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People Share Idiotic Fails That Seemed Like Good Ideas At The Time

MonicaJuly 28, 2022
The Brainy Penny

Rope Swing

If the water is deep enough, rope swings are a fun way to get into the water. But when they’re hanging over shallow water, there’s no saying what could happen. Usually, slamming into the bottom of a shallow river never ends well. 


This is exactly what happened to this kid. After a bike ride with his scout troop, they went to a rope swing along a shallow river. His parents arrived to pick him up, and because his mom was in a good mood, she let him take one last swing. Well, that was a bad idea. He swung into the water, landed on his wrist, and broke his arm. Let’s just say his mother was not pleased  (via The Brainy Penny).

The Brainy Penny

Playing With Fire

You don’t understand how quickly a fire can spread until you witness it firsthand. If fire catches the wrong material, it’s only a matter of time before an entire fire is spreading across a field or house, with no signs of stopping. 

HSSE World

When this internet user was 17, his friend was playing with fire. He ended up setting an entire field up in flames. His dad was incredibly angry and ended up taking money out of his college funds to pay for the damage to the field and the hunting camp lodge, which had burned down. While his friends went off to get degrees, he had to stay at home and work. Sadly, this one mistake had a ripple effect on the rest of his life (via The Brainy Penny).

The Brainy Penny

Fire Drill Shenanigans

In school, practicing for a fire drill was annoying but necessary. Without it, we wouldn’t know what to do in the case of a fire. Because it was so repetitive, some students would try to make it feel more exciting. Usually, we would watch them crack jokes or cause a disruption, but other times, something else happened. 


In this particular school, students had to hold a sign with their teacher’s name on it, so the class wouldn’t get lost. A group of kids convinced one student to throw the sign like a spear through a small window. He threw it, shattered the window, and ended up having to pay $160. It was one of those good ideas only kids would think of. At least they appreciated their teacher’s priceless reaction (via The Brainy Penny).

The Brainy Penny

Blind Run 

Running with your eyes closed seems like one of those good ideas that quickly turns bad. This 14-year-old thought it was a good idea to run across the street with his eyes closed. Even though he didn’t get hit by a car, he ran straight into a tree. 


He cut open his face and knee. We’re not sure why he thought of this idea in the first place, but there was no way it was going to end well. At least he didn’t get hit by a car, because the repercussions of that would’ve been a lot worse (via The Brainy Penny).