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Internet Users Who Shared Their Most Vulnerable Thoughts Online

Monica November 17, 2022

Everyone has their own secret, vulnerable thoughts they don’t admit out loud. That’s the beauty of thinking, no one ever really knows what’s going on inside. Sometimes, though, we have thoughts that truly make us wonder if anyone else thinks the same way we do. Typically, these aren’t said out loud, but some brave souls have shared theirs with the world.

We can only thank them for expressing these thoughts because it makes us feel a little less crazy. These are some of the most unshared thoughts that people are finally saying out loud, from their deepest feelings about loneliness, getting revenge on their family, or existential thoughts.


Stop Using Your Phone

Everyone uses their phones. It’s become a big part of our lives. We use it as a tool, we use it to contact our friends, and we use it for research. But to some extent, we all have similar thoughts about our phones and wish we could go back in time and experience what life was like without them.

This internet user said, “I wish I wasn’t using my phone the whole day.” They’re not the only ones, which is why we appreciate people sharing these thoughts out loud. It’s almost a relief since most of us probably think we’re the only ones wishing for this (via Buzzfeed).


Don’t Fit In

When there’s a secret weighing heavily on our hearts, we may feel like we’re stuck. There are things we want to say out loud but never do, for fear of judgment or rejection. Some things in life are better said to clear the air and allow ourselves the freedom of expression.

This person said, “I wanna tell my best friend ‘I feel like I don’t fit in anywhere. Even with you,’ but I feel like it would crush her. We love each other to bits, but I always feel second-rate to her other friends.” We can all relate. There are things we want to tell our best friends but never do. Maybe if we all shared our inner thoughts out loud, we would feel more comfortable with ourselves and our friends (via Buzzfeed).


Concept Of Death

Everyone dies. That’s the unwritten agreement we have to live. Unfortunately, it doesn’t make death any less scary. Most of us are scared of death, but we don’t express it. It’s almost as if it’s taboo to talk about. There are some people out there, though, who have shared these thoughts out loud.

Finally, we’re all feeling heard and realize we’re not the only ones afraid of death. This internet user said, “I am terrified of death. Not the event, but the concept. All learnings, memories, experience — it all just ends. You can’t take it with you. I can’t fathom that one day it just ends.” Even though that’s a grim way to put it, it’s true. Everything does just end. That’s why people dive deep into religion and other practices to try and see where the soul goes after death (via Buzzfeed).


Not Coping

Many of us put on a facade. It’s a way of protecting ourselves and others, so as not to worry them. Oftentimes, we pretend we’re doing better than we let on. Even though these are thoughts we never truly share out loud, it’s reassuring when other people share them.

This person said, ” I am not coping as well as it seems. These past few years have been hard. I don’t like people to worry so I keep a lot to myself. I “just keep swimming”lol.” Even though it’s heartbreaking to read, it makes those of us in the same boat not feel as alone (via Reddit).


Fake Politeness

It’s not always easy being nice all the time. A lot of us fake politeness to avoid awkward situations and to get rid of a person. This internet user said, “I’m not friendly, I’m being polite because I want you to not bother me longer than necessary.”

It’s hilarious that they admitted to this because it’s something that most of us also feel. It’s no lie that we have to fake it until we make it. As long as we’re nice to someone, we’ll get rid of them and make them leave. Most of us have probably thought this at least once or twice in our lives (via Reddit).


Wait To Have Kids

Parents undergo a lot of stress. Raising a child isn’t easy, especially if the pregnancy happened when we weren’t ready. This person said, “I should have waited to have kids. I don’t regret them but I often wonder what it would be like if I wasn’t preggo at 18.”

It’s a harsh truth to think about. This person wishes they waited to have kids, and they’re probably not the first person to think like this. At least they’re sharing these thoughts out loud on the internet so it’s not weighing them down anymore (via Reddit).


Ambitious People

There are some people out there who are ambitious, and others who are not. It’s different people who use different parts of their brains. That’s the beauty of humans, we all operate differently from one another. This person mentioned one of their deepest thoughts that they’re finally sharing out loud.

They said, “I don’t understand ambition at all. I’ve drifted through my life fairly successfully, but never really had the goals or drive to be or achieve a certain thing.” While some of us might be ambitious people, others are not. Many of them probably think this way too (via Buzzfeed).


The First To Message

Nowadays, we can talk to anyone we want in a matter of seconds. Sometimes, we may feel overwhelmed by the number of messages we receive, or we may feel that no one texts us at all. On the days we don’t receive any messages, we may feel lonely or unloved. This person shared one of their deepest thoughts out loud when they said, “I wish literally anybody would ever message me first. Feels like I always have to be the one to reach out to my friends. Not sure if it’s just them not wanting to bother me if I’m busy or they just really don’t care if they talk to me or not.”

These are normal feelings that we all experience time and again. Reading this may make you feel better since you’re not the only one. Don’t worry, internet users, most of us feel like this and wish our friends reached out as much as we may reach out to them (via Buzzfeed).


Bad Communication

Keeping up with messages and texting is exhausting. There’s a lot of back and forth and it takes time to respond to people’s messages. This person said, “I love having friends but I hate socializing with people. Even texting and keeping in contact feel draining, but it doesn’t mean that my heart isn’t filled with love for my friends and family. I wish people understood how much I love them even though I’m so bad at communicating.”

This sounds like an introvert. It’s okay to want to spend time alone. Many people share these same thoughts but never talk about them out loud. Nowadays, people expect a text response quickly and don’t realize that for some people, responding is draining. It takes a lot of brain power to respond to each and every message (via Reddit).



Having boundaries is tough, especially if you’re a people pleaser. Many of us go through life saying yes all the time or putting someone else before ourselves. It may take years to realize this living to please other people isn’t the way to live life.

This internet user shared one of their thoughts out loud and said, “I wish I was taught to have boundaries and to say ‘no.’ It’s annoying I’m discovering this so late in life.” At least they’re discovering it. There are people out there who never even recognize they don’t have any boundaries and always find themselves saying yes (via Buzzfeed).


Adhere To Social Norms

When we first started going to school, we felt excited and determined. By the end of senior year of high school, we’d felt like we had enough. It’s exhausting going to school every single day for nearly two decades. It takes a lot of brain power to sit there, learn, do homework, and then take tests. It’s not easy. Some people thrive in school, while others struggle. There’s just no other way around it.

This internet user expressed that “school is f***ing exhausting. I really find myself wondering why I drain myself to adhere to social norms and achieve social mobility.” There are certainly many people out there who agree with this thought, which they shared out loud with the world. It’s not something many people talk about but is something many people think. Society certainly places a lot of stress on children in school (via Buzzfeed).


Searching For Happiness

For some, a successful life equals happiness, and we spend our whole lives searching for that happiness. But the definition of success is not the same for everyone. Society puts pressure on people to be successful, earn a lot of money, and get married. But that’s not everyone’s definition of success.

This person shared one of their deepest thoughts out loud. They said, “despite being ‘successful’ at life in the eyes of friends and family by having a career and being able to live on my own, I don’t recall the last time I felt happy.” Even though he seems successful in society’s terms, he’s not happy deep inside. We feel sorry for him, but also recognize that many people around the world share the same thoughts. It can be hard to pinpoint what makes us truly happy, but if we’re living our lives based on what we think society says, we may never find happiness (via Buzzfeed).


NFL Confusion

This internet user said, “I understand zero of what NFL commentators are saying. I am American and have been watching football for over 15 years. No idea what a play option or a screen pass is. Nobody in the NFL explains anything. They just assume every viewer has played at the college level or above. The MLB during the World Series is a great example of educating the viewer. I wish the NFL was more instructional.”

Honestly, they’re not the first person to share this confusion out loud with the world. If you don’t understand football, then the NFL is a confusing game with a ton of rules that don’t make any sense (via Reddit).


Fake Scenarios

Our minds are strange. They make up scenarios that have never happened. Sometimes, we even get stuck on these made-up scenarios. They feel so real that we can’t get rid of them. This person shared, “I’ve made fake scenarios in my head where my friends have died and I’m crying and remembering the fun time we had, while they are perfectly healthy.”

It’s a bit disconcerting but also incredibly relatable. How many times have you done this? For some reason, it seems like it’s our brain’s default mode to make up stories and worst-case scenarios. It’s almost like it’s an alternate form of entertainment (via Reddit).


Losing Faith In Humanity

With the way the world is going, it comes as no surprise that many people suffer after watching the state of the world. This person admitted, “I have been actively following politics for the last one or two years. I have completely lost faith in humanity after learning and reading about what has been going on in this world. I have become so pessimistic to the point I go through existential crisis sometimes.”

They’re not the only ones. Many people share the same thoughts and never talk about them out loud. They also said, “I just cannot handle the fact that because of some selfish, materialistic, egoistic, divide-and-conquer-minded powerful person’s decision, millions of people are living in poverty, when they should be getting a chance to learn that there is more to life than just struggling to get by your day.” It’s the harsh reality of the world we live in. The best we can do is try to stay positive and move forward (via Reddit).


Dead Inside

This person shared one of their thoughts out loud when they said, “in real life, I never let on that I am not OK. I have perfected smiling and being bubbly when in reality I am dead inside. On here, I’m not afraid of telling people that my life is a massive mess.”

They’re not the only one who recognizes their life is a massive mess. A lot of people around the whole world think the same thing. They’re dealing with a lot of emotions inside and are a mess, but on the outside, they seem like they have their whole life together. It’s always better to be honest about what’s going on inside (via Reddit).


Solitary Life

There are some people out there who are meant to marry, and others who are not. This person is one of those who are possibly not meant to marry. They said, “I’m happiest when I’m alone.” Honestly, this is a strong character trait that not many people share.

Many of us are afraid of being alone, so we constantly seek social interaction to avoid feeling alone. We all have these kinds of thoughts but refuse to say them out loud. This internet user shared that they feel happiest alone. There’s nothing wrong with a solitary life (via Buzzfeed).


You’re Not Interesting

Honesty is always key, especially when we’re suffering because we’re not telling the truth. There are some things we shouldn’t say, and some things we need to get off of our chest. This person admits, “I wish I could say “I don’t find you interesting at all. I don’t hate you but I also don’t want anything to do with you. Let’s never speak again.”

This is their harsh truth. At the very least, they could cut that friendship off instead of living in a lie. It’s never a good idea to lead someone on, especially someone who considers you a friend (via Reddit).


Repair The Damage

Some things can never be undone. Traumas from childhood, which many people experienced, are one of them. This internet user shared, “my childhood was an abusive mess and all the surgeries/therapy are repairing the damage that was never cared for.”

It’s horrible they had to go through that, but at least they’re working on repairing the damages now. It’ll take time, but they’re making an effort to change their life and take one step forward. Many of us have these thoughts but refuse to talk out loud about them (via Reddit).


Stuck Emotions

Not being able to share your deepest emotions with your closest friends and family is heartbreaking. This person said, “That a 30-year relationship has ended. I’m devastated but I can’t talk to anyone about it, it was a complicated situation and no one knew. I can mostly make it through the day, nights are hard and I’m running out of excuses to give my family why I’m so down and puffy-eyed.”

Not only did their 30-year relationship end, but they’re unable to talk about it. Instead of sharing those thoughts out loud, they keep them bottled up inside (via Reddit).


Cutting Off Contact

Just because someone is our family member, doesn’t mean they have to be in our lives forever. This person said, “once I get a stable job, move out and get financially stable, I plan on cutting contact with my family. They are just too toxic to deal with. I’m set to inherit a sizable amount of cash in my parent’s will but if I cut contact with them and they decide to cut me out of the will then that’s alright with me at this point.”

This is a deep realization. Not only do they want to cut off contact, but they risk losing their inheritance money. We’re not sure what this person has been through, but it sounds like they had a rough upbringing. Let’s hope they find some peace with their family and can move on. They’re not the first person to experience this, either, and certainly not the last (via Reddit).


Childhood Dog

Losing a pet is as hard as losing a person. The grieving process is the same and we’re left brokenhearted. It’s especially hard if you grew up with a dog. They were a part of your life for so many years. And for many of us with childhood dogs, they’ve been with us through the toughest days of our teenage years.

This person shared one of their thoughts out loud when they said, “I still cry over my childhood dog. He was my best and an only friend up until I was around 12. Every day I’d come home and hug him to forget about the excessive bullying I received at school. I know I should be over it by now but I can’t let go of him.” This is heartbreaking to read. We can feel the sadness and heartache this person feels, and may also relate to them very deeply. It’s just one of those things you have to deal with in life (via Buzzfeed).


People Pleaser

Again, we’re seeing a people-pleaser post. This person shared one of their deepest thoughts out loud. They said, “I’m deathly afraid of displeasing people literally for no reason, even people I don’t like. I always need social gratification, even though it plays no part in how I truly feel about myself.”

We can feel this person’s pain. It’s one of those things that we all think, about but never share out loud, and it’s almost too terrifying to accept and bring awareness to. It’s just a part of being human. It sounds like we all share similar insecurities and fears (via Buzzfeed).


Never Feeling Good Enough

It seems like many people’s thoughts they never share out loud involve uncertainty about their future. This person said, “I am going into grade 12 with no idea what I want to do with my life, and on top of that my grades will never be good enough to do anything meaningful.”

Not feeling good enough is something many people struggle with, which is why we may feel isolated from our family or peers. This is especially true for teenagers in high school. Those raging hormones aren’t easy to handle and can make everything seem a lot harder than it actually is (via Reddit).



This one might’ve hit close to home for many people on the internet. Many people do things to distract themselves from how they’re feeling. It’s these thoughts and feelings we don’t like to share out loud.

This person said, “I consume massive amounts of media (books, movies, shows, YouTube, etc.) to distract me from the fact that I hate myself and don’t know how to change.” It’s sad to read but is many people’s realities (via Reddit).


Working Forever

No one wants to work forever. That’s why most people work very hard during their twenties and thirties, save up enough money, and retire when they’re in their fifties. But even that thought is depressing. Who wants to work hard during the most youthful days and best times of their lives? No one.

This person said, “the thought of having to work a job the rest of my life depresses the s**t out of me. I can’t believe that this is the reality for me and most humans and there’s no way to escape from it.” This is something we all think about but refuse to talk about out loud. We just accept our reality and move on. There are some of us out there who try and find a way around this harsh, depressing reality (via Buzzfeed).


Falling In Love

There are some people out there who live their lives for love, and others who can’t stand it. Common thoughts about love are never shared out loud, and we’re left wondering what everyone else thinks about the topic. This person shared their deepest thoughts about falling in love. They said, “I hate falling in love. I’m single, not because I don’t want to invest in a relationship, but because I hate to put expectations on another person. I don’t want to hassle someone with my emotions. It’s something I’m trying to work on.”

We understand. Many people around the world probably think the same thing. (via Buzzfeed).


Social Skills

During the pandemic, many people were stuck inside. They didn’t have the opportunity to hang out with friends or go outside. This person said, “I feel like I’m losing my social skills in isolation during the pandemic.”

This is a thought that many of us experienced but never said out loud. It’s relieving that someone expressed this. It’s difficult to spend so much time alone, and it’s a true concern that we feel like we lose our social skills if we can’t practice them with others (via Buzzfeed).


No Voice

People struggle with insecurities. This person said, “almost nothing. I don’t like using my voice in real life, and I’m afraid of posting stuff on social media. It took a lot of courage to post this, thank you to whoever decided to read this.”

It’s admirable that they were able to post this vulnerable message online and shared it with the internet. It seems like it’s something they struggle with and never share these thoughts out loud, but were able to on Reddit. Hopefully, they find peace and acceptance within themselves (via Reddit).


Constant Limbo

It feels like life suddenly catches up to us. One day, we’re nearing our thirties with nothing to write home about. That’s what happens when you’re living your life stuck in the same constant loop. It’s only when it’s too late, that you feel like you’ve finally woken up. This person shared one of these thoughts out loud and said, “I feel like I’m in constant limbo. I’ll be 30 in less than a year and I still have no idea what I want to do with my life.”

Even though this is hard to read, it may hit home for many of us. Most people in their forties and fifties still don’t know what they want to do with their lives (via Buzzfeed).


Made Up Scenarios

This internet user said, “my thoughts are 95% me running through scenarios that have never happened and never will with myself and people I’ve met or know.” This one rings true for many of us. How many times have you caught yourself thinking about something that might happen in the future, but never does?

It’s our brain’s way of making us feel safe. We want to plan and predict things that will likely never happen. It’s especially true for people suffering from depression and anxiety. Many people have these thoughts but they never share them out loud. While these thoughts may never go away, the best thing to do is to bring awareness to them and allow them to run their course (via Buzzfeed).


Happily Alone

Recognizing we’re single and alone, especially when our friends are in happy relationships or happily married, is a harsh truth to recognize. The good thing is, though, that once you accept the fact that you’re alone, you might just be happy with it.

This person said, “I’m 29, I have no friends, I’m single, not planning or thinking to date someone and I don’t like anyone, I just like myself.” At least they realize they like themselves and don’t need anyone else around them (via Reddit).


The Nice Guy

It’s hard being Mr. Nice Guy. They always say the good guys never win. That’s why, when this internet user said “being nice all the time is s**t,” we can’t help but agree. These are the thoughts we never say out loud, especially as nice people.

The nice guy is always the one to finish last. People also take advantage of them, since they usually allow a lot of behavior to slide. Sometimes, it’s almost better to just be the mean guy and get whatever you want. At least people won’t mess with you (via Buzzfeed).


Former Overachiever

Some of us strive for success. We pour our heart and soul into our goals and hope they turn into something. It takes trial and error to figure out what works best for us and how we need to organize our goals and what we need to strive for. This person shares one of their inner thoughts about being a former achiever.

They said, “I am a former overachiever who has amounted to nothing. The hopes and pressure from those around me made it harder to realize that being good in school doesn’t mean you are smart, and if not for them I might have set my sights lower and succeeded at something.” It’s unfortunate that they’re figuring this out too late and happened this way. At least they’re aware of the problem and can begin finding a solution (via Buzzfeed).


False Face

We all put up facades, one way or another. This person is one of them. They said, “I come off like I’m a carefree person, but I’m the most paranoid person ever.” These are some of those thoughts carefree people never share out loud. It makes us wonder if there are more people out there who have the same thoughts, or if it’s just them. At least they’re being honest about what’s going on deep inside and can express their paranoia online.

You would never think that a carefree person suffers from major anxiety and paranoia. It makes us wonder what’s going on inside for most of the people we meet. Are we living in a world of lies? (via Buzzfeed)