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People Share Sad Stories Of Times They Found Out They Were Grossly Underpaid

Darren RydingMarch 9, 2022

We live in a cruel world where many people struggle to get by. But it’s not always their fault. So today we’re going to look at different stories where people discovered that their jobs underpaid them. Some of these workers didn’t realize and were shocked to find out.

Others knew all along but there wasn’t much that they could do about it. These stories are tragic and comic at the same time. Check them out via Reddit and Bored Panda.


35. Switch It Up

This Reddit user realized that switching jobs was the best way to make more money. Their company underpaid them and took them for granted. Rkozik89 said that one of the co-owners presented them with a low offer. However, the greedy boss didn’t expect to lose his employee.

It’s never easy to break out of a comfort zone. But sometimes it’s the right thing to do. Everybody should know their value and avoid compromising this. If another job or company is prepared to pay more, then it’s time to hand out some resumes.


34. Waiting Game

This Reddit user played the long game. They understood that their lack of experience and self-taught skills were a barrier to success. In the end, that’s why they had a prolonged stay with one company. TheoTeach wanted to gain enough experience to cancel out the lack of qualifications.

It was a wise decision because they successfully found another job. Their patience paid off because they went from earning $43,000 per year to $70,000. This was an incredible raise but it’s terrible that the previous role underpaid them so badly.


33. Don’t Undersell

It’s easy to say that workers should stand up for themselves. However, we live in a world where everybody feels replaceable. This creates an environment of fear and low self-worth. @Venerac realized that his salary was too low compared to his colleagues.

That’s why he quit his job and found a new position. Now the Twitter user allegedly earns 45% more than he did in the previous year. It’s incredible how a change of scenery can change a person’s life. After being underpaid for so long, he got his flowers.


32. Potential Lawsuit

@509RhymeAnimal was furious when they discovered how their mother’s work drastically underpaid her. Allegedly, she struggled to get by for over 30 years. Meanwhile, this also affected her retirement because of the lost savings.

Finally, the company brought her pay up to the appropriate level. It’s unknown how long they underpaid her. However, the Twitter user said that they had a potential lawsuit on their hands and acted quickly. Everybody should pay careful attention to their earnings because that’s wild.


31. Dead End

All jobs have their challenges. However, this person’s story is more harrowing than many others. Lilin_ claimed to have worked as a patient transport in a hospital. This underpaid role involved taking bodies to the morgue. One experience changed the Reddit user’s perspective.

Three young men suffered brutal injuries in a car crash. Two died while nurses fought to put tubes down the other’s neck. The underpaid employee felt that this was too much to endure for such low pay. They justifiably quit the job the following day.


30. General Admission

Security guards have a difficult job because they deal with drunken morons. BrittBratBrute shared his story on Reddit. He described how he was working at a rock concert when an idiot elbowed him. This was because he wouldn’t remove another person from the drunk man’s ‘spot.’

However, it was general admission so there were no reservations. This is the type of garbage that underpaid workers deal with every day. It’s important to think of this before confronting somebody tired of it all. Be good to other people.


29. Stand Up

This Twitter user deserves a lot of respect because he stood up for himself. He makes flyers for different performers including big bands. However, one act tried to take advantage of him. They deliberately underpaid him because they believed he wouldn’t do anything about it.

However, they didn’t count on his self-respect. He understood that they were players in the industry but still stood up to them. This is very brave because it may cost him future work. But he refused to back down as a matter of principle.


28. Exploitation

Imagine taking advantage of somebody because they have a disability. Incredibly, many employers are unscrupulous enough to do this. However, @HomeBoness revealed that this is exactly the situation that they find themselves in.

The Twitter user accused their bosses of exploitation because they were the only disabled workers in the company and had a lower income. This is insanity if it’s true because it’s a lawsuit waiting to happen. Sometimes naming and shaming is the right course of action.


27. Less Work, More Money

Underpaid employees must have the confidence to do something about it. Otherwise, their management will continue to exploit them. Nothing will change except that they will continue to feel worse about themselves. @itsjaysunflower said they changed jobs and it instantly made life better.

In short, they do less work but make more money. This is the ideal scenario because most people want to make as much money as possible for minimum effort. It was brave of them to cut ties with their previous position but it was a gamble that paid off.


26. Grossly Underpaid

If people normalized discussing their salaries with each other, then the world may be a better place. Bijanturkcan revealed a ludicrous scenario in their workplace. They said that a woman received a dollar under the minimum wage for almost four years.

Bizarrely, even the employers appeared surprised by this reality. Remarkably, somebody could stay for so long in that type of position. Let’s hope that they backdated her missed pay because that’s illegal. But it shows how little some employers care.


25. Fresh Start

Here is another person who pursued a fresh start. @LeahPooky tweeted that her previous role ran her into the ground. The underpaid job had long hours and the position wasn’t worth it. Now she has a new job with sustainable working hours.

It’s amazing the difference this can make. Employees across the world suffer from mental fatigue because their jobs exploit them. If somebody is living to work instead of vice-versa then their existence will become depressing. Hopefully, life continues to shine for this person.


24. Vicious Cycle

@AnnieVonBannier revealed the realities of life in the 21st century. She received a pay rise but it didn’t mean much in the end. That’s because her pension and rent went up by more than her pay increase. This wasn’t her employer’s fault but it’s a sad reflection on life.

She felt that she deserves more from her existence. This is a state of affairs that many people find themselves in today. Bills never decrease and governments across the world raise taxes relentlessly. Nowadays many folks are scrambling to survive.


23. Change Jobs

Here is another person who proves that changing jobs is sometimes the right thing to do. Anybody who realizes that their company is taking advantage of them should seriously consider this. @AsphyxiaPallida said that this was her only chance of a pay rise.

The Twitter user isn’t the only person in this situation. Unfortunately, sometimes a fresh start is the only way to earn more. Sometimes salaries and opportunities plateau. Meanwhile, old employers may prefer to hire new and cheaper workers.


22. Underpaid Worker

This tweet serves to mark a moment of realization for this individual. @_humble_pie came to the resolution that she wasn’t earning enough money because of her level of responsibility. Sometimes positions may not appear to be highly skilled. But they remain important.

It appears as though she may be a hospital receptionist. Of course, this doesn’t require as much training as a doctor or a surgeon. Nonetheless, it’s an integral role because the hospital wouldn’t function without them. That’s why many employees resent their underpaid status.


21. Underpaid Support Staff

Everybody loves receiving their salary but it’s often a short-lived feeling. @meganlb34 spent her day’s pay on fuel on her way home from work. It’s ironic because she probably wouldn’t use her vehicle as much if she wasn’t going to her job.

Unfortunately, many places don’t have suitable public transport. This means that many employees drive to the office because they have no other choice. But it’s a bottomless hole for their wage packets. All of these expenses add up.


20. Grossly Underpaid

There isn’t much to go on from this Tweet. But the individual isn’t happy. They’ve realized their job doesn’t pay them enough money@vansciverju is understandably having a meltdown online because something isn’t going well.

It’s a sad state of affairs but it’s the reality for many people. Everybody wants to live a comfortable life without financial burdens. Of course, some people dream of becoming millionaires. But for many workers, it’s more simple than that. They just want to be able to pay their bills without worrying.


19. Film Exploitation

Everybody thinks that the movie industry is glamorous. However, it has a dark underbelly of inequality. Yes, many actors and high-profile directors earn millions. But regular film crews often struggle to break even. They work ludicrous hours in terrible conditions.

@Cop_Gulag said that production crews often fail to hire enough people. This means that workers must do multiple roles. It’s exhausting and they don’t receive enough money. While they’re doing what they love, the environment tarnishes it.


18. Woefully Underpaid

@LucySuddenly is a former box office manager. She revealed that her underpaid position came with an incredible amount of work. This is a recurring trend because many people scoff when they hear others complain about their low income.

However, the level of responsibility was amazing. She supervised her staff and worked with different online systems to ensure that everything ran smoothly. It’s safe to say that the theatre wouldn’t function without this job. But her income plateaued in the end.


17. Overworked and Underpaid

This could be the tagline for many people’s existence. @K_Swigger is a Starbucks barista. She claims that she loves her job but the coffee franchise doesn’t make it easy for her. Starbucks earns billions every year because it’s the most popular coffee chain in the world.

Somehow, they still contrive to underpay their staff. She describes barista as overworked and underpaid. Anybody who laughs at this should try to work in a busy cafe. These are stressful environments where a lot can go wrong and people are impatient.


16. Discuss Your Salary

This Twitter user is adamant that employees should discuss their salaries. This is the only way to ensure that there are no underpaid workers. Companies often try to pay people different rates for the same role. @hats_n_politics describes this as a tool of control.

However, if everybody knows what they’re earning they can take a stand. It’s difficult for a company to justify paying somebody less if they have the same role and experience. But many underpaid workers face this dismal reality so they should talk to each other.


15. Underpaid Teacher

Teachers have one of the most important positions in society. Yet many of them still struggle to get by. They are responsible for the future of the world. Without good educators, people won’t receive the knowledge to develop and learn.

@FoxxUno21 complained in a tweet about his status as an underpaid teacher. Meanwhile, gas prices increased, making life difficult. In many communities, teachers drive to school. They may travel long distances because they can’t afford to live close by.


14. Weekend Sadness

Most people love the weekend because it’s an escape from the reality of regular life. The majority of their time is in the office so it’s a relief to relax. But sometimes work can tarnish this. @Maribunny8 tweeted about feeling ‘weekend sadness.’

She says that her underpaid work has affected her. Meanwhile, her bosses fail to appreciate her properly. This hangs over her head like a cloud at the weekend and prevents her from enjoying time off. She must change jobs soon because this isn’t good for her mental health.


13. Tax Time

Nobody likes filing their taxes. It’s the most depressing time of the year because money disappears in an instant. It might feel different if we saw the direct result of our taxes in society. But it feels like we don’t directly receive the benefits.

@BortATX says his underpaid work doesn’t bother him most of the time. Then it comes to filing taxes and it immediately leaves him in a depressed state. Unfortunately, it’s an inescapable reality because the IRS will make things even worse.


12. Underpaid and Unfair!

Sometimes a job title can be a difference between earning hundreds of dollars more per week. That’s the case for @BMedicrn. She previously served as a paramedic before becoming a nurse. The Twitter user noted that they had effectively the same jobs, albeit in different settings.

However, she earns substantially more as a nurse. She couldn’t believe the discrepancy despite the similar functions they serve. Arguably, paramedics have an even tougher position because they are first on the scene. But they don’t make the same income.


11. Passion Project

Many people dream of quitting their job and doing what they love. @FireLordKarina hates her underpaying and toxic job. She contemplates walking away and focusing on her art. If she is serious about becoming an artist then she must take this leap.

Our culture conditions us to believe that we must hate our jobs for them to mean something. However, fulfillment is also important. She might not make a fortune from her work as an artist. But she won’t know if she doesn’t try at least once.


10. Living The Dream

This individual has a dream that many people can appreciate. @nickjameshyett says that he just wants to look hot and party. It’s not the greatest aspiration that anybody has ever had. However, the lives of social media influencers enhance this desire.

If somebody is stuck in a dead-end job then it’s no surprise that they’ll spend a lot of time on Instagram. They’ll see people partying and having a better time than them. That’s why many online users suffer from depression. Hopefully, he can find some positivity.


9. Childcare Workers

Anybody who works with children understands that it’s not easy. Childcare workers play an essential role in a functioning society. Women wouldn’t be able to work without them. However, it’s also an underpaid sector that people take for granted.

@gabisaphoenix says that she sees many people quit quickly because they can’t handle it. Children are often tough to handle and it’s a massive responsibility. This is a calling because children have tantrums and often suffer from sicknesses.


8. 2 Weeks Notice

This Twitter user is about to leave their job. The sense of relief is palpable because they claim to be overworked and underpaid. It’s a brutal state of affairs so it’s no wonder that they want to leave. No doubt their motivation and productivity levels are in stark decline.

@BreMillaa says that she will even ‘cry real tears of joy.’ This is possible because a toxic work culture has a terrible impact on employees. A fresh start will revive her and hopefully pay her more money. Don’t be afraid to take a stand and quit if your job is too much.


7. Underpaid and Overqualified

Competition for jobs that many overqualified people take underpaid jobs. This is unfair because they’ve spent thousands of dollars on their education. It’s not that they resent working but they believe that they are capable of taking a more prestigious role.

@choppalabruja says that her job’s new manager has less experience than her. Yet for some reason the company skipped over her for the role. Of course, there may be other reasons. But this is a frustrating position for anybody to be in.


6. Social Workers

These Reddit users agree that social workers have one of the most difficult underpaid jobs out there. They deal with vulnerable children and appalling parents. But they don’t receive enough money to validate their existence. It’s unfair because they are on the front lines.

Social workers endure a lot of verbal abuse. It’s also often a traumatic position because of the different problems that they deal with. However, they have many skills and play a crucial role. It’s time to show them more appreciation.


5. What’s the Point?

This individual has a Master’s degree but still has an underpaid job. It’s stressful because he is working as a tutor but doesn’t make enough money. Meanwhile, high school graduates can earn more if they work as a barista. That’s not hating on cafe staff, but it’s not fair.

@wgkohler says that he doesn’t receive compensation for a lot of his work. Of course, it’s easy to say just find another job. But job-hunting takes time and maybe he needs to pay rent or gas bills in the meantime. It’s a vicious cycle.


4. Quit ASAP

@IsabelArmuelles hates her job but at least she intends to quit as quickly as possible. She recognizes that the role underpays and exploits her. This is an appalling reality for many Americans. They struggle to make enough money from tips if they are in the hospitality sector.

She says that she only survived for a single month in an unknown position. While she probably wishes that she has a job there could be a silver lining. Now she may be able to find a job that offers her better pay and conditions. It’s all that anybody deserves.


3. Teaching License

Another Twitter user complained about the way society treats teachers. @_tommietee says that officials attempt to gaslight educators into accepting low salaries. Meanwhile, he had to renew his teaching license after six years of employment.

This is bizarre because lawyers don’t renew their bar certificates. Nor do doctors renew their medical degrees. If the teacher has the appropriate qualifications and passes inspections, then they shouldn’t need another license. It’s just another way to milk them for cash.


2. High Turnover

Here is another person who has lost patience with the system. @444MarkoftheBun took to Twitter to rant about underpaid social service workers. She says that she loves her job but years of stress took their toll upon her. Meanwhile, they don’t receive enough support.

Social service is a difficult sector but an essential one. We need these people because they make the world a better place and are there for those less fortunate. Otherwise, our society would be a less caring place and increasingly dysfunctional.


1. Janitor Woes

For decades janitors have been the butt of students’ jokes. Of course, this is grossly unfair because they keep schools clean. It’s an essential role because children are worse than animals. Offspringphreak described a TikTok trend where children destroyed bathrooms.

This is disgusting behavior because they don’t have to clean them up. It’s the underpaid janitor who must sort out the mess. Even adults can be very selfish if they know that somebody else is responsible. It’s a sad reflection of our existence.