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Passive-Aggressive Notes That Took Office Drama To The Next Level

Darren May 10, 2023

The office environment can be an extremely strange one because some workers spend more time with their colleagues than with their families. However, unlike our friends, we don’t get to choose the people we work with. This sometimes creates office tension, and drama arises. One of the worst things workers can do in this situation is to leave passive-aggressive notes lying around because this takes the drama to another level.

Today we’ll look at some of the most entertaining passive-aggressive notes on the Internet. All of these came from real office workplaces. Some of them are very funny and are more tongue-in-cheek. Others reveal that the author hates their target and is one step away from going on a rampage.

Green Juice

Nobody likes an office thief but there’s one in every workplace. These schemers are audacious enough to take everybody’s food from the refrigerator. It doesn’t matter if there are labels because they simply have no shame. But sometimes this causes drama to rise to the next level and forces victims to take desperate measures.

The Mirror

Somebody kept taking this person’s green juice and it understandably annoyed them. They reacted brilliantly as we can see above. Let’s hope that it was a man who took the beverage because that would make it even better. They probably won’t steal from the refrigerator again (via The Mirror).

Cool Fan

Sometimes tiny aspects of a colleague’s behavior make them unbearable. They may be nice people who have never wronged anybody in any way. But this doesn’t change the reality that we have a pathological hatred of them. The following image shows a fatigued person’s reaction to their worker’s use of the office thermometer.

eBaum’s World

Murder seems like a slightly extreme reaction to this issue. Semantics rarely stimulate such a serious response. But they took things to the next level with this note. We’re not sure if this is the best way to build workplace relationships but it feels like they’ve suffered for a long time (via eBaum’s World).

Food Dates

They say sarcasm is the lowest form of wit but sometimes it’s amazing. One of the best ways to deal with a passive-aggressive note is to leave a funny or ironic response. In the following image, we can see how somebody did this with amazing results. The entire office must have shaken their heads because this is ridiculous.


Let’s hope that the responder has a better dating record in real life. We wonder which type of canned food would be the best for a first date. Hopefully, the original note writer had a positive reaction because some people are very dry. Every workplace is different and dynamics can be very complicated (via Imgur).

Out of Order

Here is another fine example of a disgruntled worker using a passive-aggressive note to take things to the next level. One of the most irritating problems in the workplace is when an appliance breaks. Then it sits idle for ages because the management is too stingy to repair it. The staff wants their coffee machine or microwave but they can’t use it.

Bouncy Mustard

In this case, we can see that an entire sink and faucet are out of order. This is very inconvenient because it means that workers can’t wash their dishes or hands. That’s why one of them had no issue leaving the note that we can see above. It’s very sardonic but it says what everybody was thinking (via Bouncy Mustard).

We Hope You Fail

It’s always strange when a colleague departs for a new job or retires. Usually, everybody chips in with a celebration card or something to mark the moment. The following image is very funny because they bought the departing person a cake. But it has a brilliant message as icing on the top.


They would only write this if they had a good relationship with their colleagues. This seems like a great environment to work in because everybody has a sense of humor. There are some bitter notes on this list but this one is hilarious. Nothing beats a passive-aggressive note on a cake (via Reddit).

Roast Chicken

Sometimes colleagues do inexplicable things that don’t make sense to anybody. We’ve no idea what they were thinking when they do these actions. But the following example is one of the craziest that we’ve ever seen. It’s ludicrous but somebody tried to flush an entire chicken down a toilet.

Office Chai

Debbie in HR isn’t a happy woman right now. She took things to the next level with the passive-aggressive note that we can see above. She emphasizes that she’s ‘not impressed’ with the trailing ellipsis at the end. Fear Debbie’s wrath because she’s ready to punish this perpetrator (via Office Chai).

Nice Spelling

Here’s another example of somebody responding to sarcasm to a passive-aggressive note. Many people hate when colleagues fail to confront them directly. Life would be much simpler if they said what they were thinking. But they resort to writing messages because they’re too afraid to say them in person.

Indian Express

In this situation, somebody decided to annoy everybody by keeping a log of how many days went past without sarcasm. But when they messed up the spelling, it was like raising a red flag in front of a bull. Another colleague couldn’t resist commenting on the original person’s bad spelling. Yes, they took it to the next level but we’re glad that they did (via Indian Express).

Food Thief

This is another situation of a food thief. Somebody was taking items from this office refrigerator. We see three passive-aggressive notes about separate incidents. But they didn’t expect the robber to raise the stakes to the next level by responding.

Daily Mail

This is one of the most audacious reactions we’ve ever seen but we respect them for it. However, they may have made a fatal error by writing the note with a pen. If somebody recognizes their handwriting there could be a lot of drama. Perhaps they should have typed the letter, but they couldn’t resist (via Little Things).

Spit Wars

We saw how somebody put estrogen in their juice because there was an office thief. Here’s another example of a worker raising the stakes by spitting in their syrup. Then they left a pedantic note to warn everybody about the situation. But they didn’t expect the thief to take it to the next level.


It’s disgraceful but also hilarious that they went this far. This is one of the most ridiculous reactions we’ve ever seen but that makes it special. We don’t advocate these antics but it’s easy to enjoy them as a passive observer. There may have been a major confrontation after this one because it’s so insane (via Reddit).

Angry Manager

There’s nothing worse in the workplace than an obnoxious manager. That seems to be the case in this scenario because they left a horrible, passive-aggressive note. They write in a mean and sarcastic way that’s sure to infuriate all of their staff members. This must have raised tensions to the next level in the office.


The manager cruelly advises them to wear a sweatshirt instead of touching the heating system. It shouldn’t be too much to expect a little bit of warmth in the workplace. But the supervisor shows their true colors in true Scrooge fashion. Charles Dickens couldn’t have written a nastier character (via Reddit).

Kevin the Tuna Sandwich

It’s fantastic when people take the time to create original passive-aggressive office notes. That’s exactly what this person did with this outstanding addition to the genre. They printed a popular Internet gif with a special message that we can see below. It’s so sarcastic that it deserves a medal.

Indian Express

Imagine how much this must have annoyed the sandwich’s owner. It’s shocking that some people lack decency and happily take food from other people. But this individual took matters to the next level with their sarcastic note. It’s time for the management to install a kitchen camera (via Reddit).

Pen Abduction

The following note shows that somebody in this office has too much time on their hands. They ‘abducted’ a pen and now are demanding a 50-dollar ransom. We’re not sure if anybody is going to take the bait but it’s funny that they went to this effort. We don’t what the owner’s relationship to this pen is but that’s a serious message.


However, it can’t be a very expensive pen because they have refills. The kidnapper may have overplayed their hand in this scenario. They took it to the next level by threatening the safety of the pen but this may work against them. The borderline criminal effort is certainly a strange way to get back at an office co-worker (via Imgur).

Dirty Dishes

One of the most irritating scenarios in any workplace is when people don’t wash up in the kitchen. In the best case, it creates a mess that’s uncomfortable to be in. But usually, it means that somebody else must clean if they want to use a cup or dishes. It’s frustrating because they shouldn’t have to do this.


This person took matters to the next level by calling out a messy colleague. They wrote a passive-aggressive note that we can see above but the ending is amazing. It’s like they stuck the knife into the perpetrator before viciously twisting it. We don’t blame them, yet it’s a harsh and humiliating lesson (via Reddit).

Helpful Refrigerator Chart

There’s nothing quite like sarcastic and passive-aggressive notes to ramp up the tensions in a workplace. We’re sure that the following example went down like a lead balloon. Firstly, we give the creator top marks for their dedication to the cause. But we don’t think their colleagues will appreciate this very much.


The heading ‘Helpful Refrigerator Chart’ is one of the most infuriating things we’ve ever seen. The problem with this is that it may have triggered people and made them want to steal more. Sometimes these things can be counterproductive and this may be the case here (via Twitter).

Double Trouble

Sometimes workplaces throw up questions that nobody in the universe could answer. The following passive-aggressive note shows one of these inexplicable ponderings. The author advises staff members not to use two microwaves at the same time. But we see the incredible response below.


There may be two microwaves for dietary reasons. Maybe some workers follow a kosher or halal diet. But it’s a hilarious question that may rattle a Nobel Prize Winner. It’s an outstanding response that must have irritated the original author. No doubt it brought a smile to everybody else in the office (via Reddit).

Take A Number

We assume that there isn’t a live grenade in the picture below because that’s probably illegal. We’re not entirely sure because it feels like something that would be acceptable in Alabama but who knows? This is potentially one of the messiest passive-aggressive notes in history.


As we can see from the picture above, the author raised the stakes. They took tensions to the next level by attaching an explosive to their note because they wanted to make their point clear. We think that they got everybody’s attention but human resources may not share the same appreciation (via Cheezburger).

Go Away

Sometimes a TV show captures the world’s imagination and people can’t stop talking about it. Game of Thrones is the definitive example because everybody watched it and theorized about it. But this irritated the following passive-aggressive note writer who took issue with the office critics.

Commercial Real Estate

It’s possible that they were fans who didn’t want to hear spoilers about the latest episode. But we think it’s more likely that they had no interest in the series and found it to be very annoying. It’s annoying when everybody goes on and on about the same topic (via Commercial Real Estate).

Temporary Existence

Here’s another example of an esoteric, passive-aggressive note in the workplace. Somebody informed all of their colleagues that the printer was temporarily relocated. They left an innocuous message to tell everybody about this change. It didn’t warrant a response but one of the workers decided to write one anyway.


They questioned the meaning of life and the state of the universe in one simple question. We imagine this one brought a smile to everybody’s faces because it’s simple but clever. There’s nothing malicious or angry about this note unlike many of the others on this list. But it’s still very effective and amusing (via Cheezburger).

We Miss You

Office workers are brilliant at finding ways to waste time. There are many studies about productivity in the workplace because long hours don’t help. This is an example of what happens when people have too much time on their hands. But at least they have a sense of humor.

Bored Panda

One staff member left the note above to tell their colleagues to look for them in reception. We can see the funny responses below as someone searches desperately for them. Let’s hope that they found them and that they’re not in trouble. They could be anywhere in the world right now (via Bored Panda).

Brain Damage

One of the most annoying things in the world is when someone doesn’t change the toilet paper. Everybody knows what it’s like to be in a situation where there’s none left. It leaves them with some stark choices because it could be very messy. Hopefully, somebody can bring another one but that can be embarrassing in the workplace.

Superstar Communicator

One person wrote a passive-aggressive note about this issue and left it in the restroom. However, another colleague took this culture war to the next level with a wicked response. The ironic part of this is that they left the message on a sheet of toilet paper. It’s a fantastic way to troll a pedantic person in the office (via Superstar Communicator).

Think of the Kittens

Unfortunately, there are lazy people all over the world who leave their dirty dishes in the sink. It takes a couple of seconds to run a plate or a cup under a tap and pretend to wash it properly. But these workers don’t even go that far because they don’t care. However, this didn’t stop someone from trying to appeal to their better nature with a passive-aggressive note.

Commercial Real Estate

Who would want to hurt a kitten’s feelings? If they’re unlucky, the perpetrator has a cat allergy and doesn’t care at all. Realistically, this isn’t going to stop anybody from leaving dirty plates or cups anywhere. But it means their colleagues can take things to the next level because they gave them a chance (via Commercial Real Estate).

Breast Milk

This is possibly the most disgusting entry on this list but it’s also a phenomenal example of revenge. Earlier we saw how someone put estrogen supplements in their drink. But this woman took it to the next level by adding her breast milk to her coffee creamer. That’s a nasty surprise for any office thief because nobody wants that.

The Sun

Imagine somebody turning as green as the Hulk and vomiting on the spot after reading this. The problem is that if they want to maintain an innocent facade they can’t say anything. It’s one of the best responses we’ve ever seen but it’s slightly disturbing. They showed a lot of dedication to the cause with this effort (via The Sun).

Take Heed

One office worker took passive-aggressive notes to the next level by making a literary reference. They printed an extract from the Harry Potter novel series and added a threatening image of the boy wizard. This poem comes from Gringotts, the wizarding bank, where goblins protect hordes of gold.


It’s also a creative way of telling people to keep their dirty paws off their colleague’s food. Nobody likes an office thief but it’s amazing what folks will attempt if they think that nobody is watching. Perhaps Harry will put a curse on them if they snatch that leftover candy bar or drink that smoothie (via The Mirror).

One Bite

The following passive-aggressive note expresses more disgust and derision than most of the entries on this list. A colleague snatched a slice of pizza but didn’t finish the entire thing. Instead, they baited the owner by taking a couple of bites and discarding the sad remnants in the box.

How R U

This is extremely depressing because nobody would want to touch it after someone else’s mouth was on it. Either they lacked self-awareness or they didn’t care about upsetting their colleague. We see the response where the victim thanked the thief for considering eating the entire thing next time (via Bored Panda).

Go Away

This is the second mind map on this list but it’s even more intricate. This passive-aggressive person went to the next level and put a lot of work into this message. They’re tired of their colleagues using a meeting room without booking it. The same workers likely complain when they leave.

The Irish Sun

However, someone trolls them with an antagonistic response. We see how they write, “This is also another useless sign.” We imagine that there was a lot of negativity in the office after this went up. Imagine the tension between the rival factions over the rightful use of the meeting room (via Springboard).

Appropriate Currency

There’s a lot of sarcasm on this list but this is up there with the best. One worker advised their colleagues to use appropriate currency when paying for items in the break room. This is reasonable but office staff are a pedantic bunch and love to annoy each other. That’s why somebody insisted on taking things to the next level.


Imagine going to this effort because it’s so dumb. But it’s also quite funny and we appreciate their commitment to the cause. It may not entertain the person who created the original note. Nonetheless, it’s a fine passive-aggressive response that must have made their fellows smile (via Explosion).

Personal Cups

Nobody is more possessive about their belongings than an office worker. Forget about food in the refrigerator because they’ll go to war over their coffee cup. If someone else dares to use it and doesn’t watch it they may face a duel at dawn. Here’s a passive-aggressive note warning people not to touch their colleague’s cups.


The final word is one of the most threatening in history. There’s no need to spell ‘thanks’ in this way except to strike fear into everybody’s hearts. Everybody reading this can sense the tension in this office but this note ramped it up to the next level. Don’t come between an office worker and their cups (via Reddit).

Not Debbie’s

Maybe somebody should start giving stamps to Debbie because it seems like she’s very hungry. One passive-aggressive person decided to leave notes on all of their food. Presumably, this is because Debbie is a thief and doesn’t care about taking her colleagues’ lunches. Meanwhile, their horrible punctuation makes it even more annoying.


Think about how much food Debbie must have stolen to make them go this far. They brought things to the next level by marking their territory like a dog in the wild. It’s also laughable because there are at least eight notes in this refrigerator. Who knows if Debbie took the hint (via Reddit)?

Mouth Sores

This is another masterful passive-aggressive note because it has the right amount of menace. Somebody took their colleague’s lunch and infuriated them. This must have happened frequently because it forced the victim to take drastic measures. Then it culminated in the message that we can see below.


Imagine the paranoia that the thief felt after reading this note. They probably think that their face will resemble a slice of pepperoni pizza after this. Who knows if it’s herpes or if the victim was just messing with their heads? There’s also no handwriting so they retain their anonymity (via Reddit).

Toilet Dominance

Shared facilities are breeding grounds for confrontations. We see this in gyms when some patrons dominate a machine and refuse to let anybody else use it. But this is even more problematic in the office when someone occupies the toilet for long periods. It’s horrible for other people who are trying to hold it in.


That’s why this person left a passive-aggressive note for one frequent perpetrator. They raised the stakes by sticking it to their nemesis’s laptop screen in an antagonistic move. But it’s a desperate situation so nobody can blame them. The toilet time-waster was probably scrolling on their phone anyway (via Imgur).

Is Your Name Dave?

This is one of the funniest entries on this list because the victim can’t be mad. They left a passive-aggressive note warning everybody away from their drinks. But they made a crucial error because they wrote; “Is your name Dave?” They didn’t expect another Dave to enter the workplace one day.

Sauce Monsters

The other Dave gratefully took a cold beverage and wrote another note. This must have amused the original Dave because it’s such an outrageous scenario. To be fair, the thief Dave didn’t do anything wrong because he interpreted it literally. It’s hilarious and we’re glad that they took a photo to mark its place in history (via Sauce Monsters).

Inconsiderate Parker

Everybody hates it when they encounter someone who always parks their car inconsiderately. Some people just don’t care about making life difficult for everybody else. They will take up multiple spaces or they’ll park in a disabled parking area. This is illegal but they don’t care if they can get away without any punishment.

Herald Weekly

Here’s a situation where one person resented one of their colleagues. They wrote this passive-aggressive not to make their feelings very clear. But the brilliant aspect of this is that they didn’t reveal their identity because they typed the message. Now the bad parker will feel paranoid because they will think that everyone hates them (via Herald Weekly).