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The Most Dysfunctional Photos of Megan Fox & MGK’s Failed Relationship

Darren February 28, 2023

Engagement Ring

Here’s the moment when Machine Gun Kelly proposed to his girlfriend. We can see a succession of emotions crosses Fox’s face at this moment. She is caught between delight and disbelief that MGK wants to settle down. It probably isn’t that shocking because he kept referring to her as his ‘wife’ before this (via Footwear News).

Footwear News

Naturally, the pair are wearing their typical outfits for this moment. The scantily-clad Fox stands across from her bespangled lover with his faded dyed hair. She once said that he is exactly her type and it was as if she had dreamed him into existence. When did the dream become a nightmare?

Tommy And Pam

Earlier we noted how Kelly and Fox are the craziest “It” couples since Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee. Nobody can say that the couple lacked self-awareness because they ran with this at a 2021 Halloween party. They dressed up as Anderson and Lee as they paid tribute to their forbears.


Fox wore the same dress as Anderson in an iconic nineties photo. Meanwhile, Kelly covered some of his tattoos with makeup to capture Lee’s aesthetic. It was one of their better efforts because it created a real sense of nostalgia. Unfortunately, they also had a failed relationship like Tommy and Pam (via Byrdie).

Daring Dress

Here is one of Fox’s most daring and iconic looks that she wore at the Billboard Music Award. This dress attracted a lot of attention because of the risque cut. Some people thought that it was inspiring because she demonstrated incredible body confidence. But others said that she should leave more to the imagination.

Page Six

Nonetheless, there’s no denying that MGK was a very lucky man before their failed relationship ended. He doesn’t look like the perfect picture of health in this shot and many fans worried about him. There’s a huge difference in appearance between Fox and Kelly here so let’s hope he just felt tired (via Page Six).


Sometimes it felt like Kelly and Fox came from different universes. Here we see the actress glowing as she stands beside her former fiancee. However, it looks like Kelly would prefer to be anywhere else in the world. There’s a disconsolate expression on his face and they’re not on the same wavelength.

The News

The hip-hop star had mental problems and even considered suicide. His bond with Fox helped to heal him so hopefully, he doesn’t suffer any regression. Nobody knows what goes on behind the scenes so it’s possible this proved draining for Fox. They tried their best but in the end, it was a failed relationship (via The News).

Out and About

Most of the photos in this article came from major celebrity events. But here is one of the pair out and about in the city. It’s a difficult life because they are never alone. First, they had security who protected them from crazy people on the street. Meanwhile, the paparazzi tracked their every move.


This must be exhausting but they courted this type of lifestyle. Nobody made them live their failed relationship in the open but that’s what they chose. Some famous actors and musicians try to keep their private lives away from the media. They recognize that they can’t have their cake and eat it (via Complex).

Call Me Maybe?

We wonder what MGK is smiling at as he looks at this phone in this picture. Remember, Fox allegedly found illicit messages on his device and confronted him. It’s impossible not to think about this when we see this photo. He could be ordering takeout or booking an Uber, but it’s easy to suspect the worst.


His arm is around Fox but she is looking away. Who would stare at their phone when Megan Fox is walking next to them? Let’s hope that they find healthier connections because this doesn’t seem right. Maybe it was always going to be a failed relationship because they didn’t understand the important things (via Billboard).

Ring of Thorns

This photo raised red flags amongst Fox’s obsessive fanbase. On the surface, it’s a beautiful shot of the engaged couple with Fox’s beautiful ring. However, there’s a disturbing detail that isn’t immediately visible. There are thorns in the design that draws blood when Fox removes the ring.


It’s insane but it reflects the bizarre power dynamics in their failed relationship. Fox’s fans thought that this was too intense and worried for her safety. In the end, it appeared that Kelly was the disloyal one despite trying to possess Fox. Allegedly, the diamond and emerald ring has a value of $75,000 (via Hola).

Cute Selfie

It’s common for couples to take cute bathroom selfies to show the world that they’re in love. If they don’t post it on social media how will anybody know that their relationship is real? Here is one of the earliest pictures from Fox and Kelly’s failed relationship. They’re sticking their tongues out because they’re so cool.


It wasn’t until they kissed in public that they confirmed they were together. The paparazzi linked them romantically before this but there was still uncertainty. However, it remains to be seen if they can heal their wounds or if their bond is forever broken. Can anybody take much more of this intensity (via Elle)?

No Shirts

One of MGK’s trademarks is not to wear a shirt. He loves flaunting his skinny chest and tattoos. The rapper has more ink than a stationary shop but we’re not sure if he successfully pulled off this outfit. However, we give him credit for being himself and not caring what anybody else thinks.

The Brag

Meanwhile, he has his arm around Fox in a possessive manner. It looks as if he’s refusing to release her as she clutches his hand. Fox is also several years older than Kelly so it’s possible that he felt safe with her. We’re not going to get into Freudian power dynamics but there could be something there (via The Brag).

Girlfriend Search

Here’s another photo of the pair on the red carpet socializing with their fellow celebrities. Maybe the main reason behind their failed relationship is that they finally spent some time alone together. Then they realized that they don’t like each other when they do normal, boring things. We’re only kidding but it’s crazy how busy their social lives were.


This photo came soon after Fox said that she was looking for a girlfriend. The bisexual actress claimed on Instagram and Kelly responded in a ‘cool’ manner. It’s unknown if she ever found a decent candidate for the role. But many women were lining up to steal her away from MGK (via Pride.com).

Another Selfie

This photo offers an intimate glimpse into their life behind the scenes. Perhaps they’ve woken up and are about to get ready for the day. Maybe something else went on but there’s no denying that they’re a striking couple. Kelly towers over Fox who barely reaches his shoulder.

Times of India

We also see the full extent of MGK’s tattooed torso. The rapper has an incredible amount of ink and poured thousands of dollars into the work. Fox has a particular type because not every woman finds MGK attractive. However, she loved being with the rapper during their best days (via Times of India).

Music Video

MGK took full advantage of Fox’s celebrity profile when they first dated. She guest-starred in the music video for one of his songs, Rage Machine. In the clip, we see her tape his mouth and dominate him in other extreme ways. Perhaps it is symbolic of their entire failed relationship.


There’s a chance that Kelly regrets this video now because every time he sees it he will think of her. But he also made a lot of money from her fame so he won’t be too sad. In the end, it’s probably their fans who are suffering more than anybody. Kelly and Fox are probably relieved it’s all over now (via Rap-Up).