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30 Sickening Coworkers Who Crossed The Line On The Job

Monica February 14, 2022

Most of us have experienced a coworker or two who entertained us on the job and made the mundane work seem a bit more interesting. However, that isn’t the case all of the time. Some coworkers cross the line on the job. that leaves their coworkers feeling uncomfortable, sad, or downright angry.

If this has happened to you, don’t despair – you’re far from alone. These Reddit users shared their funny, weird, and strange experiences with belligerent coworkers that crossed the line at work. It’s better to spot a toxic coworker right away, yet as these stories attest, that isn’t always possible. After reading these stories, you might just appreciate your coworkers a tiny bit more. Check out these odd coworkers who crossed the line below.


30) Rock Collecting Woman

There are some coworkers out there who have blatantly crossed the line and others who do so under the table – literally. This coworker had rocks under her table and collects them every time one of her coworkers angers her. This coworker assigned this Reddit user a rock for a mysterious reason unbeknownst to them.

“I share office space with a woman who’s been working in our firm for 35 years now. Underneath her desk, she has a banker’s box half-filled — at least 10 kilos — with colorful rocks. One day I asked her about the rocks. “Oh, every time somebody reaaaally pisses me off, they get a rock in my box, so I can remember it.”

“You mean…all of those rocks represent somebody?” She rummaged in the box for a second and pulled one out. “This is for the time [department secretary] didn’t invite me to her Christmas party, even though I gave her a present. I picked one out at random. “So…who’s this for?” “That’s for [old boss, retired circa 2003], that b**ch. I told her not to hire that Paki for accounting, and she got pregnant six months later. She should have listened to me.” I stared. ‘So…do I have any rocks?’ She just glowered at me for a second, then turned back to her newspaper.” – via angryhaiku


29) Missing Tampon Bin

This strange instance of work circumstances explains itself. The company got rid of the tampon bin in the bathroom because the coworkers kept mistreating it. This seems like it would be more of a problem for the company than for the women using the bathroom. – via mildlyinfuriating

28) The Sneaky Food Stealer

This Reddit user wants to get back at his girlfriend’s coworker and rightfully so. Someone was stealing her food at work and putting it back in the fridge. One of his ideas is to put a laxative in her food to deter her coworker from stealing her food ever again.

“​​My girlfriend recently got a new job and everything seems to be going good except for one of her coworker’s that steals her food. They share a refrigerator for all of their lunches in the break room. Yesterday we ate Oxtail, rice, plantains, etc. for dinner. I packed up a good amount of the leftovers for her to take to work and when she got to the break room for lunch her Tupperware was empty and sitting in the sink. Yesterday someone drank most of her ting (a Jamaican soda that is uncommon here and surely wasn’t confused as someone else’s) and put it back in the fridge.” – via mildlyinfuriating

It’s one thing to sneakily steal someone’s food, but another thing to steal it and then rub it in their face. Let’s hope that this Reddit user helped his girlfriend get back at her coworker who crossed the line one too many times.

27) Friendly Felony Crack Addict

“When I was sixteen, I worked at Wendy’s. One day I went in to find out that I was training. I am working back window, and as I am training her, she starts filling me in on her situation, She was a recovering crack addict who had just been released from jail for theft, and was living in a halfway house. She was also forty years old and kept hitting on me, asking if I had ever had women, telling me constantly how cute I was, etc.” – via Beboprockss

This woman shared every detail of her life with her young coworker and then proceeded to hit on him. To make matters worse, this woman then stole money and a walkie-talkie and ended up with a felony charge because of it:

“I thought I’d have to get a new job, but two days later, addiction won out and she ran out the door with a hundred bucks. The funny thing was that, had it just been the money, she would have just been fired since she ran out with the work walkie-talkie, she was charged with a felony.”


26) The Mystery Pastry Nibbler

This coworker took a bite out of two different pastries and left them.

“Who takes one bite of a pastry? This coworker. It seems pointless and rude and definitely crossed the line of respect.” – via mildlyinfuriating


25) The Oversharing Coworker

Even though this coworker opened up and crossed the line, we all probably feel quite sorry for him. It’s a pretty horrendous situation to find yourself in. Not only did his wife cheat on him, but she left him for someone younger and took his virginity. – via sadcringe


24) The Ungrateful Donut Complainer

Someone brought free donuts to work. At the very least, this coworker could’ve said thank you! They complained about the type of donuts, and also said something negative about it. Hopefully, there weren’t enough donuts to go around and they didn’t receive any in the end. – via choosingbeggars


23) The Confused Sink Recycler

This person was confused about where to put their recyclables. For some reason, the sink seemed like the best place to do so. Maybe he thought it would magically disappear when he returned from his vacation. – via peoplebeingjerks

22) The Illiterate Racist

Not only was this person racist, but clearly, they didn’t know how to spell. Hopefully, the customer didn’t take any notice of the receipt. – via awfuleverything


21) Gossip Queen Carolina

​​”I had a colleague who genuinely enjoyed seeing people not do well and when people felt uncomfortable. She was very manipulative. She’d ask you questions and sympathize with whatever you had going on — only to turn around and tell everyone what you just confessed to her.” – via mcderson9

This person sounds like a horrible coworker who crossed the line quite often. At least this Reddit user and their coworkers learned not to share anything with her, especially if it was something they didn’t want the entire workplace to find out about. The rest of the office caught on to her manipulative ways, however:

“After about two to three months with the company, if she hadn’t already somehow screwed you over, you’d heard enough about her to know that if you didn’t want the rest of the room to find out something, then you didn’t tell her. Yeah, I’m talking about you, Carolina.”


20) The Liar

“I worked with this girl when I was a personal shopper. She tried to get me fired a couple of times because she saw I was moving up faster than she was. We both got sent to work at a different location for a couple of months, and she went around bad-mouthing me to anyone who would listen, so they thought I was a shit employee and she was amazing.” – via figaro-il-gatto

Some people can’t stand to see their coworkers becoming more successful than them as this Reddit user shared. At least they were able to prove their work ethic, even when their coworker crossed the line. Bullying in the workplace is horrendous. It’s great that this Reddit user had their coworkers’ support and called out the hater:

“I proved myself with my work ethic, and my coworkers realized she was a liar. It changed their opinion of her. I ended up going to a different location, and when she went back to our original location, she continued to say horrid things about me. My coworkers took my side and called her out on her BS. She left not long after on a bad note with them.”


19) 40-Year Age Difference

This failed coworker romance ended quite strangely. It’s one thing to get hit on by a coworker. But it’s another thing to get hit on by someone who’s 40 years older than you. And not only that, but he seemed to put all of the blame on the younger woman while he was the creepy one. He crossed the line by asking her to hang out and then proceeded to harass her when she declined. – via @niceguys


18) The Stunned Coworker

Some coworkers seem to love sharing every detail about their lives like this Reddit user shared. Their coworker crossed the line by sharing her life story about being a heroin addict at the workplace. At least this Reddit user didn’t have to deal with that woman longer than one day and even got a good story out of it.

“I’ll never forget the 22-ish girl who spent a shift telling me, with no prompting at all, about how she used to be a raging heroin addict, but she was over it now and had become extremely religious. The very next day, she got fired for stealing $20 from the cash register. She had gone into very explicit detail about her drug deals and the things she’d done to get drugs. My shy homeschooled a** was stunned.” – via glum_hedgehog


17) The Plotter

“I had an assistant who plotted to get me fired and take my job. Some of my workers let me know because he tried to get them on board with him. Eventually, due to politics, I was demoted but asked to be put on the shift relieving him. After being relieved by phone a couple of times (against the rules), I intentionally came in four hours early and he wasn’t there. I still got a call from him when he should have relieved me like he was still on site. I let the guards know, and they videotaped him and I got him fired.” – via charlie2135

This seems like one of the worst coworkers to cross the line on this list. They tried to take their job. Luckily, they had the guard’s support and they fired him in the end.


16) Looking For A Fight

Some people just have a problem with someone before they even know anything about them. This Reddit user shared their experience about getting bullied from a coworker who crossed the line from the get-go. Luckily, this Reddit user had enough clarity not to fight their coworker and, instead asked for help and avoided any serious conflict.

“As soon as she started, she had a problem with me. I don’t know why. She essentially bullied me from the get-go, and when I told my manager about it, she claimed nothing could be done, since the rude lady wasn’t officially under my manager. One day, she started bumping into me, saying, ‘You have a problem with me? Let’s take it outside. I was half her size, I’ve never fought in my life outside of sibling squabbles, and I have terrible social anxiety.”

We can all sympathize with this person as it’s one of the most uncomfortable positions to be in at work. This person ultimately left the job due to the bad treatment.

“So I went to the bathroom, called my S.O. to come and pick me up, and walked out on my shift. I didn’t say a word to anyone and left her there alone during the lunch rush. I later learned from my friend who also worked there that my manager didn’t blame me and officially put down that I left for ‘personal reasons.’ She was a nice woman, and I don’t blame her for not being able to do anything. Upper management at this chain was very irresponsible.” – via Mochimant

15) Creepy Foot Massage Guy

It seems this guy doesn’t understand boundaries or what’s considered appropriate in the workplace. He crossed the line on the job when he asked to give foot massages and complimented women on their appearance. He also didn’t understand the reasons why it was considered inappropriate and even had the audacity to post about it. – via niceguys


14) Cursing Coworker

“Worked with a girl who would sometimes just lay in the floor and play on her phone. She would routinely flip out about something her boyfriend did and just start screaming curse words, sometimes in front of customers. She was eventually fired for smoking weed while on the clock.” – via AtlantaFieldClowns

We’ve all probably had an encounter or two with an interesting coworker as this Reddit user shares. Their coworker seems to have crossed many boundaries in the workplace, including the customer’s. It seems the job wasn’t right for her. At least she was fired eventually.

13) Ashtray Back Alley

“These guys clearly don’t understand what “litter” is. They seem to take pollution to an entirely new level, and have no regard for the environment. They also don’t seem to mind what their workspace looks like. Honestly, it’s pretty disgusting!” – via trashy


12) Trashy Manager

“I had a manager once who dumped trash on my desk my third day there. She said it was to remind me that taking out the trash was part of my job description (it wasn’t, I was a research assistant at a mortgage firm).” – via litkat16

Not only is this considered incredibly rude, but the manager seems like a bully. She crossed the line by dumping trash on her employees desk, which is something no manager should do, ever. Hopefully, this Reddit user decided to call it quits and find a job with a manager who respects their employees.


11) No Thinking Allowed

Another dodgy manager strikes again. How are these managers being put in charge of an office? Clearly, they need to find another job, or go to school to learn some respect for their employees. Let’s hope that this Reddit user finds a way out of that job and into one where questions are allowed.

“Not necessarily a “co-worker” but my old supervisor literally told me not to think, even if it’s wrong that I do things her way, and not to ask questions because I should already know what to do. I had just gotten the position.” – via mutantandproud95


10) The Mystery Coworker

“I work shifts and can’t go home unless I pass over my reports to the next person face-to-face. One particular woman loves coming in late. Not 5 or 10 minutes late — I’m talking 25 to 30 minutes late. The best part is that she loves b**ching about how everyone is always on her ass for coming in late. She literally lives a five-minute walk away from work, so no one knows why she’s always late.” – via kandnm115709

What is is this woman doing every morning to make her thirty minutes late? Even though she isn’t necessarily making a certain coworker feel uncomfortable like some of the coworkers on this list, she definitely crossed the line by complaining about her coworkers giving her a hard time for being late.

9) The Itchy Coworker

This coworker obviously didn’t understand his job description. He crossed the line by having long conversations during work. This was distracting to his other coworkers, who were trying to focus and actually do their job. It’s a good thing he got fired:

“We had a system administrator who would come to work and run his real estate business from his desk while he was supposed to be working, coughing, sneezing, and sniffling the whole time. We called him ‘Itchy.’ He would also call friends and family for hour long conversations while we all had to listen. He picked up the nickname ‘Thanksgiving Dinner Guy’ for using the break room (it had a full kitchen) to cook entire meals that wouldn’t be out of place at a family gathering. When he finally got fired, they found out he never did any of his sys-admin work. No backups, no password changes, no log monitoring.” – via Niblek


8) Looking For Clean Pee

This employee crossed the line by getting angry at her coworkers for not giving her their clean pee so she could pass a drug test. It’s almost comical. It’s probably a good thing that she couldn’t find any clean pee and hopefully learned some sort of lesson in the meantime. – via ChoosingBeggars


7) A Ray Of Sunshine

At least this coworker was blatantly obvious about her gossip. Instead of trying to do it sneakily, she would at least admit she was gossiping about people. This seems counterintuitive, though, and we can only imagine what sort of drama went down in this workplace.

“When I was an intern, there was this old shrew who would call people into her office (my cube shared a thin wall), gossip, then call those people in to tell them what was said, etc. She would try to frame people for shit she did wrong. She was so arrogant. And she refused to adapt to workforce modernization. Example: she refused to learn how to hyperlink in emails, documents, etc. A real ray of sunshine she was!” – via mandz_camz24

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6) The Missing Food

“Hired a cook on a good recommendation. He was just fine the first two weeks. Then I noticed food going missing. And then supplies started going missing. Then a customer told me that he had been adding auto 30% tips his food purchases. When I looked at the books, I saw that he had been adding 30% tips to ALL the credit card sales. And the cash rings were off from what should have been sold. I fired him that day. The next day he came in and apologized. Said he was on drugs and was going to rehab. I wished him well. Then next day he tried to break in after close and was caught. Idiot.” – via Sirnando138

This coworker wasn’t as sneaky as he thought. He crossed the line multiple ways, by stealing food, adding tips to his credit card sales, and then breaking in to the office. He was relentless! We can give him props for trying, I guess.


5) The Radically Honest Coworker

Some people take radical honesty to an entirely new level, just like this employee seems to do. No one wants to know when you use the toilet, let alone how many times. He even works at a food joint, which made it much worse.

“This guy named Daniel I used to work with at McDonald’s in high school. He let everyone know he worked out and enjoyed being on the football team. And he had this thing about taking 5 sh*ts a day. He would walk by on his way back from the toilet, chest out, shoulders back and triumphantly announce “that’s sh*t number 3!”… f**king Daniel.” – via KillerKackwurst4


4) The Creepy Coworker

“One of my coworkers creeped on all the women who weren’t managers. His employment ended when he texted me a picture of his penis. He then tried to say he had consent because he had first texted “let me show my piercing.” Two things wrong with that argument: firstly, I never responded to any of his texts and secondly, he never said where the piercing was. Luckily for me, the new store manager had been trying to find a reason to get rid of him. Still, even with the texts and picture, I had to get someone else to file a sexual harassment complaint as well (which wasn’t difficult).” – via CrazyCatlover

There are so many things wrong with this. Firstly, this coworker crossed the line by sending inappropriate pictures. Secondly, he tried to find an excuse about why it was okay.

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3) The Nightmare Coworker

“​​I worked with a guy who’d interrupt any conversation to talk about anything as if he was the expert. And I don’t use “anything” as a hyperbole. He truly had something to say about anything, including things he had never heard of or obviously didn’t know much about. When the subject being discussed was something in the category of things he didn’t know much about, he would slowly steer the conversation away from the original discussion to something he would like to talk about at the moment.”

We’ve all been in a conversation with someone who wouldn’t stop talking, but, hopefully, we were able to get out of it. This Reddit user shared their experience of having to work with someone who constantly crossed the line in conversation while at work. At least they left in the end:

It was both amazing and the most annoying thing I had ever had to deal with. He was like that Wikipedia game where you start with Star Wars and somehow end up on LGBTQ+ struggles. Not to mention the “conversation” was basically 98% of him just talking non-stop. Everybody else was way too polite and against conflict to say anything, including me, so most people just tried to stay away from him, but he’d follow people around. I eventually left, but I even remember having a nightmare where he was the best man at my wedding.” – via Lufernaal


2) The Sack Of Potatoes Story

“I briefly had a coworker (‘Fred’) at the grocery store. He eventually got fired when one of his old high school teachers came in shopping, and he threw a whole sack of potatoes at her. She was an elderly woman who got seriously injured, and both the ambulance and the cops had to get involved. Even before that, he was always talking on his phone in the break room, usually arguing with his girlfriend. He’d do other annoying, gross things like chewing with his mouth wide open and wiping his boogers all over the place, but then there was one day when he tried to flush a Hot Pocket down the toilet. I never did hear about what happened to his old teacher, but Fred is currently in jail for not only assaulting his teacher but also attacking his lawyer, for reasons unknown.” – via brosafe

This story is inappropriate on so many levels. This coworker crossed the line by throwing a sack of potatoes at his old teacher. How often do you ever hear that happening? Probably never. At least karma got him and he ended up in jail.


1) The 50-Year Old Pervert

“I had a 50-year-old colleague who would message women on sugar baby apps and rub one out over his trousers. I saw him blow his load in the office. And I reported it, and he said he had a genital rash but admitted to ‘messaging people on social media.’ I got in trouble for my accusations. Fast-forward eight months, he was sitting opposite me. He starts rubbing one out in the open again. I recorded him and showed my manager, and he was finally fired.” – via PenMarkedHand

This story is just plain disgusting. Not only was he messaging his coworkers, but he was committing lewd acts during work. We all probably feel sorry for this Reddit user for initially getting into trouble for trying to report them. Luckily, they caught him in the end and fired him.