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People Caught Demonstrating Poor Public Behavior

Hizkiail August 9, 2021

Enjoying the match

Watching the game at home doesn’t come close to watching it from the court side, what with the better view and the excitement in the air. However, this should be a fun experience for all the fans, free of smelly feet. Talk about people who live in a world of their own.

This is a classic case of eating the cake and keeping it – this lady wants to enjoy the game from her premium court side seats, while also enjoying it with her feet up, as if she was watching from the comfort of her living room. You can’t have it both ways – when you’re in public, you need to act accordingly.

What’s so funny?

As children, we have this unexplained urge to do the opposite of what we’re told; if someone tells us we can’t touch something, it makes us want to touch it even more. However, as we grow up, we normally put this childish phase behind us, and realize that if we’re told not to do something, it’s probably for a good reason.

Evidently, not all of us leave this childish phase behind us, and some adults still enjoy putting a mockery of those rules. These are the kind of people who touch museum exhibits and don’t stand behind the instructed line at the bank. This woman is sitting inside a fragile amethyst geode at the Tucson Gem & Mineral Show, and she seems to think it’s hilarious.

I want to ride my bicycle

We need to lock our bikes when we leave them unattended, because unfortunately, they might be stolen. Bikes are a great option for commune – they are a lot more environmentally-friendly than cars and a lot more comfortable than crowded public transportation, but they’re also rather expensive, so we mustn’t leave them unattended.

Anyone who lives on this planet – even people who have never owned a bicycle – knows that these bicycle racks are for sharing; they are meant for not only one set of bikes, but at least a dozen of them. This person, however, was probably too lazy to lock his bike the proper way, and he decided that as long as this rack is empty at the moment, he can use it all for himself.

This is nuts

For anyone who suffers from social phobia, planes must be an absolute nightmare. Flying is exhausting and stressing enough as it is for some people, and planes are the place where the worst kind of social behavior is exposed. After a long flight, passengers lose all inhibitions, and they can’t see past their own comfort.

We understand that you want to be comfortable during a long flight, and that includes enjoying your choice of snack, but if you happen to choose peanuts, make sure you don’t throw the shells on the floor. Flight attendants aren’t maids or cleaning ladies – particularly not during the flight – their jobs are to make sure the passengers are safe and comfortable, not cleaning after them.

Take a seat

From the dawn of time, kids have been putting their feet up on the bus seats, and no matter how many times they are scolded – by their parents or by strangers – this phenomenon will probably go on for a very long time. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, we’ll say again that we live in a society, and this is not appropriate behavior in a public place.

We’ll use the oldest argument in the book – they wouldn’t put their feet up on the couch in their house, would they? Public transportation is usually the place where one is exposed to the worst kind of social behavior, from the cutting and shoving in line for the bus or the subway, to the dirty feet on the seats.

This is out of line

We’ve all been in a similar situation, where we’re standing in line and someone tries to cut the line through the middle, to sidle in, hoping that no one will notice. We all hate standing in line, but we’re living in a society, and as much as we hate admitting it, lines are important; they’re there for a reason. Without lines, we’d never be able to get anywhere without scratches and bruises.

We hate being the ones to say this corny sentence, but everyone will get inside the bus, the store or the restaurant eventually. There’s no need to cut the line – if you have a ticket, you’ll get on the bus. This is the kind of rude behavior we see everywhere around the world, and as much as we hate to admit it, it’s probably not going anywhere.

Enjoying the show?

When we’re at a music concert of one of our favorite artists, we want to take videos so that we can remember and cherish this night for ever. Now with the miracle of technology, we all have a camera, shaped like a phone, in our back pocket, which makes it easy to snap a few videos and photos whenever we want.

Bringing his laptop to the concert, I’m assuming to take better videos, seems ridiculously redundant. Technology these days allows us to take videos during a concert, a wedding ceremony, a basketball game or any other event without having to disturb the people around us. Besides, it seems like a rather unsafe (meaning unstable) environment to hold his laptop.

Do you mind?

Buying snacks and drinks is an integral part of enjoying any sporting even, music concert or movie, but we always find ourselves holding our cups for two hours because there’s no appropriate place to put it. This person wanted his hands free for only a few minutes, to give them a rest, and during this time, someone thought a hand rest had appeared out of nowhere.

Of course this person has put his drink in the cup-holder so that this woman could rest her hand, that makes perfect sense. This kind of behavior makes us think that next time we better catch the game, the movie or the concert at home! It won’t be the same experience, but at least our drink will be elbow-free.

We can’t even sugar-coat it

This kind of behavior is unacceptable in public, no matter how you look at it. We can’t even try to excuse this guy’s behavior, throwing his trash on the floor when the restaurant is full of garbage bins. After you enjoy your coffee (although we can’t see how it would be enjoyable with so much sugar, but that’s besides the point), the decent thing to do is throw away your trash.

The coffee shop employees are there to make our coffee, serve our pastries and occasionally clean the floor and keep the place pleasant and welcoming, but they’re not our personal maids.

The white van

When there’s no empty parking place at the parking lot, what most people usually do, is leave and look for another place to park. However, this person thought he was entitled to park on the driveway, blocking the way for medical vehicles. This isn’t just, but it’s a crime, and not only is it a crime, but it’s actually putting people in danger, in medical situations where time is of the essence.

The road that’s meant to service the medical helicopter is completely and shamelessly blocked by this car, and the kind driver didn’t even bother to leave a note in case he needs to move his car. That’s the least you can do when parking at an unauthorized space, and everyone who lives in our society is ought to know that.

The historical Door Tree

The Door Tree has been the pride of Hamden, Connecticut for over two centuries. This great, extraordinary oak was first photographed in 1898 and has since become famous thanks to its unique shape of an arched doorway. It became a pride of the town, and was even featured on the popular show Believe It or Not!

Unfortunately, we all know that people can be cruel to nature, and this one-of-a-kind-tree, like many other aspects of nature which man kind has ruined over time, was destroyed. A man cut it down with a chainsaw just to spite his brother, and as the picture shows, its memory was lost with it.

Pay me what you owe me

After Terry hired this painter to repaint his house, apparently, he wasn’t willing to pay the bill. We’d all like our house to be cleaned, repainted and even remodeled without having to pay for it, and we’d also like to go shopping and enjoy 5-stars meals without having to pay for them, but unfortunately, that’s not how our society works.

When Terry refused to pay this man for the work he’s done, he wasn’t willing to take it quietly, and we fully agree with him. Terry probably assumed that after the job was already done, there was nothing this painter could’ve done about it, but he was wrong. He did another paint job on the house, this time letting Terry’s neighbors know that kind of a person he is.

Stretch those legs

They say it’s a good idea to stretch your legs during a long flight, since sitting for so many hours straight without moving isn’t good for our health and our bodies. This woman took this tip seriously, which is great, but it seems like she took it too seriously, which might not be so great for her seatmates.

When they say “stretch your legs during a flight” they mean take a stroll through the aisle – not this. Airplanes are crowded enough as it is, without people stretching all over the small aisles. The worst thing about this photo – never mind her thinking it was a good idea to stretch like she’s at a yoga class – but that she seems completely oblivious to the fact she’s clearly disturbing the other passengers.

In what world is this legitimate?

We’ve seen some pretty bad parking crimes on this list, but this might be the worst one yet. There’s nothing quite like spending a calm, warm Saturday at the park with your friends and family, and when the weather is good and the sun is up, all the families pack their picnic kit and hit the parks.

It seems like the owner of the car arrived at the park a little late, and all the parking spaces were already taken. A normal person would have probably look for another place, perhaps a little further away from the park, to park, but this man didn’t want to have to walk to and fro, and so he’s parked his car right at the park’s entrance, blocking the way for other visitors to leave or enter the park.

My package has finally arrived

Some people like the anticipation of waiting for something to arrive, while others can’t stand it, but either way, whenever we order something online we simply can’t wait for it to arrive. However, imagine the look of dismay on this person’s face, seeing that his package has finally arrived, but that his beautiful plant is ruined.

This can take all the fun our of receiving a much-anticipated package, and what’s most infuriating about this photo is that there was plenty of free space on the patio where the delivery man could’ve placed the package. What bothers us most about this photo is that it makes absolutely no sense putting the package on the plant, almost as if it was done on purpose.

Class dismissed

Senior Prank Day is a tradition as old as time, where students in their final year of high school are allowed one day when they can pull a prank on the teachers (that is, without being punished for it). This much-awaited day finally allows the graduating class an opportunity to let their teachers know what they think of them.

This senior prank clearly went too far. We take these pranks with love and understanding, but while they are usually small and harmless, someone probably had to give some answers when the teacher walked into this class. Hopefully, their punishment was cleaning up this mess, that probably took hours to complete and was even harder to dismantle.

But why?

One of the things we hate most about driving is the parking. So many issues and confrontations can be created around parking, that it makes the whole experience of driving a lot more stressful. People have even gone into physical fights over parking, and it might be safe to say that parking constitutes ones of the biggest social problems out there.

We all know that people can be very inconsiderate when it comes to parking, but what bothers us most about this photo is that he had so many free spaces to choose from, and all the room he needed to maneuver the car, and if he’d only spent two minutes on this parking, he could have parked like a decent human being. This is clearly the result of laziness and carelessness.

Something smells

We all know that public transportation isn’t spotless clean, and we accept that, but this is just rude. As much as we try, we can’t really avoid touching anything or holding onto the handhold throughout the bumpy ride, and so the least we could hope for is that it wouldn’t smell like fish (not to mention the greasy texture this handhold probably had after this guy left).

Never mind the other passengers, carrying the fish on the bus like this – with no bag, gloves or anything separating it from the outside world – doesn’t seem too hygienic, to say the least. It wouldn’t be too appetizing eating this fish had I known how it’s been handled, but oddly, this guy doesn’t seem to care.

Comfortable, are you?

Those airport benches become a rare, important commodity when there has been a delay and the passengers of two flights are forced to spend hours waiting at the same waiting area. Flying can be an exhausting journey – we can relate to that – but it’s important to remember that if it’s tiring for you, it must be just as bad for everyone around you.

After hours of waiting in lines, security checks and long, crowded flights, all we want is to get some rest and put our feet up. However, most people don’t do it simply because it would be disturbing to passengers around. Clearly, some people can’t see past their own comfort, and this is what you see in the photo before you.

Enjoying the show?

We really only have one question looking at this photo: why go to the movies if you don’t even want to watch that film? This guy clearly wanted to watch the film on his smartphone – which he can clearly watch at home – so why waste time and money by going to the theater?

Never mind his time and money, we’re more concerned about the other people at the movie hall, which this person is obviously disturbing. We’re not supposed to have our cellphones on at the movies, since every small noise can be a disturbance to the audience, and I’m pretty sure watching another movie during a movie is a violation of this rule.

Double trouble

We don’t even know where to begin. People with big cars often think they have some sort of priority when it comes to parking, when in reality, they should be extra considerate. Not only did this driver park on two parking spaces – the unforgivable crime of parking spaces – they also blocked a charging station for electric vehicles.

This driver deserves a place of honor on the Guinness Book of World Records for the title of “the worst parking space” if there ever was one. The only good thing about this photo is that the truck got towed for parking at an illegal spot, and justice was restored.


Taking shortcuts seems like the easy way out, but it’s not always the right way. As we grow up, we learn that shortcuts aren’t always the way to go in life, but apparently, the person driving this car has never learned this valuable lesson. For him, shortcuts are a way of life.

If this wasn’t wet concrete, clearly poured over a freshly constructed road, we probably wouldn’t even have noticed there’s anything wrong with this photo. However, like we said, taking shortcuts might have consequences. Is it possible this man was in such a hurry, he didn’t even notice he was driving over wet concrete? It seems more likely that he knew what he was doing, he simply didn’t care.

Pizza, anyone?

The crust debate is one that dates back to the time when pizza was invented. Everyone loves pizza, there’s no question there, but there are two kinds of people in the world: the ones who leave the crust for the end – because it’s the best part, and the ones who don’t even eat the crust.

Obviously, this is the work of the second kind of people – the crust haters. We’re not here to choose any sides (we love the every part of the pizza), but this is just wrong. Eating only the cheesy part and leaving only the crusty part for your friends is simply selfish behavior, and there’s no way to sugar coat it.

How did he get out?

This man, parked on the right, couldn’t get into his car, since, well, he parked over the dividing lines and too close to the car next to him. The obvious thing for him to do seemed to call the lady parked next to him, disturb her in the middle of a movie, and urge her to move her car.

Not only did this man park over the lines, he had the audacity to tell the woman parked next to him – who was there before him – that it was her fault. There are so many things wrong in this photo, but really the only pressing question we have is how did he get out of the car in the first place.

Date night

For many of us, going out to a nice restaurant is usually a treat reserved for special occasions, for celebrating big moments in life or just to have some fun and unwind after a long week or working around the clock. We pick the perfect restaurant, the one that serves the best food and offers the best atmosphere, and we look forward to this night out.

However, it can really put a strain on our perfect night when at the table next to us there’s a kid watching a movie at full volume. We understand that going out to restaurants with kids might be challenging, and his parents probably want to have some quiet time as well – which is why they put on the movie for him – but they probably never considered it might disturb everyone around them.

Good job, son

While street art is a legitimate form of art that’s meant to decorate our urban spaces, graffiti is a different story. Graffiti is usually made in clandestine, as a form of rebellion and with the purpose of vandalizing. What’s most disturbing about this photo, aside from the vandalism, is that this grandmother is encouraging her son to corrupt public property.

It’s nice to see families out together, enjoying the sun and away from computers, but this hardly seems like a legitimate family activity. Have they considered bowling? They don’t even seem to realize what they’re doing is wrong (not to say illegal), and they’re out there in broad daylight spraying away.

They didn’t have what he wanted

We all hate it when we go to the grocery store looking for the particular candy we love, and they don’t have it. However, we don’t all respond this way. As adults, we realize that we can control and contain our disappointment, especially if we’re at a public place.

It’s hard to believe this mess could’ve been made by just one angry person, and not, say, a hurricane, but after everything we’ve seen on the list so far, nothing shocks us anymore. Well, this photo does shock us a little, to be honest.

The most important lesson

Teachers are the pillars of our society, the ones who shape the younger generation, and their work is usually as underestimated as it is important. We have nothing but admiration for them, but with that being said, some teachers use methods we don’t necessarily understand, and we don’t necessarily agree with.

This restroom pass is one example; why shame the kids and make them feel awkward for using the bathroom during class? They’re children, and it might be hard for them to hold it in for an hour straight – after all, it can be hard for us adults as well sometimes. This restroom pass seems a bit unfair, and we hardly think kids need any more reasons to hate school.

Street art

Graffiti has been a part of human society for as long as we can remember, and we’ve gotten so used to it by now, that sometimes we don’t even notice it. Graffiti isn’t necessarily a bad habit, an expression of vandalism; it can be quite beautiful and tasteful – depending on the reason for the graffiti and the intentions behind it.

Street artists are painting the walls to make our urban environment more colorful, creative and welcoming. Graffiti painters, on the other hand, aren’t street artists; their intention is sabotaging public spaces and property, just because they think they’re entitled to, and they can get away with it.

Finding the right toy

Visiting the toy store is an exciting experience for kids; with all the toys around, it’s almost like visiting candy land. It might be hard for kids to contain their enthusiasm, and that’s where the parents come in the picture. If they want their children to throw tantrums at home, it’s their right, but in public, it’s their jobs to control their kids and teach them how to behave in a society.

It looks like this kid has tried out every toy in the store before she chose the one she wants to take home. The poor salesmen probably wanted to make this sell, and so they allowed the girl to play with some of the toys, but they never realized they’d be left with such a mess.

Your own private garbage bin

It’s okay if you don’t care about the feelings or well-being of other people, but to harm an innocent plant like this just seems mean. How could anyone be so inconsiderate and rude as to put garbage inside a beautiful plant is beyond our understanding, and just when we thought we’ve seen the worst of it, humanity manages to surprise us once more.

If you absolutely must throw away your used tissue, it absolutely can’t wait, and there are no garbage cans around – plants are never the answer. It was better if this person had thrown this on the floor rather then shove it inside the flower, and it’s hard to understand how he had even gotten this idea.

Come on, man

This looks as if the person was trying really hard to not put his garbage in the garbage can, because otherwise, I can’t see how it is even possible to miss it. I mean, it’s standing right there, just waiting to be used. Municipalities spread these garbage cans around town for our convenience, because we want to live in a clean, pleasant environment.

Apparently, some people don’t care about keeping our environment clean and pleasant. We’ve seen people littering in parks or other vast areas where garbage cans are scarce, and laziness gets the best of them, but this isn’t even laziness, it just seems like it was done on purpose.

Dipping sauce is important

Whoever said the customer is always right? Not in this case, she isn’t. As customers, we like to complain about the service at restaurants and shops, but have you ever considered what kind of people the restaurant staff has to deal with? Customers can be just as rude as the employees, and even more so.

We all know how important dipping sauce is – fries simply don’t taste the same without it – but it seems like this woman took her love for this tasty sauce one step too far. We wonder if she even tried to ask nicely for more sauce before making these unprecedented threats, and we’re quite sure that if she had asked nicely, she would’ve gotten plenty of sauce.


People have the tendency to think they know better than anyone else, and that makes them entitled to anything they want. When this man saw the “compact” mark on this parking space, he probably never considered there’s a reason to it, and that someone put a lot of thought into this parking lot, to ensure all cars have a space.

Perhaps he thought that his car was intimidating and big enough that no one would dare approach him – as if we’re in nature and the bigger animal wins the fight – but we’re living in a society with other people, and we must make a collective effort to keep this society civilized, which means following the rules and not parking at a place that clearly doesn’t fit your car.

Can’t disappoint the fans

This girl probably wrote in her Instagram description, “rules are meant to be broken,” and judging by this photo, this phrase is a way of life for her. Some people visit botanical gardens to marvel at the beautiful creations of mother nature, while others visit those exhibitions to get a good shot for their Instagram feed.

These days, when our lives pretty much revolve around social media, some people make it their life’s mission to post beautiful pictures. We think that if taking the ultimate photo means you have to stomp and ruin innocent plants, it isn’t worth it; and what kind of message is she sending her followers?

Quite a mess

Let’s be honest – popcorn is one of the best aspects of movies, and this experience wouldn’t be the same without it. We all like to enjoy some snacks while watching a thrilling movie, but next time you’re enjoying a movie at the theater (hopefully it would be soon), think of the poor theater employees who have to clean up after you.

You can have our word – the popcorn would taste the same, and the movie would be just as good, even if you don’t throw it all on the floor after you’ve finished. We know the theater is dark and it might be difficult to watch your step, but this doesn’t look like an accident.

Taking a break

No matter the line of work, all employees everywhere are entitled to have at least one break during a long working day. Working nine to five is exhausting, and it takes its toll on our bodies as well as our minds. Perhaps this grocery store should consider placing some coffee and creak areas for the employees, to avoid such unfortunate incidents in the future – this can’t be good for business.

However, they probably never expected that anyone, no matter how tired, would find it acceptable to sit on the vegetables. Just when we think humanity couldn’t be more hopeless, we stumble across this photo. We can’t even try and explain this, and if you have any idea as to why someone might think this is legitimate behavior, please share it with us.

I don’t want to live on this planet anymore

After a month in isolation, where our only companion was our pet, we forgot how mean people can be. This photo, however, reminds us everything we hate about humanity. This drifter set up a tent as a temporary home for his dog and himself, and someone thought it would be fun to cut a hole in it, for no apparent reason.

There’s really no need for anyone to do such a thing – why would you even touch or pay any attention to other people’s possessions if they don’t bother you? This tent was set up at an authorized spot, and so this seems entirely uncalled for. This photo makes us lose faith in humanity.


Is it possible they started selling cereal boxes at the movies and we never noticed? Seems more likely that this group of friends decided that they had enough of popcorn, and they want to start a new trend of movie-snacks. They brought it complete with the mild and everything.

Cereal can certainly be a great snack, the only problem is, last time we checked people weren’t allowed to bring outside snacks to movie theaters. They have a variety of snack to choose from at the theaters, and bringing outside food – and leaving it scattered on the floor like this – is wildly inappropriate behavior.

Sleep tight

It’s tempting to spend the last night of your vacation at a pub or at a club and stay out all night – after all, this is the last night of partying before you return to your boring job and routine – but it’s important to remember it almost never ends well. The day of the commute is exhausting enough as it is, and it’s important to get a good night’s sleep the night before. Otherwise, you might end up like this guy.

You can call us cold-hearted, but we feel no sympathy for him. Everyone on the subway is probably just as tired as this guy is, but it doesn’t excuse his behavior. For some reason, there’s always this one person on the subway who thinks this is their own private ride and they’re entitled to take up as much space as they like.

Happy birthday to you

Celebrating your birthday, or any other event, in nature is always a fun idea – who doesn’t love a picnic? And there’s nothing more festive and colorful than balloons, which make every celebration that much more special. However, not to be a buzz kill, but balloons are bad for the environment for several reasons, and what we see in this photo is just on of them.

So if you simply can’t have a party without those balloons, the least you could do is pick up the litter when the party is over. This group of people threw a birthday party to their 1-year old son, and decorated the entire area with blue balloons; they only problem is, they couldn’t bother to pick up the mess they’ve left behind.

I’ll just be a minute

We can’t even believe someone would park this way by accident – this has got to be intentional! We know the type of person that would park his car this way – some people think that if they’d only be in the store for a minute, it makes it okay to park this way.

Not only is it wrong to park this way for even a minute, but it’s clear to all of us that these people never really go in the store for only a minute. This photo represents the people we love to hate, those people who don’t realize we live in a society, and they are thinking only of their own comfort and benefit.

Sweet dreams

Anyone who’s ever been on a plane knows that flights aren’t comfortable. The small chairs, the cramped aisles, the barely-enough leg space, it’s all too much, as if they are trying to make this an unpleasant experience for the passengers. That’s why we bring out own head pillows, to try and make the best out of these long flights, but if we’re honest, that’s not really enough.

The best surprise anyone could have during a flight is learning the seats next to you are free, and you have the entire row to yourself. However, some people decide that even if those seats are supposed to be occupied, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t have the entire row for themselves.

Shopping is exhausting

We all get tired after two hours of roaming around the supermarket aisles on an endless search for everything we might need. For some of us, grocery shopping is a proper form of exercise. However, no matter how tired we get and how much our legs ache, we’d never even consider resting on the bread.

Perhaps grocery store owners should consider spreading chairs around the store for people who get tired during shopping, like clothing stores have comfortable chairs for the boyfriends and husbands who are forced to go shopping; we really thing we’re on to something here! However, we have the feeling that even if the store did have chairs, this woman would still rather sit on the soft bread.

Have a nice time?

How lazy are you from one to dumping burning-hot coals to a public plastic garbage bin right after you finish flipping your burgers? We all know that plastic and hot coals don’t go together, but some people, apparently, simply don’t care.

We miss having barbecues, and hopefully this isolation will be over soon and we’ll still have a month or two of summer to enjoy barbecuing, but please remember next time you’re flipping burgers in your backyard under the sun, that throwing them in the plastic bin when the coals are still burning isn’t a good idea.

Wait for it

If there’s a lesson to be learned from this photo is to double check before booking an Airbnb: this man arrived at his Airbnb apartment and was looking to set up an alarm when he found this weird-looking alarm clock. It was after a short inspection that he realized this wasn’t an alarm clock at all, but a recording device.

Spying on anyone is against the law, but spying on your Airbnb guests is a big warning sign. If it were me, I would’ve left the apartment the minute I saw this device, and hopefully, this person did the same! Every single time we think we’ve seen the worst of it, people find new and disturbing ways to surprise us.

A sticky situation

We don’t know who came up with the idea of roommates, but obviously it’s not an arrangement that’s right for everyone. While roommates can become close friends, two or three strangers living together can also be a recipe for disaster, like this photo demonstrates.

These roommates had an argument over post-it notes (you either love them or hate them, there’s no middle ground), and one of them decided it would be hilarious to remodel the bathroom and cover it with sticky notes.

Who’s going to pay for that?

You’re either a supporter of hunting or you’re wildly against it – there’s no middle ground when it comes to hunting – and hopefully, the owner of this house, which was hit by a crossbow from the near hawkeye, doesn’t mind the sport too much.

This doesn’t apply only to hunting, but any kind of sports; when you play near a neighborhood, or even at an open area surrounded by houses, it’s a matter of common courtesy to watch where you aim your bow, your ball, or anything that might hit a person or their house. Just saying.

Limousine perks

Riding a limousine is fun and luxurious for the people in the back seat, but have you ever considered what a nuisance it must be for the driver? Never mind having to manipulate this long vehicle on the road, but finding an appropriate parking place for a limousine must be a challenging task, even for the best of drivers.

We understand that looking for a parking space can be exhausting, but this is no excuse to behave in such a way. Perhaps people who own a limousine think they are better than everyone else and entitled to such a behavior, but we’re here to remind them that just because you ride a stretch limousine, doesn’t mean you can park it anywhere you want.


This photo raises many questions, but the most important one is why would he do this to the other passengers. It doesn’t even matter why he’s carrying a dead pig, I’m sure he had his reasons, strange as they might be, but why not spare the rest of the passengers this sight (and the smell, I can only assume).

It amazes us every time to learn how self-absorbed people can be – why else would he think it was okay to ride the bus like this? We’re trying to believe in the good nature of humanity, but these photos are making it quite difficult.