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The Most Dysfunctional Photos of Megan Fox & MGK’s Failed Relationship

Darren February 28, 2023

No Shirts

One of MGK’s trademarks is not to wear a shirt. He loves flaunting his skinny chest and tattoos. The rapper has more ink than a stationary shop but we’re not sure if he successfully pulled off this outfit. However, we give him credit for being himself and not caring what anybody else thinks.

The Brag

Meanwhile, he has his arm around Fox in a possessive manner. It looks as if he’s refusing to release her as she clutches his hand. Fox is also several years older than Kelly so it’s possible that he felt safe with her. We’re not going to get into Freudian power dynamics but there could be something there (via The Brag).

Girlfriend Search

Here’s another photo of the pair on the red carpet socializing with their fellow celebrities. Maybe the main reason behind their failed relationship is that they finally spent some time alone together. Then they realized that they don’t like each other when they do normal, boring things. We’re only kidding but it’s crazy how busy their social lives were.


This photo came soon after Fox said that she was looking for a girlfriend. The bisexual actress claimed on Instagram and Kelly responded in a ‘cool’ manner. It’s unknown if she ever found a decent candidate for the role. But many women were lining up to steal her away from MGK (via Pride.com).

Another Selfie

This photo offers an intimate glimpse into their life behind the scenes. Perhaps they’ve woken up and are about to get ready for the day. Maybe something else went on but there’s no denying that they’re a striking couple. Kelly towers over Fox who barely reaches his shoulder.

Times of India

We also see the full extent of MGK’s tattooed torso. The rapper has an incredible amount of ink and poured thousands of dollars into the work. Fox has a particular type because not every woman finds MGK attractive. However, she loved being with the rapper during their best days (via Times of India).

Music Video

MGK took full advantage of Fox’s celebrity profile when they first dated. She guest-starred in the music video for one of his songs, Rage Machine. In the clip, we see her tape his mouth and dominate him in other extreme ways. Perhaps it is symbolic of their entire failed relationship.


There’s a chance that Kelly regrets this video now because every time he sees it he will think of her. But he also made a lot of money from her fame so he won’t be too sad. In the end, it’s probably their fans who are suffering more than anybody. Kelly and Fox are probably relieved it’s all over now (via Rap-Up).