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Online Justice: Internet Heroes Destroyed These Disgusting Trolls With Savage Burns

Darren March 14, 2023

Questionable Qualifications

Many people love debating with randomers on the internet. It’s a pointless exercise because nobody turns around and says that the other person is correct. Everybody shouts into the void and hopes to get more likes than their rival. But one of the worst tactics is to question another human being’s qualifications.


This is very risky because it can backfire like in the situation above. One person thought that they destroyed the other but he didn’t realize that the dam was about to burst open. The number of likes on the reply shows how effective it was. Also, be careful debating somebody with a blue tick on Twitter because it’s easier for them to gain momentum (via Reddit).

Grammar Police

People constantly set themselves up for failure on the Internet without realizing it. The following is an example of what happens when this goes badly wrong. Nobody likes when someone mocks others about their linguistic issues. It doesn’t help when they can’t use English properly themselves.


Sometimes mean people deserve savage burns because it teaches them a lesson. The unfortunate reality is that they probably don’t know what redundancy is. Don’t mock others because it never ends well and karma is a cruel teacher. Nonetheless, the rest of the Internet enjoyed this brilliant comeback (via Reddit).


The gender wars came to a brutal end in this Twitter exchange. One woman thought that she cracked the code when she decided that men should pay restaurant bills. This is a contentious subject in the modern era because many people think that couples should split bills. However, many traditionalists and tight-fisted divas disagree.


A brave but ultimately stupid man responded to her polarizing view. We can see their interaction above and note the traction it generated. Many people enjoyed his interpretation of the word ‘menu.’ This battle will likely continue to rumble on with many more casualties (via Reddit).

Home Depot

This is a funny exchange because it doesn’t go in the direction that we expect. It’s safe to say that most people didn’t have appropriate thoughts when they read the first sentence. But one man shuts down the original tweeter with one of the most savage burns ever. It’s hilarious and weirdly wholesome because the first person replies with thanks.


This began as an NSFW subject but quickly evolved into an exchange about gardening tools. Perhaps that’s what he was talking about all along and the problem is with people who have dirty minds. We assumed he was referring to gardening hoes all along. Let’s hope that Home Depot had a good choice in stock (via Reddit).

The 10 Percent

Some people think that they’re being very profound online when they make sweeping generalizations. Contrary to their beliefs, they’re not masters of philosophy or the next Buddha. Nobody is asking them to write the laws of the universe but they think everybody respects what they think.


That’s why the exchange above is so funny. One woman makes a statement about females being attractive and men being ugly. But this man replies with one of the most savage burns in memory. It’s going to be a long time before she forgets this nightmare of an internet humiliation because it’s a bad one (via Reddit).


UFC fans know Paul Felder as a former lightweight contender. The Philadelphia native retired from fighting and became a regular broadcast commentator. Fans like him because he is honest and analytical without being too dry. One Twitter user went overboard when he told ‘The Irish Dragon’ this.


We can see that Felder didn’t initially appreciate the spirit of the comment. But he respected the man’s honesty when he explained why he said it on Twitter rather than face to face. Felder probably smiled despite himself because it was a sharp reply. The man knows where to pick his battles and the online world is a safer place (via Reddit).

Ripped Abs

Here’s an idiotic man who thinks that women shouldn’t train for ripped abs. For some reason, he takes issue with female athletes and believes that they should leave this to men. Strangely, this bothers him because it doesn’t have any impact on his life. Another online user made this very clear to him with one of the most brutal comebacks ever.



This academic has a Ph.D. in history but he also has a master’s degree in savage burns. Imagine if he said this out loud to his class because they’d all snap their fingers and go crazy. But instead, he eviscerated a fellow human being in front of the world. History is a cruel teacher as this man revealed (via Reddit).

Absolutely Right

This woman inadvertently opened the door for one of the most savage burns ever. She decided that the time was right to target men but this was a mistake. One alert man responded hilariously but this was her fault. It’s all about the phrasing of the original tweet because she set herself up for failure.


It’s not surprising that this man has ‘king’ in his Twitter handle because he did a service with this response. This takes a level of sharpness that is beyond most people so kudos to him for staying alert. We can imagine that this infuriated the original author but there’s nothing she could do about it (via Reddit).

Kind Volunteer

Fire officers deserve a lot of respect because they’re doing a service for their community. Many of them are volunteers and risk their lives without any compensation. There are indeed some professionals but these services depend on ordinary people. The exchange below shows what happens when somebody doesn’t appreciate them.


Somehow, we doubt that anybody named ‘Tubbsy’ will be volunteering to run into burning buildings. But we love when trolls receive their comeuppance online. The only complaint we have is that fire officers should be saving victims and not leaving savage burns. We’re joking because this moron earned this brutal reaction (via Reddit).

Evolving Game

Perhaps Andrew Tate will learn more about the history of chess from his Romanian jail cell. He has plenty of time to familiarize himself with the ancient board game. However, he demonstrated his lack of education on the topic on Twitter in 2023. He tried to say that it never changed over the past 5000 years.


Another Twitter user politely informed him that his estimation was out by about 3,500 years. They also revealed that the rules of chess constantly evolved. Unsurprisingly, they received hundreds of likes because people enjoy these savage burns. We still don’t know why he has so many followers (via Reddit).

Work-Life Balance

It’s always funny when someone refuses to accept a moron’s garbage worldview. They know that scrolling past would be easier and save them a few minutes of their lives. But they decide to do the world a service by delivering savage burns. This exchange below is a classic example.


This man, Michael Beveridge, isn’t wrong because the point about work-life balance is comparable to a fart jar. There’s no point in being alive if there’s nothing to enjoy about living. Humans understand the importance of finding meaning and this doesn’t always translate to money (via Reddit).

King or Queen

For some people, one of the saddest aspects of a breakup is losing contact with their former partner’s family. But one man refused to break his connection to his ex-girlfriend’s father. He continues playing chess with him online, despite her visible fury. But it prompted one of the most beautiful exchanges in history.


This is one of the greatest things anybody has ever written. We assume this was checkmate because there’s nothing that she could say after this. It’s a magnificent comeback that she wasn’t prepared for. The real king is this man who refuses to give up on his favorite chess partner (via Reddit).