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35+ Weird Celebrity Eating Habits That Will Make You Question Everything

Hizkiail July 25, 2021

Gomez calls it Texas-style popcorn, and it honestly sounds amazing. To make it, she takes a bowl of popcorn, adds tabasco, and finishes it off by pouring pickle juice on top. It sounds like it would make a mess and cause the popcorn to be soggy, but we are definitely going to try it.


Well, if you want to eat like Beyonce, you should try ketchup and bananas together because it is one of her favorite treats. We wonder if Ed Sheeran would approve of this because he is obsessed with ketchup. Beyonce is also known for carrying hot sauce in her purse.


Bailon makes herself a standard tuna sandwich and then dunks it in fruit punch before eating. It sounds genuinely disgusting because tuna and fruit should never be paired, but everyone has their own preferences. Bailon also adds bananas to her quesadillas.


Tatum’s favorite sandwich is peanut butter and jelly with a layer of crunchy Cheetos in the middle. We would never think to pair a cheesy snack with PB&J because it is already the perfect combo of sweet and salty. We can’t knock it until we try it, but we don’t know if we can try it.


Legend also has to have it exactly 30 minutes before his shows start. He has been doing this for a while, and he particularly loves broccoli as a side. We wonder if Chrissy cooks this or he prefers to order from the same place every time.


Patrick is a meat connoisseur and will try any kind, from bison burgers to filet. However, one of her guilty pleasures is eating steak with waffles. We can see how this would taste good because it’s sweet and savory. Someone should add this to a menu.


Swift loves to drink lavender-flavored lemonade every time she eats a sandwich, and it sounds pretty good. It doesn’t sound that strange until you realize she has to have this every time she eats a sandwich.


Paltrow drinks a mix of almond milk, coconut sugar, minced ginger, and toasted sesame oil. She said it smells like salad dressing, but tastes amazing on a rainy afternoon. If Gwyneth Paltrow drinks it, we think everyone should at least try it.


As a mom of two young children, Biel told Jimmy Fallon that her morning shower is the only time she has free time to enjoy her breakfast. We would think the food would get soggy because of the water or fall in the shower.


When she was pregnant for the first time, Lively would send her husband Ryan Reynolds to buy organic, hand-churned pumpkin ice cream. The weird part is that she would add artisan pickles to it. That’s something only a pregnant person could enjoy.

Kourtney Kardashian / YouTube

Kourtney splits the bar, bites both ends, eats the chocolate off the long sides, then the top, then splits each of the wafer layers once she finishes the outer chocolate shell. She recommends everyone try her method, but we have tried it, and it is a waste of time.


For some unknown reason, Perry will only eat chicken nuggets that are in the shape of a boot. That is quite specific, and we wonder how she manages to find boot-shaped nuggets every time she wants to eat them.


Spelling likes to add gummy bears to every meal she makes. Can you imagine eating a salad and finding a random gummy bear? We would never pair these with savory dishes or even all sweet dishes but to each their own.

Chrissy Teigen via Instagram

Our tastebuds would be confused to mix fruit and oaty peanut butter. However, it seems like it could taste like PB&J in a bowl. Teigen couldn’t get enough of it, but some people might not like the crazy amount of sugar.

Queen Elizabeth has a simple palette and prefers to eat a bowl of plain cornflakes and tea. As the Queen, she could have a chef make whatever she wants for breakfast, but she chooses to eat a very basic meal.


We wonder what possessed him to combine these ingredients because we would never even put them near each other. Are you curious to try this sandwich? It might give you some tummy troubles if you aren’t used to it.


However, her strange snack combo is taking a slice of pizza with southern chili and noodles, and then she tops it with another slice of pizza. Lawrence calls it her chili pizza sandwich, and it seems like a lot for a snack, but we will take her word that it is delicious.


Cage refuses to eat animals that do not mate in a dignified manner. Therefore, he doesn’t eat pigs because they do not have dignified sex. He mainly eats fish, poultry, and vegetables because they have a classy kind of love.


Every morning, JLo must stir her coffee counterclockwise. If she stirs it clockwise, she might not drink it because it goes against her daily routine. She has never revealed why she does this, but it is quite strange.


One of her favorite snacks is Flaming Hot Cheetos, and she has them regularly. Rihanna always has packs of them in her home, but we don’t know how she doesn’t have stomach issues from eating them so often. They are seriously spicy.

Kylie Jenner/Instagram

In 2018, she tried cereal with milk for the first time, and it was a revelation. How could she have gone most of her life without trying cereal and milk together? Who eats cereal dry every single time? Milk is kind of essential for cereal, in our opinion.


Alba takes a glass of water and mixes grainy salt into it before drinking it. This is supposed to help her maintain her blood sugar levels and regulate her blood pressure. She drinks this after a workout if she feels dizzy, but you can’t drink too much of it.


We can’t imagine going our entire lives without having a single slice of pizza because it is so delicious. Why couldn’t he have had pizza without sauce? He was also not able to eat curry either, which is something we could probably live without.


Lakshmi takes sourdough bread, toasts it, adds peanut butter and many pomegranate seeds. We can imagine this would taste good because you get the saltiness of the peanut butter and the tartness of the pomegranate seeds. We would give it a try.


De Laurentiis likes to dip chocolate cookies or vanilla wafers in lemonade. She also said that she sometimes dips them in a fizzy beverage, and recommends it to others. If she is a real chef, she would never say that. Do we need to check her credentials?


Cavallari said she likes to have burgers during the week, but she doesn’t use a bun because she sticks to a low-carb diet. Well, if she looks like that after having three children, maybe we should all be eating burgers without buns.


Mac n’ cheese is amazing, and he likes to add crumbled spicy hot Cheetos on top. What could be bad about that? The creaminess from the cheese and the spiciness and crunch from the Cheetos is the perfect pairing when you want to take it up a notch. Thanks, Flo Rida!


Woodley discovered that clay is good because your body doesn’t absorb it. Also, it has a negative charge, so it bonds to negative isotopes. It can help clean heavy metals out of your body and detoxify you from the inside out. It seems like to would just taste like she is eating dirt.


Owen’s father introduced him to this salty combination when he was 12, and he loved it. He would take salted peanuts and drop them directly into his coke. It seems like he still does it because it is a nostalgic memory.

Michael Buble/Twitter

Rather than holding it horizontally like everyone else on the planet, Buble ate it vertically, and it made people uncomfortable. People on Reddit had a field day with photoshop and made the picture not so family-friendly as you can imagine. Buble responded on Twitter, saying, “This is vegetable harassment.”

gordongram via Instagram

The light meals that he has every few hours keep him full for longer and help him stay in such great shape despite being around food all day. It also keeps him energized because he never feels too hungry and tired in between meals.


For example, instead of putting ketchup on her burger, Sweeny adds blueberry jam to her turkey burgers. It sounds like a strange combination, but we are almost intrigued to try it for ourselves. Who knows, it might be amazing.

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

Buffet consumes at least five bottles of coke on a regular day even though his doctors have told him to slow down. When you are a billionaire, it doesn’t matter what your doctors tell you because you can afford whatever medical treatments you might need.


While he has tasted some of the weirdest foods, he doesn’t have a strange food inclination. Instead, he collects mustards and stores them in his fridge. We don’t know how long mustard lasts, but we hope he isn’t eating the old ones.

Shutterstock, ChelseaPeretti/Instagram

The frosting is the best part of the cake, so why would someone not eat it. When she posted a picture of a piece of cake she ate, the internet went wild. Peretti told James Cordon that the cake-loving community had some problems with this method.

scottkfoley via Instagram

Foley followed up the post by saying, “You guys are insane.” However, he refused to admit that his bizarre combination was anything but delicious. We don’t even know how to justify this one because it is truly bizarre.


Take equal amounts of decaf and regular coffee and whip up organic cream. Top it off with sugarless almond milk, and you will have yourself a Tebow coffee. You can also add some stevia to sweeten it up.


Simmons posted a picture of his cereal with ice cubes in it, and people went wild. He asked if anyone else did that, and the overwhelming answer was no. His wife even tweeted a reply saying, “No! No! No!” That’s harsh.