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These Are the Creative Halloween Couples Costumes We’ve Been Looking for All Year

Asher May 24, 2022

It’s the spookiest time of the year, and we know you’re scrambling for a costume idea. And if you are hoping to share the fun and excitement with a friend or a partner, you need extra creativity to truly master that plan. We’ve found couples costumes that really take dressing up to the next level, and we’ve honestly never seen anything quite like them before. Check out the best of the best, and feel free to steal!

In the old days, Photoshop let us enhance our appearance with color and contrast. But the Facetune revolution is here, ladies and gentlemen. It’s hard to know what you are getting online if that’s where you get your dates. Filters can make you look like a totally different person! This creative couple decided to dress up as the phenomenon. On the left, we have the filter. On the right, we have the truth. How did they do?

This Couple Showed Us What We Look Like With No Filter at All

Facebook / Kelsey Blong / StoneandConcreteDenver

We think you will all agree this is an original concept. And it’s not a hard look to put together, in a flash. If you don’t have a lot of time, just grab your bearded boyfriend, and add a wig, a sign, and match your outfits. Perfect! Or should we say, not so perfect after all.

We all love a good movie-inspired costume, especially when it’s a familiar duo. Here, Edward Scissorhands poses with his beloved shrub. The character whose hands were made of blades carved up all kinds of things throughout the film. Besides plants, he cut ice sculptures, and people, but the latter was an accident. Ed was often misunderstood. And you know what? That makes him perfect for Halloween. Grab your friend or lover, and get leafy!

Happy Halloween From Edward Scissorhands and His Shrub

Twitter / Lucybri83

There are all sorts of artificial plants you can use for this unique costume. And scissors aren’t hard to find. If you had regular hands, you’d just be like everyone else. And we can’t have that, this year.

The world of art is a little snobby, at times. Most of us have no idea who those obscure figures are at the latest exhibit. But there are at least a few recognizable names in painting, and this couple decided to honor them. On the left, we have Frida Kahlo. On the right, we have Vincent Van Gogh. Real doppelgangers are hard to find, but these costumes do a lot of the work!

Just a Few Artistic Geniuses From History

Instagram / Whimsicalspaperie

All you need is a crown of red flowers and a little eyeliner to form a unibrow for Frida. Pair that with a colorful dress and strings of beads, her classic style. For Vince, cut off your own ear and bandage it up in time for the party. Just kidding, don’t do that!

Some people claim Halloween is just a festival for the kiddos. We disagree, as you can see. But beyond college, a lot of adults stop getting into the spooky spirit. One 88-year old woman and her husband are the exceptions to that rule. It’s never too late in life to win the internet in a costiume contest. When they got invited to a party on All Hallows Eve, they knew what they needed to do. Bee time!

This Beekeeper Showed up With a Sweet Old Bee

Amazon / Cabass

Granny decided to be a honeybee, and her gramps is the beekeeper. We imagine they buzzed around the room charming everyone. Sweet as honey, these two have won our hearts, too.

Who can honestly say they don’t love Cards Against Humanity? It’s a guilty pleasure for most who’ve tried it. For some, it’s not even guilty. They live for the sarcasm and sass! If you’re one of those people, consider this couples costume for Halloween. Couples against humanity requires a few easy supplies. First, you need one black t-shirt and a piece of black tagboard. Get the same in white, for your partner in crime.

Behold, It's Couples Against Humanity

​Instagram / Sofia Knoll

With markers, choose any wicked message your dark heart desires. Choose your favorite cards from the real game, or get clever, and make it Halloween-themed. The possibilities are endless, tricksters!

If you’ve got a visible disability of any kind, costumes can be tricky. But they don’t have to be if you know how to play to your audience. Here, this woman explains: “It’s my first Halloween as a double below the knee amputee, so my husband and I took full advantage of it and dressed up a Forrest Gump and Lieutenant Dan!” Forrest Gump fans loved the Vietnam vet in the film, and now, he’s here in real life.

It's Forrest Gump and Lieutenant Dan, Featuring a Real Amputee

Imgur / calliecostudio

Presumably, they went around all night amusing guests saying things like “Lieutenant Dan, you ain’t got no legs.” We wish we could have been there, but we were busy shrimpin’.

Are you a street rat? Can you improvise? If so, you might enjoy being Aladdin for Halloween. And if you need a costume for a friend or lover, you can actually go beyond Jasmine. Sure, she’s curvy and exotic. But as far as costumes go, she’s been done. Try wrapping yourself in a rug and going as the magic carpet. Has this one ever been tried in your circles? We didn’t think so. Get rolling!

You Could Be Aladdin and His Carpet

Reddit / chickscandrive

All you need to do is cut out a face-sized hole in your rug of choice, and you will be able to eat stolen loaves all night long. No talking, though. This character was notoriously silent. Sorry!

Tiger King was all the rage on Netflix, and it came out of nowhere. Who could have predicted that we would go crazy for big cat conservation? No one, that’s who. For Halloween, this couple decided to honor their favorite character from the series. Zookeeper Joe Exotic and activist Carole Baskin have come to life with a little makeup and a few props. They really do look similar. Maybe too similar!

This Tiger King Couple Used Contour To Transform

Instagram / karisse_lil.life

For your own Joe look this year, be sure to pick up a baseball cap and a blond wig. Cut it as needed, and add cat prints and claw marks. For Carol, leave the blond wig long, and add a flower crown. Go wild with shading, and you’ve got yourself a Tiger King Halloween.

These two look familiar, but who are they? One of the subjects in the photo gives us a hint. He captioned this: “My first boyfriend and my first time celebrating Halloween with a significant other… we took advantage of our height difference. Also, my favorite movie growing up!” Wait, we know who this is. It is none other than the bandits from Home Alone. An iconic duo, now the perfect couples costume!

The Home Alone Bandits Are Back for More Mayhem

Reddit / Tinybutt

To achieve the look, you need to get grungy. Add oversized jackets and stretchy winter caps. Cut off the fingers of some cheapo gloves. Make sure to bring a crowbar. And paint a hand red, like you got burned during a prank by some pesky kid named Kevin. Because as we all remember, you did.

Thanks to The Shining, we have the perfect costume if you’re into creepy twins. This year, why don’t you, too, haunt the Overlook hotel? You could walk around your party and say things like: “Come and play with us. Come and play with us. Forever and ever, and ever.” And all it takes is matching blue dresses, a white ribbon as a sash, wigs with bangs, and blood. Plenty of blood.

It's Those Freaky Little Girls From the Shining

Reddit / Lucius_Annaeus_Senec

Whatever you do, though, you need to commit to the characters. No smiling and laughing, please! Just stare straight ahead at all the guests, like this charming pair. Ghoul goals.

In some parts of the country, deer are literally hazards on the road. At any moment, they dash out of the forest in front of your car. Many a buck have been known to crash through a windshield. For that reason, there are all kinds of warning signs out there. Little can be done to stop stags, and bright yellow is all you’ve got. Here, a couple cleverly illustrates rural road problems. We love it!

Watch Out For This Deer and Crossing Sign

Imgur / CanWeStopTalkingNow

The guy is a deer in a full animal suit. The girl is the road, complete with a classic deer crossing sign, a traffic line, and real lights like the headlights of a car. A great Halloween DIY, if we’ve ever seen one!

In Titanic, Rose explained: “It was the ship of dreams to everyone else. To me, it was a slave ship, taking me back to America in chains. Outwardly, I was everything a well brought up girl should be. Inside, I was screaming.” Rose, what are you talking about? You survived the wreck, and we don’t want to hear about it. But we do want to see you as a Halloween costume with Jack. Couples, take note!

Jack and Rose From Titanic Is a Top Choice

Instagram / Jess436

Here, all you need is a pair of suspenders and a fancy dress. Then, get busy with cardboard and paper mache. The ship is the most important part of this look, by far.

When Willy Wonka opened up his factory, Violet Beauregarde presented a golden ticket. But she wasn’t really a chocoholic. What was her favorite candy? She explained: “I’m a gum chewer, normally. But when I heard about these ticket things of Wonka’s, I laid off the gum and switched to candy bars, instead. Now, of course, I’m right back on gum. I chew it all day, except at mealtimes when I stick it behind my ear.”

Hello, Willy Wonka and Violet the Blueberry

Imgur / lucybri83

Sadly, her gum trial didn’t work out well at the factory. She ballooned into a big, blue ball. She’s been missing ever since. Until now, that is! A couple dressed up as Wonka and Vi here, and they’ve even brought their pooch along as an Oompa Loompa. Doompity doo!

Felines have claws, and those sharp tools need to be maintained. That’s why your pet keeps shredding everything you love, hello? It’s not their fault they have fingers like blades. The smarter households have a big scratching post, and that takes care of a lot of the problem. Here, one crazy cat lady attended a Halloween party with her human boyfriend. Naturally, they went as a cat and a post.

The Cat Showed up With Her Scratching Post This Year

Reddit / teenybeen

The guy had a trickier costume, to be sure. To achieve this look, you may need to actually disassemble a cat condo or multiple scratching towers. Make sure there is a chunk for each limb. The hat can strategically use the cat hole as a head hole. Purr-fect, meow.

Selling cookies door to door is a right of passage for young American girls. If you were ever in girl scouts, you know the drill. Knock knock, who’s there? An adorable little girl with a catalog of carbs. Our favorites were the peanut buttery Tagalongs. Or were they the Carmel Delites? Also known as Samoas, depending on your region, the combination of chocolate, caramel, and coconut was addictive. Dangerous, even.

We Love This Girl Scout and Cookie Combo

Instagram / unblushingco

This Halloween, get an extra-large junior girl scout uniform and slap on some badges. Make a giant cardboard cookie. And from there, let the debates begin. Were Thin Mints better frozen? Some say yes. Some say no!

Ronald And Wendy were spotted here in New Orleans, snd someone had to snap the scene. They are usually beloved mascots. Some would even call them wholesome American icons. But here, something is off. Maybe it’s because we are in the Big Easy, or maybe it’s because we are meeting them on Halloween. But don’t they seem more murderous than usual? They’re holding the decapitated head of the burger king!

The Zombie Fast Food Apocalypse is Here

Reddit / amournola

Was there a heated argument over the best taters? We say Mickey D’s is the winner. But admittedly, things can get ugly when it comes fry feuds. Hopefully, this was just a couples costume!

These two inspire us to believe that there is true love for all of us, somewhere in the universe. Hopefully, we won’t have to leave planet earth to find it. But the option exists, we can see. This NASA explorer found his match in a green girl from another galaxy. When they showed up to a Halloween party, some guests may have thought this was just a clever couples costume.

We Love This NASA Astronaut and His Alien Lover

Instagram / xx_beautevil_xx

To emulate them, all you need is a jumpsuit and a NASA sticker, and some sparkly green paint. The rest is up to interpretation. Like space, you can create infinite looks!

We’ve all gotten dressed up in our Friday best and gone to town. Over the course of the night, things get sloppy. Hair gets frazzled, and lipstick fades. Anyone who has woken up on a strange couch and had makeup caked in the eyes knows that Saturday is way less glam than the night before. Sometimes, we wonder who we are when we get to the bathroom. The mirror can be a scary sight!

Friday and Saturday Sure Look Different Side by Side

Reddit / Pics

This Halloween, scare all your friends with a dual Friday-Saturday look. Make sure to force your boyfriend into a dress and a bad wig. That’s pretty much what you look like on Saturday mornings. Be honest!

Guess Who was one of the very best board games. It was barely a board, which is why we liked it. Most of the fun was in the mysterious clues we gave each other. Who is the character in each spot, on the other side? We couldn’t always figure that out. Why not share a little bit of nostalgia with a friend on October 31? Here’s an easy DIY everyone will love.

Guess Who Can Be a Real Life Game

Instagram / haliehype

The costume is easy: Make sure you get opposite red and blue outfits and slap a question mark of tape on your shirts. Then, create windows out of cardboard for your faces. You can write your real name. Not everyone was in the game!

Kentucky Fried Chicken is finger-lickin’ good. Everyone loves the crunchy outside a good wing or thigh. Billions have been sold. KFC is, in fact, made of chicken. Some wonder if the old colonel ever got to know his flock. If this photo is any indication of the truth, it seems they were good friends before the fry. But it might just be a clever couples costume. What do you think?

Colonel Sanders Parties with His Own KFC

Reddit / bitchinred92

Totally just a couple, you guys. It’s unlikely they fooled anyone. But you can try! Make sure to carry around a real bucket of KFC, and you’ll be the biggest hit at the party this year.

Cleopatra was the Queen of the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt. She was actually from a Macedonian family, a region next to Italy and Greece. Maybe that’s why she liked dating Italian guys so much. We all know about her lover, the Roman General Mark Antony. He helped get rid of democracy in Rome and bring back the Caesars. This costume is a great way to honor that history with a little humor.

Cleopatra and Caesar With a Twist

Instagram / queeranddelicious

Here, we see Cleo in all her classic glam. But it seems the concept of Caesar got a little warped in the costume store. Lifesized salad dressing is not what the glory of Rome was all about!

Tinder is a way that millions of dates occur every day, these days. It’s something our parents could have never imagined, in their time. But like everything else, automation and technology has taken over. We know that killer robots are next. But for now, we try to deal with the fact that our love lives have been reduced to a tiny profile on a handheld screen. Is that all we are?

They're Also a Real Life Tinder Match

Instagram / merelzz

On Halloween, it can be. These relatable outfits are easy to create. All you need is a cardboard cutout, a red marker, and a little creativity. Make sure to super like each other!

Jaws scared the heck out of us a long time ago, but we still peek at Shark Week from time to time. We know how deadly these sea monsters can be, and the TV is about as close as we want to get. This girl decided to be the apex predator for Halloween with her boyfriend. Where is his hand? She captioned it: “My boyfriend has one hand. We get creative for Halloween.”

This Shark's Victim Really Lost His Arm

Reddit / belll3

Look, if you’ve already lost a hand, it’s a great way to terrorize everyone on this perfect holiday. This costume was meant to be. Th fake blood is a nice touch!

It’s a dreaded activity, for many. For others, it’s an exciting evening in/. Netflix and Chill has totally replaced the concept of dinner and movie, for modern daters. It’s now a struggle to even get out of the house. With thousands of movies right at your fingertips and a convenient monthly subscription, why would you bother? Many never will again. But these gals have decided to poke a little fun at lazy dates for Halloween. Check out their costumes!

These Friends Literally Did Netflix and Chill

Instagram / summernanigans

On the left, we have Netflix. On the right, we have chill. It won’t be interesting if you spotted them separately, though. To make this work, they need to link arms all night long. So far, so good.

It was a movie and book, and we loved both versions. Let us recall Matilda, a talented little girl with misunderstood gifts. She found herself at a school with a very mean prinicpal. Like, the punishments were arbitrary. Headmaster Agatha Trunchbull once explained: “Even if you didn’t do it, I’m going to punish you, because I’m big and you’re small, I’m right and you’re wrong, and there’s nothing you can do about it!”

This Trunchbull and Matilda Costume is Pure Nostalgia

Reddit / LaffiTaffi5580

We hated you, Trunchbull. But we did love that greasy chocolate cake, make with the sweat and blood of cooky the cook. This year, why not try this adorable couples costume? And by adorable, we mean horrible.

We’ve all heard of Playboy magazine, and know about the mansion in LA. Although he has gone to the big party in the sky now, we can’t forget that Hugh Hefner was a revolutionary guy in his time. Who else walked around in a bathrobe, full time, surrounded by a harem of blondes? Basically, no one does this today. And back in the 1950’s, it was impossible. But not for Hugh. Just for you!

Lovin' This Playboy Bunny and Hugh Hefner Switcheroo

Reddit / Csharp27

Here, one couple decided to be the CEO and one of his bunnies. But there’s a twist! The woman is Hugh, and the man is the playmate. That’s a conversation starter, without a doubt.

We’ve all seen the Joker and Harley Quin at a Halloween party in recent years. But this couple decided to shock all their friends with a switch. The girl is the Joker, and the guy is Daddy’s Lil Monster. We thought the movie was deranged, but real life is getting close. They not gonna kill ya, they’re just going to hurt ya bad. Really, really bad. Well, maybe they will kill you with laughter!

Be Part of the Suicide Squad for a Night

Reddit / str8grizzlay

How did they pull it off? It seems the make here bought a regular female costume, and it didn’t quite fit. But that’s part of the fun. Look at the gut, you guys. Margot Robbie would be impressed!

This fellow decided to go full-on public television for Halloween, and we are fans. He brought his partner along for the ride, and we see exactly what they’re going for in this photo. He captioned it: “I grew my hair out for over a year to be Bob Ross for halloween. My wife was a happy little tree.” Do you know who this guy is? If you don’t know the magic of Bob Ross, you’ve been missing out.

They Totally Pull off Bob Ross and Leaves

Reddit / WoodenPayload

The man painted scenery with the most soothing voice. People found this combination addictive, for decades. Perhaps it was the ASMR of its time. We don’t know, and we don’t need to know. All we know is that this is an awesome couples costume, even you’re not that artsy fartsy.

Homer Simpson once toasted: “To alcohol! The cause of, and solution to, all of life’s problems.” He often mused these things to Marge, his beloved yellow wife. We never quite understood why she stuck around with this donut-loving doofus, but they’ve made their marriage work for 33 seasons. And they’re still going strong! If you’ve been looking for a couples costume to celebrate true love, we’ve found it right here.

Marge and Homer Simpson Are Classic Couple

Reddit / dickfromaccounting

The classic Marge hair can easily be achieved with a column of rolled construction paper. Be sure to choose blue, her natural color. Homer is more a matter of a big belly with a white shirt. Magic marker will create his classic beard. And there ya go!

Be honest: You have no idea how Halloween got started. You don’t, and we don’t. We don’t know why we eat candy corn and pretend to be monsters. The original meaning of the holiday was actually quite different than what we celebrate now. It actually used to be a way people remembered the dead in Europe. Maybe that’s why ghosts still stick around in our decor. Most of the time, they are cute ghosts, though.

We Have No Idea What Creepy Concept Is Going on Here

Reddit / Optiguy42

What do we have here? It looks like the super creepy, memorable scene of Adam and Barbara’s transformation from Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice. All we know is that this is one of the most terrifying couples costumes we’ve seen created from scratch. Spooktacular effort!

Plastic surgery has become totally normal, and most people don’t know where it all got started. The truth is, it was developed for injured soldiers during WWI. With all their missing limbs and blown-up faces, there was a real need to help. What are we doing, these days? It seems people are changing their chests, noses, bottoms, and lips. The trend seems to be the bigger, the better. But isn’t all this cutting a little creepy?

It's Crazed Plastic Surgeon and Patient

Instagram / meet_the_parras

If you think about it, maybe. Slicing up the human body is a pretty Halloween thing to do. Here, a bloody surgeon and his recovering patient take a sefie. Terrifying, no?

Creepy crawlies are hated by most. But some of us like butterflies, even though they are bugs. Their colors amaze us, and we like that they help pollinate flowers. But their evil cousins, moths, don’t get the same appreciation. What do they even do, besides eat holes in our sweaters? The answer is, they flap around near our lightbulbs and lamps. We dare say we hate them. Sorry not sorry, moths!

You Might Actually Enjoy This Moth and Lamp

Reddit / Yoyotman

Here, a couple found a way to make us laugh at moths, at least for a bit. The girl has put a lampshade on her head with real light, and the guy has made wings out of a brown tapestry. One of a kind! Unless you steal it, which is totally welcome.

This happy Halloween, why not be Morticia and Gomez Addams? If you’re going for creepy couples, this has got to be the top pick. Their love was strange, but we couldn’t look away. Playing along for the night could even mean using their classic lines to freak out all your guests. Morticia once exclaimed: “Last night you were unhinged. You were like some desperate, howling demon. You frightened me. Do it again!”

Morticia and Gomez Addams Is Classic Creepy

Instagram / sophiet

We think the dark suit and black dress will be easy to put on, but don’t forget to include a floating hand. Totally underrated, and the best character on the show!|

This couple actually won a costume contest for their portrayal here of characters from the movie ‘Up!’ We can see why. The bird head is really tall, and the paper mache matches. The right balloons are there, and the scout outfit is perfect. Right away, we understand the duo. And that’s what contest winners from contest contestants. Plus, the movie was beloved. You can’t underestimate that element in judging!

These Two Are Totally Russell And Kevin From "Up!"

Reddit / sinistora

Believe it or not, this animated film got five nominations and won two. It took home Best Animated Feature as well as Best Original Score. Overall it made $735.1 million worldwide. And clearly, it has inspired a few costumes!

Ah, Pulp Fiction. Classic Tarantino. This suited pair makes a great double costume for any party. And you can walk around saying stuff like this: “The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother’s keeper and the finder of lost children.”

The Pulp Fiction Boys Are Always a Party Pleaser

Reddit / theguyfromthatband

It’s bound to result in a few interesting chats. Or maybe not. You might scare everyone away since you’re so recognizable. We all remember what you did in the movie!

We all love the colors of the rainbow. From red to violet, Roy G. Biv makes our lives vivid and vibrant. But what about the grey among us? We don’t actually know anyone who looks like this couple. But on Halloween, it’s okay to come out and be yourselves. Maybe they’re the folks who used to act in black and white movies! We don’t know how that all worked, honestly.

This Grayscale Halloween Concept is Super Spooky

Reddit / woutomatic

To achieve this look, you do need to break out your best black, grey, and white from the closet. But the grey face paint is the most important part. It’s quite striking, despite its lack of color!

Stars Wars nerds have been in love with Princess Leia for decades. We figure that is because of the scene with that gold bikini, but they seem to be really into her buns, too. One thing’s for sure: They are totally jealous of Jabba, and they will never get as close to her as that blubbery monster enjoyed. Maybe a Halloween couples costume is their best bet? Here’s one example!

We Suggest Princess Leia and Jabba Opposites

Reddit / Dillwillhill

Honestly, it’s probably not what they had in mind. Here, a male is wearing a bikini. The female seems to be hiding inside a Jabba the Hut suit, and you can’t even see her. So, so sad.

Ice cream was once the purview of the ultra-rich. Just think about it: There used to be no fridges or freezers, just fancy ice boxes for the wealthy. You need cold temperatures to make chocolate and vanilla treats all year long. Update: We are happy to report that it’s not hard to get now. There are literally trucks driving around town with music alerting you to its availability. Thankfully, everyone can now enjoy ice cream.

The Ice Cream Man Arrives With a Treat

Instagram / Shop The Pink Dinosaur

Here, an ice cream man poses with his delicious partner. She is covered in sprinkles, and a cone sits on her head. Uh oh: Looks like she is a dropped scoop!

It is the sitcom on every single night on reruns. Have you ever tuned in? Millions loved Married….With Children and still do. The show was all about suburban Chicago, and it followed the marriage of Al Bundy, his wife Peggy, and their kids. Although Al was a cool football jock, back in his day, he was now a women’s shoe salesman. Peggy was notoriously lazy. They bickered, and they made us laugh. A great couples choice for Halloween, by the way!

Try This "Married...With Children" Halloween Idea

Reddit / Onion_Do_Piaza

To transform into Peggy, big hair is a must. Make sure to pick out a red wig, to remain authentic. Al needs a tee with a silly slogan under a jacket. Hey, you might already have half of this!

Lego block connected and snapped in the most satisfying way. Maybe that’s why they came to dominate the world of blocks if that’s a thing. They remain one of the main experts of Denmark, where they actually come from, and 20 billion are made every year. There’s no way you didn’t have a few Lego people in your toybox, too. Those were the best! And that’s why it’s now time for a very Lego Halloween.

You Could Be a Lego Bride and Groom With a Little DIY

Reddit / Staticous

Paint some protein power buckets yellows, and draw on simple faces. We suggest cutting holes in the eyes. Your outfit should be boxy, just like the toys. This is costume contest material, if done just right.