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Zendaya’s Most Jaw-Dropping Red Carpet Appearances

Darren April 17, 2023

You most likely know that Zendaya is one of the most popular actresses on the planet today. The Oakland native became a breakout star in Euphoria after starting life on the Disney Channel. Now she’s a bonafide Hollywood A-Lister with appearances in the Dune and Spiderman film franchises. As a result, she’s no stranger to walking down the red carpet.

Zendaya is also one of the world’s most stylish celebrities, so she makes those opportunities count for her fans. Today, we’ll look at her best red carpet looks from all of the events that she attends. Many of these came in collaboration with her former long-term stylist Law Roach. This beautiful star knows how to dazzle her devoted fanbase, so check out her best red carpet styles here.

Emmy Debut

Zendaya made her Emmy debut in 2019 in this jaw-dropping Vera Wang dress. She evoked ‘The Little Mermaid’ in this sheer dress that left little to the imagination. It would have been easy for the designers to go overboard in this lingerie-inspired gown. But she stayed on the right side of taste and stunned her fanbase.


This was the moment when Zendaya announced that she wasn’t a little girl anymore. The Euphoria actress flaunted her legs in the high-cut gown. Meanwhile, the sheer bodice turned the heat up a little bit more. The dress complemented her slender frame and immediately stole the show (via Stylecaster).

Parrot Dress

The Met Gala is one of the funnest events of the year because we see some inspirational styles. Zendaya always steals the limelight when she walks down the red carpet and 2017 was no different. She wore this glorious Dolce & Gabbana parrot dress as she set pulses racing. The colors work perfectly with her skin tone and her hair is magnificent.

USA Today

But there was one serious problem with this dress that nobody predicted. Zendaya struggled to fit inside her car on the way to the event. This was a massive dress and it took up more space than her team expected. In the end, they made it and they didn’t have to put her in the back of a truck (via Seventeen).

Barbie Girl

Michael Keaton is Hollywood royalty but this didn’t stop him from carrying Zendaya’s train on the red carpet. The actress turned heads in this outrageous hot-pink Ralph & Russo dress. Meanwhile, she wore her customary Bulgari accessories as well as a pair of Casadei heels. It was magnificent and she was a vision of beauty.

Pop Sugar

Not everybody has the looks or charisma to pull off this type of dramatic look, but Zendaya dazzled. She wore this outfit to the ‘Spiderman: Homecoming’ premiere but perhaps she shouldn’t have. That’s because she stole the show from her boyfriend, Tom Holland, who played the title hero. Sorry, Tom but it’s tough to pay attention when Zendaya is in the house (via Hello Beautiful).

Fashion Is Life

One of the reasons why Zendaya loves fashion is because it allows her to express herself. “Clothes sometimes are very emotional, so I get to embody these different facets,” she said, (via Hola). “Maybe they’re of myself, or maybe they’re alter egos. But I get to meet these different women through clothes.”

The Cut

That’s why she’s willing to take risks on the red carpet, unlike many other A-Listers. Somehow she makes the outfit in the picture above work even though she shouldn’t be able to. She combines a blazer with a white shirt-dress and a pink sash. Her hair is the way she usually wears it every day.

Joan of Arc

The Met Gala is fantastic because it allows stylists and celebrities to use their imagination. Zendaya channeled Joan of Arc in this mesmerizing Versace costume in 2018. It combined steel rings, plates, and silver sequins as the actress prepared to enter the fray. This was one of her most powerful appearances on the red carpet.


Everybody loved her energy at the event as she followed the theme of heavenly bodies. This dress says a lot about the actress’s strong personality and her desire to conquer her industry. Her team knocked it out of the ballpark with this outstanding concoction by showing their creativity (via Good Morning America).

Spidey Senses

We’ve seen Zendaya pay tribute to her roles on the red carpet. She played Mary-Jane in Spiderman: Far From Home and wore this dress to the premiere. The gorgeous gown shared the same colors as Spiderman’s iconic suit. Perhaps Marvel should fire Tom Holland and give his girlfriend the coveted role.

Just Jared

That might not be great for their home life but some fans would love it. Thousands of sequins comprised this backless Armani Privé gown and clung to her body. Everybody agreed that it was the perfect choice for this red carpet appearance because it was stylish and connected to the movie (via Just Jared).

Paris Style

Paris is one of the most stylish cities on the planet so it’s not surprising that Zendaya took a risk there. Pieter Mulier designed this ab-bearing crop-top knit gown. It also features a feathered fishtail with a matching tapered skirt. Zendaya also became the first celebrity to wear a Mulier dress from his collection for Alaïa.

Pop Sugar

Meanwhile, Zendaya sported one of her most dramatic hairstyles on the red carpet. Many of her fans loved the afro and wanted her to keep it. This was one of several sensational outfits that she wore across the Dune premiere tour. Nonetheless, it’s a memorable one that fashionistas enjoyed (via Vogue).

Goth Zendaya

This is one of Zendaya’s most dramatic red carpet appearances to date. Once again, she made it to the Met Gala and dazzled in this stunning, sheer sequined dress. The gown didn’t leave much to the imagination but many people focused on hair and make-up. It’s safe to say it’s not her regular style but that’s the beauty of the Met Gala.

Footwear News

She wore heavy eyeshadow and had a bob haircut for a gothic look. She looks like a character from The Addams Family but in the best possible way. Everybody loves how Zendaya experiments with her appearance and tries different things. Kim Kardashian stole the headlines that year but Zendaya had more taste (via Insider).

American Rose

In 2023, Zendaya returned to the red carpet and showed that she remained one of Hollywood’s greatest fashionistas. This time she wore a custom Valentino Haute couture dress that clung to her slender frame. There were 190 roses on the skirt which added complexity to the beautiful aesthetic.


She also wore a dazzling jewel necklace to complement the gown. Once again, she stole the show and made everybody forget why they were there. Zendaya didn’t even receive a SAG nomination but if there was a prize for the best dress she would have won. It’s no wonder that every woman wants her life (via Elle).

Co-Stars to Couple

It would be impossible to make this list without having a picture of Zendaya on the red carpet with Tom Holland. The pair met on set because they play Peter Parker and Mary-Jane in Spiderman. Then they began dating and fell in love. Now they’re one of the most glamorous Hollywood couples of the modern era.

Us Magazine

Zendaya wore this Alexander McQueen ensemble for her first red carpet appearance with Holland. He looks at her with an expression of pure devotion on his face. Many fans understand what he’s feeling because she’s such a beautiful woman. There’s no denying that he’s one of the luckiest men in the world (via Us Magazine).

Fashion Show

There are a lot of dresses on this list but now for something completely different. Zendaya visited Paris Fashion Week in 2019 as she sought inspiration. The star has endorsements from Lancome, Bulgari, and a host of other brands as one of the most influential women in the world.


Here we see her wearing a cropped white Armani shirt with high-waisted pants. It’s a very chic outfit that’s perfect for her surroundings. One of the best aspects of Zendaya’s style is that her team always makes the right choice. They know what will work in different settings and that makes it more exciting (via Celebs First).

Hip-Hop Star

We’ve seen Zendaya’s style evolve over the years as she matures. It’s fun to look back at her earlier looks because they reveal a lot about her interests. Here’s one from 2014 when she attended the Bet Awards. Zendaya walked down the red carpet in this hip-hop-inspired get-up and turned heads.


These days we describe many of her outfits as beautiful but this one is very cool. She wore a two-piece Emanuel Ungaro set with a matching bomber jacket and a snapback. It’s a stylish tribute to the genre and showed that she was always a fashion icon. Zendaya is the queen of the red carpet (via People).

Oscars Quest

Zendaya only appeared for seven minutes in Dune but this didn’t stop her from supporting the team at the 2022 Oscars. She also made a massive fashion statement with one of her best outfits ever. Most of her fellow actors walked down the red carpet in formal ball gowns but Zendaya stood out from the crowd.


The outfit combined a white silk half-shirt with a long, trailing silver-sequined skirt. Zendaya credits her red-carpet success to Law Roach. He said: “Fashion is secondary to our love for each other as people and as family. That’s my sister, you know what I mean? So that’s what’s important to us—that we continue to nourish our relationship as brother and sister (via Cosmopolitan).”

Vintage Collection

The former Disney starlet appreciates vintage clothing and enjoys dipping into the past. The photo below shows her wearing a classic Bob Mackie dress. Zendaya and her stylist received access to the legendary designer’s archives. This particular gown is from the Autumn/Winter 1998 collection.

Harper’s Bazaar

The floor-length gown has thick paneling with varying shades of blue. She was bringing the ocean to life with this fabulous design and wore it to the TIME 100 Gala in 2022. Zendaya made the prestigious list because voters recognized her influence on young people. Once again, she took the red carpet by storm (via Harper’s Bazaar).

Washboard Abs

One of the advantages of Zendaya’s physique is that she tones very quickly. She loves to display her lean physique as we can see from the photo below. This time she attended the CFDA Fashion Awards and showed that she belonged. Her red top covered her bust but left her long torso bare. The massive skirt hung low on her hips and flaunted her core.

Women’s Health

Surprisingly, Zendaya says that she isn’t an active gym-goer but has an active lifestyle. She also gave an insight into her diet and said that she loves Nutella. “I love breakfast food, just not at breakfast time,” she said (via Harper’s Bazaar.) “I’ll eat breakfast food, but it must have some Nutella on it: pancakes, berries, and Nutella.”

Mullet Madness

We saw one of Zendaya’s most polarizing looks at the Grammies in 2016. She styled her hair into a dramatic mullet as she ensured everybody paid attention. Some fans loathed this haircut but most of them loved it. This was the first time she received a major backlash but every fashion statement receives some heat.

The Mirror

It’s also worth noting that she paid tribute to music and fashion icon David Bowie. She defended her controversial choice in an interview in 2023. I got dragged for my mullet at the time,” she said (via BuzzFeed). “But kids love mullets now. I’m happy about my David Bowie mullet.”

Indian Vision

Many people think that celebrities have easy lives but it’s not quite that simple. Zendaya spends an unbelievable amount of time traveling and this is exhausting. Here we can see her at the Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre’s gala. Zendaya paid tribute to her hosts by wearing a magnificent sari by Rahul Mishra.


She considered it an honor to wear this jaw-dropping outfit because of its association with Indian culture. Tom Holland was also in attendance but he stayed in the background in a regular tuxedo. However, this isn’t shocking because it’s difficult to get attention when Zendaya is in the same room (via Elle).

Powerful Woman

We’ve seen many times over the years that Zendaya loves metallic details. She attended the Women in Film Awards in 2022 and turned heads with this Loewe dress. Some people think it’s not the best gown that she’s ever worn because it doesn’t flatter her body in the same way. But the symbolism is very important because the breastplate symbolizes strength.

Entertainment Tonight

It’s an interesting look and one that Zendaya pulls off with aplomb. After the event, Law Roach said: “Zendaya is one of the girls who can do almost anything and loves to take risks,” he said. “She really is a student of fashion. I bring her clothes that are emotional to me, and because it makes me feel something, it makes her feel something (via WWD).”

Vintage Versace

A benefit of being one of the most stylish women on the planet is that Zendaya has access to many exclusive dresses. However, this one was particularly special because it was older than her. She wore a vintage Versace gown on the virtual red carpet in 2020. The actress accepted the Visionary Award at the Green Carpet Fashion Awards.

Page Six

Zendaya said that this was a massive honor and it humbled her to accept it. Furthermore, her team chose the perfect look for her to accept this accolade. It was very appropriate because she connected the past with the present. Zendaya is one of the most inspiring style icons of the modern era (via Page Six).

Prada Princess

Zendaya left her fans breathless when she attended the NAACP Image Awards. She wore this custom white Prada ensemble that evoked the luxury brand’s 1993 collection. It’s a daring look that combines a bralette with a floor-length skirt and heels. There’s nothing that Zendaya can’t pull off and this one was fabulous.

Pop Sugar

The actress loves bringing vintage styles back to life and does so with aplomb. A glance at that picture shows that she knows that she’s dazzling everybody. Zendaya possesses surprising charisma for such a young woman and when she walks into a room people stop. That’s why she’s becoming one of the icons of our era (via Pop Sugar).

Sand Princess

Very few actresses are as successful on the red carpet as Zendaya. The Euphoria star is proving herself as a fashion icon with some amazing looks. However, this is up there with the very best because it’s a gorgeous effort. She wore it to the Dune premiere at the Venice Film Festival in 2021 and stunned the world (via Hello Giggles).

HK Lifestyle Magazine

This leather Balmain couture dress fits her like a glove. It clings to her in all of the right places for a gorgeous overall look. Her team opted for a wet hairstyle that corresponded perfectly with the gown. Balmain used a model of Zendaya’s bust for extra precision. Many fashionistas believe that this is her greatest overall red-carpet outfit.

Vintage Valentino

We know that Zendaya loves vintage pieces and the picture below is a perfect example. She was the biggest star at the Euphoria season two premiere and wore this elegant jumpsuit. Legendary supermodel Linda Evangelista first wore the outfit before Zendaya was born, in 1992. Zendaya even had red hair like Evangelista because of Law Roach’s attention to detail.


Zendaya thinks her Euphoria character lends a lot to her fashion sense. I think Rue has a lot of really cool vintage pieces that made me want to start getting more vintage T-shirts and things like that,” she said. “She definitely came through for me in the comfort side of my style. Trends are like, ‘What’s the point?'” (via InStyle).

Disney Princess

The former Disney star paid homage to her origins in this Met Gala ball gown. This glow-in-the-dark Tommy Hilfiger design was one of the most interesting costumes on the night. Meanwhile, the legendary Law Roach joined her on the red carpet as he played her fairy godmother. It was lovely to see the pair together because he deserved this moment.


She looks like a modern-day Cinderella in a dress that deviates from her usual style. Most of Zendaya’s dresses emphasize and enhance her slender frame. Sometimes bigger outfits can swamp the wearer but they went in a fun direction with this one. We don’t think she’d wear this style every week but it was perfect for the Met Gala (via BuzzFeed).


Zendaya turned heads in this eye-catching Roberto Cavalli dress in 2021. She attended the Ballon d’Or ceremony in Paris in a one-of-a-kind dress. Fans loved it because it referenced her role as Mary-Jane in the Spiderman franchise. The scorpion detailing is similar to Dr. Octopus’s robotic arms (via Page Six).

Page Six

She attended the event with her boyfriend, Holland, as they confirmed their status as one of Hollywood’s youngest power couples. Everybody agreed that this dress was a risk but she pulled it off because it fit her perfectly. The gold metallic back is in stark contrast to the black material for an elegant and sexy look.

Emmy Queen

Zendaya wore this magnificent black Valentino gown in 2022 as she made a statement on the red carpet. She accessorized the classic look with Bulgari jewelry and used soft Lancome cosmetics. It’s a stunning look that brought back memories of old Hollywood and showed that she’s one of the modern era’s leading lights.

Us Magazine

Meanwhile, Zendaya picked up her second trophy as she won the Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series. This was also historic because it made her the youngest actress to achieve this. She was also the first black actress to win the award twice. It looks like Zendaya will continue breaking records (via Us Magazine).

The Chain Top

Technically, Zendaya didn’t wear this sensational outfit on the red carpet. Instead, she wore the Vivienne Westwood ensemble for a Dune photo op in London. Nonetheless, it’s one of her most distinctive and famous looks because of its audacity. Her crop top is a collection of chains and necklaces together.

Pop Sugar

Meanwhile, she wore a checkered skirt with a pair of pumps. Zendaya’s stylists know that balance is important so they never go overboard with her hair or make-up. Her long hair falls to her shoulders in a natural look that adds to the overall aesthetic. The actress wore nipple pasties under the chains to preserve her modesty (via Seventeen).


Valentino is one of Zendaya’s favorite brands because the Italian fashion house always creates something beautiful for her. She made a statement after her collaborator Law Roach selected this gown for her. The actress wore it to the Spiderman: No Way Home premiere and kept to the evening’s theme.


The dress features a daringly plunging neckline and a thigh-length cut that exposes her slender figure. But the real story of this gown is the intricate cobweb design that evokes everybody’s favorite friendly neighborhood Spiderman. Her team also accessorized the look with a spider-shaped mask (via People).

She’s Back

Zendaya took a lengthy absence from the red carpet because she needed a break. But she returned after five months and showed that nothing changed at that time. The star continued to prove that she can’t put a foot wrong as she wore an amazing Versace concoction. This black dress with lime-green detailing fits her like a glove.

Pure Wow

It features a plunging v-neck as well as a high front split and a train. She wears a bracelet but her team decided to leave her neckline bare. This was a brave but brilliant decision because it allows her naturally contoured neckline to stand out. Once again, Zendaya and Roach knocked it out of the park with the Kim Possible-inspired design (via Pure Wow).

Power Couple

In this photo, we see Zendaya with her Dune co-star Timothee Chalamet. However, she ensured that everybody’s eyes were on her by wearing this mesmerizing Rick Owens gown. Chalamet opted for Alexander McQueen but we’re sorry, it paled in comparison to Zendaya’s incredible look. This might be the greatest dress that she’s ever worn.

Marie Claire

The asymmetrical gown features hundreds of sequins and textured layering. She also wore her hair short with purple eye makeup and plenty of diamonds. It’s a dazzling look that left everybody breathless, including Tom Holland. Her long-term boyfriend made his feelings clear as he posted a picture of his stunning partner (via Marie Claire).

Red Carpet Queen

The image below shows why Zendaya is the queen of the red carpet. In Euphoria Zendaya played the drug-addicted Rue to much acclaim. Her character is a sloppy dresser but the opposite is true of Zendaya in real life. In 2022, she attended the 25th Annual Critics’ Choice Awards and mesmerized fans with this outfit.


She wore a custom Tom Ford breastplate, a pink maxi skirt, and a pair of Louboutins. Zendaya loved the fuchsia breastplate because the team fitted it to her body. The actress said that it’s one of her favorite looks on the red carpet because it is so unique. Allegedly, the breastplate is worth about $15,000 (via Your Next Shoes).