oceans connect with dramatic effect. However, this is something far less dramatic.

Somebody poured two different shades of blue paint into a bucket. This is the scene just before they mixed it. It’s almost a shame that they will erase this spectacular scene. However, there is also a beauty in its ephemeral state (via Imgur).


4. Pancake Bunny

Everybody has a clear idea of the perfect pancake as it’s round with golden sides. If it’s too dark, then it’s burnt. Nobody wants an anemic pancake that’s too thin either. But this cook accidentally produced a pancake that’s better than any in human history.

That’s because it’s in the same of a rabbit. Maybe some folks will have an aversion to eating pancake bunnies. But many children and grown ups will find this hilarious. Out of nowhere, they made something that will stay in their memories for a long time (via Reddit).


3. Broken Antenna

Unfortunately, somebody’s boat is sinking. This is a depressing sight because that’s thousands of dollars plunging beneath the water. Or is it? The truth is that this isn’t a yacht at all. In fact, it’s just the broken antenna of a car (via Reddit).

We respect the photographer’s vision because they’re produced a fantastic scene out of nowhere. The dappled, sunlit car roof resembles an ocean. Meanwhile, the broken antenna is the doppelganger of a sinking boat. It’s an amazing scene.


2. Accidental Map

Sometimes people see something that they can never unsee. That’s exactly the situation in the case of this faucet. On the face of it, it’s a typical tap. There’s nothing special about it except that it’s quite cold. There’s also a lot of corrosion (via Reddit).

But one Reddit user said that it looks like a map. This is a wonderful comparison because it’s so true. Here is another clear case of art that appeared out of nowhere. It’s fantastic how beauty can emerge from something so banal. That’s the wonder of life.


1. Tree Shadow

In this photo, we see a single tree without leaves. However, out of view there’s another tree in full blossom. Their two shadows combine on the building in front of them. This creates a beautiful image that’s straight out of a fantasy picture book.

It’s also like the circle of life because of the mixture of vitality and death. Many people think that somebody painted the wall. In reality, the effect is completely natural (via Reddit). That’s what makes it so beautiful because it arose out of nowhere.