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Real Celebrities Call Out The Rudest Celebs In Hollywood

Darren June 5, 2023

Unfortunately, there is an endless supply of horror stories on the Internet about ordinary people meeting celebrities. Many of them found out they were just not what they expected. In that sense, the saying ‘never meet your heroes’ proved true in the following stories as many celebrities turn out to be a disappointment. But to take it to another level, it’s perhaps even more interesting when other superstars call out the rudest A-Listers in Hollywood.

Today we’ll look at the times that real celebrities criticized their peers in public for their bad manners and behavior. Some of these stars didn’t hold back and told the world how they felt. Others had more dignified reactions but it’s obvious that they weren’t happy with their fellow professionals. Check out our list of celebs calling out other celebs here.

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David Schwimmer

Schwimmer became a global superstar because of his role as Ross from Friends. However, the problem is that this character was his defining performance and he struggles to shake it off. People expect him to be the same as Ross but he’s not. Rose Matafeo said he was the rudest star on The Great Celebrity Bake-Off in 2022.


The Australian comic said that Schwimmer was dismissive of her on the show and gave her the cold shoulder. Judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith also commented that Schwimmer was different from his on-screen persona. They said that he preferred to focus on his baking instead of mingling with the crew (via The Sun).


James Corden

Corden enjoys success on both sides of the Atlantic even though nobody seems to like him. The U.K. native made his name on Gavin And Stacey in his home country before leaving to host a U.S. chat show. However, he’s a volatile character and received a ban from a restaurant chain for his antics.

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Former co-star Rob Brydon said that he once spoke to Corden to warn him about his rudest moments. He said that when Corden feels stressed he lashes out and it affects the public perception of him. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Corden didn’t take his criticism on board because he remains a petulant figure (via The Metro).


Ellen DeGeneres

Dakota Johnson became a breakout star because of the Fifty Shades of Gray series. Since then, she’s gone from strength to strength and is a familiar face on the big screen. However, she doesn’t have a good relationship with former talk show icon, DeGeneres. Johnson called DeGeneres out on her show when the latter claimed she didn’t receive a birthday party invite.

Digital Spy

“Actually, no. That’s not the truth, Ellen. You were invited,” Johnson said. “Last time I was on the show, last year, you gave me a bunch of s**t about not inviting you, but then I didn’t even know you wanted to be invited. I didn’t even know you liked me.” Johnson stayed calm, cool, and collected as she destroyed the rude host in public (via Movieweb).


Lindsay Lohan

Lohan became one of the biggest child stars in America and it seemed like she was on course for an incredible career. However, the troubled actress had many mental health problems and this affected her output. In 2012, she spent a lot of time with Charlie Sheen. However, he called her out in a TV interview because he allegedly lent her $100,000 and she never thanked him.


“I’m still waiting for a text to say ‘thank you,'” Sheen said (via ABC News). “Anything, you know?” Later, it emerged that Lohan sent him a thank you card with flowers after she saw the interview. Her publicist claimed that she lost her old phone with Sheen’s number. However, it’s safe to say she could have thanked him earlier if she wanted to.


Pierce Brosnan

This time, it was ironically James Corden explained his rudest celebrity encounter. He said that Pierce Brosnan disappointed him with his behavior at a concert. The pair brushed against each other but the former James Bond star treated Corden with contempt. It shocked Corden because he expected better from the Irishman.

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Corden revealed “I went to see U2 and Pierce Brosnan was with some friends here, and they left halfway through the gig to go off. So me and my wife moved into this area. And literally, this arm went on here and just pushed me out of the way. And I looked at him like that, and he didn’t even glance at me (via NME).”

L.A. Times

Mariah Carey

Everybody knows that Carey is one of the biggest divas in the history of pop music. She expects everybody to bend over for her and accept her every whim. Then she encountered Nicki Minaj and a battle of wills commenced. It was like an unstoppable force meeting an immovable object. Minaj thinks Carey is the rudest person ever.


Carey was disparaging and dismissive about Minaj’s work. This rubbed the rapper the wrong way and she called Carey out in public. Minaj described her rival as “insecure” and “bitter.” She also claimed that Carey hated that a rapper was enjoying the same success as her. This one is rumbling on and on (via Rolling Stone).

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Christina Aguilera

Aguilera and Avril Lavigne were the voices of a generation in the early 2000s. They had very different images but enjoyed incredible success. Most people would expect them to get along but Aguilera is allegedly one of the rudest singers. She had feuds with many stars and disappointed Lavigne when they first met.


Lavigne admitted this when she explained that Boy George was very nice to her. She said: “Unlike Christina Aguilera, who was really mean to me when I said hi to her.” Somehow the information slipped out and the world realize that the ‘Sk8r Boi’ singer had no time for her (via Nicki Swift).


Candace Cameron Bure

JoJo Siwa is one of the most successful female YouTube stars on the planet. Her name probably means nothing to people over 30 but she’s extremely famous. Meanwhile, she also is straightforward about her celebrity encounters. Siwa described TV star Bure as the ‘rudest celebrity I’ve ever met.”


Those are the precise words that she used in a damning indictment. It’s not often that people speak so bluntly about other famous figures. However, Siwa is dealing with a different demographic and doesn’t care what everybody else thinks. She says what’s on her mind and Bure found this out the hard way (via Perez Hilton).


Wesley Snipes

Comic actor Patten Oswalt claimed that Snipes was a nightmare to work with on the set of Blade: Trinity. He also said that the action icon tried to strangle director, David Goyer. Snipes denied this but Goyer confirmed that it was a ‘tortured production.’ Attempted murder makes him one of the rudest celebrities on this list.

Entertainment Weekly

Oswalt explained what went down. He said: “We went out that night to some strip club, and we were all drinking. And there were a bunch of bikers there, so David says to them, ‘I’ll pay for all your drinks if you show up to set tomorrow and pretend to be my security (via Hollywood Reporter).”



Madonna and Cher are two of the most iconic singers of the 20th century. However, the pair hate each other and have a rivalry that spanned decades. Cher believes that Madonna is the rudest celebrity she has encountered. It’s a shame that these legends don’t have a good relationship but it’s probably never going to change.

The US Sun

Cher famously explained her perspective on the Queen of Pop. The singer said: “She’s unbelievably creative because she’s not unbelievably talented, she’s not beautiful, but she’s kind of, she’s rude.” Some people accused her of jealousy because of Madonna’s ludicrous success but Cher denied this (via The Mirror).

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Jared Leto

Leto is a popular rock star and an Academy Award-winning actor. It’s easy to forget that he has skills because he hasn’t shown them in recent movies. He starred as The Joker in Suicide Squad but went too far with his method acting. Leto infuriated celebrated thespian Viola Davis with his antics. It also didn’t help that he didn’t perform well after all of his dumb pranks.


Davis explained why she has no time for the Thirty Seconds to Mars singer. She said: “He did some bad things, Jared Leto did. He gave some really horrific gifts. He had a henchman who would come into the rehearsal room, and the henchman came in with a dead pig and plopped it on the table, and then he walked out. And that was our introduction to Jared Leto (via MTV).”


Alyssa Milano

Shannen Doherty and Rose McGowan complained about Milano on the set of Charmed. The duo worked with Milano at different points but agreed that she was one of the rudest divas ever. McGowan tweeted that Milano made the set toxic. She also claimed that cried after the show’s renewal because she hated working with her.

The Guardian

Doherty also said that Milano’s childish behavior and tantrums went beyond the joke. It was allegedly a nightmare to work with her and she was delighted when the show killed her character. Sadly, this wasn’t an isolated incident but it was a recurring theme throughout the series (via Insider).

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Hugh Grant

On the surface, Grant appears to be the epitome of British charm and odd behavior. But he’s a prickly character as Ashley Graham discovered at the 2023 Academy Awards. However, this wasn’t the first time Grant rubbed an American up the wrong way. Jon Stewart described Grant as the rudest guest he ever hosted.

The Hill

He also reemphasized this by saying that he had met nicer dictators than the ‘Love Actually’ star. Stewart banned the Brit from appearing on the Daily Show for the remainder of his tenure. It’s safe to say that there’s no love lost between the two men. Stewart said what he thought about the polarizing actor (via The Guardian).


Mike Myers

Amy Hill described her time on The Cat in the Hat as a career lowlight. She worked with Myers on the project but thinks that he wouldn’t remember her because he was a crazy diva. Hill remarked that first-time director Bo Welch deferred to his star too often. This gave the set a toxic atmosphere (via Entertainment).

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Hill said: “It was just a horrible, nightmarish experience. I don’t think he got to know anybody. He’d just be with his people and walk away. People would come and then he’d stand there. There was a guy who held his chocolates in a little Tupperware. Whenever he needed chocolate, he’d come running over and give him a chocolate.”


Chris Rock

Will Smith infamously slapped Rock at the Academy Awards in 2022 in one of the most shocking TV moments ever. Rock responded well but it’s easy to forget why Smith attacked him. There’s no condoning violence but Rock also crossed the line with his comments about Jada Pinkett Smith.


“Jada, I love you. ‘G.I. Jane 2,’ can’t wait to see it,” Rock said (via NBC News). This was a reference to Jada’s incurable health condition, alopecia. This leads to hair loss and it can have horrible psychological effects on people. Jokes are one thing but this was one of the rudest comments he could have made (via NBC News).


Christina Aguilera… Again

Mary J. Blige is another star who doesn’t have any time for Aguilera. It’s a shame but Aguilera made a terrible impression when they first met and Blige never forgave her. Now she thinks that Aguilera is one of the rudest stars in the world. Blige described the Fighter singer’s attitude as ‘nasty’ and said that the first impression was the last impression she needed.

L.A. Times

She also revealed that she expected Britney Spears to go further than Aguilera because of her superior people skills. Blige said: “I don’t like her because she has a nasty attitude. I was trying to greet her properly and she stuck her hand out for me to kiss it. I said, ‘Oh, OK. You’re headed down the wrong path already (via Nicki Swift).”

New York Post

Gene Simmons

Most people know Eric Stonestreet as Cameron from Modern Family. He is a committed activist and many of his colleagues describe him as one of the nicest stars they’ve worked with. However, Stonestreet has zero time for Kiss legend Simmons. That’s because the rocker was allegedly rude to Stonestreet’s mother on a flight.


Stonestreet explained on Instagram: “Gene tried to bully my mom out of her seat and when she said no, he said, it’s ok, I just bought the plane and then asked her for HER autograph.” Later, Simmons responded to this and denied that he behaved this way. Unfortunately, it appears that he was the rudest person on the plane (via Global News).

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Steven Seagal

John Leguizamo says Seagal is one of the rudest people in the acting industry. He said that he didn’t enjoy working with the action icon but that didn’t surprise him. Allegedly, nobody likes the Aikido legend, especially stuntpeople. Leguizamo recounted how the stunt legend Gene LeBell warned Seagal to stop hitting his crew intentionally (via New York Post).

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“Gene said, ‘Don’t do that to my boys because they can’t hit you back, it’s not fair,'” Leguizamo said. “So he did it again and Gene put him in a chokehold and said, ‘You ever do that, I’m going to choke you to death.’ He never did it again.” Sometimes it’s crucial to stand up to a bully and teach them a lesson.”

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Jackie Chan

This is a rare entry on this list because these two stars are friends. Michelle Yeoh believes that Jackie Chan is rude and doesn’t appreciate his views about women. If he had his way, Yeoh would never have received any opportunities in the movie industry. Somehow the pair remain friends despite their different perspectives.


An interviewer asked her if Chan was an inspiration to her in her youth. “No, actually he’s a male chauvinistic pig,” she replied. “Jackie and I are very good friends, but he always believes that women should stay at home and cook.” In the end, Yeoh got the last laugh because she won an Oscar in 2023 (via Your Tango).


Bill Murray

Murray is one of the most beloved actors of his generation. But Lucy Liu discovered another side of his personality in real life. Allegedly, he hurled abuse at her on the set of Charlie’s Angels. He also reportedly called her a TV actress in a series of remarkable rebukes. But Liu didn’t condone this and showed her character.

Vanity Fair

“I stood up for myself, and I don’t regret it,” she said (via Deadline). “Because no matter how low on the totem pole you may be or wherever you came from, there’s no need to condescend or to put other people down.” Liu called this the rudest encounter she ever experienced in the movie industry.


Chevy Chase

There was a time when Chase was a superstar but that was a different era. Now he’s a bitter old former comic with a bad reputation. Chase was notoriously difficult to work with and once had a fistfight with Bill Murray. Meanwhile, fellow star Terry Sweeney revealed that Chase made homophobic comments to him on set.


However, the director forced Chase to apologize to McSweeney after the abuse. Sweeney explained: “he was really furious that he had to apologize to me. He was just beside himself. And it was just awful: he acted horribly to me. Chase acted horribly to everyone (via Top 10 Films).

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Charlize Theron

Tia Mowry claimed that she met Theron at a SoulCycle class. However, she said that the South African actress was the rudest star that she ever met. “She wasn’t very nice to me,” Mowry explained. “I said, ‘Hi,’ and she actually rolled her eyes and said, ‘Oh, my God.’ I wasn’t over-the-top, I know how to approach another celebrity. Charlize was just mean. I’m just being honest.”


Later, Theron said that she didn’t remain the encounter but she also doubted its authenticity. That’s because she said SoulCycle releases positive endorphins inside her body and makes her happy. We’re not sure who to believe but Mowry didn’t hold back in her criticism of the Atomic Blonde star (via Cinema Blend).

L.A. Times

Bruce Willis

It feels like everybody loves Kevin Smith because he has a very down-to-Earth persona. The director is also very open about his feelings and interactions with other celebrities. He believes that Willis was the most disappointing person he ever worked with. However, he sent the action legend his best wishes after his dementia diagnosis in 2022.


“It was difficult,” Smith told the host. “I’ve never been involved in a situation like that where one component is not in the box at all. It was f***ing soul-crushing. I mean, a lot of people are gonna be like, ‘Oh, you’re just trying to blame the movie on him.’ No, but I had no f***ing help from this dude whatsoever (via IBT).”


Christina Aguilera…For The Third Time

Valerie Bertinelli is an Emmy-winning comedic actor but that didn’t mean Aguilera had respect for her. The legendary singer earns the dubious honor of a third spot on this list after her dismissive attitude toward the One Day at a Time star. Bertinelli said that she was a fan before she met the rudest celebrity in the U.S.


“I was a fan at that time,” Bertinelli said. And I went up to her because she was at a Van Halen concert, and I said, ‘Oh my God, I think you’re a beautiful singer’ … And she just went like, ‘Yeah, whatever.’ She gave me the cold shoulder, and I thought, ‘B***h, I’m a fan. You can’t be nice to me? (via The List).”


Kiefer Sutherland

Former heartthrob Freddie Prinze Jr. stepped away from acting after 24. He pointed the finger at one of his famous co-stars and blamed him for being unprofessional. Sutherland was the face of the show as he played Agent Jack Bauer. But he has a reputation for being a polarizing person to work with (via Best Life Online).


“I hated every moment of it. Kiefer was the most unprofessional dude in the world,” Prinze said in an interview. “That’s not me talking trash, I’d say it to his face, I think everyone that’s worked with him has said that.” It’s a shame that Sutherland had such a profound effect on Prinze’s career but hopefully, he’s happier now.

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Dolph Lundgren

Lundgren and Sylvester Stallone became friends during the Rocky franchise. However, this came to a head in 2023 after news broke of a new spin-off. This would focus on Ivan Drago’s son and didn’t involve Stallone at all. Sly saw this as a betrayal and called out his friend on social media.

Hollywood Reporter

Stallone said: “By the way, I once had nothing but respect for Dolph but he NEVER told me about what was going on behind my back with the character I created for him !!! REAL FRIENDS Are more precious than gold (via Esquire).” In the end, Lundgren reached out and squashed their beef but this moment hurt Stallone a lot.


Ariana Grande

Grande is one of the biggest pop sensations on the planet but this doesn’t mean everybody likes her. E! personality Giuliana Rancic claimed that she’s not a fan of the star because of her attitude problem. She said that Grande exhibited diva behavior before she had the right to behave that way. Rancic didn’t appreciate Grande bullying her during an interview (via Nicki Swift).


The presenter said that Grande should have been more humble. She said: “I felt like a little bit of a, you know it was like ‘you either get on the other side or we don’t do an interview,’ and I just felt like it’s one thing if it’s Mariah (Carey), you know, I’ll get on any side, I’ll bend down, I’ll climb a ladder, whatever it takes to get Mariah to do an interview.

Teen Vogue

Kanye West

Will Ferrell didn’t call West the rudest celebrity ever. But he awkwardly laughed about the polarizing rapper in an interview. West featured in Anchorman 2 but he wouldn’t go home. The worst part of this wasn’t that he stayed but that he kept playing his music when they were trying to film (via Looper).

Hollywood Reporter

“It was very surreal to have Kanye, who’s such a big fan of comedy, in our movie hanging out for two days”, Ferrell said. “He was playing the new tracks a lot, over and over. Even when you’re trying to film, he’s playing the tracks.” Everybody knows that West is a dysfunctional person but this doesn’t make him easier to deal with.


Alec Baldwin

Former Glee star Cheyenne Jackson said that Baldwin was the rudest celebrity that he worked with. They collaborated on 30 Rock but Baldwin didn’t impress Jackson with his ethic or his antics. Baldwin is a Hollywood veteran and has been in some of the biggest franchises ever. But this doesn’t mean that he’s a decent human being.

Metro Weekly

Jackson gave an insight into Baldwin’s on-set behavior (via Huff Post). He said: “he (Baldwin) would only show up at work an hour a week to prep for the show, and when he did turn up, he was in an angry mood, red-faced, and shouting at all the staff. And he said the air at 30 Rock was too dry, it was bad for his voice, and he needed a humidifier.”


Michael Jordan

In 2009, Chamillionaire experienced a sudden rise to stardom and began to meet many famous people. He found himself rubbing elbows with Spike Lee and NBA legend Jordan at one event. The rapper idolized Jordan when he was younger and asked him for a picture. But he didn’t expect the rudest possible answer.

AP News

First, Jordan bluntly shut him down but then he offered a picture for cash. “You pay $15,000 right now for a jersey from me and I’ll take a picture with you,” Chamillionaire recounted (via Sportskeeda). The moment was a massive disappointment for him because he was meeting one of his heroes.

Hollywood Reporter

Jon Hamm

Kathy Griffin revealed that Hamm was horrible to her during a party. In her book, she divulged that he whispered abuse in her ear while she spoke to Jack Nicholson. She couldn’t believe it because the Mad Men star was one of the rudest people she ever met. It’s shocking if it’s true but he never denied it.


She wrote: “Hammy picks that moment … to start whispering boozy yammering into my ear,” she said. “First it was, ‘You know your Emmy isn’t a real Emmy.’ I let that one go, but then he whispered, ‘You’re so o-o-o-old.” This is crazy because she was always going to tell everybody about it (via Mercury News).

Architectural Digest

Julia Roberts

In 1992, Roberts worked with Steven Spielberg on Hook. This was when her star was at its peak but she wasn’t going through a good period. Many crewmembers described her as the rudest actor they ever worked with. She was allegedly a nightmare on set and made life difficult for everybody, including herself.


Nothing stays secret in Hollywood and this story trickled into the media. When they asked Spielberg about Roberts’ behavior he offered a delicate response. The legendary director remained classy without denying her problematic behavior. He said: “It was an unfortunate time for us to work together. But I think Julia is a really, really good actress (via Daily Express).”