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40 Unintentionally Hilarious Designs That Became Embarrassing Mistakes

Darren April 25, 2022

Designers and creatives constantly try to come up with fresh ideas. That’s their job, after all. They want to produce exciting advertisements and unique products that grab people’s attention. But sometimes, they unintentionally create hilarious designs with embarrassing mistakes.

They successfully get people to stop and look but not for a good reason. However, we will enshrine some of these items in history. Today we’ll look at 40 unintentionally hilarious designs that are just so bad. But they’ll make readers smile. So check them out via Bored Panda right here.


40. Crusti Chocolate

This chocolate bar’s name already triggered alarm bells. After all, nobody wants to eat crusty chocolate because it just sounds nasty. But there’s an even bigger problem with this dubious product. A glance at the image above shows the design flaw.

Usually, chocolate bars have an even design that enables people to break them easily. But they’ve unintentionally made it impossible for consumers to snap it. German retail giant Lidl sells these bars so it’s easy to avoid them (via Reddit).


39. Shoot Some Hoops

This is one of the most ridiculous images we’ve ever seen. It’s the worst alignment between a hoop and lines in the history of the universe. Some people on Reddit questioned if the lines or the board came first. However, the answer is obvious.

There is paint on the concrete around the pole. This proves that the paint came after the hoop’s installation. Somebody must have started painting the lines but unintentionally messed up. But instead of redoing it, they just completed the job and walked away.

Mums Lounge

38. Creative TV Show

It’s very expensive to make a TV show but sometimes studios cut costs. Here’s a scene from a Hindi TV show where a surgeon is attempting to save a patient’s life. The stakes are high and the drama is at its most tense. However, one close-up completely changes the tone.

That’s because they used bathroom scrubbers in place of a defibrillator. On the face of it, it’s brilliant because they only cost a dollar in the store. But it does change the way fans interpret the show because they can never unsee this cheapskate decision (My Health Gazette).


37. Just Go Upstairs

The owners of this store unintentionally made a terrible decision. Firstly, they thought that they were doing the right thing. That’s because they installed an elevator for disabled people at the entrance. But unfortunately, the elevator itself is disabled (via Reddit).

They advise that people should come upstairs so that a member of staff can turn the power on. However, the fatal flaw is that a person with mobility issues won’t be able to. Meanwhile, they spelled ‘disabled’ incorrectly to further humiliate themselves in public.


36. Odd Data

The GAA is one of Ireland’s most important sporting organizations. Here is the body’s national congress in progress. However, they chose the strangest graphics to communicate with their members. This graph is one of the weirdest we’ve ever seen.

They’ve unintentionally confused everybody because of the size of both circles. It’s a truly bizarre way of delivering their message. A pie chart makes more sense because it reveals the scale of the difference. But this is just a joke (via Reddit).


35. Blood Font

Clowns have a strange job because they try to make people laugh. But an equal number of folks find them terrifying. That’s not surprising because of their strange costumes and make-up. Then add in details like the ones above and it becomes even more frightening.

We’re not even sure if they unintentionally tried to scare everybody away. For some reason, the owner of this vehicle chose a bloody font to display their message. Perhaps Pennywise is driving his Honda around town as he looks for victims (via Reddit).


34. Winding Path

Sometimes we shake our heads and ask why because the world doesn’t make sense. That’s exactly the way we feel about the winding path in the photo above. Why did the designer decide to add half an hour onto a pedestrian’s journey instead of just making it straight?

It’s one of the least necessary design touches in the history of public works. The craziest aspect is that somebody approved this and said that it was a great idea. Unless they have a problem with crocodiles there’s no need for this to zig-zag (via Reddit).


33. Minimalist Cards

Many people like minimalism because it declutters their minds as well as their homes. However, sometimes companies take this too far. Check out the cards above because they are completely pointless. Instead, of making life easier, they unintentionally complicate matters.

None of the playing cards have a face picture. Instead, their names sit in the corners. It’s ridiculous because it takes longer to read than to check the picture. Why did somebody think this makes sense? Yes, it’s unique but that doesn’t mean it works (via Reddit).


32. Authentic Design

Usually, it’s difficult to renovate a historical building or extend it because of its heritage value. The design shouldn’t detract from the original architecture. With this in mind, it makes the above photo even crazier because it’s completely real.

This is a crime against history. Caldwell Tower originated in the 16th Century in Scotland. Now it looks like this. It’s shameful because there is nothing tasteful about this addition. The extension is completely out of place and, sadly, somebody did this (via Reddit).


31. Brave and Free

Firstly, there is nothing wrong with the sentiment on this t-shirt. We’re not hating on patriotism or anything like that because the overall message is great. However, it’s indisputable that the actual design is appalling. It looks like a non-native English speaker slapped words onto it.

The sentence and the structure of the shirt are all over the place. They’ve unintentionally played word spaghetti instead of delivering a coherent slogan. Somehow we don’t think he’ll be wearing this shirt on the catwalk any time soon (via Reddit).


30. Free Coffee

Libraries exist as one of the few remaining bastions of education in the world. They’re one of the most important pillars of society because they help people gain access to knowledge. However, this library tested the limits of logic. Or somebody made an unintentionally hilarious typo.

That’s because they wrote ‘free coffee for $1.’ This makes no sense. A dollar is cheap, but it’s not free. Maybe they meant to phrase it in another way but it came out wrong. Sometimes people make mistakes and bring a smile to people’s faces (via Reddit).


29. Venn Diagram

Reuters is one of the world’s most famous news agencies. The corporation has journalists across the globe who report on every major story. However, they’re not the savviest when it comes to technology. Just take a look at the photo above because it’s wacky (via Cheezburger).

They used a Venn diagram to show their values but didn’t realize that’s not how they work. Someone unintentionally made it appear as though their values don’t mean anything to them. It’s funny when people make this kind of error because it takes away from the seriousness of their message.


28. Lower the Volume

Sometimes all it takes is for a single thing to change and the world is thrown into a loop. That’s the case with the photo above because it’s so disconcerting. On the face of it, we’re looking at a regular TV remote control. But it’s not that simple (via Reddit).

A longer glance reveals that the volume up and down buttons are misplaced. This is so confusing and it must annoy the user every time they pick it up. Some forces in this world shouldn’t be tampered with. A TV remote control belongs in this conversation.


27. Stairway to Heaven

Many people have problems with staircases because they have mobility issues. There is no need to complicate them any more than necessary. But somebody should have told the home designer who thought that this was a good idea. In short, it wasn’t (via Reddit).

The abstract striped design of this staircase is like an acid trip. Imagine a drunk person trying to navigate these steps because it wouldn’t end well. Maybe they unintentionally made it into a dangerous obstacle but they should change it very soon.

Mum’s Lounge

26. Color-Coded Chart

Words fail to describe how ridiculous this chart is, but we’ll try anyway. Typically bar charts are an easy way to categorize different things and break them down numerically. There’s nothing wrong with that logic except in this case because of their color-coding (My Health Gazette).

The analyst investigated the shoe color frequency wherever they were. But they used random colors for the bar chart instead of the one that corresponded with the shoes. For example, black shoes had a green graph while blue shoes had a red graph. They unintentionally threw logic out of the window.


25. Shutterstock Surprise

Sometimes people receive a feeling of deja vu when they see a poster or photo. That’s because they saw a stock image that may have been used before. However, the best stock images require a subscription. Otherwise, they have a watermark across the middle that tarnishes the aesthetic.

But that didn’t faze the owners of this cafe who used a stock image without caring about the watermark. Either that or they unintentionally applied the graphic to the wall of their cafe. Nonetheless, there was a big Shutterstock logo in the middle of the wall (via Reddit).


24. Fine Fart

Any graphic designer will agree that a good logo makes a massive difference to a company. It gives a level of prestige and respectability. Meanwhile, consumers will also remember the emblem and associate it with the brand. But a bad logo can have unintentionally hilarious results.

Take the above example. This paint set says fine art but the misplaced font makes it appear to be much ruder. This may increase sales because some people will think that it’s hilarious. It’s an unfortunate error unless the designer knew exactly what they were doing (via Reddit).


23. Double Teeth

Here is one of the most disturbing images on this list. This is an Incredible Hulk dentistry kit. We’ve no idea why such a playset exists but for some reason it does. For some reason, the designers turned it into a bizarre monster torture kit instead of a cute toy.

Why does the Hulk have two mouths? It’s completely unnecessary because they unintentionally made it horrifying. The world didn’t need this to be real but frighteningly it’s out there. Don’t look out the window in case it’s there right now. This thing is just too creepy (via Reddit).

Mum’s Lounge

22. Blue Jeans

Lana Del Rey once wrote a song about blue jeans but we don’t think this is what she had in mind. To say that this is a fashion crime is possibly the understatement of the century. There’s nothing positive to say about this piece of haberdashery.

Was somebody joking when they designed these? Or did they simply run out of material and stitch the two-tone pieces together? It would have been better to make a pair of shorts instead of walking around looking like an accident happened (via Mum’s Lounge).


21. These Are Actually Stairs

Yes, this is a staircase. Now we know that people are looking at this image and shaking their heads in adamant denial. That’s completely justifiable because it’s easier to identify a bomb victim than these steps. But they’re here somewhere (via Reddit).

Maybe it’s easier to discern them in real life because of the depth of perception. Nonetheless, the photo is a nightmare for anybody with vision issues. It’s surely a lawsuit waiting to happen because somebody is going to miss a step and shatter their tailbone.


20. Wrong Colors

Somebody with OCD just threw their phone out of the window and for that, we apologize. However, there was a need to share this travesty with the world so that we can learn from the horrors of the past. The big question is why do people do this?

Perhaps they unintentionally used the wrong colors to confuse everybody. There’s also the possibility that they were too lazy to change it back or never noticed. It’s easier to respect the former because at least they know right from wrong (via Reddit).


19. You Had Me At Hell

It’s just as well that this is just a picture frame and a photo will cover this atrocious piece of graphic design. Maybe they unintentionally created it. Either that or the graphic designer knew exactly what they were doing and hoped people wouldn’t notice.

Some commentators on Reddit said that they loved the stupid logo and wanted it. It’s eye-catching so they’ve earned some credit. This is a clear case of it’s so bad that it’s good. But perhaps it’s not the romantic gesture they meant to write.


18. Lift Correctly

Here’s another extremely unhelpful image. The advice is to lift correctly but it’s difficult to discern if that’s even a human. Perhaps they know something that everybody else doesn’t and that there is alien life out there. That’s because no person looks like the humanoid in that image.

To lift this box correctly, they’ll have to drastically change its physical proportions. Nobody will hurt their back if they completely alter the fibers of their being. It’s a flawless piece of advice because it’s impossible to argue with it (via Reddit).


17. Love Chart

Sometimes designers want to mess with people’s heads. That’s surely the case with this bizarre chart because it is so confusing. Perhaps they did it unintentionally but it’s hard to know. Either that or the creator was a massive troll who knew what was happening.

The funniest aspect of this is that it’s completely regular. Read it from left to right like a normal text and it all makes sense. But the layout is perplexing because it makes viewers think they must read each separate segment. What a joke this is (via Reddit).


16. Think Outside the Box

Sometimes an effort to appear ironic fails miserably. Here’s a great example because the creators made a fatal error. It’s a simple game of X’s and O’s combined with a marketing exploit. The caption reads: “Think outside the box and incorporate the final letter of the last word into the game.

But the ridiculous aspect is that the O’s have already won. They could have left the game in the balance but instead, they nullified their message. There are situations where people just don’t double-check their work and it goes badly wrong (via Reddit).


15. Heavy Handle

No chef wants complicated implements in the kitchen. It’s already a stressful job as the orders pour in. However, somebody didn’t give this pan creator the message. That’s because they unintentionally created the worst kitchen implement in the universe.

The handle is too heavy for the pan to stay flat on the stovetop. It might work with a gas stove but there’s no chance of it staying flush on an electric ring. Somebody needs to give them a design-based version of the Razzies because this is atrocious (via Reddit).


14. Great Planning

Occasionally people are so lazy that they do more work than they need to avoid doing something else. The image above is a fantastic case study because it exemplifies it. When they built this pillar they could have removed the handrail (via Reddit).

But no, that would have been too intelligent. Instead, they merged the handrail with the wall and gave themselves more work to do. There was no need to create this much hassle for themselves but they did anyway. It’s hilarious the lengths that people will go.


13. Yes or No

Who doesn’t love a good survey on the burning questions of the day? In this newspaper, the poll asked which should cost less: a gallon of gas or a gallon of milk. The answer should be either gas or milk. But instead, they gave the options as yes or no.

This makes less sense than a legless man playing in the NFL. It doesn’t correlate with the question at all. Perhaps they unintentionally phrased the statement wrong before the paper went to print. Nonetheless, it’s still a major error and worthy of derision (via Reddit).


12. 20 Children

To be fair, this isn’t the worst advice ever. They could have lowered the figure and it wouldn’t be controversial. In all seriousness, the community that created this sign unintentionally made something brilliant. They didn’t plan to make it read this way but it’s great (via Reddit).

Do not exceed 20 children is a fine message. Of course, they mean not to exceed a speed of 20 mph because there are children in the vicinity. However, the poor layout made it appear to mean something very different. Family planning and speeding don’t usually come together.


11. Anti Animal Cruelty Club

It’s safe to say that the bottom image wasn’t the message this designer hoped to share. When the wearer has their hood up then the full slogan reveals itself. They show that they’re a member of the anti animal cruelty club. Nobody has anything bad to say about that.

But the problem is that people wear their hoods down for the overwhelming majority of the time. Then the hood covers the first word of the slogan. This is a disaster because it looks terrible. They unintentionally made the worst design possible (via Reddit).


10. Catastrophic Failure

Many people will look at this and shrug because the outcome isn’t that ludicrous. However, the irony of this result is fantastic because it feels so appropriate. Anybody who lives in 2022 will understand the difficulty of being in control of their destiny.

Fellow Reddit users agreed that this Jung personality test was more accurate than if it worked properly. It unintentionally reflected the reality of the world today and many people’s fragile existences. Frankly, a catastrophic failure feels like an understatement.


9. Hit Yourself

Gyms are fantastic places because they help people to stay fit and also improve their mental health. But this establishment got its message laughably wrong. They wrote a motivational message on their entrance staircase. However, it unintentionally made no sense.

One stair even said to ‘hit yourself.’ It’s unlikely that they want all of their members to thump themselves so we’ll put this down as a human error. The enthusiasm is there and the delivery is passionate. Unfortunately, the result wasn’t what they were hoping for (via Reddit).


8. Bus Design

Public transport is an excellent place for advertisements because they are very visible. Unfortunately, if something isn’t right then there’s nowhere to hide. This promotion attracted attention but not for any positive reasons. They unintentionally made a garbage design.

To be fair, there isn’t a problem when the windows close. But when passengers open them, it warps the nurse’s face. This turns her into a figure from a horror movie instead of a caring health professional. In sum, it’s hardly the message they wanted to share (via Reddit).


7. Fat Forever

Here’s another fitness club that didn’t think about their advertising before they went ahead with it. They probably paid hundreds of dollars for this light-up logo. There’s no denying that it grabs people’s attention but not for the reason they expected.

The font choice reads like ‘fat forever’ instead of ‘fit forever.’ This might be a great business model because it’s more achievable and less work than exercising. Maybe it’s completely intentional and they know exactly what they’re doing (via Reddit).


6. Everything Is Impossible

Once again we have a situation where a motivational message went badly wrong but with hilarious results. This office thought that their wall art was modern and sleek. They wanted to enhance productivity by reminding everybody how to approach their life.

Then they came up with this. It appears to say that everything is impossible. This is a very nihilistic message for the workplace. Perhaps they should just go home and give up because there’s no point in life anymore. The designer unintelligently made garbage (via Reddit).


5. Creepy Stop Sign

The worst aspect of this is that it’s illegal to run through a stop sign. However, police must forgive any violators in this situation because the sign is barely visible. The hilarious part is somebody maintains the trees very well. But they didn’t think about the stop sign.

Drivers may notice the first letter of the word. It’s more likely that they will go past it before they spot it. They should be careful because there is probably a S.W.A.T team waiting in the bushes. This is a trap and everybody knows it (via Reddit).


4. Sliding Doors

Irony is a beautiful thing. This building is the headquarters of the self-professed ‘Sliding Door Company.’ That’s great but they’ve unintentionally shot themselves in the foot. Instead of using sliding doors, they went for the traditional style that pulls open and closed.

It’s hilarious because it suggests that their products are a waste of money. Furthermore, it feels ridiculous because of the contrast between the name and its practice. Perhaps it’s a case of do what we say, not what we do (via Reddit).


3. Look to the Future

There are so many unintentionally bad things about this photo. Firstly, we have a graduate student walking in high heels toward a light. This could be an oncoming train, in which, case the future isn’t going to last for long. Meanwhile, her heels and the tracks are a bad combination.

Then there are the colors which are dark and stormy. If she’s looking toward the future then she’s not going to have a great time. It’s one of the most ominous advertisements that they could have created. But it’s fantastic because it is so rubbish (via Reddit).


2. Dope

This shirt says dope but the chances are most viewers didn’t realize this. That’s because the soup of letters spills out over it and also appears to spell another unfortunate word. We’ll leave it to readers to figure out for themselves because it’s a hilarious error.

Perhaps this individual unintentionally wore it without realizing the reality of the situation. If that’s true then he had a nightmare because nobody will allow him to forget it. There were gasps of outrage and sniggers when people saw this (via Reddit).


1. Book Display

Whoever created this book display unintentionally created a work of genius. They lined up two books side-by-side. One was a non-fiction work called ‘God is Not Mad at You.’ Then they placed the book, “He’s Just Not That Into You” beside it (via Reddit).

The combination of these two titles created a message about the higher power. Anybody who read this may shrug and agree that it’s probably true. There are eight billion people on the planet so it’s probably a bit much to expect a deity to be invested in all our lives.