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Celebrities Who Disgust Others With Their Terrible Hygiene

Monica March 10, 2023
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Jennifer Aniston Has Bad Breath

Wherever Jennifer Aniston goes, heads turn. People fall in love with her beauty and charisma, and ever since her debut on Friends, people have been infatuated with her. But just because the star has great looks, doesn’t mean she practices good hygiene. People noticed she has terrible breath that stinks of coffee. Fellow actors find it difficult to be in kissing scenes with the star and prefer not to kiss the hottie. That’s a sign of poor health. She’s previously been addicted to smoking and drinking coffee, which probably affected her dental hygiene. It’s not all about the looks (via Quora).


Mel Gibson Smells Like Sweat And Cigarettes

Many actors burn with desire, envy, and jealousy when they see Mel Gibson. His talent and good lucks have helped him surpass many other celebrities in the acting world. But that doesn’t mean he’s perfect all around he’s known to practice bad hygiene. He usually smells like sweat and cigarettes and doesn’t shower as often as he should. That, paired with the fact he also doesn’t wear deodorant, makes a recipe for disaster. One of his stylists even claimed he’s one of the worst-smelling celebrities on the planet (via Simpli).


Courtney Cox Doesn’t Use Deodorant

What’s with these celebrities and ditching deodorant? They’re sweating on a set day in and day out, wouldn’t you think they’d try a little bit harder to smell decent? On Friends, she was portrayed as Monica, a clean freak with OCD. But just because she acted that way on set doesn’t mean she’s like that in the real world. She’s known to have a sweaty musk because she doesn’t wear deodorant. In an interview, she said, “I was trying so hard to keep up [with Hollywood beauty standards], and that made things worse. Now, I’m as natural as I can be.” Natural is not always the right way, Cox (via Cheat Sheet).


Mila Kunis Doesn’t Use Soap

Using soap on our bodies helps remove dirt, bacteria, and dust. But that doesn’t mean everyone does it. Mila Kunis is one of those people. Growing up, she wouldn’t shower that often because she never had hot water. This dirty habit stuck with her throughout her life, and now she doesn’t shower as regularly as she should. She also avoids using soap on her body and only cleans the important parts. She might as well just forgo showering altogether. Kunis said, “I don’t wash my body with soap every day. I wash my armpits and my crotch daily and nothing else ever.” Her husband, Ashton Kutcher, also practices similar bad hygienic practices (via The Healthy Journal).


Joan Rivers Uses Vodka Instead Of Deodorant

Joan Rivers truly believes sprinkling your body with water and vodka, instead of deodorant, masks smells and keeps you smelling fresh and clean. Wouldn’t it just make you smell like vodka? Because she always smells like alcohol, it’s more likely she’ll just come off as being drunk. “I always spray my costumes with vodka and water. It’s an old Broadway trick, two-thirds water, and one-third vodka, spray your armpits and you’ll never smell again.” We don’t necessarily recommend practicing this unhygienic practice unless you want to smell like vodka (via Truth In Aging).


Kelly Clarkson Doesn’t Wear Underwear

Celebrities have enough money to afford a new outfit every single day. But that doesn’t mean they do that, since that’s wasteful. But celebrities like Kelly Clarkson take it a step too far and forgo underwear, too. She wants to be comfortable wherever she is. During her appearances on American Idol, the singer went commando. She said, “why’d anyone want a little thing up their butt when they can go free?” She claimed that not wearing any underwear gave her good luck throughout the entire American Idol series. That freedom isn’t a good thing in front of millions of people, but we’re sure she already knew that (via Life And Style Mag).


Post Malone Has A Pungent, Musky Smell

Even though rapper Post Malone is a nice guy, it doesn’t mean he practices good hygiene. The opposite is true. The rapper ditches the deodorant and instead opts for his natural, musky smell. In an interview, he said, “I smell good…I won’t wear any deodorant or anything, but I have a musk,” and he claims that if you don’t like his smell, then natural bodily scent just isn’t for you. It’s said he smells like dirty laundry combined with cigarettes, expired milk, and moldy cheese. His tour manager quit because he smelled so bad, and in one report, a fan vomited after going backstage, hugging him and breathing in his scent. This celebrity needs to jump into a shower asap, otherwise, he’s going to lose a lot of fans (via Lead Stories).