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Arrogant People Who Got Put In Their Place & Proved There’s Still Justice In The World

MonicaAugust 23, 2022

Abstained From Voting

When this junior ran for VP, she was up against no one, which meant she would automatically win. But because she ran her mouth and put other people down, the students had to act fast. In the end, they collectively made her lose by abstaining from voting. 


They’d rather not have a VP than have her. Even though that’s a harsh way to lose, it hopefully made her realize her bad behavior and how it affects other people. It’s quite humiliating to lose to no one too, especially when it’s because no one wanted you to win (via Constative). 


Goodbye Pat

Pat was one of those arrogant people who thinks he was better than everyone in the entire school. Just because he’s an all-star athlete, it doesn’t mean he can treat other people as below him. His lessons were coming, whether he wanted them to or not. It’s wonderful that the kid with disabilities was the one who beat Pat to an arm wrestling match. Without fail, this kid showed him who’s boss. 


It’s apparent you don’t need to be an all-star athlete to be good at arm wrestling. Better yet, the kid let Pat use the tool anyway. He’s the bigger person at the end of this story, and hopefully Pat learned a lesson or two about treating people with kindness (via Constative). 


How Dare He 

We can’t believe people like this exist. This guy is one of those arrogant people who think the world owes him something, and that he’s better than everyone else. He’s irritating and extremely rude. It almost seems like a made-up story. Why would one of your friends try and steal your girlfriend in front of your face? 


At least he was quickly put in his place when the girlfriend spent five minutes telling him off. You have to be a certain type of person to think you can do this to someone, and we’re not talking about the good kind (via Constative). 


Becoming Humble

We tend to think we’re better at something than we are, at least in the beginning. This new father became one of those arrogant people who thought he could run around and brag about how good of a dad he is. Because he thought he was a hot shot, he offered to change the baby’s diaper. 


In a matter of seconds, the baby managed to humble him by peeing on his face and pooping all over his hands. That sounds extremely unpleasant and is certainly one way to learn your lesson. At least this dad took this lesson and felt grateful for it. He still has a lot to learn, but at least he’s on the right track (via Constative). 


Thanks For The Chuckle

This guy must have a lot more going on than meets the eye. He’s hiding it with his arrogance. Since he seems like a sore loser, it’s probably a good thing he switched shifts and was eventually fired.


Honestly, we probably would’ve chuckled too if the arrogant person we won to was also fired, but it’s always better to take the high road and have compassion no matter what. Karma always does its job (via Constative). 


High Ego 

It’s sad to hear that people feel guilty when they get something right. It all stems from a lack of self-confidence and limiting beliefs that people that are more popular and faster at math should get the correct answers. We’re all great at some things and horrible at others, and oftentimes, it takes us longer to accomplish something than others. 

Wren Kitchens

That’s what makes people so special, their uniqueness. These confidence people could be taken down a notch or two, and should even praise this guy for answering difficult math questions correctly (via Constative). 


Space Invading Cow 

Some people don’t have any spatial awareness, including this woman. She thinks that just because she’s on the train, she can stick her knees and elbows anywhere she wants. No one wants to touch the stranger next to them, so we can understand how this Reddit user was feeling. 


She’s one of those arrogant people that think she deserves all of the extra leg room that’s available. Fortunately, she received instant karma when the ticket guy came around and found out she was trying to ride the train without a ticket. As a space-invading cow, that’s exactly what she deserves (via Reddit). 


You Don’t Belong Here

When we start a new job, we sometimes feel like we have to accentuate every move and act the part. There are tons of people to impress, after all, and we need to quickly become one of the most likable people on the job. That’s how promotions work. 


When this new guy showed up at the office, he acted like he knew everything and tried to impress everyone around him. It didn’t end up well for him, because when he finished his presentation, one of the people in upper management told him “you’re an actor, you don’t belong here.” Harsh. He deserved it, though, and hopefully, that comment humbled him (via Constative).