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35+ On-Screen Couples Who Took Their Romances To The Real World

Hizkiail July 26, 2021
That ’70s Show/Carsey-Werner Distribution

However, after Kutcher and Moore divorced, fans were hopeful that Jackie and Kelso would be together again. The couple reconnected at the Golden Globes and have been together ever since. They married in 2015 and have been one of Hollywood’s hottest couples.

The Vampire Diaries/The CW

Somerhalder and Dobrev dated for a few years before breaking up in 2013 mutually. They remained friends even after he started dating his now-wife Nikki Reed. It’s nice that they can still see each other without being awkward since they both moved on.

Gossip Girl/The CW

However, Meester and Stan ended their relationship amicably. After their relationship, Stan was linked to many famous women, and as his career started to take off, he decided to keep things more private.

Michael Yarish/Warner Bros.

Although fans were always rooting for Penny and Leonard, Cuoco and Galecki couldn’t make things work. It must have been awkward to continue playing a married couple on the show, but at least they were able to remain friends and work well together.

Gossip Girl/The CW

A year after the pair started dating, Lively flat-out denied that they were together. However, they were outed when they were spotted kissing on vacation. The pair was nervous the bosses at Gossip Girl would be upset. After the two broke up, they were still played an on-and-off couple on the show and remained good friends.

Gilmore Girls/The WB

Bledel and Ventimiglia decided to go their separate ways in 2006, but they remained friends. Ventimiglia respects Bledel and congratulated her after she won an Emmy in 2017 for Handmaid’s Tale.

The O.C./Fox

However, in real life, Bilson and Brody split a year before the final season. Although it was a little awkward to play a couple even after they split, they are still friends to this day, and Brody is happily married.


Although people loved their on-screen romance and the cameos they did on each other’s projects, Poehler and Arnett ended up getting divorced in 2012. While they never said the real reason behind their split, many people think their romance just fizzled out.


Unfortunately, their future plans were cut short when Monteith overdosed in 2013. It was one of the hardest things for Michele to get through because she lost the love of her life. However, she has healed and is now married with a newborn baby.

Felicity/The WB

They were both in their early twenties, and it was a cute romance, but not something that was meant to last. Russell and Speedman remain close friends to this day and even met up for a reunion.

One Tree Hill/The WB

However, after just five months of marriage, Murray and Bush broke up because of cheating rumors. Bush filed for an annulment, but they still had to play an on-screen couple for many more years.

Freaks and Geeks/NBC

During their relationship, they made many public appearances, and it seemed like they were the perfect couple. However, after five long years, Cardellini and Segal broke up. It is rumored that their breakup was the inspiration for Segal’s naked meltdown scene in Forgetting Sarah Marshall.


Vartan explained that they were best friends before and after they dated, and that wouldn’t change. In March 2018, Garner and Vartan sparked some new romance rumors, but they said if it didn’t work the first time, it wasn’t going to work now.


After just a year, the couple broke up, and the ironic part was that their on-screen story mirrored their real-life breakup. On the show, Sigler’s character has to go to New Zealand to film a movie, and it causes problems in the relationship.


Morrison and Spencer released a statement saying, “After much consideration, we have decided not to get married. We are still very close, and we look forward to continuing to work together on House.” They never said why they broke up, but Spencer said he wouldn’t date an actress again.

John P. Johnson/ HBO

The couple wed in 2010, and they have two children together. Even after 11 years of marriage, they still say they are best friends. While True Blood ended in 2014, Paquin said, “We are incredibly lucky we found each other.”

Mad Men/AMC

Kartheiser said they keep things private because when you open your life up to the world, you take the anger and adoration from people when they might not know what they are talking about. He also said their love is magical, and they don’t want to share it.

2 Broke Girls/CBS

Dennings and Zano broke up in real life, and their on-screen characters decided a relationship wasn’t in the cards either. Apparently, it worked for the best because Dennings is currently engaged and recently showed off a massive ring on Instagram.


A year later, the couple split up. Benoist went on to release a Youtube video stating she was a victim of domestic violence but didn’t name her abuser. Jenner ended up admitting to hurting Benoist and released a public apology.

Once Upon a Time/ABC

If that doesn’t prove there are happily ever afters, we don’t know what will. The couple said it was love at first sight, and everyone who knows them says Goodwin and Dallas had pure love from the start.


VanCamp said they kept their on and off-screen relationships separate, and she barely talks about him in interviews. Maybe that is what works for them and why their relationship has lasted all this time.

FX Networks

The pair worked hard to deny any rumor that came their way, but they eventually went public in 2014. Two years later, they welcomed their first child and have been going strong ever since.


The couple continues to make TV appearances together, and Consuelos has even filled in on Kelly’s show, Live with Kelly and Ryan. Ripa also made a guest appearance on Riverdale as Consuelos’ mistress.

The CW

However, the couple confirmed that they broke up in January 2020. Although they are not together in real life, they still play each other’s love interest on Riverdale. We wonder what the latest season will be like now that they aren’t together in real life.

The CW

Veronica Lodge and Reggie Mantle shared some passionate moments on the show, and that love translated past the screen. They said the break was good for their relationship, and when they got back on set, they remembered how strong their connection was and couldn’t stay apart.

Fox Network

McKenzie told James Corden, “What kind of idiot would blow off this gorgeous, beautiful, sophisticated, intelligent, successful woman?’ Then I thought of what kind of boy I was at 25, and [I was] that kind of idiot.” Luckily, he got a second chance with her, and they are now married.


The couple has been keen on keeping their relationship out of the public eye despite being two public figures. However, Heaton has said that they share many similar experiences working in the same industry, and going through it together was a lot easier.

The CW

Their on-air romance might not have been successful, but their real relationship has been going strong for years, and they share two gorgeous daughters. It’s a match made in heaven, and they couldn’t adore each other more if they tried.


People from the show were surprised to find out that Leoni and Daly were dating because the cast had heard rumors, but they didn’t believe them. Everyone who knows them says they make the perfect couple, and people are so happy that they both found love.

Jack Rowand/The CW

Jared said, “I thought she was cute and smart and would always read books … I thought she was awesome.” Genevieve joined the Supernatural cast in the fourth season, and it was like the universe brought them together because their chemistry was instant.

20th Century Fox

It took two years after her previous relationship before she and Denisof began dating. They have no been married since 2003, and they have two children together. Hannigan said, “he is the most romantic husband, and he did more than I could ever ask for.”

Mammoth Screen

In 2014, Hardy and Riley married in a secret ceremony to keep the paparazzi away, and they welcomed their first child a year later. They never thought they would meet their soulmates, and it just happened by chance.


The couple loved working together so much that when Melissa was working on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, they brought David in to be the puzzle master that makes her on-screen boyfriend jealous.

Sidney Kimmel Entertainment

Although the couple has never married, at least as far as the public knows, Gosling and Mendes are still together and have two daughters. They don’t talk about their relationship, but we know they care deeply for each other.

ABC/Kelsey McNeal

While they have always kept their relationship very private, we know they started dating in 2012 and got engaged in 2013. They got married the following year, and they share a daughter together. Their love is just as cute as other Hollywood couples, and we love them.

Mandalay TV

Cibrian said they are only human and couldn’t fight what they felt because it was so strong. Cibrian’s ex-wife told the other side of the story on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and she was not afraid to let people know how awful the situation was.


They got married in a small ceremony, and they loved working together so much that when Offerman got the role on Parks and Rec, Mullally wanted to play the character of Tammy 2 because no one else should be able to play his crazy ex-wife.


Well, it turned out that he was wrong, and they got married. Nancy and Steve loved working together so much that she played one of his girlfriends on The Office and made cameos in many of his other projects like The 40-Year-Old Virgin.