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40+ Shocking And Hilarious Google Street Photos That Nobody Was Expecting

Hizkiail September 7, 2021

Google Street View was first introduced to the U.S. on May 25, 2007. Since that fateful day, this miraculous device has captured more than 10 million miles across 83 countries. Canadian artist and filmmaker Jon Rafman loves to spend several hours a day culling through the images to display the best ones on his blog called “9-Eyes.” He has been walking around the world and traveling via Google Street View for years (before it was almost impossible to travel due to COVID-19) and what he has uncovered over the years is truly unbelievable. You have to take a look at some of the best Google Street View photos that are hilarious, surprising, and almost too bizarre to comprehend.

Oh, hi there, buddy! Google Street View uncovered a bear trying to catch its dinner. The bear is having an all-you-can-eat buffet.

Care To Join Me For Dinner?


We have a strong feeling that the bear caught the fish, went back home, and ate it while drinking honey (yeah, we know what we did here, and there’s no need to call us lame).

Google Street View captured a pure love moment between a mother and her child. It reminds us of a song titled “Mother and Child Reunion” by American singer-songwriter Paul Simon.

An Adorable Reunion


This is so adorable and heartwarming. This one sparks joy and puts a smile on our faces.

This is so freaking unique! Hey, what were the chances just to drive by and witness this amazing spectacle?

A Rare View


Just to be clear, this is not a real dolphin. This is a sculpture and it is located in a little place called Bijela in Montenegro. Nevertheless, it is pretty spectacular.

We feel for the people living there because that’s one noisy housing complex. Just imagine the noise every day and night living there.

The Perfect Description For Noise Pollution


It wouldn’t be surprising if everybody in town knows sign language and wears headphones, even babies?

Here you see some sheep being sheep in their sheep habitat. It seems like this is a scene from an upcoming movie titled Dawn Of The Planet Of The Sheep. Or maybe these sheep are demanding freedom. Their leader isn’t too scared of the human.

Sheep on The Loose


Not sure what is happening, but the guy leaping out of his truck is hilarious. Also, we think the dog in the truck is one of the herding dogs. We can bet this is New Zealand.

If you are a fan of the Transformers film series, this one should excite you. How often do you get to see something like this, right?

Transform and Roll Out!


Whoever built this must have put in a lot of time, effort, and probably money. Just look at how big it is compared to the building!

Google Street View captured this man’s bad day and it is staying there for a while. You can say that he’s FedUp (sorry, we couldn’t control it).

He's Not Having A Good Day


Given that the road is not busy at all, we have a feeling that he is the same guy who blocked the Suez Canal.

This looks impressive and scary! This is a haboob, an intense dust storm that is carried on an atmospheric gravity current. These are most common in dryland area regions throughout the world.

The Approaching Haboob


We’d like to see all the Google Street View photos they took over the next 2 minutes!

So, when Dana Skully and Fox Mulder in The X-Files told us that the truth is out there, we didn’t really believe it. Now, we know that it is right in front of us!

The Aliens Have Landed


Although this creepy alien is just a doll, it looks a little too lifelike, right? That is so freaking creepy.

As Jon Rafman is a patient guy who has to spend hours on Street View, he feels lucky after capturing images such as this one.

Out For A Morning Jog


It seems like he is inspired by a tagline of Google Sightseeing that says: Why bother seeing the world for real?

Imagine if this was a new penguin documentary and David Attenborough narrates it. That would be amazing. If they want to make it awesome, they should hire Morgan Freeman to narrate as well.

Run Boys Run


Why does it seem like it’s Skipper, Kowalski, Rico, and Private who have banded together (from the Penguins of Madagascar for those who don’t get the reference)?

It’s a mystery why and where this cop arrested the man in the picture. The police officer laid the man down in the back of a pick-up truck and watched him with a semi-automatic rifle.

We Have So Many Questions


Is the police officer waiting for a backup or hoping that no one comes to rescue the handcuffed guy? Maybe the police were working twice as hard that day because one of the superheroes was taking a nap.

We are not sure what this couple is doing there, but it looks like a date. It is not safe at all. One can only hope that there was no alcohol involved in it.

Human Speed Bumps?


Are they inspired by the scene from The Notebook in which Allie and Noah lie in the middle of the street?

Sometimes simple can be extremely deceptive and frightening. This looks like a scene straight from a horror movie.

Pennywise Disguised As A Girl


Hey, we think this photo is cute but we have to be honest here as it also looks super creepy. This is how Pennywise would look like if it were a girl.

We don’t know what happened to that bus, but we do know one thing for sure, it made one heck of a Google photo.

Just Hanging Out Over The Highway


By the way, this happened in Seattle a few years ago. The bus slid down a steep, snowy street but thankfully everyone was able to get off okay and unharmed.

This rare albino deer is beautiful. As humans have moved into forests, animals are forced to relocate.

The Spirit Of The Woods


It seems like another mystical animal slips through the Google street view net. Although typically the unicorns and sea serpents are usually edited out immediately.

We would not want to live across from this neighbor. It kind of gives us music video vibes from the late 1990s, more or less. It is so funny that they blurred the mannequins’ faces.

The Doll-Themed Party


The two in the chairs are real. The rest is camouflage. It’s a strange way to get nude in your yard with a 3-foot fence.

Is this some sort of a cult? We wish we knew the back-story that prompted this.

What's going on here?


Maybe they saw the Google car and decided to show their bottoms. That would explain why that one lady is taking a photo.

One of the aliens will be like, “I told you idiots, you’re not supposed to turn on the abduction beam until we make sure there is no one taking photos of us!”

Alien Abduction?


Hey, anyone got the UFO Hunters’ number? Let the experts take a look at it. We have got nothing more to say as it looks really pretty.

This is called Light of the Moon by Polish-born sculptor Igor Mitoraj, a great admirer of classical civilization. He built a repertoire based on imagery that evokes the Greco-Roman world.

Look Closer At This Incredible Sculpture


This is a breathtaking sculpture. By the way, you can see it in Scheveningen (Netherlands).

This guy was going around the town in his own way without a care in the world.

They See Me Rollin, They Hatin'


Imagine seeing this guy during the COVID lockdown. What would be your reaction?

Contrary to a common perception that sheep are stupid, they are surprisingly intelligent and have impressive recognition skills and memory. But after looking at these scattered sheep taking a nap in the middle of the road, we have some doubts. One of the sheep is a person in disguise! You can tell because the face is blurred out.

Some Sheep Taking A Nap On The Road


By the way, this is a common scene on Dartmoor, England, and local Farmers have put up signs showing the number of sheep that are killed by cars every year.

These trees look very pretty, but what happened here? Does anyone know? Did the Pink Panther throw up on these trees? It is a beautiful image of a forest covered in the purple shield plant.

A Pretty Abrupt Change Of Trees


Who knows, someone did a gender reveal in the forest. Surprise, it’s a girl. If it was a gender reveal, that would be awesome.

Now we all know how one of the largest container ships in the world named Ever Given was the ship stuck in the Suez Canal for six days before salvage crews freed it on March 29, 2021. It will remain there until owners pay $1B for the chaos it caused.

Ever Given's Younger Cousin


This ship looks like a cousin of Ever Given. Maybe this one got directions from a GPS that has not been updated.

What was the first thought that came into your mind after seeing this photo? Well, we think it looks like an insurance agent selling a policy!

Love Is In The Air


If you are wondering why he has an umbrella, well, he uses it for protection. Don’t judge a book by its cover.

At first glance, we thought it was a shot from some video game, like Half Life 2 or Final Fantasy.

This Bridge Level


This one got a touch of the Sci-Fi about it. Imagine if you wake up under this bridge and someone tells you that zombies have taken over the world.

A fear of clowns is called coulrophobia. For some people, clowns are creepy and that’s why many movies show them as villains or monsters. Clowns were supposed to entertain; it was made creepy by pop culture.

Just Preparing For Another Day At The Office


So there is a clown by a van. It looks perfectly safe. Who knows, he might be getting ready to take a drive to McDonald’s.

Winston Churchill loved horses and once said, “There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.” Looking at this photo makes us appreciate the beauty of freedom. The best part of riding a horse is you don’t need to have or follow a road. Just pick a direction and pitch them their head, it’s a beautiful view from the top of a horse.

Doesn't This Shot Remind You Of An Old Western Film?


They don’t know how lucky they are. If you ever feel like life is not going the way you wanted, do remember that you still have freedom, something that many animals, birds, and even humans don’t have.

Remember the 2011 American horror comedy film The Cabin In The Woods? Chris Hemsworth was in the movie, so we imagine most of you remember it if you saw it. Well, someone thought, “Why only have a cabin in the woods when there could be a toilet in there as well.”

Toilet In the Woods


If you are in nature and nature calls, would you be able to go into this toilet? Please be honest.

This guy’s reaction is similar to the happiness and excitement on a kid’s face when he/she goes to a toy store. This guy is like, “Yayyy, I’m on Google.”

He Found The Camera


We get why they blurred the face, but why his right hand as well? He was not showing the middle finger. And why do we feel like that’s Gordan Ramsay?

This one is so nice. We love how the Google person is in it himself. It looks like he is telling a little robot in a backpack that “hang on buddy!”

A Man's Journey


If you’re wondering how the photographer was there as well, Google lets you borrow its Trekker Street View backpacks if you happen to be going somewhere interesting and unmapped, of course.

She looks so happy, without any worry in the world. Happiness is a state of mind when it comes from within yourself. If you want to live a good life, you have to start being happy from the inside.

Dance Like No One Is Watching


We love how this woman is so happy. It just shows that you can achieve happiness anytime you like, no matter the outside circumstances.

This is Longleat House, a stately English home and the seat of the Marquesses of Bath. It was built by Sir John Thynne and was designed mainly by Robert Smythson in the sixtieth century.

Turn On The Music


This house also has a hedge maze that is considered the world’s longest, with 1.69 miles of pathway

Are these highway bandits? We can only hope that these are not real bandits. Even if they are pranksters, it is scary and bizarre. Hey, it could be an album cover.

Creepy Masked People


It reminds us of the movie The Purge, in which there is an annual national holiday known as the Purge – a day in which all crime (even murder) becomes legal for a 12-hour period.

In the popular movie The Matrix, there is a Déjà vu glitch that happens when they change something. Google Street View just proved to us that the Matrix is real!

Is It a Glitch In The Matrix?


If you see something like this happening in real life like this photo, it’s a trap. Get out of there as soon as possible.

Is this a scene from the movie The Birds? It seems like one of the seagulls is trapped in the car, and they are trying to save it.

Run for Your Lives


We wouldn’t dare approach the car that is surrounded by the massive flock of crazy seagulls, would you?

We do not know the real story behind this photo, but it looks terrifying. We can hope that this infant is safe and with his/her parents.

Is That An Abandoned Infant?


Honestly, the infant has very neglectful parents and we can hope the authorities ensured it didn’t happen again.

We don’t know why this home got toilet papered. There can be several reasons that can motivate people to do it.

Not a Cool Prank


Some do it because of a disagreement with your political bumper sticker, and then there is the Halloween reason as well.

Here’s a Street View image of a superhero who badly needed a nap. Let the police take care of the criminals for a few hours.

Superheroes Need To Rest As Well


Although most superheroes are not humans (we’re not talking about you, Batman), they do need to take some time off from saving our world or other worlds.

One wonders why this boy is hiding. Is he hiding from someone? Is there something very bad going on there?

A Scared Boy


We will never know the actual reason behind it. Let’s just hope that the kid is safe.

Is this a photo of bad parenting? We can understand that these parents knew the water was not too deep, but still, is it really safe?

He'll Learn To Swim On His Own


We can hope this family picnic was concluded without any incident because this is surely not safe.

This Street View photo broke our hearts. Someone probably abandoned this horse and now it has to survive on its own. It is sad to see humans using animals for their benefit and then abandoning them when they find no other use.

A Horse Eating Trash


As a result, discarded animals have to fend for themselves. Imagine the agony of this horse that it had to eat human waste and not grass.

We have seen hilarious videos of cats trying to enter through a mail slot. Here is a doggo trying to get through a small space.

The Struggle is Real


He looks like a stray dog and we can hope that some kind-hearted person adopted this adorable baby.

Google Street View captured these adorable little girls having fun without any worry in the world.

Kids Having Fun


Artist Jon Rafman never reveals where the images come from on the map, so we cannot know the place. However, it looks like a poverty-stricken part of the world.

Jon Rafman calls himself a “virtual explorer,” and he loves to search through Google Street View’s archives for hours just to find the best shots.

A Serene Landscape


Take this one as an example. He found a mare with her foal in a serene landscape. It is a beautiful photo taken by Google’s robots instead of a human photographer.