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People Share Stories Of Cheaters Who Got Brutally Called Out On Social Media

Monica July 22, 2022

Revenge Of Girlfriend

This is an incredible Facebook status, for more reasons than one. Not only did Rob get called out all over social media, but he’s now single. He probably also lost all of his five girlfriends. He seriously needs to get new pickup lines, because if he’s been saying the same thing to all five girls, that’s sad.


It looks like he’s trying to play the same game over and over in the hopes of winning a prize. He also had all of his belongings dumped on the street. That’s not a pretty sight to come home to, especially if the neighbors beat him to it (via Ranker).

Brain Sharper

Valentine’s Day

Being sick on Valentine’s Day isn’t fun, especially if you have a significant other. It’s even worse if you’re single because it’s just another reminder of how lonely you are. This girl’s boyfriend told her he was sick on Valentine’s Day. Instead of moping around, she decided to go out to dinner with her dad. That’s adorable.


Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, she found her boyfriend at dinner with a girl from their chemistry class. There are way too many things wrong with that. Not only did he lie that he was sick, but he was caught on a date with another girl, on Valentine’s Day nonetheless. That’ll be the last Valentine’s Day they’re together, that’s for sure (via brain-sharper).


That’s Not Your Brother

The comment underneath this Reddit user’s post holds so much truth. “That’s not your brother, that’s evil.” They couldn’t be more accurate. Whoever sleeps with their own sibling’s partner is a horrible human. Even if you really don’t get along with your sibling, it doesn’t give you permission to sleep with their girlfriend, let alone their first girlfriend.


That’s something that can ruin a family forever. We’re sure, that after this person heard the news, things changed in their family. Maybe it’s something they can look past one day, but once that trust is broken, there’s no going back (via Reddit).