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Dumb People Who Admitted Their Criminal Activities On Twitter

Darren November 10, 2022

Rapid Escalation

Here’s a situation where things escalated quickly on the Internet. One person tweeted that for every like they received they would leave a hot take on Twitter. Firstly, we don’t know why they think anybody cares about their opinion about anything. Nonetheless, nine people played his game.


It started innocently as he said that he thinks MLB playoffs have the best atmosphere in sports. That’s not so contentious but then he took it too far. He wrote: “Domestic violence when someone cheats should be ok.” Needless to say, this went down like a lead balloon as people immediately roasted him on Twitter.

Uber Eats

One person came up with a brilliant way to scam fast food chains. He threw up the following message on Twitter as he revealed his devious scheme. Simply pretend to be a delivery driver and receive free food from the counter. Somebody replied and preached the moral high ground but nobody cared.


Another Twitter user revealed: “I created a door dash account just to steal people’s orders. I never did one delivery. Took them two months to stop me.” This is the type of criminal activity that deserves a Netflix series. It sounds incredibly intense and who knows how they finally got caught.

I’m Drunk

One of the most frustrating things in the world is when delivery orders take their time to arrive. Everybody wants their food to come immediately but that’s not how it works. Sometimes drivers encounter traffic or struggle to find the address. Then there are the ones who abuse their job like the person below.


He revealed that he was working for DoorDash and his customers didn’t have patience for him. Then he admitted that he was drunk and inadvisedly told them to calm down. Some of his fellow delivery workers may think that this is a reasonable excuse because it’s a thankless task.