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These Construction Worker Fails Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Darren August 4, 2022

It’s not only very expensive but also very difficult to create a new building or an impressive feat of civil engineering. That’s why construction workers, architects, and everyone in the process must do their jobs properly and pay attention to detail. However, there are many situations where this does not happen, they make big mistakes and it results in horrible construction fails.

Overall, it’s not really that funny, especially not for the developers who paid these workers to commit said mistakes. But let’s be completely honest – their misfortune brings a lot of joy to the rest of us because we don’t have to deal with the consequences. Trade workers from every industry make errors, yet some of them are beyond belief. Check out some of the most egregious and shocking construction worker fails via Let’s Build here.


Wash Your Hands

It doesn’t take long to see what’s wrong with the placement of this urinal. We wonder how many drunk people wandered into this restroom and mistakenly washed their hands in it. It sits next to a pair of faucets and lies deceptively in wait as it lures unwitting patrons.

One benefit of this design is that flexible people can do their business and wash their hands at the same time. It’s a challenge but no doubt someone is capable of it. Otherwise, this is one of the worst design and construction fails we’ve seen (via Twitter).


Warm Shower

Scientists insist that cold showers hold many health benefits. However, if that is too much for this person to handle they can always hold onto the radiator. That’s right, for some reason, they inserted a full radiator into their shower. It looks wrong because it is and it belongs on this list of construction fails.

Everybody is prone to moments of madness but that doesn’t excuse this psychopathic behavior. It’s jarring to look at this because it has an appalling appearance. Furthermore, the practicality of the design is questionable. A lot is going on with this but not much of it is good (via Twitter).


Slide Pool

Sometimes creators emphasize style over substance. In this case, they achieved neither because it’s a shoddy and cheap design that really just fails in every category. This bench sits in a public park for the use of regular citizens in their leisure time. But there are two fatal flaws (via Reddit).

First, it appears that a child created it. The other issue is that it’s impossible for it to drain because the dips on the surface hold water. This makes it unusable after rain because it will become a pig trough. Patrons can’t even wipe it dry because there will be too much fluid.


So Close

It’s only a small detail but surely this infuriates the owners of this property more than anything else in this universe. Everything else was on point but the construction workers made one mistake. It’s a wonder they allowed it to dry and didn’t change it (via Twitter).

To be fair this type of mistake isn’t difficult to make if people aren’t concentrating. However, we pay workers to do the job to the best of their ability and this isn’t acceptable. Perhaps they liked this weird mistake and decided it added character to the otherwise symmetrical tiling.


Tight Space

This Redditor had a strange experience when they used this public restroom. They went to the urinal and did their business when suddenly they felt a sharp pain behind them. After turning around in surprise they saw that a door hit them in the back (via Reddit).

The strangest aspect of this door is that it doesn’t even close properly. Instead, it bounces off of the protruding urinal in a bizarrely flawed design. It appears as though the creator put it there to annoy the restroom’s patrons. Either it’s a brilliant troll job or it’s one of the dumbest construction fails ever.


Stairway to Paralysis

Charles Darwin once wrote about natural selection and the survival of the fittest. Perhaps he had this staircase in mind when he came up with this theory. It appears as though the designer of these steps wanted to purge old people from this world. How will they ever make it up or down that top step?

It’s an insane design because it appears as though it’s built to dislocate hips and knees. That’s why it’s on this list of construction fails and deserves its place in the hall of shame. Furthermore, the tiles appear to have cracks and may provide further instability (via Reddit).


Varnish Island

At least this person can say that they went viral. Otherwise, there isn’t anything else good going on in their life at this point. They decided to varnish their floor because they wanted to make it glossy and add protection. So far there isn’t anything wrong with this.

However, it belongs on this list of construction fails because she is a moron. She accidentally painted herself onto a tiny island in the middle of the floor. If she wants to leave she’ll cross the wet varnish and tarnish the job. This was dumb because like all others on this list, she was completely clueless about her error (via Twitter).


Vomit Design

It appears as though a stream of projectile vomit stained this floor. But the surprising reality is that this is the design. Allegedly the entire hotel uses this hideous carpet in all of its corridors and hallways. We’re not entirely sure why because it is grim to the extreme.

Anybody who thinks this is appealing should immediately write their names on a list of psychopaths. There is creepy darkness to this design that disturbs the hotel’s patrons. It’s not difficult to see why people don’t like it because it’s disturbing (via Reddit).


Expanding Foam

It’s common to see expanding foam in buildings as a preventative measure. Builders use it to seal small cracks in the walls because it helps to protect the interior from the elements. It also reduces the risk of the crack expanding and more damage occurring.

However, it’s not a magical solution for when a building is ready to fall apart. The wall above is in a ridiculous situation but they went wild with expanding foam. This is like trying to extinguish an apartment block fire with a garden hose. It just won’t work properly (via Twitter).


Dubious Sinks

It may take a moment to realize that there is something wrong with this public restroom. On the face of it, the design is new and shiny. All of the fittings are in good condition but there is a single and serious issue. The faucets point in the wrong direction (via Reddit).

Yes, they remain accessible but the aesthetic is bizarre. There are some sacred things on this planet and having the faucet face the user is one of these. It’s possible that aliens tried to replicate a human restroom but didn’t quite succeed. Be careful because they may snatch anybody who enters it.


Door Failure

The purpose of a door is to provide a barrier between two spaces. Usually, it’s possible to lock it and prevent people from the other side from accessing it. This isn’t rocket science and most people reading this will know this already. But somebody failed to tell the person who installed this piece of junk.

A glance at the door proves that it doesn’t serve its purpose properly. The door fails to seal and just swings hopelessly with no possibility of meeting its function. That feels like some kind of life metaphor but unfortunately, it’s the reality of this stupid situation (via Twitter).


50% Cut

These homeowners decided to build a new wall inside their house. However, they opted against removing an electrical socket and now it sticks out like a sore thumb. Perhaps they simply wanted a talking point and if that’s the case then they succeeded.

But it’s more likely that they didn’t think and produced a garbage design instead. It would be funny if it was in one of their teenagers’ rooms and it prevented them from plugging in their games console. This would be a cruel way to wean them off their games (via Twitter).


Willy Wonka’s Hospital

Allegedly, this elevator photo is from a hospital. That makes this even more disturbing because it’s less comprehensible than Willy Wonka’s glass elevator. Imagine having a medical emergency and stepping inside before meeting this ridiculous control panel (via Reddit).

This is worse than a lot of the construction fails on this list because it could seriously harm somebody. By the time they figure out where they need to go they’ll have died of old age. Hopefully, the hospital replaced this system and upgraded it with something more functional.


Russian Windows

It appears as though this house is in Russia or a member of the former Soviet Bloc. The most important point to note is that the design is hideous. That’s also surprising because Soviet designs didn’t inspire much creativity but they had a functional appearance.

This belongs on our list of construction fails because it’s a complete mess. The architect probably went to the gulag after this because they couldn’t design a bird table never mind a house. Hopefully, the KGB sent his family too in case they shared his stupidity (via Reddit).


Window Step

This is one of the strangest construction fails because surely the worker knew what they were doing. They installed this set of steps in front of the window beside the entrance of the house. Perhaps they had too much to drink the previous night or didn’t have enough sleep.

Another possible reason is that the house’s owner wanted to escape easily through the window. If that’s the case then we apologize and will immediately remove this image. But somehow, we don’t think this is an FBI Witness Protection safehouse (via Twitter).


Extra Window

As with most of the construction fails in this guide, we’re unsure how this came about. First, an architect designed the building. Then the owner of the site agreed and said that the construction contractors could proceed. In short, a lot of people showed horrendous judgment in making this house.

We don’t know what they were thinking when they added this extra window because it is hideous. There’s no logic to this design at all except that they had a spare window and didn’t want to waste it. Perhaps it’s better from the inside but the external aesthetic is appalling nonetheless (via Twitter).




This is one of the funniest construction fails on this list because the owner transformed it into a piece of art. An electrician or an idiotic person tried to install this electrical outlet but they did a garbage job. The plaster around it is disgraceful but they didn’t give up (via Twitter).

Instead of removing it and trying to tidy this unsightly piece of work, they called it modern art. Then they stuck a wooden frame around it and described it as ‘priceless.’ As dumb as this is, it’s highly amusing and it wouldn’t be a surprise to see it in MOMA or another big gallery.


Duckfoot Driveway

This family thought that they were going to have a nice new driveway. They probably spent hundreds of dollars on hiring a worker to pour the concrete and to ensure a smooth job. No doubt they also checked the weather because rain could damage the finish (via Twitter).

But the animal kingdom was outside of their control. A swarm of ducks waddled across the wet concrete and left dozens of footprints behind. It’s funny because they are so distinctive but we imagine the people didn’t appreciate this gift. Maybe they should leave it because it’s unique.


Installation Success

Technically, this may not be a true construction failure because they installed the toilet. However, they also successfully destroyed their restroom at the same time so it’s debatable whether the cost was worth it. It’s a curious aesthetic that may not be compatible with every home.

The plumber cut huge chunks out of the wall to force the toilet into place. It’s a strange concept and it’s probably a DIY job because no professional would accept this. Imagine paying for this shoddy job after they’ve destroyed the restroom and walked away (via Twitter).


Touching The Floor

Most interior designers understand that it’s important to measure the distance between the floor and the ceiling before installing a new door. However, it’s easy to make a mistake if care isn’t taken. The example above proves that construction fails are common.

The funniest aspect of this is that they didn’t admit defeat. Instead of bringing the door back to the store and changing it for an appropriate size, they cut a chunk off the bottom. Now it has a ragged cut-off edge and looks unsightly. But these people don’t care because they are committed to this product (via Twitter).


Stop The Train

This is one of the worst design features in the history of the universe. We’re not quite sure how somebody could create this and carry it out without knowing how they had messed up. But that’s what happened as this ridiculous train track reveals. Maybe somebody has a vendetta against train drivers.

This is also one of the most dangerous construction fails. How can a train go on the track without crashing? The engineer didn’t consider this and now this line is in existence. Maybe it’s fixed now but it still looks ridiculous (via Construction Chemicals).

My Gutter Guy


Sometimes a leak may develop near a socket. This is clearly no good because water and electricity are a terrible combination. But when water comes out of a socket then that’s a much bigger problem. That’s exactly the situation in the image above (via My Gutter Guy).

We don’t know how somebody managed to do this but they did. The torrent of water is huge and the house appears to be flooding. Imagine stepping into that pool because it would cause instant electrocution. Hopefully, they could have disconnected it from the power source and made it safe for everyone there.

USX Express

Right Turn Only

This image speaks for itself. We can only assume that there have been some changes in the road over the past few months. But this doesn’t make the road markings any less ridiculous. It instructs drivers that they can only make right turns but this isn’t possible at all (via USX Express).

Drivers can turn left around the corner and keep going. Somebody was either trolling their community or just didn’t care. The worker only had one job but they messed up. Construction fails like this one makes people roll their eyes because they can’t believe that some workers are so dumb.

Security Sales

Camera Fail

This is one of the most confusing images we’ve seen because it makes no sense. Who decided to install a security camera in this position? It’s completely pointless because there’s nothing to see. A sign blocks its view and removes the camera’s function.

The only thing we can think of is that they don’t use the camera anymore. Instead of removing it, they put the sign in front of it. But it comes across as one of the dumbest construction fails ever. This one surely makes a lot of people stop and stares because it’s so silly (via Security Sales).


Fire Escape

There are so many things wrong with this fire escape that it’s difficult to know where to begin. If someone opens that door in a state of panic, it’s likely they’ll run through. Then they’ll crash to the ground in a heap of broken bones (via The Times).

Then they must try to shimmy their way across to the escape ladder. It appears as though it’s metal which is a major issue in a fire because it becomes hot. Beneath the ladder are a bunch of cables so if they don’t burn or fall, they’ll suffer electrocution instead.


Escalator To Nowhere

Good luck trying to exit this escalator because there’s nowhere to go. It appears as though it goes up but there’s a serious problem. The top of the escalator doesn’t allow people to escape because it is against a wall. This without a doubt makes it one of the dumbest construction fails ever.

Perhaps they wanted to encourage people to practice their parkour skills. Unfortunately, that’s not helpful for senior citizens or somebody with a broken leg. Maybe the designer simply didn’t care and said that it will do. If that is indeed the case, we almost respect their laziness (via Cheezburger).

Green Art Plumbing

Blatant Miss

This plumber had one job but they couldn’t do it properly. We’re delighted that they failed to install this faucet properly because the result is sensational. Look at how ridiculous this faucet is because it cascades over the sink basin and onto the floor beneath it (via Green Art Plumbing).

Imagine the reaction of this bathroom’s owner after they turned it on for the first time. It also shows that there are construction fails in every industry. Plumbers are capable of making massive errors like carpenters and electricians. This is why it’s clearly crucial to hire a competent tradesperson for construction work.


Stable Construction

Whoever is climbing these stairs should reconsider because it doesn’t look very safe. The worker had one job but they decided to do it in the most half-baked way possible. Instead of ensuring that their client had a stable staircase, they made it as precarious as possible.

They didn’t place it on a flat and even surface but on the edge of a rock. The fact that they didn’t even put it right on the center of the rocks shows how little they cared. This is up there with the worst construction fails and is a lawsuit waiting to happen (via Reddit).


Stairway To Toilet Time

Is this the least practical toilet on the planet? Maybe it doesn’t fit into the category of construction fails because they completed it. But the question is why did they make this pointless design? Nobody should need to take three steps up to sit on the throne.

It’s impractical for people with mobility issues because they’ll struggle to access it. Nor does it even look good because the tiles are bland and the walls are boring. On second thought, this fits into construction fails because it’s shockingly bad (via Demilked).

Bored Panda

Hypnotic Staircase

Is this staircase going up or down? It’s impossible to tell because the design is so poorly thought out. The aesthetic is hypnotic and guaranteed to break the ankles of users. Imagine trying to step on this and falling down the entire way (via Bored Panda).

The fact that a company sells this material and thinks it’s appropriate says a lot. It’s also in a professional environment so it probably sees a lot of footfall. Furthermore, it must see a lot of people falling too. Let’s hope that they have a good legal team because this is a joke.

Euro Gunzel

Raised Train Track

Here’s another horrifically made train track that doesn’t make sense at all. Yes, an engineer thought that this made sense for some ungodly reason. We’re not sure how this is meant to work because it doesn’t appear to be safe. It’s one of the dumbest construction fails ever because it was probably very expensive.

Imagine being a passenger on this train because it will turn into an airplane for a moment. Don’t drink coffee because the landing will spill it over everybody in the carriage. It beggars belief that this is a real train line in Germany. Aren’t they supposed to be good at engineering too (via Euro Gunzel)?

Arch Daily

Dumb Bridge

Here’s an example of poor planning at its finest. Somebody thought that it would be cool to have a bridge across a swimming pool. But instead of placing it over the water, they installed it on the footpath. Yes, the same sidewalk that people would stroll normally across.

In their defense, they probably thought that it would add to the overall aesthetic. However, they didn’t succeed because it looks idiotic. The bridge creates work for people because they must climb up it instead of walking along the regular path (via Arch Daily).


Beam Me Up

According to this Reddit user, they were renovating their house when they came across this horrendous error. The plumber installed some new pipes but took a strange approach. He cut a massive chunk out of one of the first-floor support beams.

In fairness, he did his job but the house may fall around them. At least the plumber completed his role with aplomb. Now, this home is in a precarious position because that’s not safe at all. This is one of the most dangerous construction fails we’ve seen.

Ninja Journalist

Door Fail Rail

Some construction fails must be seen to be believed. This one is up there with the worst because it’s so dumb. How somebody thought that this was a good idea is beyond belief because it’s so bad. In short, they installed a banister in front of a door (via Ninja Journalist).

This makes it impossible to access the door because it opens outward. Let’s hope that there is nobody in that room because they’ll be stuck there for a long time. It was already a stupid place to put a door because somebody could easily misstep. But the banister makes it a special kind of dumb.


How Did This Even Happen

It takes a long time and a lot of money to become an engineer. When they design something it goes through a lengthy vetting process. Everything must be perfect because it’s expensive to make changes and people’s safety is at stake. Somehow these bridge designers missed the memo.

This could be the most expensive of the construction fails here because the two sides are out of sync. They’re as harmonious as Johnny Depp’s relationship with Amber Heard. We don’t know who is going to pay for this but it’s going to cost a lot of money (via Soolide).

The Sun

Staircase To Nowhere

Here’s another head-scratcher that’s sure to confuse people. Why did somebody install this spiral staircase here? It’s ludicrous because it’s in the wrong position. If the residents of this building step out of their fire exits they’ll fall onto the ground.

Maybe they’re aware of where the staircase is. But even so, it’s a case of survival of the fittest because they’ll need to leap across. This means that older people or folks with mobility issues will never be able to survive. Perhaps that was the creator’s cruel intention (via The Sun).


Intimate Urination

Public restrooms are an awkward place because nobody wants to stand next to another man unless it’s necessary. There may be one creep who comes right over beside them but this is a rare exception. That’s what makes this one of the dumbest construction fails ever.

Imagine trying to urinate with somebody standing so close by. It’s crazy they even thought this was acceptable. They probably shouldn’t have installed two of them because one will never see use. The owners could have saved money but they didn’t and it’s a waste (via Reddit).

Wheelchair Ramps

Quick Escape

Unfortunately, we could have created an entire list of wheelchair ramp construction fails. Many people have good intentions and realize the challenges of mobility issues. That’s why they ensure that their businesses have wheelchair ramps for disabled people (via Wheelchair Ramps).

This one is ridiculous because it’s steeper than Mt. McKinley. If a wheelchair goes down this it will reach supersonic speeds and the user will faceplant into the ground. It’s a terrible design but it’s hilarious to imagine. It’s more like a playground slide than an entrance.

Awesome Inventions

Chasm Slide

The wheelchair ramp above looks like a playground slide. But now let’s check out a real slide because this is an atrocious design. The lack of foresight is unreal here because this will be a massive lawsuit. Perhaps they’re trying to purge their town of children.

We don’t know how deep this hole in the ground is or where it leads to. However, it won’t be a fun landing for the hapless child that will enter it. At the very least, they’ll suffer from a painful bottom. At worst, they’ll fall to their doom and never be seen again (via Awesome Inventions).

Love Money

Hobbit ATM

Somebody thought that this was an appropriate height for an ATM in Nottingham in the UK. It’s nice that somebody considers hobbits because there aren’t many places where they can withdraw cash. The ATM is so close to the ground that people must bend down low.

There doesn’t appear to be a reason why it isn’t higher up on the wall. It’s on the exterior of a supermarket in the town so maybe they thought it would be a good talking point. In that case, it’s a success but in every other aspect, it belongs on this list of construction fails (via Love Money).

Code Poets

Common Sense

They’ve tried to make this staircase wheelchair-friendly but the workers failed miserably. This is one of the most construction fails ever because it suddenly stops. Instead of making the area more accessible for disabled people, it gives them false hope.

Wheelchair users will still require an able-bodied person to help them over the last few steps. Otherwise, they’ll turn around in disgust because it’s impossible to pass. People shake their heads in rage at some constructive fails because it affects their lives (via Code Poets).

Lets Build

Triple Toilet

Earlier on the list, we saw a pair of urinals that are too close together. That’s somewhat forgivable because men do stand next to each other in the restroom. But this takes things to a whole new level. Nobody wants to sit on the toilet next to another person without a partition (via Lets Build).

However, the designer of this bathroom installed three toilets with no thought for privacy. It’s bizarre because who will want to use them? Maybe they’ll put up cubicles around them but there isn’t a lot of space so it seems unlikely. This is one of the strangest construction fails on this list.


Just Not An Escalator

Escalators are fantastic because they help bring people up to the next floor without any effort. They’re almost better than elevators because there’s no awkward silence. However, this escalator is unique because it’s just a regular staircase that tricks customers (via Cheezburger).

They walk over to it expecting to stand still for a few moments before realizing that they’ll have to burn some calories. Nobody wants to do that so this must be a very evil designer. We’re not sure what the logic is but there must be a reason why this exists.


Door With No Use

Here’s another head-scratcher because this is one of the weirdest doors ever built. In ancient times, monks built towers with entrances high off the ground. But that’s because they had the present threat of Viking raiders. There don’t appear to be many violent hordes in this quiet neighborhood.

It makes an excellent talking point but otherwise, this doesn’t make any sense. There’s nowhere for this doorway to open to. Perhaps the owner is expecting a visit from his creditors and wants to make a quick escape. If that’s the case, then it’s a work of genius (via DumpADay).

Scottish Sun

ATM Is Now Too High

Earlier on our list, we saw an ATM that’s far too low for most people. This one tests users differently because it’s so high off the ground. If you’re not a giant then you’re going to struggle because it’s inaccessible. The designers didn’t consider the inconvenience that they created.

It’s a wonder that he can reach to insert his card or see the numbers when he types his pin. Many people probably can’t touch the keypad because they’re too short. Imagine being stuck for cash but this ATM is too high. It would be very frustrating (via Scottish Sun).

Friday Fun

Can’t Open the Drawer

Good luck trying to open this drawer because the design is so bad. Imagine spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a new kitchen. And then, discovering that the design is impractical and poorly contrived. That’s exactly what happened in this situation (via Friday Fun).

The worker had one job but they screwed it up. One drawer’s handle prevents the other from opening beyond halfway. Perhaps they will change the handle but then the drawer will look out of place. They’d have to change all of them and it would be expensive as well as time-consuming.

Bored Panda

Hydrant Design

Let’s hope that there is never a fire in this building because nobody will survive. There is a fire hydrant so we can’t say that they haven’t prepared. It’s just a pity that potential users can’t access it. That’s because the construction workers wrapped a metal banister around it.

It will be easier to walk up the stairs but it would be a nightmare in an emergency. Nobody will be able to open that fire hydrant case unless they remove the banister first. It’s hardly conducive to a life-or-death situation but they didn’t consider that (via Bored Panda).

Love Property

Wishing Well

Perhaps it’s unfair to blame this on the worker because they did their duty. But a responsible craftsman would have refused to install this hideous design. Someone decided that they wanted a wishing well in their kitchen. They placed it above the stove in a bizarre move (via Love Property).

It is completely out of place in the cramped space. Who knows what they were thinking because this was a terrible idea. It doesn’t help that it’s not white but even with a coat of paint, it will still stick out like a sore thumb. Whoever designed this kitchen has a lot to answer for.


Ceiling Fan Failure

There’s nothing like a nice fan in summer to cool down the kitchen. They’re more energy-efficient than air conditioners and some vintage models bring a nice aesthetic. However, they require space to circulate, otherwise, they’re completely useless.

Somebody should have had a word with this construction worker before they installed this model. There is a pillar in the way so it can’t turn fully. This means it’s a waste of space because they can’t use it. Once again, we struggle to believe this is real (via Groups).

Interesting Engineering

Security Gate

Some buildings require a security gate because they don’t want intruders. Usually, there is no way for a miscreant to enter but there is a clear flaw with this one. It looks like a ladder because the entrance is low and the rails are close together (Interesting Engineering).

That would make it simple for somebody to climb over it and enter the premises. They say that security features provide a deterrent and won’t stop a determined person. But this doesn’t even do that job successfully because it’s such an inept design.


Worst Fireplace Ever

According to one Twitter user, this is America’s worst fireplace. It’s surely up there because the design is ridiculous and hideous. The worker must have made a special effort to create something so bad because everything is off-center.

There’s so much wrong with this entire setup because it’s all over the place. The television set is stuck in a corner while there’s bizarre storage space on the other side. This fireplace could be a metaphor for many relationships because people make a mistake and stick with it.

Love Incorporated

Worst Window Ever Built

Windows allow light to enter a home and they also provide a view for the inhabitants. However, this one fails to deliver either task because it is behind a piece of roofing. This makes it one of the most pointless windows in the world and it belongs on this list of construction fails.

Why did they even bother installing it? Glass isn’t cheap so they could have just filled it in and nobody would miss anything. It doesn’t even let much light in because of the weird angle. This is one of those construction fails that is annoying because it’s so unnecessary (via Love Incorporated).


Drain Woes

Imagine having a single purpose in life but failing miserably. In sum, that’s exactly how this drain must feel because it’s a complete waste of space. There is flooding everywhere around it but no water enters the manhole because it’s in an elevated area.

The hapless construction worker made a mess here because it’s a garbage design. There is an evident need for a drainage system here but they failed to install it correctly. Now it sits there and mocks the pedestrians who effectively swim along the sidewalk (via Imgur).


Completed Task

This builder completed the job as the architect designed. At least that’s what they told themselves after one of the dumbest construction fails ever. They built a staircase but made it impossible to access the next level. Instead, they rendered it defunct and an expensive waste of money.

A good construction worker knows how a staircase works. To be honest, the average child also understands that there must be space to step up to the next floor. But this fool made a massive error and it may have cost him his job. He can’t say that he didn’t deserve to lose it (via Reddit).


Parkour ATM

Here’s yet another terrible ATM design. This one turns every attempt to withdraw money into a fitness class. It’s like trying to do parkour because people must clamber up some steps before perching precariously on a ledge. It doesn’t appear to be very safe either.

ATMs should be as accessible as possible but this one missed the memo. It’s a horrible location and it beggars belief that somebody thought that this was a suitable position for one. Unless they are terrible human beings and knew exactly what they were doing (via Imgur).


There’s No Balcony

There’s nothing quite like sitting on the balcony in the morning with a cup of coffee and a newspaper. Or how about watching the sunset with a nice glass of wine? This balcony doesn’t allow residents to do either of these unless they wish to plummet to their doom.

There’s no floor area on any of them so if people step out they’ll drop onto the ground. It makes this pointless and potentially lethal. This is fantastic if somebody has an unwanted guest and they want to remove them quickly. But they’re probably not the most practical balconies ever (via Twitter).


Where’s the Window?

It’s the law that every inhabitable room must have a window. Unfortunately, this architect skipped that class because they didn’t install one here at all. That’s why they’ve won themselves a place on this list of construction fails (via Reddit).

To be fair, it’s possible that this isn’t really a bedroom and something simply hung up curtains in a random room. But that’s not fun to talk about so please don’t be logical about it. It’s far more interesting to assume that a person thought this was a great idea.


Just Not Helpful

Sometimes logic fails to enter the equation as we can see in this ridiculous case. Hopefully, somebody stuck a wheelchair sticker on this door as a joke. If they didn’t then there are a lot of questions about the rationale behind this bizarre disabled bathroom (via Reddit).

Usually, people in wheelchairs struggle to clamber up and down steps. That’s why they’re in the wheelchair because they have mobility issues. However, the person who planned this building didn’t think about that at all. Or maybe they’re just evil and want people to struggle.


Bent Pipes

Sometimes people are so lazy that they’ll do more work to avoid doing something else. This may not make sense but it’s true and happens in every avenue of society. Meanwhile, there are occasions when people fail to think logically (via Reddit).

We’re not sure which of these two points applies to the image above but one of them does. A worker bent this pipe around the clock instead of removing the latter. This must have taken a lot of effort when taking the clock down would have been achieved in seconds.



Churches are one of the focal points of many small communities because they’re often the tallest buildings. This steeple is typical of many European churches except for one problem. The architect or the builder made a mess of installing the clock so it’s off-center.

Now every time somebody passes by they’ll look up and see the ridiculous timepiece. Some construction fails only affect homeowners but this stains an entire community. Outsiders will associate this village with the misplaced clock so it’s very embarrassing (via Reddit).


Uneven Fence

Imagine paying a company for a brand-new wooden fence and receiving this sorry excuse for a job. That’s exactly what happened to one poor Reddit user after they hired some locals to install it for them. It’s one of the silliest construction fails ever because they were so lazy.

Allegedly they even tried to pass the job off as complete but the homeowner refused to accept it. Who can blame them because that’s one of the shoddiest things in history? Let’s hope that he didn’t pay the entire fee first because they don’t care about their reputation (via Reddit).


Safest Garage

Most people have a garage because they want to prevent robbers from stealing their vehicles. It also protects it from the elements and they can store other items inside. This garage has a unique security feature because it’s about 10 feet off the ground.

Enterprising criminals will have a tough time entering because it’s so high. This also means that it’s impossible to enter or exit the garage with a car. But nobody cares about that because the architect was extremely efficient with their use of space (via Imgur).


Pointless Window

We’ve seen some bizarre construction fails on this list but this one is up there with the worst. Why did the architect decide to put a random window on this side of the building? It makes no sense because there aren’t anymore on this facade (via Reddit).

Perhaps somebody with a lot of power and influence demanded that there was a window in their office. Or maybe the architect knew that there would be writers making lists like these and wanted to troll us. Whatever the reason, it’s a strange sight for passers-by to see.


Try To Back Out Of This Driveway

It’s the age-old question: which came first? The lamp post or the yard? We assume that it was the latter because it would be stupid for them to construct it in this position. Meanwhile, likely, the city planner didn’t care where they stuck this lamppost.

Imagine trying to maneuver around this every day. It’s a disaster of addition because somebody will clip it one day. Few things in life are guaranteed but this is a fact. We wonder if they were able to petition for its removal because it’s so inconvenient (via Imgur).


Only In Philadelphia

This building’s location is in Philadelphia and suddenly everything makes sense. A sight like this would only appear in the ‘City of Brotherly Love.’ Bizarrely, there’s a garage door on the third floor but that’s not even the weirdest aspect (via Reddit).

It appears as though a vehicle once struck this strange door because there’s a big dent. Who knows what’s happening on the streets of Philadelphia these days? Maybe it’s better if the rest of the world doesn’t know because it’s such a unique place.


Who’s Watching TV

The prize for the laziest workers in humanity’s existence goes to whoever did this job. Maybe this doesn’t belong on a list of construction fails because they achieved their aim. Picture the scene: a laborer says that nobody paid him to remove any TV sets so he built around them.

It’s so dumb it’s an achievement and people should respect this level of inept behavior. They exercised enough care not to break the television but it was too much effort to take it down and do the job properly. Some construction workers are a special breed (via Reddit).


Employees Only

It’s nice that employees receive their special door in this workplace. They don’t deal with all of the riff-raff and can access the building in privacy. But there is a problem in that there’s no need for a door at all. This design is stupid and completely pointless.

A person can step easily around the door without touching it all. Let’s give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that they haven’t finished the construction. If they have, it’s one of the worst construction fails ever and they deserve all of the public shame they receive (via Reddit).


Good Luck

There are several shocking disabled parking spaces on this list but this is the worst. That’s because it’s impossible for a driver to even park in the space, never mind for somebody to exit their vehicle. It’s nice that they separated it from everybody else but in every other sense, it’s a fail.

This is the type of sight that would incite a wheelchair user into such a fit of rage that they’d rediscover the power of their legs. Some people have no consideration for others or they mean well but make a massive mistake. All we can do is shake our heads (via Reddit).


More Misplaced Balconies

Balconies are a simple concept but it appears as though they’re tough to get right. So many construction workers failed to install them properly. In the worst cases, they’re inaccessible from the window or door. This renders them completely pointless (via Reddit).

That’s the situation with this gloomy-looking building. No doubt people paid a lot of money for these apartments but they’re unable to go on their balconies. Maybe they can pull off some acrobatics because they’re only suitable for circus performers.

Navy Buildings

These Navy buildings exist in real life and can be found here on Google Maps. Builders constructed Naval Base Coronado in the sixties and offended the entirety of America. They’re so bad that the Navy agreed that it was time to knock them down (via CBS8).

However, they remain at this point and continue to serve their purpose. They resemble a swastika so let’s hope it’s not symbolic of the navy’s attitudes. The safest bet would be to knock them down but they haven’t done that yet. One day they will but until then it belongs here with the other construction fails.