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40 Photos Of Patrick Mahomes & His Family Living Their Best Lives

Yaniv April 21, 2022

The Mahomes family is one of the most famous in the sports world. Kansas City Chiefs superstar Patrick is arguably the best quarterback in the NFL right now. His wife Brittney is a social media powerhouse. Then there’s his notorious younger brother, Jackson. This high-achieving clan polarizes the masses like few in the U.S. do today.

That’s why we’re going to look at 40 photos of them living their best lives. Some people will appreciate them having a fantastic time. Others will criticize them for piggy-backing off of Patricks’s talent. Some love them, some hate them, but one thing is certain. There will also be a ton of reactions to whatever they’re doing. Check the photos out via US Magazine below.

Patrick Mahomes/Instagram

40. Easter Break

Let’s kick this list off with a picture of Mahomes and his young family enjoying the Easter break. This came after their return from their honeymoon. They put a lot of thought into this photo because Brittney is wearing an expensive dress. The backdrop is also decadent.

Mahomes and his family put a lot of effort into showing their status. That’s because they want everybody to see that they’re living their best lives. Mahomes is probably the most low-key member of the clan despite his significance as the provider (via Essentially Sports).

Jackson Mahomes/Instagram

39. Short Shorts

Patrick’s younger brother Jackson is a rising star in his own right. Yes, he piggybacked off his brother’s fame and talent to become a TikTok star. Now he has thousands of followers online and is a central member of the Kansas City social scene.

In this photo, he’s attending a Kansas City Royals baseball game. Some fans questioned his shorts because they are so high. They said they were shorter than the girl beside him. In the end, Jackson is living his best life and attracts a lot of jealousy online (via The Spun).

Brittney Matthews/Instagram

38. Lovers in Paradise

Mahomes and Brittney married in 2022 after years of commitment. Then they traveled to St. Barts in the Caribbean for their honeymoon. They released a trickle of images from their vacation because they wanted to share them with their fans.

Here is a photo of the happy couple having the best time of their lives. Matthews is wearing a slinky white two-piece crop top and skirt. Meanwhile, Mahomes chose his best-ripped jeans and basketball sneakers. It’s great to see he made an effort (via People).

Brittney Matthews/Instagram

37. Cheeky Brittney

Brittney and Patrick Mahomes attended Coachella together in 2022. The festival attracts some of the most famous celebrities in the world. But the global health crisis meant that it didn’t go-ahead for two years. Finally, it came back with a bang and they made the trip to California.

Fashionistas make some interesting choices at Coachella. Brittney joined their ranks because she chose this cheeky effort that left little to the imagination. By all accounts, they had a great time and she had lots of content for her social media (via N.Y. Post).

via NFL News

36. Festival Fun

The younger Mahomes brother went to an Illenium concert in Missouri. Then somebody took a video of him allegedly snorting an unknown substance. ‘I noticed him pretty much straight away and could immediately tell he was super high,’ a witness told the Daily Mail.

A girl helped him tilt his head back before wiping his nose. Nobody knows exactly what he snorted but he appears to be having the best time of his life. Perhaps he’s on medication and forgot to take it.


35. Family Time

Let’s go back to Patrick and Brittney’s first Easter with their baby. The happy couple poses together in a low-key image with their daughter Sterling. It’s much more subtle than some of Brittney’s more recent photos. They look more like a normal family.

Meanwhile, Sterling is blissfully unaware that anything is happening. But it’s lovely to see the cheesy grin on Mahomes’ face. He knows that he’s living his best life with a beautiful young family. Furthermore, his wealth guarantees them a great future (via KMBC.)


34. Bullriding

We’re not entirely sure what Jackson is thinking in this photo but he’s enjoying himself. The younger Mahomes brother refuses to stay out of the limelight. Sometimes he attracts criticism because he’s relentless in his pursuit of relevance. But he’s a young man, so he’ll learn eventually.

This image came from a TikTok video that he made after a Chiefs’ loss. He hopped onto a mechanical bull with a Kansas City fan. The girl was also wearing a Mahomes jersey. Then they rode the bull together and got very close in the process. Yes, we know that it’s strange (via Indy 100).

Mandatory Credit: USA Today Sports

33. True Love

Nobody can accuse Brittney Matthews of being a gold digger because she met Mahomes when he was just a freshman in high school. The pair dated and stayed together through college. Then they married as adults after his NFL success. In short, she’s been the quarterback’s rock through it all.

This photo proves that their love is as real as anything in this world (via FOX Business). Loyalty is crucial in relationships and Brittney offers this in spades. After all, her husband has the most lucrative contract in NFL history. He could be with anybody in the world but he chose her.

Brittney Matthews/Instagram

32. Couples Workout

Everybody knows that Mahomes is an elite athlete. But Brittney is also a fitness buff in her own right. She played soccer in college and is a qualified fitness trainer. She always posts workout videos on her social media because she wants to share them with her community.

Sometimes she even posts videos with her husband. Here is an image of Mahomes demonstrating incredible core strength. He maintains a plank position while his wife lies on his back (via Klam.) The man is a beast.


31. Rock Paper Scissors

Mahomes married his wife in Hawaii. They had a lavish ceremony with many guests including some of his Chiefs teammates. But many fans wanted to see the afterparty. That’s because these events are where scandals emerge. Here is a photo of the newlyweds enjoying a dance together.

It appears as though the pair are having the best time of their lives. That’s fantastic because it would be a shame if they didn’t enjoy their wedding day. Brittney has a massive grin on her face because she knows she won the jackpot (via Yahoo!)


30. Brothers in Arms

Many people think that Patrick hates his younger brother because he’s leapfrogging off his fame. However, nothing could be further from the truth. While Jackson can act in an immature manner, he’s still family. The pair maintain a good relationship.

Indeed, Patrick didn’t invite Jackson to his bachelor party. But nobody is reading anything into that. Here they are standing side by side with big smiles on their faces. No doubt Patrick is happy to make his brother’s life better because of his talent and wealth (via Eonline).


29. The Proposal

This is the magic moment where Patrick finally proposed to Brittney. Of course, it wasn’t that spontaneous because there are more rose petals here than in a garden. Perhaps Mahomes proposed to her before and they agreed to do this photoshoot after.

Celebrities wouldn’t be that cynical, would they? Meanwhile, Mahomes is wearing another pair of basketball sneakers. Brittney chose a tight black skirt and a flowery top. This is a central moment in their life because they confirmed their future together (via Life and Style Mag.)


28. Bachelorette Party

After the proposal came more excitement. Here’s a scene from Brittney’s bachelorette party. She is visible in her white bikini. Meanwhile, she put her bridesmaids into blue one-piece swimsuits. They are having the best time as they take shots.

It wasn’t all fun and games because Brittney forced her friends to do a fitness session with her. But she’s a useful friend to have because of her wealth and connections. So they probably won’t mind. Anyway, they had a great time on their yacht (via Daily Mail).

Mandatory Credit: USA Today Sports

27. Championship Belt

The Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl in 2020. It was the franchise’s first title in 50 years. Furthermore, Mahomes had a central role in the victory as the team’s quarterback. This was remarkable because it was so early in his career (via Fansided).

In this photo, he is enjoying the celebrations. Somehow, he has a WWE-style belt and he raises it high above his head. We’re not sure why he has this but who’s going to question a Super Bowl MVP? Mahomes is living his best life and we’re all witnesses.


26. Coachella Pt. II

Mahomes and Brittney turned heads when they went to Coachella in 2022. Brittney wore a couple of outfits as she tried to make a fashion statement. Here fans see that she wears a sequin dress over black two-piece underwear. Furthermore, Mahomes has a red bandanna and a baseball cap.

The loving pair wants to enjoy as many experiences as they can together. They can go anywhere they want because everybody knows them. By maximizing their connections and photo ops, they improve their brand. This guarantees them the best prospects possible (via Kansas City Star).

Bobby Stroupe/Twitter

25. Next Generation

The Chiefs made negative headlines in 2022 when their star receiver Tyreek Hill left. Hill is one of the most exciting players in the NFL. But now he plays for the Miami Dolphins. This means that Mecole Hardman must step up and play his best football (via Sports Illustrated).

But the wideout has a key teammate on his side. Mahomes and Hardman posed together with championship belts as they signaled the next generation. The quarterback wants Hardman to play his own game and not emulate Hill. That’s great because nobody can replace Hill.

Brittney Matthews/Instagram

24. Bikini Life

Mahomes signed a $500 million contract in 2020. He also earns millions of dollars per year in endorsements. That’s why he’s able to live his best life and give his loved ones everything. His wife, Matthews, reaps the rewards of this wealth.

Nobody can blame her for taking as many vacations as possible. Then she posts pictures on Instagram as she seeks to turn heads. Here’s a typical Brittney bikini pose. She flaunted her toned figure in front of the camera as she basked on a boat in the tropics (SheKnows.com).

Mandatory Credit: Popsugar

23. I Do

Matthews and Mahomes married in 2022 to global acclaim. Every detail of their wedding required careful planning because they want to remain on-brand. Matthews wore a custom-made Versace dress worth thousands of dollars that enhanced her figure.

She chose a sedate grey suit for her husband-to-be as she ensured all eyes were on her (via Popsugar). Many people agree that Mahomes was lucky to have such a beautiful bride. Their baby Sterling was also in attendance so it was even more special.

Jackson Mahomes/Snapchat

22. Leaked Nude

Snapchat is a risky business because there’s always the possibility of sending a photo to the wrong person. Of course, this is only serious if the person is doing something naughty. Just ask Jackson Mahomes, because he accidentally sent a nude to his entire friend list.

This wasn’t his best decision but it happens to everybody. Unless they’re normal and don’t send naked photos to everybody they know. Anyway, it was just another blip in Jackson’s short life. Despite his best intentions he always comes up short compared to his big brother (via Total Pro Sports).

Brittney Matthews/Instagram

21. Sunbathing

If anybody checks out Matthews’ Instagram page they will see an endless stream of bikini pictures. Perhaps this isn’t a good idea for anybody who hates their life. Matthews is living the dream because she has an elite NFL QB husband and millions of dollars in the bank.

Even if she has a divorce in the future she’ll probably be better off than when she met Mahomes. It’s a great position to be in. No wonder she’s happy to take advantage of her lifestyle. Here is another of her best vacation pictures as she poses in a blue bikini on the edge of an infinity pool (via Eonline!).


20. Great Escape

Many fans believe that Mahomes and Matthews are the cutest couple in sports. Their relationship is very wholesome because they have been together for so long. There is something nice about that kind of commitment in modern society (via Page Six).

After their wedding, they immediately departed for the Caribbean. This is one of the first photos from their honeymoon. They wear tired expressions on their face but they know they’ll have the best time together. After all, they’re husband and wife now.


19. Father and Daughter

Mahomes aims to be the perfect father because he wants to give Sterling the best life possible. She’s already traveled by private jet more times in a year than most people will in their entire existence. But there is more to being a good parent than just splashing the cash.

The Chiefs QB says he wants to build an emotional connection with his daughter. He claims that he will learn to do her hair because he wants to be the best dad. In this photo, she doesn’t have much hair so it’s unlikely he’ll be worrying about pigtails anytime soon (via Yahoo).

Mandatory Credit: TMZ

18. Pineapple Princess

Brittney clearly isn’t afraid to flaunt her body. Here is one of her cheekiest photos from 2019. She exposes her taut physique as she only wears bikini bottoms. Meanwhile, only a pair of pineapples protect her upper body. It’s a fun photo and she appears to be enjoying herself.

Fans loved this image too because it showed another side of her personality. She appears to be a fun person and perhaps that is why Mahomes has such a strong relationship with her. They also liked her belly-button piercings which she no longer wears since her pregnancy (via TMZ)


17. Baby Shower

Matthews takes every opportunity to wear a fancy dress and pose for photos. Who can blame her because it’s all part of her lifestyle? When she fell pregnant she immediately planned her baby shower. They probably spent more on this event than most people do in their own homes.

She provoked envy across the world with her remarkable maternity gown (via casino.org). Many of her friends attended the shower and gave them expensive gifts. Furthermore, they had dozens of pink bubbles to reveal baby Sterling’s gender. What a lovely time.

Mandatory Credit: USA Today Sports

16. NBA Fan

Mahomes is a massive sports fan. One of his dreams is to help bring an NBA franchise to Kansas City. The Missouri city already has MLB and MLS teams. A basketball franchise would complete the set. Mahomes attends NBA games when he can.

Here he is at a Knicks game in Madison Square Garden (via Fansided). His wife Brittney is also in attendance as they enjoy their jaunt to the Big Apple. Mahomes regularly flies across the United States by private jet so it’s easy for him to reach his destinations quickly.

Mandatory Credit: Instagram

15. Best Friends

Travis Kelce isn’t just Mahomes’s teammate. The Kansas City star is also one of the quarterback’s best friends. The duo regularly hang out and go on double-dates together. In this case, they’re attending a hockey game. Kelce’s girlfriend Kayla Nicole is also a fashionista and has her own business.

These four people are living their best lives as they pose together (via Kansas City.com). Mahomes and Kelce follow the St. Louis Blues. They try to attend their games when they can but don’t have much time. These men love all kinds of sports.


14. Rolls-Royce

One of the advantages of being a lucrative superstar athlete is being able to afford expensive cars. Mahomes has a fleet of vehicles. But one of the most eye-catching is the one above. He drives a Rolls-Royce Cullinan. This vehicle is a luxury four-wheel drive and costs at least $450,000 (via Autoevolution).

Mahomes chose a white Cullinan which is instantly visible when he drives through Kansas City. Rolls-Royce is one of the most popular car brands amongst celebrities because of its unique comfort levels. Mahomes can afford the best and that’s why he bought one.

Larry Brown Sports

13. QB Producer

Mahomes’s biggest supporter is his mother Randi Brown. She knows that she made one amazing son and she’s happy to let everybody know. The Chiefs played the Buccaneers in 2021 in Tampa. Brown attended and wore a custom Chiefs jersey above, with the slogan ‘QB Producer.’

Yes, Mahomes had the worst game of his career against the Bucs. But at least his mother showed her love for him. It wasn’t the best day of his life but it’s important to have a supportive family. Brown cares about her son and doesn’t care if he loses (via Larry Brown Sports).

Jackson Mahomes/Instagram

12. Private Jet Flex

Jackson Mahomes attracted derision online after he posted this image. Detractors said that he was lucky because his famous brother gave him the best start in life. However, his defenders said that they were jealous. Most of his critics won’t travel by private jet very often so he won’t mind.

Here he is flexing in front of a plane before a trip to somewhere in the world. The younger Mahomes brother wears his trademark cheesy grin as he incites his haters. His social media is a minefield but it brings some people a lot of joy (via Insidehook).

Patrick Mahomes/Instagram

11. Only the Best

Mahomes possesses immense wealth and can buy the best of everything. His bachelor party went down in Las Vegas. Before Mahomes and his crew went to a nightclub, they had dinner in a fancy steakhouse. Then they consumed a bottle of rare Louis XIII cognac.

These bottles have a price tag of thousands of dollars but Mahomes didn’t bat an eyelid. He duly drank the bottle with his friends to commemorate the special occasion. Then they ate delicious and decadent steaks before taking Sin City by storm (via Fansided).

Brittney Matthews/Instagram

10. Leg Day

Matthews loves to train almost as much as her famous husband. She’s determined to stay in shape so that he won’t cast eyes on another woman. Here she is doing a lower body workout. Meanwhile, a still from her deadlift session shows that she’s making gains.

Mahomes is a lucky man because Matthews looks after herself with total dedication. She began shedding the baby weight before Sterling even popped out. We’re not sure if this is a completely healthy mindset but Matthews doesn’t care (via Outsider).

Mandatory Credit: People

9. Dance All Night

The quarterback’s bachelor party was legendary. After he dined on the finest steak and cognac, Mahomes partied hard. His posse went to the TAO nightclub in the Venetian Resort, Las Vegas. Then he celebrated with several celebrities in attendance.

Big Sean took a picture with the groom and showed him respect. He offered him best wishes for the future with his bride-to-be. There were also many of Mahome’s friends in attendance. However, he raised eyebrows because he didn’t invite his younger brother (via US Magazine).

Jackson Mahomes/Instagram

8. Holiday Season

Every year the holidays come around and force families to pretend they like each other. Patrick and Jackson pose together in front of a Christmas tree and a stack of presents. Firstly, whoever wrapped those packages did a very impressive job (via Cheat Sheet).

Mahomes and his future bride, Brittney, wore festive onesies to mark the occasion. Another interesting aspect is Jackson’s height. The younger Mahomes sibling towers over his famous athlete brother.

Patrick Mahomes/Instagram

7. Family Affair

Mahomes maintains a great relationship with his parents. His father, Patrick Mahomes I, was an MLB star. While his parents divorced, they still appreciate each other. It helps when America’s best quarterback is their son. This gives them something to bond over (via Sportskeeda).

Here they flaunt Mahomes’s AFC Championship and Super Bowl rings. These memorabilia is worth thousands of dollars. No doubt Mahomes’ fans will wonder if they knew they had made somebody so talented together. What a life they’re leading.

Jackson Mahomes/Instagram

6. Socialite

Jackson Mahomes doesn’t spend every minute of his life making annoying TikTok videos. He also attends various parties and poses with socialites. In this photo, he is attending Kayla Nicole’s birthday. Nicole is the girlfriend of Patrick’s best friend and teammate, Travis Kelce.

He clutches a lollipop in his hand as she shows great composure in tolerating his presence. Patrick’s success gave Jackson opportunities that he could never have imagined. Now he hangs out with NFL stars and C-List celebrities because of his brother’s glory (via New York Post).

Brittney Matthews/Instagram

5. All Natural

Matthews stunned the internet after she uploaded the image above to Instagram. But she also faced a lot of criticism from trolls. They claimed that her breasts were fake but she responded harshly. Mattews said that any breastfeeding mother will understand that bodies change.

Even if this isn’t true, there’s no denying that she’s in fantastic shape. They enjoyed a luxurious break in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, and went out on a fancy yacht. She made the most of her vacation in her tiny orange bikini. No doubt Mahomes is a happy man (via Daily Mail).

Jackson Mahomes/Instagram

4. Barred

Chaos broke out after Jackson Mahomes posted this image to Instagram. He tried to call out a bar in Kansas City after they failed to provide him the service he demanded. Later, the same bar responded and condemned him for trying to cancel them. They said that he unfairly used his influence.

Then they retracted their statement and apologized to the young man. Mahomes is a polarizing figure but he wants to live the best life possible. He doesn’t care about ruffling feathers because he is a young man. Unfortunately, that can bring out selfishness (via Ice Cream Convos).


3. Hands Full

Matthews is always uploading pictures in bikinis on boats. It appears that she spends more time on the water than on dry land. Maybe she always dreamed of being a pirate and now Mahomes made this a reality. Here is the happy couple in a loving embrace.

It looks like Mahomes has found a treasure that he never wants to let go of. He’s not afraid to show his public affection for his love as he gropes her bottom. Meanwhile, she wears a bright pink bikini as she stands out like a light (via Sideaction).

Brittany Matthews/Instagram

2. Do Better

Many trolls say that Mahomes can do better than his wife. It’s a horrible thing to say because she showed him true loyalty. Another issue with this is that they’re blind. She’s happy to remind her haters that Mahomes is very happy with his relationship.

That’s why she regularly shares photos like the one above. Matthews wears tiny bikinis as she lives her best life in wonderful locations. She flaunts her amazing physique as she shows that she has nothing to prove. It’s easy to drown out the noise in the sunshine (via Barstool Sports).

Mandatory Credit: KMBC

1. QB1

Mahomes is on top of the world. Even the city of Las Vegas offered him congratulations before his wedding. The picture above from Resorts World shows their support for his decision. While the Mahomes family rubs some people up the wrong way, they’re harmless people.

Yes, they have more money than most folks. But they just want to maintain a clean-cut image while having the best time possible. Except for Jackson who sometimes makes dubious decisions, but he’s a young man. The Mahomes family has a bright future (via Review-Journal).