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Passive-Aggressive Notes That Took Office Drama To The Next Level

Darren May 10, 2023

Go Away

This is the second mind map on this list but it’s even more intricate. This passive-aggressive person went to the next level and put a lot of work into this message. They’re tired of their colleagues using a meeting room without booking it. The same workers likely complain when they leave.

The Irish Sun

However, someone trolls them with an antagonistic response. We see how they write, “This is also another useless sign.” We imagine that there was a lot of negativity in the office after this went up. Imagine the tension between the rival factions over the rightful use of the meeting room (via Springboard).

Appropriate Currency

There’s a lot of sarcasm on this list but this is up there with the best. One worker advised their colleagues to use appropriate currency when paying for items in the break room. This is reasonable but office staff are a pedantic bunch and love to annoy each other. That’s why somebody insisted on taking things to the next level.


Imagine going to this effort because it’s so dumb. But it’s also quite funny and we appreciate their commitment to the cause. It may not entertain the person who created the original note. Nonetheless, it’s a fine passive-aggressive response that must have made their fellows smile (via Explosion).

Personal Cups

Nobody is more possessive about their belongings than an office worker. Forget about food in the refrigerator because they’ll go to war over their coffee cup. If someone else dares to use it and doesn’t watch it they may face a duel at dawn. Here’s a passive-aggressive note warning people not to touch their colleague’s cups.


The final word is one of the most threatening in history. There’s no need to spell ‘thanks’ in this way except to strike fear into everybody’s hearts. Everybody reading this can sense the tension in this office but this note ramped it up to the next level. Don’t come between an office worker and their cups (via Reddit).

Not Debbie’s

Maybe somebody should start giving stamps to Debbie because it seems like she’s very hungry. One passive-aggressive person decided to leave notes on all of their food. Presumably, this is because Debbie is a thief and doesn’t care about taking her colleagues’ lunches. Meanwhile, their horrible punctuation makes it even more annoying.


Think about how much food Debbie must have stolen to make them go this far. They brought things to the next level by marking their territory like a dog in the wild. It’s also laughable because there are at least eight notes in this refrigerator. Who knows if Debbie took the hint (via Reddit)?

Mouth Sores

This is another masterful passive-aggressive note because it has the right amount of menace. Somebody took their colleague’s lunch and infuriated them. This must have happened frequently because it forced the victim to take drastic measures. Then it culminated in the message that we can see below.


Imagine the paranoia that the thief felt after reading this note. They probably think that their face will resemble a slice of pepperoni pizza after this. Who knows if it’s herpes or if the victim was just messing with their heads? There’s also no handwriting so they retain their anonymity (via Reddit).

Toilet Dominance

Shared facilities are breeding grounds for confrontations. We see this in gyms when some patrons dominate a machine and refuse to let anybody else use it. But this is even more problematic in the office when someone occupies the toilet for long periods. It’s horrible for other people who are trying to hold it in.


That’s why this person left a passive-aggressive note for one frequent perpetrator. They raised the stakes by sticking it to their nemesis’s laptop screen in an antagonistic move. But it’s a desperate situation so nobody can blame them. The toilet time-waster was probably scrolling on their phone anyway (via Imgur).

Is Your Name Dave?

This is one of the funniest entries on this list because the victim can’t be mad. They left a passive-aggressive note warning everybody away from their drinks. But they made a crucial error because they wrote; “Is your name Dave?” They didn’t expect another Dave to enter the workplace one day.

Sauce Monsters

The other Dave gratefully took a cold beverage and wrote another note. This must have amused the original Dave because it’s such an outrageous scenario. To be fair, the thief Dave didn’t do anything wrong because he interpreted it literally. It’s hilarious and we’re glad that they took a photo to mark its place in history (via Sauce Monsters).

Inconsiderate Parker

Everybody hates it when they encounter someone who always parks their car inconsiderately. Some people just don’t care about making life difficult for everybody else. They will take up multiple spaces or they’ll park in a disabled parking area. This is illegal but they don’t care if they can get away without any punishment.

Herald Weekly

Here’s a situation where one person resented one of their colleagues. They wrote this passive-aggressive not to make their feelings very clear. But the brilliant aspect of this is that they didn’t reveal their identity because they typed the message. Now the bad parker will feel paranoid because they will think that everyone hates them (via Herald Weekly).