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40 Images Of Truly Special Things That Arose Out Of Nowhere

Monica March 8, 2022

When something truly special happens, especially when it arises out of nowhere, people want to capture the moment. Moments like that are rare, which makes them even that much more special. These internet users shared images of random, special things, like intricate snowflakes, tiny bird feathers, carrot hands, and cars buried under rivers.

It’s similar to finding secrets inside things we use every day. When you look hard enough, you’ll usually find something quite fascinating. Some of these things on this list are quite funny, others quite special, and others are just so random, you might just do a double-take.


40. Anthropomorphic Icicle

“An anthropomorphic icicle hanging from my eave this morning.” – via Fritzout

We’ve all seen the standard icicle shape that’s sharp and pointy. This one decided to take on a womanly human form. Those few frozen droplets worked together to accidentally create this piece of art. Imagine if this happened often? We’d have our very own winter museum outside of our houses.


39. Matching Coffee Cup

“My friend’s outfit exactly matched my coffee cup today.” – via Brentusfirmus

It’s not often you find yourself matching another person. But what happens when you match your coffee cup? Surely, that means it’s going to be a good day. This woman matched her coffee cup to a T. It’s worthy of a photo, and they even make a cute “cup-le.” This is a truly special memory.


38. Round Mold

We don’t usually see mold in the shape of a perfect circle. This round mold is picture-worthy, considering it looks painted onto the bread. Maybe this Reddit user even decided to keep the rounded, moldy bread as decoration, as a truly special finding.

“These patches of perfectly round mold on our bread.” – via kennsgal


37. Exclamation Door

If you saw this first thing in the morning, it would probably set your entire day up for happiness. This seems like a great sign from the universe that that day is going to be wonderful.

“The sun is making my door feel exclamatory today.” – via SamtheMan898


36. Cabbage Art

“The pattern inside this red cabbage looks like art.” – via Vanatrix

This almost looks like abstract art from Jackson Pollock. The intricate lines and careful detail are a piece of art. Maybe this cabbage is the next famous artist, in disguise, and is truly special.


35. Secret Safe

“We found a safe behind a fake electrical socket in our new house.” – via hippyscum98

We have so many questions. First, what was kept in this safe? A secret map leading to buried treasure? Second, how did this Reddit user manage to find this socket in the first place? That’s some serious detective work. It must have been a pretty fun discovery nonetheless.


34. Tangled Roots

“The way this oak tree grew tangled up around this palm tree.” – via derf_vader

Nature is incredible, especially when we see things like this. This braided, rooted tree looks like two people hugging each other. This is an inseparable pair for sure and is a truly special, natural occurrence to witness.


33. Happy Jalapeño

“A happy jalapeño that swims in the broth.” – via LDYK23

Seeing this smiling jalapeño would make it difficult to eat this soup, that’s for sure. It seems this jalapeño is pretty happy spending its days floating in this broth. It’s truly a special find.


32. Single Snowflake

“A single snowflake inside my vehicle resting against the radio monitor.” – via Anothergasman

When we catch snowflakes on our tongues, they disappear immediately. Seeing the intricate designs of a snowflake is quite rare, so we can thank this Reddit user for showing us this truly special thing.


31. Mini Origami

“I made this origami as small as I could.” – via 88miyou88

You might’ve done a double-take after looking at these photos. You might even wonder how this person managed to create such a small, intricate origami. They must have the most precise, steady fingers out of anyone! They deserve a world record for this truly special creation.


30. Table Legs

“The legs on this table in the Idaho State Capitol Building.” – via peredaks

This is a truly special thing that would make anyone’s day. This is probably one of the cutest table legs any of us have ever seen. It makes a normal table look boring in comparison.


29. Flamingo Fuzz

“The fuzz on my sock looks like a flamingo.” – via littleorganbigm

This isn’t something you see every day. This fuzz is in the shape of a flamingo, and is truly special. This is something you would probably want to keep locked away in a box or in a frame somewhere, since it doesn’t happen very often or ever.


28. Cat Scratch

“My cat just scratched me, and the external layer of her nail was left in.” – via excesivo

Honestly, this is pretty gross. At least this Reddit user found humor in getting scratched by its cat, and, instead, saw it as something that was truly special.


27. Smiling Banana Bruise

“My banana bruised in the shape of a smiling banana.” – via Craftyskunk

You’d think a bruised banana wouldn’t be smiling. At least this banana found humor in its pain and decided to turn it into something truly special. And we can thank this Reddit user for sharing this with us.


26. Pizza Box Math

“Local pizza shop puts the math on their box.” – via screamingheebijeebis

Whoever said brain power while eating pizza was a bad thing? This is a cool idea, considering we’re usually watching television or a movie while eating a pizza. This changes things up a bit and makes eating a pizza truly special.


25. Polar Bear Smoke

“The way the smoke created a near-perfect picture of a polar bear on the lid of my grill.” – via Erifedud13

Imagine grilling and seeing the shape of an animal on the lid of your grill? Maybe it would deter you from eating meat, or, you could see it as something that’s truly special – almost like the spirit of an animal saying hello. Whichever your perspective, something like this definitely arose out of nowhere.


24. Reverse Colored Potatoes

These reverse colored potatoes aren’t something you see every day, or ever. This special occurrence is rare, which is why we can thank this Reddit user for capturing it on camera and sharing it with us. We’d like to know if they tasted better than they looked.

“The white sweet potato has a purple inside and the purple sweet potato has a white inside.” – via M0uzer22


23. Tiny Bird Feather

“I found this tiny feather from my bird.” – via aka_quinn

This tiny bird feather looks like it’s something from a fairytale land. Let’s thank this Reddit user for capturing this truly special moment and sharing it with the world!


22. Two Stemmed Apple

“This apple with two stems that I bought.” – via CharliesAshes

We’ve seen an egg with two yolks and even two bananas stuck together. But have you ever seen a two-stemmed apple? We’re probably all wondering which way you’re supposed to eat the apple, and if we’d even want to eat something as truly special as this. Nature is intriguing.


21. Strange Caterpillar

“This weird caterpillar I found outside my house.” – via UlissesNeverMisses

This looks like something you’d find at the bottom of the ocean, deep in the abyss, not something you’d casually find outside of your house. This strange caterpillar makes the list as something that’s truly special.


20. Neglected Cactus

“What I thought was a non flowering succulent produced these after being severely neglected.” – via jessie_kitti

Imagine the relief of this Reddit user, after realizing their neglected cactus was, in fact, still producing flowers? They were probably just as confused as surprised. Hopefully, they learned their lesson about neglect, and decided to treat their next succulent with a little more TLC.


19. World’s Fastest Shed

“I took a ride in the world’s fastest shed.” – via PatonBMX

These aren’t words you’d ever expect to read together in a sentence. A shed is typically stationary, so the fact that this Reddit user took a ride in the world’s fastest shed is truly special.


18. Ukrainians Only Sign

“Parking for Ukrainians Only sign from my Ukrainian grandfather’s basement.” – via hockeylax5

This is quite an antique sign to find, and is truly special. It’s like an artifact from another time, and it’s pretty awesome that this Reddit user’s grandfather kept it. It also has some meaning due to the current situation in the world as of now, as we hope the best for all Ukrainians and their families.


17. Beautiful Ice

Similar to the cabbage art and anamorphic icicle, this beautiful ice is another work of art. Nature can be incredibly beautiful, if we look hard enough. This ice deserves to be on display in a museum.

“The way the ice formed on the roof of my car this morning was mildly beautiful.” – via TheDanSandwich


16. Mushroom Man

“Found a mushroom man in the candy at work today.” – via BlindAssCat

This isn’t a discovery you see every day. Maybe this Reddit user found something truly special, and maybe this mushroom man is even the king of mushroom Candy Land.


15. Pepsi Bottle

“Old Pepsi bottle I dug out of the ground.” – via Dread72

Finding artifacts buried in the ground is already a truly special and rare occurrence, so when it happens, we want to capture the moment. This old Pepsi bottle is an artifact from another time might make a cool house decoration.


14. Shaving Cream Snail

We could all probably agree that it would be pretty hard to use this shaving cream and destroy this truly special, rare snail shape. Since this barely happens, we can thank this Reddit user for sharing this with us.

“My shaving cream came out like a snail.” via MajorDizaster


13. Woody Doll

“My mom was driving and saw someone with a Woody doll hanging from their car.” – via Electrical_Ostrich_4

It’s Woody! Maybe this doll is actually alive, and was trying to escape. We’ll never know. All we can do is appreciate how truly special it is.


12. Bonsai Baby

“Gifted a Bonsai tree, found an egg near the trunk – this little one hatched from it today.” – via krohner5

This little Bonsai baby is a truly special find. Let’s hope this Reddit user placed the Bonsai tree in this baby Cuban anole’s cage, if they kept it as a pet.


11. Amethyst Driveway

“Found amethyst pieces in a new gravel driveway.” – via fluffmcstuffins

Amethyst is spiritually connected to trust, purification, connection, and understanding. This is a good omen for this Reddit user, and is truly special. It’s not every day we find amethyst in our gravel driveways.


10. Sword In The Stone

“Found while out deer hunting in the middle of nowhere.” – via TakenAHike

We probably all have so many questions. Did this Reddit user pull the sword out of the rocks? Where did it come from? How long has it been there? Even though we’ll never have the answers to our questions, we can at least view this as something that’s truly special instead.


9. Purple Mushroom

“This Purple Mushroom I Found.” – via grobnerual

This vibrant, purple mushroom is something truly special from Mother Nature. It’s not a color you usually see naturally, so we can thank this Reddit user for sharing this with us.


8. Garden Statue

“My friend just found this little statue while digging in his own garden.” – via lodeluxMeaLux

Similar to the Pepsi bottle discovery, this little statue is another truly special, rare find. When you find something like this, it’s something you want to keep in a safe place. Still, it leaves us with many unanswered questions.


7. Squirrel Door

“A door for the squirrels.” – via noffxpring

Similar to the table legs, this is probably one of the cutest doors we’ve ever seen. We can only imagine how much cuter it is watching a squirrel crawl in and out of the door.


6. World’s Cutest Caterpillar

“The cutest caterpillar in the world.” – via KittyKaren

This caterpillar looks like a cartoon. It even has big eyes and a big smile. Similar to the bright purple mushroom, this caterpillar’s bright orange color is something we don’t see very often in nature!


5. Miniature Frog

“This morning I found by far the smallest frog I have ever seen in my entire life.” – via okgodlemmehaveit

This frog is smaller than this person’s fingernail! We’re all probably wondering what it’s like to live a life as small as this little guys. He must not be able to move around very much, considering his size.


4. Carrot Hand

“This incredible carrot hand was found while digging juice carrots at our farm today.” – via Moby-Dickens

The carrot hand is just as hilarious as this Reddit user’s picture. It looks lifelike, especially when it’s in this person’s jacket. It’s like the new version of Edward Scissorhands.


3. Hummingbird Feather

“Hummingbird feather. I had never found one before, thought it was neat.” – via Isaytyler

This dainty little feather is truly special. The pink tips are quite beautiful, and is special enough to keep tucked away somewhere safe.


2. Veiled Mushroom

This veiled lady mushroom looks like something you would play with as a kid. It’s colorful and has tons of cool holes in it. It’s a rarely seen type of mushroom that hunters love to come across in the forest.

“Found this ‘Veiled Lady’ mushroom on a hike this morning.” – via Spudnut


1. Vintage Car River

This is probably one of the most truly special things on this list. This is something you never see. It’s almost like it’s a vintage river, fossilized over decades, until nature took over and decided to incorporate the cars into the river bank.

“Old cars becoming the river bank.” – via Smartyandfarty