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The Most-Viewed Photos Of Zendaya and Tom Holland’s Steamy Relationship

Darren May 11, 2023

Zendaya and Tom Holland are one of the most popular celebrity couples right now. It’s impossible to emphasize how fans love the fact that they’re together because they’re perfect. They met during filming for the Spiderman franchise before falling in love. Their youthful passion makes it even more special.

So it’s no surprise that their legions of fans want to follow every moment of their time together. Today, we’ll look at the best, most-viewed photos of Zendaya and Holland together. The loved-up pair try to keep their romance private but they are red-carpet regulars. And with their level of fame, it’s impossible to hide from the cameras.

Perfect Pair

Here we see Zendaya and Tom on the red carpet together. The photo captures their personalities and the comfort they find in each other. We see them with wide grins as they celebrate their love as well as the movie they shared. They are co-stars in Spiderman: No Way Home and their real romance enhance the on-screen chemistry.


In this picture we see Zendaya wearing one of her most famous dresses. This eye-catching Valentino nude black dress paid tribute to her boyfriend’s character, Peter Parker. It featured a spiderweb design and she also had a mask that she removed for this photo. This is one of the best pictures of them because they seem so happy together (via Capital FM).


Zendaya and Tom try their best to keep their romantic life private. It’s not always possible because paparazzi follow them everywhere. But they’re not like the Kardashians who share very sordid moments with the public. This couple offers fleeting insights into their relationship. Here we see them at the Spiderman: No Way Home premiere in London.

Pink Villa

Holland explained the challenges that the super-famous face when it comes to romantic life. He said: “One of the downsides of our fame is that privacy isn’t really in our control anymore, and a moment that you think is between two people that love each other very much is now a moment that is shared with the entire world (via Economic Times).”

Stepping Out

Here we see Zendaya and Tom leaving an event in the Crosby Street Hotel in New York City. The glamorous duo wears face masks but somehow they still transmit their incredible style. Holland donned a grey suit with a black turtleneck sweater. Meanwhile, Zendaya wears a short black dress while her magnificent hair flows behind her.


It’s nice to see them holding hands in public as they show their authentic relationship. Allegedly, the pair is very serious about each other and see their relationship as being a long-term thing. Their fans hope that they stay together forever but this is Hollywood. Let’s enjoy every minute of it while it lasts (via Elle).

First Kiss

Here is one of the first pictures of Zendaya and Tom from the early days of their relationship. A cameraman caught the couple kissing in Holland’s Audi. The pair locked lips in an intimate moment that went viral across the world. Their fans jumped for joy because they thought that it was a match made in heaven.

Page Six

Zendaya is one of the most stylish women alive and we can see her huge hoop earrings. Allegedly, Holland paid about $125,000 for his vehicle. The pair stopped at a red light in Los Angeles on their way to visit Zendaya’s mother. Other pictures caught them goofing around as they had a good time together (via Page Six).

21st Birthday

Many people observed that there was a noticeable height difference between Zendaya and Tom. It’s something that Holland is aware of and he occasionally makes self-deprecating comments about it. He wrote this message for Zendaya’s 21st birthday: “Thinking about how to get taller! Happy birthday mate. Miss you and I’ll have a drink for you.”

Tom Holland/Instagram

Technically, this was before their official relationship but it shows that they’ve always had a strong bond. They developed a connection even before they began publically dating. Their romantic journey is one of Hollywood’s most wholesome stories because it feels so natural and lovely (via Harper’s Bazaar).


Reportedly, Zendaya and Tom began their relationship as friends before it evolved into a full-fledged love story. They dated other people before things got very serious between them. Zendaya and Euphoria co-star Jacob Elordi had a short tryst while Holland also had a couple of short romances.

Us Weekly

Here we can see them on the red carpet at the Spiderman: Homecoming premiere. It already looks like they’re dating because they’re both wearing blue. It’s cute to see them relaxed in each other’s presence and having a good time together. Fans shipped them before they even became an item (via Us Weekly).

Beach Babies

This is a rare picture of the pair on the beach. Once again we can see that Zendaya is slightly taller than her boyfriend. She wears a cute leopard print bikini while Holland donned sunglasses. We can see their lean physiques on display as they show their toned stomachs. It looks like they’re having a lovely time together.


Zendaya and Tom don’t share many of these moments because they’re conscious about giving too much public access to their private life. There’s no going back after opening that door and it can destroy a celebrity’s relationship. Luckily, they appear to be going from strength to strength (via Daily Star).

Height Difference

We’ve already mentioned their height difference and sometimes it irritates Holland. He doesn’t care that Zendaya is taller than him but he doesn’t understand why the media fixates on it. Some women also say that they would never date a shorter man. Luckily, Holland struck gold in his relationship with Zendaya.


Meanwhile, the actress said it never bothered her because she didn’t think it was a strange thing. “This is normal too,” Zendaya said. “My mum is taller than my dad so I honestly never thought of it as a thing because my parents were always that way, so I didn’t know that people cared. I had no construct of it (via People).”

Boston Tea Party

‘Tomdaya’ loves exploring the different cities that they visit together. One of the joys of being co-stars means that they share more time than other Hollywood couples. The pair had a lot of work on the East Coast in 2022 and worked in Boston. Here we see them going for a walk around the city and seeing the sights.

Just Jared

They browsed in some luxury stores like Cartier and Rolex on their trip. It appears that Zendaya was feeling a chill because she wore a sweater. However, Tom was made of sterner stuff because he was happy in a t-shirt. Also, his hair is longer than we’ve seen in some of the other pictures on this list (via Just Jared).

Birthday Girl

Zendaya and Tom know how to make a fashion statement. Yes, they’re one of the cutest couples in Hollywood but they’re also one of the most stylish. Zendaya always brings her A-game to the red carpet while Holland is also a sharp dresser. They influence many young people with their clothing choices.

Tom Holland/Instagram

Holland shared this photo for Zendaya’s birthday and confirmed what we already knew. He wrote: “The Birthday Girl! I hope you’re having an amazing day!” Fans loved seeing him publically share an image of the two in a power pose. These two young people are taking over the movie industry (via Glamour).

TV Appearances

Tom and Zendaya have made many appearances on TV shows together because they’re co-stars. Spiderman is one of Marvel’s most valuable properties so they’ve done massive media tours. Here we see them with some of their fellow cast members on The Tonight Show. The loving couple often steals the show from the other actors.


This isn’t a big deal because they are the movie’s stars. Everybody loves to see their cute public displays of affection like in the photo above. Tom delicately holds Zendaya’s hand in a moment of intimacy. The entire watching world picked up on the love between them because it’s so wholesome (via Pedestrian).

Red Carpet Romance

Paris is one of the most romantic cities in the world so it’s no surprise that they have big smiles on their faces. Here we see Zendaya and Tom attending the Ballon D’Or soccer awards in France’s capital. The duo stunned everybody with their stylish outfits but Zendaya stole the show as usual.


She wore one of her most iconic dresses that referred to the Spiderman franchise. The Roberto Cavalli gown had a scorpion back detail that reminded fans about the character Dr. Octopus. It was a risky but elegant design that Zendaya pulled off with aplomb. Meanwhile, Tom wore a classic tuxedo with tousled hair (via ET).

Gentle Kiss

Like many young couples, Zendaya and Tom enjoy chilling in the big city. It’s common to find photos of them carrying coffee or other beverages and wandering the high street. Here’s a candid snap of the pair sitting outside a store and enjoying some downtime. Zendaya checks her phone while Tom kisses her on the head.

The Mirror

It’s a cute moment that shows their everyday life. We can see that fame doesn’t change the reality that people want to do the same things. Yes, they have more money than most of their fans but they must deal with privacy violations. It’s all about finding balance and let’s hope that they stay strong together (via The Mirror).

Joan of Arc

There were many rumors about ‘Tomdaya’s’ relationship status in 2021. Eventually, they confirmed that they were in a relationship but it took time for this to emerge. Nonetheless, it wasn’t that surprising because Zendaya occasionally appeared on Tom’s Instagram feed. He shared a picture of the actress in her 2018 Met Gala outfit as we can see below.


This was one of Zendaya’s most dramatic outfits because she appeared to be a modern-day Joan of Arc. Holland had the most British reaction ever. He wrote: “All hail the queen. Killing it mate.” The Spiderman star constantly called her ‘mate’ before they finally revealed that they were in a romantic relationship (via Us Magazine).

My Spiderman

The loved-up pair don’t offer many insights into their relationship but occasionally they drop a heartwarming Instagram post. Zendaya sent this romantic message to her boyfriend in 2022. It’s a very sweet post that draws on their experiences in the Spiderman franchise. They’re the real-life Peter Parker and Mary-Jane in the eyes of their fans.


The actress wrote: “My Spider-Man, I’m so proud of you, some things never change and good thing (via Instagram).” This was very cute and sent their fans into raptures. The Internet will explode if they ever announce their engagement because they are so popular. Hopefully, their relationship progresses smoothly without too much pressure.

Venetian Dream

One of the exciting aspects of being a Hollywood star is traveling the world. Yes, this can be exhausting but stars have access to opportunities that ordinary people can only dream of. Zendaya and Tom enjoyed filming in Venice together for Spiderman: Homecoming. Here we can see them taking in some of the sights on a boat.

Just Jared

Venice is famously one of the most romantic cities on the planet so it was an ideal setting for the pair. Fans enjoyed this insight into their lives as they explored the iconic lagoon. They kept a relatively low profile with sunglasses and casual clothing. But it’s safe to say the old city blew them away (via Just Jared).

Dating Rumors

This picture of the future couple came before they started dating. Frenzied rumors began that they were dating and forced them to deny it several times. In the end, we know that they did get together but they wanted to take their time. But the paparazzi were desperate to get the first picture of them sharing moments of PDA (via ET Online)


“So I’m rolling with this guy today, and we have a nice paparazzi guy following us,” Zendaya explained about one encounter. “Like, not even subtly.” Holland then gave some further detail about the crazy encounter. He said: “This motherf***er stopped on the freeway because we were trying to lose him!” It’s not easy being ‘Tomdaya’ because they can’t escape.

L.A. Lovers

This photo came from the early days of their relationship in 2021. We see them in L.A. after a night together in the city. They’re packing a vehicle but we don’t know where they were going. Zendaya wears a white crop top with aqua-green Tommy Hilfiger jeans. She has golden hoops in her ears and she tied her hair up.

Capital FM

Meanwhile, Tom is wearing dark shorts, a white t-shirt, and a navy check shirt. He looks at Zendaya as if he can’t believe his luck. It’s fair to say that this young couple is living their best lives together. Nobody is certain how long they were dating before they made their relationship public but we’re happy they’re in love (via Capital FM).

After Party

Zendaya and beautiful dresses go together like milk and honey. She’s one of the most elegant women in the world and has already claimed multiple fashion awards. Here we see Zendaya and Tom at a Spiderman after-party as they light up the red carpet. This forest-green Balmain gown set pulses racing because it flattered her slim body.

Vogue India

Meanwhile, Holland showed that he’s no fashion slouch because he wore a maroon suit. However, he opted for a matching sweater instead of wearing a traditional shirt. No wonder everybody loves this pair because they’re young, beautiful, and full of life. They’re living an incredible life and we’re happy for them (via Pop Sugar).

Real Hero

One of the things that Zendaya loves about Tom is that he’s brilliant with children. He always makes a special effort when he visits sick youngsters in the hospital and this impressed her. Maybe it made her think about how he would be if they settled down and had a family together. She spoke about Holland’s dedication to his role in a 2022 interview.

Marvel Blog

Zendaya revealed: “I think anyone who’s ever seen him, you know, deal with kids, especially when he’s in the whole get-up, you know, the suit, its really special to watch. He does the accent and does the web thing- cause it was like, ‘Can you shoot a web?’ and he was like, I’ve used all my web cartridges getting here. It’s really, really sweet.” (via Marvel Blog).

Ordinary People

One of the most appealing aspects of their relationship is that they seem like normal people. The photo below came from the couple’s recent visit to London. They visited Tom’s family and spent time keeping a low profile. Some shoppers had a shock when they bumped into Zendaya and Tom in a Waitrose supermarket.

Irish Mirror

The pair wore casual outfits as they bought some groceries. It would have been easy to walk past them without realizing who they were. However, allegedly one little boy recognized Tom from Spiderman. He asked for a photo with the star but didn’t pay any attention to Zendaya. This allegedly made her smile because it was an unusual moment (via Irish Mirror).

Wedding Bells

Don’t get too excited because we’re not talking about Tom and Zendaya’s wedding yet. They recently attended a mutual friend’s wedding in Los Angeles and enjoyed celebrating their love. Perhaps it will inspire them to recite their vows in the future. Imagine how fans will react if this ever happens because they’ll explode with anticipation.

Hindustan Times

Neither Zendaya nor Tom wanted to steal their friends’ thunder so they stayed in the background. They even chose relatively muted clothing and wore face masks for much of the event. But they had a good time and held hands throughout the ceremony. It may not be too long before they find themselves in the same situation (via E!).

Birthday Boy

Zendaya doesn’t post many pictures of her relationship but she acknowledged her boyfriend’s 26th birthday. Here we see a lovely photo of the pair together in a black-and-white shot. Zendaya has a trademark cheeky grin on her face while Tom can’t believe his luck (via InStyle).


But they’re out of luck because Zendaya and Tom love each other passionately. She wrote: “Happiest of birthdays to the one who makes me the happiest.” All jokes aside, it’s lovely to see that there is real romance in the world. The pair don’t appear to be pretending for the cameras and genuinely care about each other.

London Life

Zendaya and Tom maintain a close connection to London because of his family. But they also like the city because the culture is slightly different from the U.S. People don’t bother them as much on the street because the etiquette is more respectful. Yes, the paparazzi still follow them but it’s less toxic.

Page Six

Reportedly, they went shopping before they returned to Holland’s place in the city. Then they went to watch Harry Potter And The Cursed Child in London’s West End. We can see they are wearing stylish but casual clothing and could be ordinary people. That’s what fans love about their relationship and time together (via Page Six).


This is one of the most important photographs of their relationship because it confirmed what everybody was thinking. Zendaya and Tom took this cute couple selfie in his trailer. Later, Holland shared it on Instagram in a birthday message for his beloved. That was sweet but the implications were even more important (via Hello!).

Tom Holland/Instagram

Many fans dreamed of the pair getting together properly after years of rumors. Finally, they revealed their relationship status and began a new journey together. Holland wrote: “My MJ, have the happiest of birthdays. Gimme a call when your up xxx.” MJ is, of course, Mary-Jane, Spiderman’s love interest and Zendaya’s character in the series.